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    exermom wrote: »

    Barbie – you probably can answer this question for me. I wanted to make a meal and have that repeat until we leave since I’ll most likely have the same thing for breakfast all the time I'm here. But I was having the hardest time doing that. When I went to “quick tools”, it wouldn’t let me copy it to a date in the future. When I did copy it (I had it under lunch but wanted it in “all foods”), it would copy the same thing twice. You probably copy a meal all the time. How do you do it so you get just that meal for the next few days?

    Michele in lovely FL for now
    :) I just tried copying today's breakfast to tomorrow and after I chose "tomorrow", it asked me what meal and I chose breakfast. If I'd wanted to do it for the next few days, I'd have to do the same thing for each day. I don't do that often. Usually, I'll do "copy yesterday". And if it copies, it twice, you'll just have to delete one of them.
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    Lots of Peeps - Another long post but the dust! So frustrating.

    Heather in U.K., i recall telling you I was glad you’ve been taking it a little easier. I know it’s hard to do when you’re concerned w your husband, family and friend.

    Machka in Oz, im glad you’ve been getting a bit of rain. Please do what the dr says about treating this hip injury. They can be the very dickens to rehab and/or repair. Thanks for your ideas re eating etc.

    A bunch of you others, i recall thanking you for well-wishes, and a lot of comments about your interesting lives. Sorry.

    Lisa in AR, I can so related to the appointment dilemma. The snowstorm waves are actually kind of peaceful! Nothing is expected of me while I’m irritable because of the shingles. I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything until Friday. Give yourself that gift of letting the world come to you for a bit while you heal. I’m glad it’s going well for you!

    Okie in TX Hill Country! I can’t agree with you more. I’ve learned so much from my cheap food scale! When you have bypass surgery you learn to be exact about your food. I’m currently getting 70+ grams of protein for 600 cal. That’s gradually increasing, but I’m a bit over a month out. “It isn’t brain surgery!” is very true. We still need to retrain our minds from the faulty outlook or family and society left us with.

    b4leaving, i love the idea of setting a simple attainable goal that I can exceed if I feel like it, but can achieve every day with just a little extra effort! I’m going to implement that at once, because moving is my greatest challenge right now.

    Rebecca, thanks for the pretty photos from the Island (Whidbey for non-Washingtonians)! I love what snow does to trees and plants. Amusing “trip” for mail!

    Barbie in NW WA - Wasn’t that quite a snowstorm Friday, though? I can only recall one where it piled on faster. Winter of ‘90, I think. Out for a short trip, a bit of snow forecast. Happened to look out the window at our destination, said “Kids, get in the car NOW!” Almost 5” accumulation in less than an hour where we were. Took us 5 hrs to get home from a place 1/2 hr away. Bitter cold hit, and my car was stuck for a week.

    Ketone Karen! Those are two of the cutest little munchkins! Love his smile and her expression!

    Barbara AHMOD, I love your doggie picture! I know those aren’t yours, but they’re so cute in their outfits! Bella, my daughter’s German Shepherd/something cross (she looks like 100% golden lab, but has the intelligence of the shepherd) just goes nuts when let off leash in the snow! She leaps and twirls like a wild thing. She also adores paralleling her boy, my autistic grandson, on his toboggan runs, and diving head first into snowballs. I love dogs! (Sorry, girls! Cats rule. I know!)

    Sharon, at the blisters stage (Ow!), Near Seattle

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    Machka - I don’t eat when I’m busy either. I eat when I’m bored. It’s a habit I’m trying very hard to break.

    Barbara- I don’t think that was manipulation, you merely gave them an opportunity to converse.

    Heather - your husband has loads of patience for that game. I am claustrophobic so couldn’t handle it!

    Katla - I would not like being in your situation at all. I have an older cousin, closer to my Dads age than mine, that had 3 daughters all move west. The girls all started having children and they felt they were losing precious time. They packed up and moved west too. They said it was a hard decision as they still had family near them but they felt their girls needed them more. They were in their mid 50’s when they did this.

