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    Nerys52 wrote: »
    I am 59. Homebound with illnesses ( See profile)
    I did not start this time. I had severe flu in mid March could eat very little, could not drink much, few weeks and lost weight several kg. Recovery was very slow. Lost my appetite and food cravings. So have to watch my nutrition.
    Only able to do bits of non - tiring exercise like 5 to 9 minutes.
    I do 1300 calories a day, log in daily. Like to cook, used to collect cookbooks but stopped in mid 30s. Also liked to do some baking but now is only at holiday season or few times something really small like a 2 person mini pie.
    Have many hobbies to keep busy but have not done much yet, no energy. Catching up on housekeeping slowly
    still somehow manage do my own housekeeping in small bits. Can do very little in garden and patio.
    Getting very near to 10% weight loss.And then on to next 10% etc.

    Nerys i'm so sorry about your illness. It's wonderful that you manage to take care of yourself in different ways in 5 or 9 minute bouts.

    Kelly Old friends can be such a treasure. I very occasionally see old friends or even acquaintances from high school or college and it rather makes us feel young in some ways.

    I went for a little walk (a bit begrudgingly), had a decent lunch a little smoked salmon, lots of lettuce and light condiments, and a small serving of dairy free yummy ice cream I discovered and a small chocolate square.

    I tried pre-tracking my dinner. I'll see how it goes.
    I had 2 hard-boiled eggs for mid-morning snack again (like yesterday). That's weird for me, to have such a meal-like snack in mid-morning. I'm much more prone to have something like fruit or a cracker or something. interesting to get into something different. I know studies recommend protein over carbs for feeling satiated.

    I have not checked much off on my list today yet except tracking and walking. ok here goes.
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    Thanks Barbie! What is SWSY?
    edited May 1
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    Kate UK <3
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    Welcome to May. Thank you Barbi for the new thread. Wishing everyone well this month.

    My goals for May are to log food daily and get in the habit of logging before a single bite. 😉 It works so well but I get lazy. This will be my last month in Washington until fall. I’ll head back to Alaska at the end of May. I won’t have internet and I’ll miss connecting with this community daily.

    And I’ll miss my husband but he doesn’t like my summer life and prefers to remain in Washington. He used to visit for a couple weeks each year but about 10 years ago he decided living without electricity and indoor plumbing was too difficult. So he stays home and takes care of the house and yard and I go back home with Ella and come back around freeze up. . It works for us, but his friends tease him that we haven’t really been married for 26 years because I’m gone for a third of each year. :-)

    Have a good day everyone. It’s sunny and warm today already. Spring is such a pleasure.
    Betsy in NW Washington
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    Thanks Barbie, a busy start to the May thread,

    I need to catch up with the last few pages from the April thread and also the first two pages for May, but wanted to check in and mark my spot. :) April was a good month, it is the first time in years that I have actually lost weight, only 2lbs but I am determined to keep it off.

    • Continue to log and keep a check on the snacking calories
    • Continue to get my house into some sort of order

      Happy May Day everyone!

      Viv UK <3 <3
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 548Member Member Posts: 548Member Member
    morning check-in

    ✔️ 1. weighed self 60.1k
    ✔️2. tracked all
    ✔️ 3. 30 min exercise
    ✔️4. five minutes meditation
    ✔️5.Spend at least 2h on long term writing project
    not yet 6.produce at least 2 pages per day
    not yet 7. Take care of at least one short term (1 pagish) writing or administrative task/bill
    ✔️ 8. At least 15 min/day filing/cleaning. 1+ hour. yes
    ✔️ 9.average 1100 calories net. so far

    • Overall Feeling: okay
    • Tracking : so far so good
    • Exercise: begrudgingly yes, about 4000 steps going for a walk =about 40 min.
    • 1100 calories net : 75 in green. I had saved for a glass of wine, but I think I really need to work still this evening. so I had 10cl of kombucha instead of 10 cl of wine -thus the 75 c.
    • Long term writing: spent 3 hours w correcting but produced only 1/2 a new page
    heard from better (I think) corrector, who will be available in 2 weeks and less expensive. I have to see how that works out. she's a youngish retiree my field so it's easier for her to get into the nuances. she was recommended by my director, so that means they are probably on the same wavelength. I need to check that out tomorrow.
    • Short term writing/admin : no, I need to listen to tapescript and take notes for 10 am appointment tomorrow. not looking forward to that.
    • Bright Spots today : better, less expensive corrector seems to be available, mild weather, enjoyed meals more today

    Today im grateful for
    1. good corrector, hopefully
    2.checking off many of above
    3. mild weather
    4. bathroom walls cleaner
    5. sea salt
    6. black pepper
    7. balsamic vinegar
    8. good lettuce
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