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  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 6,831Member Member Posts: 6,831Member Member
    Not far to Onederland, Trucker! :D<3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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  • drkatiebugdrkatiebug Posts: 1,505Member Member Posts: 1,505Member Member
    Great progress, Trucker! Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve overbooked myself again, but at least I’m caught up on reading.

  • okiewoman510okiewoman510 Posts: 891Member, Premium Member Posts: 891Member, Premium Member
    Yeah Trucker! Great progress. Love your Goofy shirt!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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  • kymaraikymarai Posts: 1,987Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,987Member, Premium Member
    Looking good Sharon!
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 5,534Member Member Posts: 5,534Member Member
    Well I get a call from my mortgage company saying my homeowners ins needs to be renewed.well no it doesnt... I'm good through June will have to sort this out tomorrow...
    Under calories today which is good..and only ate 1/2 my salad so have the rest for tomorrow...
    Sharon your looking great keep up the good work...
  • teklawa1teklawa1 Posts: 196Member Member Posts: 196Member Member
    Sharon, love the pictures of your journey.

    Welcome all newcomers. This group helps me with information and support.

    More snow. It is really coming down. I’m really careful walking but have fallen three times since the snow started last week. Haven’t done more than hurt my pride each time. I’m so bundled there is lots of padding to break my fall.

    I’m not getting in my steps but I’m using my mini stairstepper.

    Can anyone tell me how to post a spoiler.

    Betsy in NW Washington with snow and more snow.
  • klanders30klanders30 Posts: 2,517Member Member Posts: 2,517Member Member
    snow's on the way for Hudson Valley of NY, DH has the day off tomorrow as well so we will enjoy it together. I plan on staying cozy and perhaps do a little decluttering. Stay warm and safe everyone.

  • csofledcsofled Posts: 2,300Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,300Member, Premium Member
  • exermomexermom Posts: 4,359Member Member Posts: 4,359Member Member
    Walked on the treadmill some and then took the Next Level class. The plan for tomorrow is to do some the Power hour class. I like that class and (yea!) I just found out that I can do spinning on Wednesday

    Kylia – what good news about your aunt! Thanks for sharing

    B4leaving – I know how you must feel about the sodium at restaurants. I find now that I’ve been limiting no sodium (not purposefully) that things taste REALLY salty to me. Have you ever asked the restaurant to make the food without salt? I doubt they can do that with soup, but maybe with other things? I’ve never tried it, I wonder if they can?

    Exercised, then a lady at the condo helped me with my crochet, laid out by the pool (I WILL NOT go home with white legs), went to Lowe’s Hardware then WalMart then back to Lowe’s. Getting dinner ready now.

    Margaret – what a great quote! Thanks for sharing it.

    Kathy – good thoughts being sent to your DIL

    Tracey – how I do hope you get the job. Wouldn’t surprise me if the dream was a good omen

    Nicole – welcome

    1985nurse – welcome! I’m so sorry about your older son but glad you have your younger son to help you emotionally

    Yvonne – sometimes I, too, have a cheat DAY. The operative word there is “day”. It’s so easy to make 1 day become 2 and so on. I had a “cheat – no logging” day yesterday. Normally, I wouldn’t have had the nachos and cheese, but one day didn’t kill me. I am back to exercising and logging today. Actually,I exercised yesterday, but still….

    Michele now in FL wearing shorts
  • GodMomKimGodMomKim Posts: 2,026Member Member Posts: 2,026Member Member
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 10,145Member Member Posts: 10,145Member Member
    stat for the day:

    ride hm to dome - gym closed- 33.03min, 5.1amph, 125mhr, 2.7mi= 186c
    walk sta 2 wrk- 12.24min, 21.38min mi, 123mhr, .5mi= 67c
    walk wrk 2 station- 8.57min, 15min mi, 145mhr, .5mi= 81c
    ride dome 2 hm- 32.55min, 4.8amph, 145mhr, 2.6mi= 288c
    shoveling snow- back alley and deck- 27.25min, 117mhr, = 155c

    total cal 777
  • GodMomKimGodMomKim Posts: 2,026Member Member Posts: 2,026Member Member
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,519Member Member Posts: 15,519Member Member
    We dress up in my workplace. Actually, unless you're a labourer or tradie or something, most people wear uniforms and/or dress up in Australia (from my observations). It probably comes from the fact that most school children wear school uniforms.

