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    Michele - It's me that calls them "cheater quilts," as you're not actually piecing a traditional quilt with small pieces in an intricate design to make the top of the quilt. Instead, you take some kind of larger panel that you like, add borders to make the quilt size you wish, and then you quilt together with batting and backing as you would any other quilt. It's just a nickname. :)

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    Michelle - The Good Doctor was only an hour long. I will put how it ended in a spoiler so if anyone else watches it won't well, spoil it for them :smile: .
    It ended rather abruptly with Shawn repeatedly hitting his foot and Leah finding him and holding him on the hotel bed while he cried. Where did you leave off, I can try to fill in more if you would like.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Katla- Wish it was that simple. Got Ulcerative y microscopic colitis,IBSD ,y a bad inside out uterus including endometriosis (of course mines on the correct side but my whole uterus being inside out the lining sticks to organs cannot exit the body during periods ). Add inflammation of the stomach lining issues to GERDS. Luckily I can get it back on track but phlegm from the season doesn’t help any. Used to it so just avoid certain things a few days to weeks bam back to myself.

    Amber Tx

    Thinking Dinner Bean y cheese quesadilla. Not sure yet letting my instincts help decide with a cheese 🧀 smell nausea or gag then good to go . If not another option out there.
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    Amber: I am sorry that you have such challenging digestive issues. Wishing you best luck.

  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Posts: 918Member Member Posts: 918Member Member
    Kept it down 470cal out of 1200 left .Hopfulky I can eat more later I.n my 3rd meal tonight
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    Skim reading again. Sometimes RL just takes over. Nothing unpleasant, just v busy this week.

    Amber: (((hugs))) hope you feel better soon.

    🎄🤶 Gratitude for Christmas 🎅🏻🎄
    #1, 15 Nov: Scents: loved the smell of the roses I put into my Floral arrangement
    #2, 16 Nov:Technology: Glad that I had my car and didn’t have to stand in the cold waiting for a bus
    #3, 17 Nov: Colour: the colour of the beautiful sunset as I walked home in the late afternoon
    #4, 18 Nov: Food: Fresh produce form my own garden ..... or ....... Chocolate! 🍫 My ultimate comfort food.
    #5, 19 Nov: Sound: I'm grateful for the sound of DH moving about downstairs. It's very comforting.
    #6, 20 Nov: In Nature: I love the view of the night sky from my bedroom window on clear nights.
    #7, 21 Nov: Memory: This triggered a veritable avalanche of memories of my life, the happy moments crowding out the less pleasant ones. So... the memory I am most grateful for is my own selective memory, which chooses to focus on the positives, and reframe the negatives as learning experiences.
    #8, 22 Nov: Book: "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins. This book was a revelation to me and showed me that I was in charge of my life. It was pretty scary at first to accept responsibility for all my actions and decisions. It was no longer possible for me to blame others or make excuses. But it was such a positive turning point in my life. I revisit it often.
    #9, 23 Nov - Place: the place I am most grateful for is the quiet place in my head where I go when I meditate.
    #10, 24 Nov - Taste: Today grandson had made an experimental mulled wine drizzle cake. I was grateful that it tasted so good, (not all of his experiments turn out so well 😂) Fortunately, I always hold calories for my Sunday visit, so was able to fully enjoy his delightful concoction (NB: lemon drizzle cake is one of my favourites)
    #11, 25 Nov - Holiday: I love my annual week's family holiday on the West coast of Ireland with our DED and the grands. This year was our 24th year of these holidays. We started them with my DMiL when our granddaughter was just 8 months old. I am grateful that all 3 grands still want to come on these holidays with us.
    #12, 25 Nov, Texture: I love the feel of fresh soft fluffy towels after my shower.
    #13, 26 Nov, Abilities: I treasure my ability to be adaptable, and look for the positive in situations.
    #14, 27 Nov, Sight: I appreciate the sight of my husband bringing my tea in bed each morning. It means I can take my time waking up.
    #15, 28 Nov, Season: All the season's have their good points' but the spring is my favourite because it heralds the end of winter and the lengthening of daylight hours.
    #16, 29 Nov: I'm grateful that bones are strong. I have been very fortunate in that I have never had a broken bone. Long may that continue.
    #17, 30 Nov, Knowledge: I'm grateful the self-knowledge I have gained on this health and fitness journey. Now all I have to do is apply it! 😂
    #18, 1 Dec, Piece of art: Not sure why but found this one difficult. Settled on this. It a fire screen that my Nana embroidered. It sat in front of the fire in her sitting room. I rescued it when my aunt was about to throw it away after redecorating her apartment after my uncle had been taken into residential care with Alzheimer's. It means more to me than all the fancy paintings in the world.
    #19, 2 Dec, Touch: This morning I am so grateful for DH's hand on my shoulder when he woke me with my morning cuppa. He is the wind beneath my wings. In light the two bereavement last weekend, I am especially conscious of the fact that many of my contemporaries don't have that luxury.
    #20, 3 Dec, Person: I am most grateful for my DH. He puts up with all my foibles, and shows his affections in so many different ways. And he keeps me on an even keel. I'm fortunate that I have him in my life.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Rebecca: Athena with Santa is a priceless photo that brings back great memories. I remember many times waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap as a child, and later taking my own two when they were old enough. The Santa at Meier & Franks in downtown Portland was the best, ever. That was the place where we took our kids. Macy’s sold that building and donated the Santa artifacts, such as Santa’s chair and overhead train, to the Oregon Historical Society. Our kids were convinced he was “the real deal” and so was I. He greeted each child by their own name. Great memories. :heart:

