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Unwanted advice at gym

Dolly989 Posts: 30 Member
Today I was doing barbell squats in my gym when I saw some guy staring at me for awhile but thought I was just being paranoid. He then came over to me to tell me the weight I was squatting with was very heavy. Taking me off guard I just said "um thanks I guess?" He then told me that it wasnt a compliment and that my form is bad, my weights are too heavy and I look like im killing myself.

I thought he was rude. He dosn't work there. I've had a personal trainer for months now who told me my form is perfect and squating is my strong point. She has seen me squating with that much weight and I'm sure she wouldve told me if it was too heavy for my safety. Being a woman its already intimidating enough going to the weights section. I just said ok, I have a personal trainer already and she told me my form is fine, thanks. Then i continued my work out and he was like "sorry if I offended you" I said no, its fine then he continued to annoy me....."you look p****d off".

Has anyone else had an experience like this? How did you handle it? Do you think its okay to go around giving advice to strangers?



  • J72FIT
    J72FIT Posts: 5,960 Member
    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    Never had that happen, but if I did I'd just shrug it off...who gives a *kitten*?

    ^^^This too...