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:) A brand new month is before us with the opportunity to build new habits and solidify the good ones we already have.

:) It has been good for me to take the journey to health and fitness with supportive and encouraging friends.

:) My resolutions for May were to keep on doing the things that have been working for me:
*log food and exercise
*drink a lot of water
*seek every opportunity to be active
*check in with this thread daily
*read books and articles to learn more about health and fitness
I did well with this and will continue these practices into the month of June.

:) Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find it easily each day and sign your post with a name and location so we get to know each other better.

<3 Barbie from NW WA

My word for 2019 is "pause".


  • exermomexermom Posts: 3,952Member Member Posts: 3,952Member Member
    Took the water class. The plan for tomorrow is to do Cathe Friedrich’s Power Hour DVD.

    Katla – things went well, thanks for asking. Now I just have to wait to get more dexterity back. But I have more than I did Wed.

    Soup kitchen today then into the pool Update: no pool, helped Vince instead then it rained

    Tracey – I’m so sorry you didn’t get the job. Something much better will come along, I’m sure. Please stay safe

    Rita – what a great picture. Shows your hard work. Thanks for sharing. Love to see pics like this one

    Is anyone watching Jeopardy?

    M – are you SURE you’re not the energizer bunny? I agree with Terri, so many times I’ve been told “if you want something done, ask a busy person”

    Volunteered at the soup kitchen. See, when serving we have “stations”. There is one lady who has mentioned to me a few times when I get something for someone in her “station” that that’s HER “station”. Yet, she gives people in my “station” their meal. That’s not a big deal to me, as long as the people get their meal. I just find it funny. People in her “station” will ask me for something, I won’t say “oh, I can’t get it for you. That’s not my station”. This is a soup kitchen…not a restaurant. We don’t get tips! You should see some of the food they get…yuk. But I also realize that they have to do what they can with donations.

    Came home and helped Vince. See, we’re going to put this flower pot over an outlet just to make it look nicer. But he had to cut out the opening. Then worked on getting the squeegee thin enough to fit on the pole for the net for the pool. The only other alternative would be to spend $20 on another pole. At least now I can wash the windows!

    Tracey – I never got a kettlebell. To me, I would most likely have to keep buying new (heavier) ones. At least with the dumbbells I can just hold another weight to make it heavier

    Sue – welcome

    We were thinking of having a neighborhood pool party but I’m just afraid that if there are something like 60 people I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Update: looks like it'll just be for the people on our street

    Just saw that there was a “thank you” in the Newcomer newsletter to Greg for his technical knowledge. Yea, he couldn’t even import the right directory. He almost lost members. Then they’re having a pontoon party on a Monday right before our pool party. Why not have it in June? Well, they’re gonna do what they want to do.

    JR – welcome. Thank you for sharing. You’ll meet a lot of very caring women on this thread

    Michele in NC
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    Found it
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Posts: 3,247Member Member Posts: 3,247Member Member
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 306Member Member Posts: 306Member Member
    ✔️1. weigh in 60.3 up :/
    to do 2. log all
    to do 3.30 min exercise
    ✔️ 4. five minutes meditation today
    to do 5.Spend at least 2h on long term writing project
    to do ] 6.produce at least 2-finished pages per day average long term
    to do 7. Take care of at least 3 shorter (1 pagish) writing or administrative task/bill, (union work doesn't count) per week
    to do 8. At least 15 min cleaning
    to do 9. At least 15 min filing/paperwork
    to do 10.average 1100 calories net

    • Overall Feeling : not bad
    • Log all: to do
    • Exercise: to do
    • 1100 calories net average: to do
    • Long term writing 2h: to do
    • produce at least 2 finished pages per day average long term writing project (from June 1 to June 10,): to do
    •3 Short term writing/admin per week: to do

    Grateful :
    1. good night's sleep
    2. pleasant seeing students' work yesterday and talking to them about it
    3. sunny
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Posts: 3,543Member Member Posts: 3,543Member Member
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 306Member Member Posts: 306Member Member
    In the week up to May 1 my average weight was 60.53
    In the week up to June 1 my average weight is 59.66

    So that makes about .9 loss in month, or about 1.8 lbs.

    it's important to look at average. yesterday I messed up. on the way home I bought some store bought maki for the 1st time (with raw fish in it).
    I thought I'd eat some yesterday and some today but saw that the expiration date for raw fish dish is same day as prep, even if packaged like store food, so I had to either eat it or toss it.

    though maybe it would have been good weight-wise to toss, I didn't want to toss this treat.

    so that added to fluctuation

    I need to be careful though...

    I had lots of chocolate calories yesterday.that is not so fulfilling.these chocolate squares are 48 calories each and I had five. a big chunk of calories.
    edited June 1
  • wizzywigwizzywig Posts: 851Member Member Posts: 851Member Member
    Still catching up with the May posts, but thought I'd mark my spot for June :)

    Love to all <3
    Viv UK
  • LisaInARLisaInAR Posts: 887Member Member Posts: 887Member Member
    Thank you, Barbie, for starting us off on our clean slate once more.

    Rita - congrats on the bathing suit! Good luck with the bowel issues, hope you get 'em figured out.

    Sharon, a grandchild's wedding sounds awesome! Being around for my grands was part of the reason I started really thinking about losing weight this time around. I want to be there for their weddings!

    Connie in KY - A blood sugar drop sounds a little scary.

    Pip - glad you're back!

    Goal for May was to be lighter at the end of it, and I did, am happy with that.

    Goal for June is the same.