    Evelyn - I have always wanted to visit Victoria since 1980, when still in NB My Grandmother had a cousin visit home from Victoria, she showed pictures of the flowers and gardens. She was a well dressed, perfectly coiffed lady and I always envisioned that’s how everyone in Victoria dressed. I have since met others from Victoria and they took smudged my rose coloured glasses.

    Melissat1222 - you can do it my Mom did it with only diet changes. She went from 4 insulin shots a day to nothing when my brother had to start managing her meals. In the year that she has been in the nursing home she is heading in the wrong direction again.

    Kylia - great news about your Aunt, hope you feel better tomorrow.

    We kept the Grands last night. This was the 3rd Saturday in a row and will be the last for some time to come. I am beat tonight. They didn’t sleep well last night, therefore neither did I. Kelly you mentioned cardboard, we made crafts using cardboard and some of my cardstock today. Jonah made a chainsaw with a twine pull cord out of a Christmas box so it has a pug and a kitten on it. Michaela made a purple “boman” snowman for those that don’t speak her language. We also painted the salt dough hands we made last week for Mommy and Auntie. They are ring holders. I will post a pic right after this post.

    Tracey in Edmonton

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    Hi ladies - it isn't easy to keep up with these messages. I find it hard to navigate the message boards!

    I went out for dinner for the first time in a long time. I have an issue with sodium and it is so difficult to go out because everything is so heavily salted. Anyhow, it was ok. It's just so nice to have food made for me since I need to make all food from scratch.

    It's been really sunny here and it's great for the mood. Love all the snow photos!

    Someone asked where I was from - I'm in rural Ontario, Canada. :)

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Snowmageddon storm #3!
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    Spent a little longer on the computer than I meant to, but at least I'm caught up now.

    Love the pics of the snow. Ours has all gone thank goodness.

    It was frosty this morning so I had to tread carefully on our dog walk. We get up quite early to walk her (Leah) because DD has to be at work at 8am. We've always been early dog walkers :) mind you we had to be even earlier with our other dog Frankie, he hated everything and everyone, so we had to walk him when no one else was about.

    All the talk about food is making me think, I'm not that keen on food to be honest and would much rather "snack" than sit down to a meal. Heather you made me think when you said Good food should feed your mind and soul. I really should look into cooking more, you make some lovely meals.

    Better get a move on, the morning is almost over and I have tons to do. I'm going to London tomorrow with a few friends. We are going to see the Dior exhibition and also visit the Royal Albert Hall. Hopefully there will be a bit of time to do some site seeing as well. We are only going for the day so it's an early start and I have to get my dad's morning newspaper before I go to the train station.

    Have a good Monday everyone and take care <3

    Viv York UK
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    exermom wrote: »
    Barbie – you probably can answer this question for me. I wanted to make a meal and have that repeat until we leave since I’ll most likely have the same thing for breakfast all the time I'm here. But I was having the hardest time doing that. When I went to “quick tools”, it wouldn’t let me copy it to a date in the future. When I did copy it (I had it under lunch but wanted it in “all foods”), it would copy the same thing twice. You probably copy a meal all the time. How do you do it so you get just that meal for the next few days?

    You should be able to choose the meal you want to copy it to. I can do that with individual items.

    Because I eat pretty much the same thing when I'm on a mission to lose weight, I'll prelog a lot of stuff.

