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    Hanging at the bar listening to the music,drinking my water with lemon ...high class 😊
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    Katla - we left their house with Edie clinging to his legs shouting "I want to play with Johnny"!!!! He feels extremely lucky that he has them in his life. As he has no natural grandchildren of his own he feels very blessed. <3<3<3
    I spent some time this evening buying a 'twirly' skirt for Bea's birthday (she keeps stealing Edie's ) and a selection of toy cars, vans and trucks, her absolute passion. :D

    My old school year are trying to organise an informal reunion for the early summer. It looks like it may come off, in our 70th year! I'm in two minds about it, but I'm certainly curious. My Glasgow friend may fly down and I can put her up for a night or two. I now live about 25 miles or so from my old high school. :o I will be writing about it in my memoir. ;):*:| There is a sense of weirdness about the whole idea.

    Lisa - loved the knee pic!

    Love you all, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    :)Pip, I read your explanation of snow in Seattle to Jake who grew up near Lake Erie and he agrees with everything you said. Thank you for expressing the situation so clearly.

    :)Katla, How great that your fireplace got fixed so you can enjoy it.

    :) I finished shoveling a good path from the backyard so Sasha and I could go for a walk around the neighborhood this morning, but now it has warmed a bit, the snow has melted and it's getting colder so it will freeze by sunset. More snow is expected overnight--just enough to obscure the icy roads and make them even more scary.

    :) I started shoveling the 18 inches of snow off the driveway so Jake could get the car out. It looked like it would take hours. Then one of the neighborhood maintenance men drove by and asked me if I'd like him to get the small tractor and finish the job. I was smart enough to say yes. That allowed us to go to the grocery store before the roads got bad again. Jake gave him a box of special chocolates we had in the freezer to say thank you.

    <3 Barbie
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    Hi Gals,

    Katla – the good thing about the DC area is there are a number of airports to choose from and get the best deal to get there. I think I remember that DH is not up for a flight, but you can go solo.

    Jeannie – not sure what your exact situation is but for me 2lbs a week is way too much, I have to make bigger changes than I am willing to, where at .5 or 1 lb a week I can ease in to it and make changes I can keep up for the rest of my life.

    Janetr – I see him! He takes after you! LOL

    Heather – you DH and the grandkids are so cute!

    Lisa – Thanks feeling is mutual - the knee is gross! Silly me I looked.

    Ok our Horsey set - So I live in an area with many equestrian centers/ horse ranches/ barns and many of them are my clients so I embroider the owners logos and some times the horse’s name on to all variety of items. But I know almost nothing about horse gear. So Mesh sheet, a turnout and stable blanket - all have pictures of the horse in the item outside in the sun – What are they used for - this is my most high end client, and I expect buys way more than is critical but the mesh sheet and the turnout are about the same weight, the stable blanket is way thicker so warmer I’m sure. And I am delighted that she wants her 16 inch logo on everything! But I can’t figure out what they are used for… And refolding them to fit in the little zippered bags they come in is a pain in the tush!

    Kim from N. California
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    Well the old lady is home..ha ha was there when they started at 4 and left at 6 it's a pretty small place and if if gets to crowded it makes me uneasy... did get something to eat grilled chicken with cheese and bacon and a side of sour cream on a small bed if romaine.. that and ice water with I'm happily tucked in with Alfie and relaxing.
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    stats for the day;

    manual treadmill- jog- 29.04, 139ahr, 152mhr, 2.05mi= 292c
    walk,, outside work- 2hr, 36min, 1.7mi= 289c

    total cal 581
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    actually, that was someone else's comments on fb and I thought that was clear enough and made sense for me to share. it's snowing again ;0)
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 13,482Member Member Posts: 13,482Member Member
    pipcd34 wrote: »
    actually, that was someone else's comments on fb and I thought that was clear enough and made sense for me to share. it's snowing again ;0)

    :) Even if it wasn't your words, you were thoughtful enough to recognize its usefulness and share it with us.
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    Janetr Mia and Layla are just too cute! As are KJ's Joaquin, Karen in VA's Olivia and sib, and pip's pooches ;)
    Katla :cry: that your DS and the grands won't be returning to Fr. Lewis soon. Is the DC assignment a promotion or prestigious one? Hoping they can schedule periodic visits, though it's not the same...
    Heather your DH cracks me up! Cannot imagine Joe sitting still for any such procedure.
    Pip "oh how fun snow" and Barbie's "enough snow to enjoy"... This morning we had quite a nice covering of snow. It looked great in the sunshine under blue skies and I thought Yes! Tumble and I can go out and play in the snow! Joe let her out early and she was making puppy snow angels with much joy. I stepped out onto the deck to try to get a pic or vid and WhoopseyDaisy slipped almost immediately. Managed not to fall (thank you T'ai Chi), but it was an unpleasant reminder of the Boise years we had ice on our deck from November to May. Then Scooter got stuck in a drift and Joe had to shovel a path for him to get out. Well $#!+, this is just like Idaho! :noway: It's melting off the trees, sure hope the forecast lows for tonight (well above freezing) are correct. Tumble and I did walk down the drive and lane to the mailbox and back, but it was not at all like the Walking in a Winter Wonderland song, more like slogging through the slush and mud... :P