    Up far too early this morning, not sure why, but will take advantage of it to get some writing done. Yard work today, as it's supposed to rain tonight... Finished the draft of that grant that was breaking my brain, and got it off my head for the weekend, at least. More work to be done on the ancillary docs on Monday, but those are pretty cut and dried. I am beginning to finally reserve my personal time for me, and give the organization the working hours only, and very little more. I've always been an overachiever, and it's kind of odd to not be that person.

    Finally started a "House Book," for all the renovations/buildings/plans that we think of for the house, but don't write down, so forget what we talked about later. Corey's having great fun with his garden, and I find it marvelous to see how fertile the soil is here, after all the years in the desert. What's funny is that I don't eat veggies. Not bragging about it, it's a habit I'd like to change. However, they all taste like green, bitter dirt to me, with a few obvious exceptions like carrots. Corey does eat vegetables, and we'll freeze or can or pickle as much we can of what he's grown. He planted a dozen fruit trees as well, and we'll have to figure out what to do with what they produce, but not for at least a year. :wink:

    Heather, you mentioned being the one who points and says "put it over there," as a gardener, and that's more my style as well. :) Love seeing him happily caring for all these, though.

    Have a lovely weekend all. Glad to be entering June feeling well, with energy again.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 306Member Member Posts: 306Member Member

    Julie, how on earth are you able to juggle so many goals? I’d be exhausted just tracking them! Congratulations on including everyone so far in your post.

    My goals for June are to track and check this forum every day, get over 1000 (yes, you read that right!) steps a day, and do the exercises my physical therapist gave me 3-4 times per week and swim 2-3 times a week. [/quote]

    Sharon Near Seattle

    My goals are not really so numerous. I just break them down. Basically the 1st 5 are like most people here : track, get movement, and lose or maintain, the next 2 are not huge. the numbers 8 are just breaking down one goal, that I have to get to. (final date, after that I have no specific deadline) numbers 9-11 I am sure many people here do naturally. I can get behind, especially when I'm working under pressure on a longer term goal.

    I've been teaching in higher ed for 10+ years, in like an adjunct type position in 3 schools. the pay is like adjunct pay (very bad) but the contracts are rather solid permanent year-round ones, and health care is included in any job here and just about any situation. I got my masters in 2011 to give myself more job security and since it's free of charge here (but unpaid) : only 300-500 euros admin fees. I think it helped some. I got more classes teaching master's level students. I was encouraged to continue in Phd. I hesitated, but signed on. My director left and I had to change directors. I just don't see eye to eye with the current one. So it's super-challenging. We work in a field where there's a great deal of subjectivity as to what is considered interesting or uninteresting or valuable or not valuable work and research.

    According to law we have 3 years if pursuing full-time and 6 years if working full time while pursuing. My case is the latter, but the school is off-track and requires to jump through hoops to have the 6 years authorised by law. Nonetheless I'm behind. In, addition to having had no teacher for a year and having a teacher whose approach is totally different from mine, I had some heavy work stuff to deal with particularly between 2015 and 2017 and I did some onsite research work but did not get much writing done.

    My director informed me of nothing but when I asked in march what was required for June she said 100 pages. I had never heard that before. So I try to produce. I sent off 4 pages a moment ago, so I have 22 more to produce by June 10 so I get them back from corrector by June 17th to post the whole 71 required further pages needed by the post by June 20.

    Otherwise there's a risk of getting booted out. I don't think that will happen at this point, but in any case if I want to complete my studies by the end of 2020 I need to produce pages at some point.

    I'm not sure that a phd will be beneficial. But I wasn't sure that the masters would be either, and it was. I don't count on a university job at all, but at this point I'd just like to finish what I undertook, partly for my own professional reputation and feeling of accomplishment and also in regards to the many people (teachers, directors, instituations) who have supported me over the years.

    If I had to do over again, I think I would not have undertaken this path, but now I seems like it's best to finish. In some cases it can be useful. For example, a colleague is also getting his phd imminently and if, for example, a coordination position opens up-which is talked about- I am definitely more qualified in terms of overall experience in this field, but if he has a Phd, in addition to being a man, which always seems to work in people's favour despite the discours about equality, he is likely to get the position based on that. that said they can also say - if they want to be unconsciously sexist which is a very strong possibility- that his studies are more suitable - a very subjective question -- whether they are or not...

    edited June 1
  • klanders30klanders30 Posts: 2,197Member Member Posts: 2,197Member Member
    Happy June! Can't believe May is behind us, it was such a whirlwind :# My word for the year is keen

    May goals with a grade (sorry, as a teacher I can't resist)

    1. Stretch and embrace my social self 50/50: not much stretching, lots of social

    2. Handle busy work month with grace, confidence and positivity: 85%

    3. No eating after 7 pm: 50%

    4. Continue journaling and embrace change: 100/70%

    June goals

    1. Walk out in the garden early every a.m., even if it is just to observe, in other words, notice garden every day.

    2. Handle busy and chaotic last month of school with thorough attention, clear out one music cabinet per week

    3. No eating after 7 pm.

    4. Continue journaling and embrace change, it's ok to be scared or sad about changes.

    Yesterday I took a nap and woke up feeling like my old self, even DH noticed. Perhaps I am fighting a low level virus. Had the energy to make homemade applesauce and hummus last night.

    Lisa I made a binder of receipts, plans, invoices and warranties when we moved into our fixer upper 6 years ago. It has tabs/sections for each project/room/appliance. Believe it or not I turned to it just last year to find a receipt for some led pot lights that were supposed to have 25 year lifetime warranty-- turned the receipt back to manufacturer and they mailed us new lights, saving us hundreds. It might seem annoying but our "Big Book of Everything" as it is affectionately called has been a great resource. Be careful though, some receipts fade with time, who knew?

    Here's to a new month, a chance to reset and reaffirm the little strategies that work.

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