    M in Oz

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    Hi Viv! Have a lovely day in London tomorrow. <3 I love London and lived there for 40 years, plus my childhood.
    I think continual snacking makes it very hard to keep tabs on your eating. Proper meals make me feel satisfied in my head as well as my body. I think I was a French person in another life! Dinner is sacrosanct!
    I have the same breakfast every day around 8.15. 430 cals including the whole day's milk for teas and coffees.Then I have a light lunch at 12.15, usually an open sandwich wit lots of salad stuff. 250 cals. Then I have an afternoon snack at around 3 pm. Usually 200 cals. Then dinner at around 6.15. Usually around 400 main course, sometimes less. Then at around 8 pm stewed fruit (no or low sugar) and homemade yoghurt 130 cals. Then I decide how many calories I have left. If I gave done extra running or walking I can have a small piece of cheese, 110 calories. Plain chocolate 100 calories. Or a candy 33 calories. Any, or all, or none of those. I have always done 600 calories exercise, the running is a bonus. I have an alcoholic drink most evenings, or an AF drink with my meal. Around 100 cals.
    I also think it is important to use good crockery, cutlery and glassware. Everything tastes much better. I hate light cutlery and the shape of the glass to suit the drink is very important to me.
    I use my Instant Pot a lot for 'wet' food, which is easy to cook and freeze. Curries, chillis, bolognese, stews. The great thing about the IP is that it switches off and keeps the food warm, so there is no issue with timing. I also eat a lot of fish, prawns, salmon or sea bass, which cooks almost instantly on the stove or in the oven. We eat huge amounts of veg with everything, which helps to fill you up as well as being good for your gut health.
    I am all for short cuts and ease, but not for processed or junk food. I cook really easy stuff. I keep food in the freezer and get out what I am going to cook in the morning. I try to eat fish twice a week, vegetarian once a week.
    Have you watched Tom Kerridge's 'Fresh Start' series? Great ideas.
    Tonight I am cooking a dish I used to eat every time we went to our favourite Greek Cypriot restaurant in London. Artichoke hearts with broad beans in a garlicky tomato sauce. It was my favourite starter, but obviously I am not going to cook fresh artichokes!! I could buy the frozen hearts in London. Then I managed to find frozen artichoke hearts just round the corner down here! So I can make it again. :D I'm also going to cook a small amount of spicy sausage I bought in the Brazilian shop to try. DH will need a big slice of bread with it to bulk up the calories, but I will just have it on its own.

    The aerial man came and said that a bolt had sheared off from where it was attached to the chimney. We had very high winds last week. He shinned out of the Velux window on the top floor and mended it. :D

    Will I try to run today? I don't know. ;)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
    edited February 2019
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    Posted in February 2018 and September 2017 ...
    Machka9 wrote:

    This is my "normal" ... :)

    My week day ...

    No breakfast
    10:30 am snack - cheese & crackers
    12:30 pm snack - banana
    2:00 pm lunch - chicken, rice, steamed veggies or occasionally LaZuppa soup, noodles, and steamed veg
    3:30 pm snack - yogurt
    4:45 pm snack - apple, mandarin or some other fruit
    6 pm snack - cottage cheese, raw veggies, whole wheat crackers
    7:30 pm dinner - steamed veggies & ... whatever else my husband makes
    9:30 pm snack - yogurt, sometimes with added fruit
    11 pm snack - toast with nutella & honey ... sometimes without the nutella ... sometimes with cheese instead of either the nutella or honey
    12:30 am snack - McVities digestive biscuit with chocolate coating or a few cheese crackers if I still have the calories for them.

    Whether I eat large meals or not, I get ravenously hungry about 1.5 hours later. I can pack away a massive dinner, and be prowling around the kitchen 1.5 hours later. Therefore, I feel so much more comfortable if I just keep the food coming on a regular basis ... but keep everything on the small side.

    My larger "meals" are the 2 pm lunch and the 7:30 pm dinner but it is rare that either one will go over 500 cal. The rest of my snacks are usually somewhere around the 100 cal point.

    That's the "diet" I used to drop 25 kg, and is something I've more or less stuck with. Anytime I need to lose a little bit of weight again, I will tighten that up and start weighing things again to ensure I stay just under my calorie limit.

    In there, you'll see that dinners are "steamed veggies & ... whatever else my husband makes".