    Karen: Lovely photo of Lilliana and Mommy. :star:

    Pip: Love your dog photos with the lighted tree. They make me happy. :heart:

    (((Amber))) I hope you’re feeling better soon. I take my tummy-ache advice from Peter Rabbit's mom—Chamomile Tea helps. So does Peppermint Tea. Little sips. When the tea stays down, try little meals of easy to digest food. Chicken soup is on the list of helpers.:heart:

    I had yoga this morning and enjoyed every minute. DH has yoga this afternoon. I hope he’ll go. The exercise is good for him and so are the people in the class.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Katla, I remember going into downtown Portland, from where we lived in Gresham. We would go to Lipmans, and visit the Cinnamon Bear, and get a cookie. Loved looking at Meir & Frank's store fronts all decorated. Lots of oohing! The drive home looking at people's decorations and lights. Good times!
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    ydailey wrote: »
    Happy Giving Tuesday!

    "Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that kicks off the charitable giving season. Coming just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it was created in part as a response to the commercialism and consumerism of those days. It was started in 2012 at the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y—a cultural center in New York City that has focused on values such as service and giving since its founding in 1874. The Belfer Center partnered with the United Nations Foundation in the day's creation. ... Thousands of organizations now participate in the day worldwide, in almost 100 countries."

    Karen - Thank you! I forgot I was a day behind... thought about it when I opened the community link but by the time I finished my post it was right out of my head!

    Barbie - We don't see parsnips in the grocery stores down here very often, but when I find them I often buy them and then plan a meal around them.

    Rebecca - How wonderful that you were able to connect with the person who lives in your childhood home! If it were me in her place, I'd think it was really cool to learn more of my home's stories.

    Heather - I remember visiting the Rothko Chapel in Houston when I was a teenager and feeling exactly the same thing: Peace. I don't think he was a man at peace but some of his work still makes me feel that way.

    Pip - I love that photo of you after the half marathon. It fully conveys both "ouch!" and "I did it!"

    Barbara - The best thing about Alton's brussels sprouts recipe is that it goes together really quick on the stovetop, so you can do it while other stuff is doing its thing in the oven. It looks festive, too!

    Welcome to all of the new arrivals! I'm looking forward to learning more about you!

    We brought all the Christmas goodies down from the attic this weekend and I've started looking through them. Next weekend my niece, nephew and I are going to surprise the family by making a stealth trip to the river house to decorate it for Christmas so some of my stuff will go down there on loan. I've put out a few things around the house and we may put up some lights, but since we're taking the camper to the river (the house is too small for the whole family!) we're decorating the camper too. I found the cutest little wreath for its front door! I'm really looking forward to having us all together for the holiday, and think Mom and Dad would have loved knowing we were having family time at their little river house.

    -Yvonne in TX

    Yes, the backyard was interesting because I was amazed that they had the "playhouse" and the barn wired with electricity and lights! She said they wanted to make a road around the side of the house to the barn. I said we had one with gravel! There were moments when she was showing me the inside, that I touched the fireplace molding. " Oh you kept this", told her!
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    Katla I love my pup pics too, I make miss my goldens
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 9,964Member Member Posts: 9,964Member Member
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    Okie – that’s where I left off. For some reason, I was thinking that it was a 2hr finale, thanks for telling me that it wasn’t

    We got the arches up, Vince is right now doing some of the indoor decorating. He has the small tree in the kitchen ready for me to put the ornaments on.

    Allie – you deserve that raise and more. Congrats

    Michele in NC
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