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December 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Posts: 166Member Member Posts: 166Member Member
    Stay strong @Faebert and @LoveyChar - you know know we will all be wishing nothing but the best for for you

    They can be tricky little blighters @quilteryoyo and at least it is only bent plastic and metal. The deer are pretty tough, one ran out in front of my SO driving home a few years ago. We live near a forest where the deer are tracked so they know which deer it was, found it and the gave it some treatment but it would actually have been okay without it. Over $3k damage to the car and we still have to pay extra on this insurance premiums years later!

    Thank you...
  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Posts: 908Member Member Posts: 908Member Member
    @TheMrWobbly Glad your family wasn't hurt from your deer collision. It's also good to know that someone treated the deer and it was okay. I am hoping that my insurance premiums don't go up, but they may if I lose my "Accident Free" discount. Isn't it sneaky how they say your premiums won't increase due to an accident, which they don't on paper, but you lose a discount, so they actually do. We'll see. I'm pretty sure I am forgiven for one accident a year....or some period of time. Perhaps I should look that up so I'm not horribly surprised when I get my next bill.
  • RunningIntoShapeRunningIntoShape Posts: 19Member, Premium Member Posts: 19Member, Premium Member
    Oh forgot my tally for December... Can I paste in image from tracking software? Hmmm...


    Guess we’ll see...

  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Posts: 4,738Member Member Posts: 4,738Member Member
    @quilteryoyo I missed your post about the deer earlier! Kept seeing other people talk about it so had to go back and find it. I’m glad you’re okay and hope your insurance rates don’t take a hit. I used to date a guy who lived near Waco and they called the highway near there “dead deer road.” It was crazy, a deer on the side of the road every hundred yards or so. And of course I hit one while driving his truck. Not the best way to impress a Texan, wreck his truck!

    As I understand it, November is peak rutting season in Tennessee, which is why the deer seem to be all over the place right now.

    My husband and I got in 5k at Shelby Farms. For once the wind was calm so we ran around the lake. Tried to go a little faster than easy since it was a short run. Then went and got a tree. All the real trees are either tiny or very high priced this year, apparently during and immediately after the recession no one planted trees and it’s just now catching up with the market. But it’s okay, we have a small space for our tree at the moment, since my squat rack is taking up where the tree usually goes.
  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Posts: 908Member Member Posts: 908Member Member
    Thanks @emmamcgarity . You are smart to not do too much too soon. Hope your run goes well today.

    @rheddmobile Is that why you USED to date the guy? :wink: I do think it is the rutting season that is making them be out and about more and apparently not being very aware of their surroundings. I guess they have a one track mind during this time of year. Sounds like you had a nice run around the lake. Glad you found an appropriately sized tree.

    I had my day all planned out, as I was supposed to be home all day - for once in a long while. But, just found out they need me at daycare this afternoon, so I agreed to go in. I could have said "no," but really hate to if I don't have something really pressing planned. So, I'll put my short run off until after I get home and hope I don't talk myself out of it. LOL
    edited December 4
  • Teresa502Teresa502 Posts: 494Member Member Posts: 494Member Member
    December Goal – 100 miles

    Dec 2 – 5.11 miles
    Dec 4 – 5.06 miles

    No wind chill this morning but it felt brisk at 30F.

    @emmamcgarity – I know you are so ready to get back to running but it’s important for you to be 100% healed first so listen to your body when you start back and be gentle with yourself! It’s ok to abort the run if the pain is still there.

    @shanaber – I ordered a pair of capris from Handful. I love the ones from Gypsy Runner because of the pockets but they are so expensive. I hope I like these just as much!

    @mbaker566 – I love speed demon’s shirt! It matches her tongue!
  • dreamer12151dreamer12151 Posts: 810Member Member Posts: 810Member Member
    @UTMBdreams Sorry about that! I know MFP has been having a ton of issues, I know I can no longer seem to use my phone app, which sucks as I used it ALL the time. It no longer synchs with the laptop. I just use my laptop to access MFP.

    Keep running, and hope to see you soon!
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