Things people say when you lose weight



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    My partner is just concerned about me losing my bum. lol. I'd actually like to lose a bit more of it, he disagrees. People also tend to act concerned whenever I lose weight, and ask me "how much more?" Apart from a small period in my early-20's, (25 years ago) I have never been underweight & my aim is to lose just a couple more kilo, which still puts me in the healthy BMI range.

    In the 4-hour body (a book) the author asserts that kettlebell squats will give you a nice muscular bum, meaning a bum that doesn't go flat when you lose weight.
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    "Hi, I don't think we've met? I'm Tom."

    "Hi, I'm Sarah. You worked with me for four years."

    Wow!!! 😲I'm sure he felt like a tool after that.
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    And oh yes about being treated like an idiot. I studied public health & nutrition in grad school, and everyone from my doctor to my father-in-law tries to tell me "well if I just learned more about what I'm shoving in my face, I would not eat it". These people don't understand how knowledge and being in the right head space to take care of yourself are very different things.

    I lost 125 pounds in a healthy way about 18 years ago. I exercised and ate right. Then I lost my Grandma and Mom within two years of each other. There was a lot of caregiving and hospital time and all that healthy lifestyle knowledge was secondary to my mental state of not going crazy. I didn't forget how to be healthy I just didn't care for a while. When I started this journey back up last year a friend who had not known me during the earlier weight loss couldn't understand why I hadn't been doing that since I knew how and understood the benefits. It was all headspace issues.

    And for the nosey clerk, I would tell her to kitty right off and speak to her manager. That's ridiculous.