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    ydailey wrote: »
    Today is Libraries Remember Day.

    "Commemorating the victims of the [9/11] attack [and] celebrating libraries’ role in preserving history and a free society. The day was first proposed by Bill Erbes of the Bensenville Public Library in Illinois. For at least 10 years, the Bensenville Public Library stayed open for the full 24 hours of September 11 (from midnight to midnight). It was business as usual for those hours. And there were various activities in honor of the day as well. Mr. Erbes encouraged other libraries across the country to do the same."

    bwcetc - I also weigh every day. It's one of the habits I formed while I was using the Noom app. I was skeptical at first, but I do find it keeps me more accountable so it's still working for me.

    graciecat - I sure with the shingles vaccines weren't so expensive. I guess we're going to have to cough up the money because we really don't want shingles - and I'm not sure Philip would be able to work if he got them - but without health insurance it's going to be painful in the checkbook as well as the arm!

    Rho - I agree with you about attitudes toward mental health. I think if our culture had a healthier attitude toward the subject, a whole of lot trouble could be headed off before it became even bigger trouble. Your story about the basketball game made me laugh. How mortifying, especially to a teen!

    Rebecca - Oh my gosh, the little lasagnas are so cute! I am going to remember that next time I make it. I don't have a pan like that but I do have a stack of individual teensy loaf pans that would probably work.

    Marianne - Welcome, and congratulations on being a survivor!

    Machka - Thank you for adding the Australian suicide resources!

    Beth - I'd have handed Noah a swatter for the mosquitoes and cockroaches too!

    Well, it has rained here two afternoons in a row. We needed it desperately so I am grateful! Maybe this is a sign of autumn to come.

    I'm continuing to experiment with the Instant Pot. Made chicken tikka masala last night, and it was SO GOOD! Philip is working late tonight, so I get to have the leftovers again. I just have to remember to halve most recipes before I shop since I bought the smallest Instant Pot.

    Today's special day had to be related to 9/11 but I'll be back to the silly commemorations tomorrow, I promise!

    -Yvonne in TX

    The hint I will give you is that you have to slather it with Crisco, especially in the corners so they come out easily. Mine used 1 lasagna noodle per layer. I was able to get 5 layers in. Make sure you put a blob of sauce down first.👍
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    Bras I like wearing tank tops that have shelf bra. XL runs more like XXL. Nice wide straps. Easy laundering. Super comfy and they last forever. Fabric is medium weigh, thus the nips don't show. When not wearing one of them, I wear an underwire - I like that it rests against my ribs and stays in place, otherwise, I'd be adjusting things often.
  • Rho97070Rho97070 Posts: 42Member, Premium Member Posts: 42Member, Premium Member
    Thanks everyone For tips on how to add photos :smiley:

    Yvonne in TX The bra incident: not so bad, really. Thankfully the shot I made was at the end of the game. Flying tissues distracted the other team. The buzzer rang. We won!

    Sharon Looks (and sounds) like you're having a great time! I'm sooooo envious!!! Are there still lots of parrots and other birds in the plaza?

    DJMKT So sorry to hear of your fall : :'( God speed swift healing <3

    Day 11 of Reinventing Rhonda
    Walked! Yes!!!
    Came under my limits including fats Yea ;) but was over my limit a tiny bit on sugars and carbs :-1:
    Went to a gym to check out membership with BF. So intimidating. I'll stick to being solo for a while :neutral:
    Full day of desk work and errands tomorrow.

    Nite all <3
    Rho (south of PDX)

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    Lisa Yaaasssssssss!!! Bask in it, girl! This is really exciting and your humble reaction is touching & endearing. <3

    Karen in Virginia
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    M I second about getting things in order. I will add give yourself time and a dose of patience to get through the process. I made a check list to make sure things are done. I write down what I have done to get process done and a date to follow through to make sure it is. Next I make a copy of documents that prove it is done and I am making a file for lawyer and self so when who had to deal with our estate everything is there and hopefully no surprises and all will be in our trust. Just because I sent in the paperwork I do not assume it is done. Just had a case where they asked for an extra form. This form did not get connected to my other paperwork until I followed up. I did get invited to a lunch in a fancy suburb to talk about investing. I think I was supposed to be impressed. What I wish I would have said is what would have impressed me is that getting the process done I needed without another phone call now that would have impressed me. Humor does help.
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    :) When the shingles vaccine came out quite a few years ago, Jake and I rushed out immediately to get it even though our insurance didn't cover it, and it cost $200.00 for each of us. I said, "I'd give anything to not get shingles" and in the case "anything" meant money. Now we'd love to get the new two shot vaccine but it's hard to come by and we're on a waiting list for it.

    <3 Barbie
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    Sharon- Sounds like your having fun. My MIL makes a good (shrimp cocktail) Coctel de Camarones estilo Mexicano
    410 cal welcome to why Hubby y me are on a diet lol we grew up on this type of stuff.
    Probably a way to lower calories but having trouble finding any online. Other family recipes from UK to German recipes the Internet has tons.
    Amber Tx
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    Wore out another heart rate monitor 😩
  • lhscapillhscapil Posts: 1,577Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,577Member, Premium Member
    Good morning ladies!

    Rho - I have never tried a shelf bra - I like the one with the tank top you showed. Is it long enough for you? I'm tall like you - 5' 8 1/2" and very long-waisted. I'm not the biggest fan of underwires but those bras seem to stay put the best on me. Not into going bra-less quite yet.... trying my best to thwart the pull of gravity. B)

    - so glad you are feeling better from the dye. One of my friends recently had a MRI, surprised her by injecting dye which she reacted to and threw her for a loop.

    - I keep forgetting to thank you for your daily "Day" posts. Always enjoy them and look forward to them. AND I learn something!!

    Curly hair
    - mine is naturally curly in spots, lol. With age, the hair growing from my temples is straight, the top curly. I rarely take a comb or brush to it or else frizz city. If it gets out of hand I put a dab of "product" on it and spread it through with my fingers, let it dry naturally.

    My little Subaru made it into the shop yesterday, back home with new belts, battery, alternator. Should be good to go for a long time. Savings account took a little hit but these days, it's about the same as a couple visits to the vet for my little dogs when they get sick.

    Hoping to have lunch with a GF today and get my shopping done.

    Make it a great day, ladies! <3

    Sunny (we hope, DH wants to mow) SW WA State
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    Did Gin Miller’s Simply Endurance DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to take the water aerobics class. I’m also probably going to start taking the Actonel so I’ll take it when I take the water class since I don’t do any exercise before the class. I can just sit on the computer for the ½ hour

    Lisa – big congrats on being asked to sign your books.

    Allie – Tom is taking Chester somewhere to get the fluids? When we had to give Sassy fluids, we did it ourselves. Now Vince agrees that he shouldn’t have gone to the measures he did. Trust me, when Lexi passes, it will hit him real real hard. Even now just thinking about it makes him start crying. He’s probably the same way as Tom, really doesn’t have the belief that we’ll see our pets again one day. I think that’s why it’s so much easier for me to accept the death of a pet, I believe we will see them again.

    Pip – what kind of HRM do you have? I have a Timex but then again, I only use it when I take a spinning class or do a downloadable workout for the spinning bike. I would be interested if that one ever goes.

    Michele in NC
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