    Welcome donato, Jeannie. "Glad to be here" is my stock response to "How are you?" and it makes me smile every time ;) even now with the snow.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    walk one more step 9/28, 60 g protein 9/28, rx/vits 9/28, meditate 9/28, knee exercises 9/28, SWSY 2/8, play with Tumble 8/28, hang up or purge art 0/4 AF 5/28.
    Word for 2019: "GOOD" good attitude, good food, good times, good choices, good enough, feel good, GOOD!
    02/10 LT: Open the Wahoo box and setup the software-Y MT: woodland mgt notebook-, ST: T'ai Chi voice memo email to Roy-Y
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    Hello all! I’m 50 & I was just diagnosed with diabetes. I’m trying to go all in and fight it with my diet. It’s been 4 days so far & going away....but I have small children & it’s time to take care of myself . 😩
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    I’ve been sick for the past few weeks and started barking coughing a week ago, BUT I exercised everyday and ate healthy. Hopefully this week will bring complete healing. 🙏🏻❤️
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 13,482Member Member Posts: 13,482Member Member
    I’ve been sick for the past few weeks and started barking coughing a week ago, BUT I exercised everyday and ate healthy. Hopefully this week will bring complete healing. 🙏🏻❤️

    :) Hope your recovery is soon. I have been sick twice in the last two months and had several days where I could barely eat and couldn't exercise at all. Feeling better is a great improvement,
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    Did the More Than mat Pilates DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to take this class called Next Level. Since it starts later (9), I’m thinking that I’ll do something like the treadmill before the class.

    We’re supposed to go to lunch today with a college friend of mine. It’s interesting, even tho it’s hotter down here, I don’t seem to be drinking as much water as I do in NC. Hmmmm.

    Barbie – you probably can answer this question for me. I wanted to make a meal and have that repeat until we leave since I’ll most likely have the same thing for breakfast all the time I'm here. But I was having the hardest time doing that. When I went to “quick tools”, it wouldn’t let me copy it to a date in the future. When I did copy it (I had it under lunch but wanted it in “all foods”), it would copy the same thing twice. You probably copy a meal all the time. How do you do it so you get just that meal for the next few days?

    Lisa – “stick in your memory” I like your play on words….lol

    Pip – the way people in Seattle are about snow…it’s worse in NC The REALLY sad part is that when it snows, you don’t hear any kids outside making snowmen or anything.

    Went to lunch with a friend of mine from college. Found out that another friend died. I can hardly believe it. I don’t think I’ll log, but I tried to be good. Got this chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta on a flatbread. Only had water to drink. But also did have some of the nachos with cheese and a few bites of the key lime pie. Oh well…one day won’t kill me.

    Welcome everyone new!

    Michele in lovely FL for now
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    Happy Sunday,

    It has been a lazy day. I was going to say unproductive, but it really wasn't. I changed sheets, washed comforter and heavy blanket, finished laundry, made potato soup for dinner, cleaned up kitchen. Not bad for not feeling well. Not sure what was wrong, but just feel like someone pulled the plug on my energy. Spent most of the day curled up in a chair with a blanket.

    Barbie- I too try to get 10,000 steps a day. I know that they say that is a made up number, but it works for me too. I also try to get 30 minutes of continuous activity. Again, didn't happen today, but that is okay.

    We too got snow today, but nothing like PNW. The driveway never got covered, but the grass did. Rain in the forecast for the next few days.

    My brother finally got to see our Aunt today. She is off the ventilator. He said she was doing well and watching TV. She has been moved to the step down unit, so that is great news. Still has a trach, so no talking. But he passed on our love and prayers with her.

    Time to get ready for bed. Hopefully tomorrow will have my energy back. At least I have a really clean bed to crawl into.

    Welcome to the new ladies!
    Safe thoughts for those in treacherous conditions!
    Hugs for all!

    Kylia worn out in Ohio
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