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    Well here I am in my jammies and in bed with trusty Alfie right here..went to the party and didn't stay until 8..would rather hang with my pupster..Happy New Year one and all xoxo
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    Happy New Year, everyone! I'm a night owl, so I'll be up to see the bright, new 2019. I'm not much for watching the programs--too many sad memories of being alone on party night. Why did it ever matter so much not to be kissed at midnight?
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    kevrit wrote: »
    I end the year 7 pounds lighter than when I started it. I’ll take it!

    Well done!! :)

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    Machka: Happy New Year! We’ll be celebrating tomorrow. :smiley: I hope your New Year will be peaceful and bring little or no stress. :heart:

    Thank you!!

    And Happy New Year to you all!! :)

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    Through all this travel and brain-fogginess, I'm (frankly) proud to have kept up my jogging. I don't want to brag or anything, but it's something of a challenge when the temperature outdoors is lower than in my freezer. Here's how I prepare:
    • Strip to panties and socks.
    • Put on three layers of pants. First my jogging tights, then merino wool longjohns, last my summer jogging capris.
    • Put on three layers of shirts. Long-sleeved merino wool shirt and two loose cotton teeshirts.
    • Put on three layers of head protection. First is a tube scarf of thin, flexible knitted polyester. I pull it on halfway so it covers from the crown of my head, over my ears and around my chin, plus the back of my head and all my neck. Next comes a thin knitted cap touting Norwegian polar research. Last is a thicker double-layered knitted cap touting Swedish polar research.
    • Put on jacket. This is a fairly thin but windproof jacket my husband got for attending a conference. It's too small for him, but ample for me. The sleeves hang down way beyond my fingertips. That's important!
    • Put on headlamp. (Remember, it's dark out!)
    • Put on reflector vest. (Ditto!)
    • Put on studded jogging shoes.
    • Put on thin merino wool gloves. Because of the long sleeves, it's enough to have thin gloves. If I gather the loose ends of the sleeves and hold them between my fingertips, my hands don't get cold at all. This even though I "always" suffer from white finger syndrome in other contexts.

    It may sound as though I'm bundled up like Charlie Brown, but it isn't that bad. I'll take a pic before I go for my run today and post it later.
    /Penny, heading out into sub-zero weather at the t07190.gif

    It's like the process I used to go through to cycle in the winter in Manitoba. :grin:

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    Lagopus wrote: »
    Here's a close-up of our other light feature, a glass vase of little LED lights. That one is always there, but it's only lit from October to March. In the light half of the year I look at this and other light fixtures (and candles and flashlights and reflector vests) and find them so irrelevant I wonder why they even exist.

    When I lived in Manitoba, I had a fake ficus tree (that was so real looking people wanted to water it for me!!). I put white lights, similar to yours, in it and left them there year round. Like you, for about 6 months of the year when it was darkest, I'd turn them on each evening.

    I really like the glass vase idea, and I think I might do something like that during my next winter down here. It doesn't get very cold here but it does get dark. Last winter, I bought a bunch of plug in night lights that come on in various parts of the house when there are no lights on. But I might do some other light features.

    M in Oz

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    Happy New Year ladies!
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    Michele .. I used to have my dental procedures without novocaine as well thinking I had a high threshold for pain. That is until a dumb donkey behind of an oral surgeon decided to give me a root canal (on what turned out to be a live root) without any novocaine. It left me so scarred that I've turned into a huge baby at the dentist!

    I have always had to have about double the amount of local anaesthetic than what the dentists expect I'll need. Sometimes triple. I also need it in places they don't expect. I'm not sure why, except that about 10 years ago, they discovered that the roots of my teeth are so long they imbed themselves in my jaw bones, so maybe the tooth nerves are affecting other nerves.

    I've only had one dentist actually numb all the right nerves so that my first root canal was a relatively painless process. He was an amazing dentist.

    Other than that, I've never had a painless procedure. After they've given me so many needles my eyeballs are numb, I just give up complaining and get the procedure done with the pain.