    Anyway, I wear a lot of skirts because I don't like the way pants fit. Right now, I'm looking for a plain dark navy skirt to add to the collection, and do you think I can find one? I figured I'd just go out and buy one ... but each time I've had a few minutes to slip into a shop at lunch, I've come away empty-handed. I almost bought one today, but I do have a second qualification ... dark navy AND even just a little bit stretchy. Sitting all day in a skirt with no stretch at all can get quite uncomfortable, and the one I debated about was the right colour, but didn't even have a hint of stretch.

    Maybe navy will start appearing more as we get closer to winter.

    Machka in Oz
  • evie1958evie1958 Posts: 454Member Member Posts: 454Member Member
    Well, Victoria has gotten way more than it's fair share of snow in the last few days. I think it's stopped for now but we're supposed to get another 5-10 cm (that's 2-4 inches) overnight. The road crews have had a heck of a time keeping up, in fact there was a "no travel" advisory for today. In other words, if you didn't NEED to be out there, then just stay home. I had such a lazy day! Had plans for doing a bunch of stuff in the house, nope, binge watched Netflix, worked on a blanket for the expectant couple across the way and that was about it. I did eventually do dishes, we do have a dishwasher but there is some stuff that I don't put in there, so got that done. Did not get a lot of sleep last night, not sure why. I brought in the hummingbird feeder last night so it wouldn't freeze, I guess I didn't want to oversleep and let the poor little ones go hungry! One did anyway, poor little thing, it's been snowing so much, and I forgot about it for a few hours, and it couldn't find the openings, it was all covered with snow! It was also half frozen, so I brought it in, cleaned it off, thawed it out and put it back out, only took me a few minutes, but I didn't see the hummer again. Hopefully I just missed seeing him. We have 3 or 4 that come around very regularly, so pretty and fun to watch.
    Sue, your table looks lovely! I can't imagine doing food for that many people with fancy tables too! I just don't have the space!
    Lisa, sounds like you are moving in the right direction!
    I had a pleasant surprise when I jumped on the scale this a.m., official wi day, I am down 1.8 from last week! Not sure quite how that happened as I haven't been logging, and while I have been trying to at least pay attention, well, that's not going so well either. Anyway, I'll take it and not complain! And I will try to pay more attention this week. Might have to get creative with exercise, not going to be leaving the house tomorrow either, I don't think. The snow is supposed to stop tomorrow afternoon/evening, so roads should be quite passable by Wed afternoon when I have to go to a dr appointment. Had some fun getting home after work last night, it was snowing so much, we had about 6-8 inches already, and the driveway into our townhouse complex is quite steep. We do have a contract with a guy who is supposed to plow, well, by 6 p.m. when I got home he hadn't been yet. I got about half way up and then started to spin out, tried backing down, putting it in a lower gear, nope, couldn't even get up to the original spot. Ended up walking up to the house, grabbing a shovel and shovelling a path up to a slightly flatter area where the car was okay with the snow. It hadn't been packed down too bad yet, and, unlike normal Victoria snow, it wasn't really wet and heavy so I was able to move quite a bit of it fairly easy and get down to the asphalt. What a pain! Oh well, a good calorie burn! lol Hubby came and helped after I'd been shovelling and moving the car up for about 15 min, you know, shovel 6-8 feet, move the car to that spot, shovel some more, move the car, repeat....
    Okay, enough whining about the snow! lol I know that a lot of you ladies get a lot more snow that we have to deal with her, but our city is built for rain, not snow. Our drivers are also, for the most part, built for rain and not snow. I grew up and learned to drive in snow country, so I am more comfortable driving in it, but I have been away from it for a long time and I just don't like it as much anymore!
    Anyway, hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, on snowy Vancouver Island
  • PurpleSparkles85PurpleSparkles85 Posts: 44Member, Premium Member Posts: 44Member, Premium Member
    Welcome Nicole in NH and 1985 nurse! I’m a nurse too, graduated in 1981 and married in 1985. Time flies!

    Sue-table is so pretty! From the picture, your dining room furniture looks just like mine.

    One more day of solid rain to go. We are already 3 inches over our usual monthly total for rain, and it’s only the 11th. Sheesh!

    Nothing much going on today. Just plugging along. Everybody take care.

    Kathy, getting soggier in KY
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