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Things people say when you lose weight



  • petrocoetseepetrocoetsee Posts: 106Member, Premium Member Posts: 106Member, Premium Member
    I lost almost 38kg's over the last 10 months. All the comments I received have been encouraging and great to the ego to hear. During the last few weeks, 3 women (different days) approached me. 2 Complimented me on my weight loss, telling me that I am inspiring. The 3rd lady asked me "Are you aware that you lost a lot of weight?" I couldn't help but to smile and answered, yes I am aware of it. I didn't add that I have been working my butt of (literally and figureratively). But it was still appreciated.
  • GirlheidiGirlheidi Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    I was having a medical procedure recently and the doc asked me of any eating/dietary or weight changes that i had noticed. I said "Yes, I've lost 34 lbs!" He said "Deliberately ? and why?". To which I replied, "Well I was too fat". Followed by "I talk a lot when I am nervous". The doc smiled, and said well done.....then carried out the procedure. I am also well aware of my resting HR due to fitbit - the monitor was showing a very elevated HR due to nerves - I told the doc that too. He must have thought I was mad :-)
  • Deanner03Deanner03 Posts: 258Member Member Posts: 258Member Member
    mtaratoot wrote: »
    @Deanner03 -- I'll tell you too: you should splurge now and then. It's good for the psyche. But yeah, not all the time! It looks like you've been on your journey for a while, so you already know this, and you certainly allow yourself a splurge from time to time. Way to go!

    I totally do it from time to time. They say this almost every day! They mean well, but they're killing me!
  • LouVee186000LouVee186000 Posts: 33Member, Premium Member Posts: 33Member, Premium Member
    rlfrausto wrote: »
    I have lost about 16 pounds, not much but not a word from any one. I am happy with the loss.

    I get that -- it wasn't until I hit the 50 lb mark that I started getting a few comments at the office. I figured by that time nobody was going to say anything, which was fine by me. (And when they asked me "how much have you lost" I didn't give a number, I just said "a lot.")

  • LaurieParLauriePar Posts: 239Member Member Posts: 239Member Member
    ceiswyn wrote: »
    What I'm finding interesting these days is talking to people who didn't know me in the 'before' days. They all assume that I can't understand the trials and tribulations of dieting, on the grounds that I'm 'lovely and slim'. Even when I tell them I used to be very fat, they tend to assume I mean a few vanity pounds.

    There does seem to be a general unconscious assumption in society that those who are slim have always been and will always be so, and those who are fat have always been and will always be so. This strikes me as... unhelpful.

    Oh, yes!! People never believe me that I used to be almost 60 lbs heavier. ESPECIALLY because I'm blessed with awesome genetics and have no loose skin to speak of, just stretch marks.

    I'll show them old pictures and they just squint at it and say, "That's not even you, that doesn't look like you."

    Well, no kidding. Lose over 50 lbs and someone's face is DEFINITELY not going to look the same 😂

  • LaurieParLauriePar Posts: 239Member Member Posts: 239Member Member
    I wonder what will happen when I get to the 50 pounds lost mark. I am sure it will show in my face too. My second time around.
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  • eryn0xeryn0x Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    I do think that even the positive comments can be really harmful. It can often make us feel that we are more worthy now than before (we always were!) and can reinforce unhealthy behaviours. When I am starving myself and people are congratulating me, it’s encouraging me to continue but not really helpful. I thibk generally we shouldn’t comment on people’s weight but if we want to it SHOULD start with “is it intentional? Do you feel you’re doing it in a healthy way?” And then decide to congratulate or support.
  • Lizeth_Chavez_10Lizeth_Chavez_10 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    A couple years ago I dropped some weight and people started telling me I was looking sick. It really pissed me off at that time but now I gained back some weight and I see my old picks and wow I really looked sick lol.

    PS: would you mind sending me a friend request? I can't find the way to add friends
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 1,124Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,124Member, Premium Member
    @Lizeth_Chavez_10 - to add friends on a PC, click on a user's icon/name/image. A window will pop up. Click on the person's name. Their profile will come up, and there will be three buttons -- Send Message, Add as Friend, and View Diary (if that person's diary is public). You can guess which button to click.

    Add a little message to the person explaining why you'd like to add them as a friend.

    Glad you don't look sick anymore. I got pretty trim last summer, but never looked sick.
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