    Then recently, I discovered that I'm allergic to the adrenaline they include with the local anaesthetic which means that the anaesthetic is about half as effective, so I now need 3 or 4 times the amount.

    When they removed my tooth last year, they had given me as much anaesthetic as they could possibly give me, but somehow had missed the key nerve so it was like having the tooth removed without anything. I've never screamed and gone into a panic attack in the middle of a procedure before. The dentist had to stop the procedure and send the dental assistant out of the room because she broke down in sympathy!

    So .... this current dentist told me that she'd start the root canal, and if she discovered that the tooth wasn't worth saving, she'd just whip it out. "No you won't!!" I thought "If you discover the tooth isn't worth saving, I'll be getting it removed under a general". I'm tired of painful dental procedures.

    M in Oz
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    Happy New Year, ladies! Hope 2019 brings nothing but goodness to all of you! <3
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    :) I posted the new thread for January 2019 or at least, I thought I posted it, but I must have just previewed it and not actually posted. Here is the link:

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    Happy new year to everyone..
    Betsy in NW Washington
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    Happy New Year!

    Bonnie - Sounds like you had a wonderful year! That is a lot of blessings.

    Tracey - Ouch! Once you have a bad posture habit, it's hard to correct. I used to sit at my desk with my left foot drawn up under my right knee. I knew it was bad for me but I only stopped when I had a motorcycle accident and smashed my left knee so I couldn't do it. And even though it's been nearly three years, I still catch myself wanting to sit that way.

    Okie - I've never heard of beer cheese but that sounds pretty amazing.

    Cari - Wow, 800-1,000 is REALLY low! I'm 5'4" and I've got about 50 pounds to lose, but I don't think I could handle that without being miserable and grumpy all the time. I'm all about whatever works, though, and that's obviously working for you. I don't care about getting skinny, but I don't want my weight to interfere with my ability to do things and that is where I'm headed if I don't take off the extra pounds.

    Beth - So sorry to hear you won't be able to be with your Dad on his birthday. You are right, though - at 90 years old nobody needs to be exposed to a respiratory bug!

    We burned our bayberry candle, and I put the Hoppin' John in the slow cooker last night so we woke up to today's dinner already done. I'm not looking forward to logging it, though. I can put all the ingredients in as a recipe, but I'll have to guesstimate serving size. It's a lot of servings - we'll be eating our luck for awhile.

    Yesterday I took a long walk with Luna and then started adjusting some things to accommodate my trial period with Noom. I changed my MFP weight loss target from 1 to 2 pounds per week to align the calorie goal closer with the Noom goal. Then I reviewed all of my upcoming Home Chef shipments and substituted meals with lower calorie counts where I could. I love the convenience of having a couple of meals a week ready to make and the meals are generally healthy, but I do think their calorie counts are a little high so I'm researching other meal prep services. Blue Apron just came out with a Weight Watchers collection, so that might be one to look at. One of these days I might get organized enough to pre-prep my own meals ahead of time, but it hasn't happened yet.

    We had a low-key New Year's Eve. I thought about opening a beer to toast the new year with, but neither of us particularly wanted to drink. Instead we went outside when the clock counted down, smooched, and listened to the (illegal in our neighborhood) fireworks and then I went to bed with a book. Very laid back.

    Now I need to go chivvy my man out of his bathrobe and into some clothes so we can start work on the foundation for my greenhouse. I'd like to get the plants in there while it's still cold enough to need it!

    Wishing you all luck to your houses and gold in your pockets.

    -Yvonne in TX

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    Ho ladies you guys have been super busy in here. Over 150 massages a bit over whelming for me. A very happy new year's to you and yours. My husband's birthday to day. Making the last holiday dinner people coming over to celebrate. Or the first holiday dinner depends on how you look at it.
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    edited January 2019
    :)Sharon, What great news about your surgery. I look forward to hearing your ongoing saga as you recover and begin your new life.

    Here is the link to the January thread: