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    @texasfarmer Track your macros and remember Carbs are a limit. Protein is a goal, and Fat is the lever to keep you satisfied.

    From Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore-
    Keep carbs low
    Eat more fat
    Test ketones often
    Overdoing protein is bad.

    @shunggie Last summer my daughter went to a week long sorority event. The registration included diet requests. She listed hers (Keto) and it was totally ignored! I told her next time to note that she is diabetic (she’s not but the diet might be closer.) I know you don’t have a choice-drug reps used to bring in lunch periodically when I worked. Pick out the parts you can eat. Even cold processed meat is probably a better choice than cookies. Just sayin’

    @StefanieBerger88 Carbs make me retain water. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!

    @Astrue You don’t need to eat back your exercise calories if you aren’t hungry. Back in the day, WW allowed us to add 1 point for each 100 calories burned but 1 point only earned the equivalent of 50 added calories so there was an automatic 50% deficit.

    Welcome back, @puttyputty, I have missed you, our unofficial greeter!

    I’m not reading fast enough and keep getting interrupted! But I started dinner before 8:30 so that’s a plus!
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    @quiltingjaine Thank you for the comments. It is challenging to find the good stuff. I need to remember it's 3 meals not the rest of my life. I'll have no scale for two days anyway :)
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    @AJB1014 and @tiabirdie56 We talked about getting out of those dasturdly 170's together. You guys floated a bit during the holidays, I jumped up 11+ pounds. After a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I read all the posts, got remotivated, used exercise to reenergize me and I'm on my way back down to those challenging 170's. I am confident that all of us, and all the others out there fighting their current decade, can do this with steadfastness, dedication, strength and grace. I'm on my way back to meet you! If you get to those 160's before I catch up, leave the light on for me. I'll be there as soon as I can!

    P.S. Thanks to you both for the great idea of revisiting old data to find out what we did over time that helped the most. Tomorrow I am going to take a "Donna Day" and spend some time researching. Another great tool in the toolbox!

    Love this! Thank you for sharing!!! We got this!
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    @AJB1014, I know just how you feel about the 170's. I knew, once entering the decade, it would take diligence to get out. I've been playing around with the wrong carbs. I was in the 170's for a while in the early 2000's. I was okay with that then because I had quite a bit of muscle. This time I don't and I need to gain and retrain my muscles. I have read over my food diary from my early weeks on keto (when I was finally in the groove of knowing what to do) and will copy some of those meals to present. I know I can make a big improvement in getting closer to the 160's.

    I also need to gain and retain muscle! I added back in my bathroom aerobics; squats/lunges/etc (lol!) to jump start me again. I think being at 1400 calories a day is a bit on the low side for my typical appetite, so adding in some exercise so I have extra calories to eat will be helpful. I found a 30 minute strength circuit that I liked that was 10 minutes x 3 and it flew by and made me very sore...need to do that one again, and regularly!
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    @AJB1014, sometimes getting back on track is extremely hard after our breaks. I love your attitude, consistency is the key, one day at a time! “170's have ALWAYS been like a brick wall” I’m looking forward to watching you break down the brick wall!!!

    Thank you @GrandmaJackie !!! <3
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    hammycakes wrote: »
    Ok yall I'm just gonna jump in here and ride the NY inspiration! I have been weighing at home this past week but I need more accountability and to get back in the habit. It's not pretty but it's reality and I gotta reign in this runaway train! I know the BF % (Tanita scale) is not that accurate, but it helps me judge how dehydrated I am and helps me to understand the overall picture so I just write it down.

    @hammycakes, that's exactly how I use my night-time weigh ins (and how I used BF results when I had a scale that had them). They are additional info about where I am, hydration-wise. And you can play dorky games guessing where you'll be in the morning. I LOVE DORKY GAMES. :lol:

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    @StefanieBerger88 I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in prayer! Praying you get this healthcare job if it's the path God's chosen for you. Trust God to direct your path and keep up the hard work you've done to further your career.
    Now, the rest is strictly my opinion, I'm no expert. On the weight loss goal, yes, watch out for those sneaky carbs. Don't count on your Fitbit to accurately keep track of your calories. I would compare the Fitbit count and the exercise database count and log your exercise calories from the lower of the two. Fitbit counts everything you do all day. I only count deliberate exercise, e.g., strength training, a walk, etc. Your calorie goals should go down as you lose, since your body won't need as many calories to maintain. You don't want to slip into maintenance before you reach your goal.
    Praying for your new job and your weight-loss success. You're off to a good start.
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    AJB1014 wrote: »
    The 170's have ALWAYS been like a brick wall to me though, for some reason it has been the end of my journey many many times, but I'm not letting it end me this time!

    @AJB1014 Keep that attitude--you can push through!
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    @StefanieBerger88, good luck with the interview (I missed this on the first go round, so I'm glad others caught it). I bet you'll be stellar! Remember that they aren't just interviewing you, YOU are interviewing THEM.