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December 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Thanks, but it isn't much next to runners like @AlphaHowls
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    @Scott6255 hope your shins and knees feel better this month and you can make your goal.

    Welcome @Christine4695, @greeneggs_and_sam, and @dmfaler!

    Good luck with your incredible goals @T1DCarnivoreRunner and @AlphaHowls!

    Monthly questions:

    Picking races - what's local that everyone likes doing, what's a place I want to go or a challenge I want to take on (like the double half marathon). More often than not I'm talked into doing things my friends are doing :)

    Gifts - I bought myself a Spartan 3-race pass yesterday so that's my gift to myself. And now it's time to stop spending money.

    Where have I been and where am I going? - this year turned into much more of a journey than I expected. I pushed myself in so many new ways, and got a lot stronger (but not faster, to my dismay). I was burned out and struggled with the mental game of road races, but really got into the fun and challenge of Spartan races. I don't know exactly where I'm going from here but my main focus is on continuing to get stronger and have more endurance. I am not signed up for any races in 2020 yet other than a Resolution Run on January 1st. I want to see what I really want to do vs. feeling like I wish I hadn't committed to something when it comes up. I also see myself doing more hiking and rock climbing so I want time to pursue those things.
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    I’m in for 50 miles this month with a stretch goal of 60. My secondary goal is to enjoy running and not stress out over fitting it in with the holidays - last year I ran St Jude Marathon 5k in December and it was just one more thing during a month when everyone wanted me to do something, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have, even though we had a great race. This year we have nothing planned except for the night time Buffaglo Fun Run through the holiday lights at Shelby Farms.

    How do I pick races? I try to pick races which will help keep me excited about running, either by offering new challenges or other new experiences, plus a couple of old friends which have sentimental value, for example the West Cancer Clinic Run which is our runniversary race. This relates to @Elise4270 ‘s question about where we have been this year. New experiences in 2019: ran my first trail race, first race series, first 10k, first set time race, and first ultra (did 50k at the 24 hr timed race.) after doing 10k on trails, I had hoped to run a sub 1 hr 10k on roads and had done it in practice but then was injured and ended up dropping to the 5k. That’s still on my goals list for next year. Where I hope to be next year is still finding new and exciting ways to run!

    Gifts? I tried the Brooks Adrenaline 20s at packet pickup and like them. Gonna get them from REI in case they don’t work for me. The 18 is my current shoe and the 19 I hated. I also need an organizer for my makeup. I got a subscription makeup bag and now I have too much stuff to keep track of.
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Monthly question?

    Gifts, what cool stuff are you getting with the sales?

    And of course...

    Where have you been this year and where are you going in the next?

    MORE questions already? Sheesh! A lot to catch up on!

    I spent a month unemployed just recently so I deliberately did not look at the sales. It was tough cause people around me kept talking about them LOL. But I made it through okay. :)

    Where am I going? Maybe to a BQ :smiley:
  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Posts: 5,537Member Member Posts: 5,537Member Member
    Elise4270 wrote: »
    @greenolivetree Kids. I’ve had a time with mine. My youngest has been a challenge, drugs, alcohol, mental health, alcohol and did I mention alcohol? You did right taking him in, you can’t let him, although I let my oldest live in a tent in the park... he wasn’t going to make changes or try to be honest, so ya you can draw that hard line if needed. Make a plan and get him back on his feet. He’s young. My pt told me in her culture, kids aren’t adults til 21 so I tried to be patient.

    My twins are 24 and just seemingly starting to adult. Hang in there, take care of you, and you know you can vent here. Set some ground rules, hold him accountable. (That’s just support advice. I have no idea how or why mine seemingly started to grow up. Maybe all the saints and gods took pity on me or just wanted to shut me up for one minute). Alex is 52 days sober (please saint Mary, saint Beatrice, saint Michael... all the saints... please don’t let that jinx it) dh is 16 years clean and has his LADC (drug alcohol counseling endorsement) and been a lot of help to me. So, if the boy needs help make it a must. I can’t imagine being the step parent in these situations. It’s hard enough as the parent, guilt, feeling responsible, and can’t fix any of it.

    Well said.
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