    That's usually steamed veggies and a small frozen dinner with less calories than a Weight Watchers meal. Our grocery store had a reasonable collection of them ... we get 3 or 4 different kinds: cottage pie, lasagne, other pastas, etc.

    Or perhaps a LaZuppa or other soup for 2 which he thickens with brown rice, shredded chicken, and steamed veggies. Or there are these great Indian meal packages which is prepared much like the soup, with rice, chicken and steamed veggies added. Both make a nice big bowl of dinner that's really tasty.

    Sometimes he'll do baked potatoes with light cheese, shredded teriyaki chicken, and salad.

    Sometimes he'll do tacos. I've figured out which shells are the lowest calorie shells, then he does chicken mince, light cheese, and raw veggies.

    If I dig out the slow cooker, I can make 2 or 3 meals with chicken mince and veg and a packet of spice and stuff ... there are packets you can get to add to slow cooker meals, or just add your own spice. And I usually have a can of light coconut milk and a can of chickpeas which I can toss in.

    Once a week or so, we'll go out to Zambreros for a burrito (I do need to put in a little bit extra exercise for that!) or to Subway, and I get a 6" tuna sub with most of the veggies.

    We're busy people so we generally go with whatever is easiest ... and then pad it out with lots of veggies.

    I'll also add that I would eat more eggs ... would love to do a couple boiled eggs on toast for dinner some nights ... but sadly, eggs and my gallbladder just simply do not get along. I might be able to manage the 2 boiled eggs on toast one night ... but it would be a couple months before I could do it again. :( But if you can tolerate eggs, they're great! Low cal, filling, easy ... :)

    Machka in Oz

    Now, having said that, it has changed slightly because my husband is home these days, we're eating dinner at about 6:45 pm, so I'm not having the 6 pm snack. But I occasionally have another crackers & cheese just before going home.

    I'm also not eating as much fruit because I simply haven't had time to get to the fruit market. I used to go there at lunch, but my lunches are not my own anymore, they're taken up with doctor's appointments and other appointments concerning my husband's situation, and my own health. At some point, I'm hoping to actually have a lunch where I can get some fruit. But I do eat grapes at home in the evenings ... any time we walk down to our little local grocery shop, I try to get a bag of grapes.

    And since my husband has come out of the hospital a really weird thing has happened ... he wants to eat at the table. We've been married 10 years, and just about the only time we eat at the table has been if we've gone out to a restaurant. We have done it occasionally at home ... maybe for 3 or 4 days in a row, and then we drift back to eating wherever. But we've had dinner at the table since July now. It seems really awkward to me, but it seems to be what he wants to do.

    See for me, eating is such a secondary thing that I'd rather be doing something more important while eating ... like my filing or answering cycling club emails or whatever.

    Machka in Oz

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    Evelyn - I’m glad you were able to identify what had your eating off kilter. I’m sorry for the passing of your Mom. I know no matter how far past the event we get, it still hits us. Hugs!!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Good morning ladies! I am feeling more me this morning. 30 minutes walking around house 4300 steps. Great start! Still not sure what threw me off yesterday, but maybe just needed down time. Had to remind myself talk that I was productive just slow. ;)

    Have a day full of love, laughter and great choices!

    Kylia in snow then rain Ohio
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    It's still summer here ... in name anyway. This is tomorrow's forecast, below.

    **Tuesday** Cloudy. High chance of showers, most likely in the morning. ❄️Snow❄️ falling above 800 metres. The chance of a ⛈thunderstorm⛈ in the south in the late afternoon and evening. 💨Winds💨 N 25 to 40 km/h turning W/NW 35 to 50 km/h during the morning then becoming NW 25 to 35 km/h in the late evening. Overnight temperatures falling to between 8 and 12 with daytime temperatures reaching between 15 and 21.

    What exactly am I supposed to wear for something like that? Snow, thunderstorms, howling winds and temps that could be just about anything.

    Machka in Oz
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