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    Pip! ... Wow! I've never seen you post so much. Yay for the retirement countdown and being able to honor Lenny's things.

    Barbie ... thank you for leading us into the new year!

    Lanette ... welcome to the light ... B) I love IF and see it as a sustainable lifestyle!

    Allie ... I'm right there with you needing to get back to doing what I know works. Even though I maintained my fasting periods, I ate willy nilly as well through the holidays. The amount of sugar I consumed is not good for anyone on any plan and I put on 8 pounds!! Mostly water weight I know ... but still...

    Rebecca ... thinking of you and hoping that you find Owain well ....

    Katla ... do you bake gluten free items that are suitable to your FODMAP diet? I came across a woman who follows FODMAP and also had a recipe for items like lemon pound cake. I'll find the link if you're interested.

    Happy New Year!

    Last year my word was "commitment" and I can say that I was committed to the endeavors I chose to focus on. At the beginning of 2019 I made the comment that I had done nothing weight-wise in all of 2018. This year I can say that I am entering 2020 healthier and lighter (25 lbs released and then 8 snuck back in at the end)! I committed to adding variety to my diet (think produce boxes), journaling my 19:5 IF experience and developing a daily prayer/devotional time (started in October, but have been consistent since then). I did not keep up with decluttering so that will be part of 2020.

    This year my word will be "consistent"* * Edited. I think a better word will be "steadfast." as I want to continue with the commitments that have been positive. I made a list of 20 goals for 2020 and they encompass a variety of health and wellness goals that are meant to enrich my life. They include continuing with IF, prayer/devotional time, decluttering 15 minutes, conquering filing cabinet once and for all, reestablishing exercise routine, making a will (we don't have one!!), inviting guests to our home, taking my disabled son on at least one outing monthly, and so on.

    And, of course, I want to be lighter entering 2021!

    May 2020 be a year of good health and blessings to all of you!
    Beth near Buffalo (where we have 3 inches of icy white stuff...)

    I know right?
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    Janetr ... that's an awful lot to deal with. Keeping you in my prayers!

    Karen VA ... great photo and great news about Olivia!

    Rita ... great list!

    Katla ... while I think they sell food products, they also have a recipes blog for people on a FODMAP diet along with information on the diet. Here's the site link: https://www.rachelpaulsfood.com/low-fodmap-blog/.

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    Pip: Congratulations on your new work assignment! I’m guessing that it will be much more pleasant than phone duty. Good news that Yogi is doing so well. :heart: We have a weather tech seat cover for our dog, but it hasn’t been used much because going anywhere in the car turns him into a neurotic twit. He is anxious and unhappy in the car, even after taking doggie tranquilizers from the vet, but he is entirely relaxed and happy in the RV, no tranquilizers necessary. Go figure. :bigsmile:

    Beth: DH is an autoimmune poster child. He has been an insulin dependent diabetic since age 18. He is now also a celiac and has MS. His system is intolerant of gluten and lactose. He has been put on a FODMAP diet by his doctor. I am also lactose intolerant but there are plenty of lactose free products available these days. We bake gluten free products from time to time. Calories are higher than items made with wheat flour. :ohwell:

    Janetr: Happy 1500 Days!!!!!!! I am sorry to hear about your worries for your daughter. Good news that you were able to go to Jack’s grandson’s wedding. We haven’t put our Christmas decorations away yet, either. You are not alone in that regard. Sending prayers for you and your family. :flowerforyou:

    Karen in VA: YAYYYYY Olivia!!!! Thank you for sharing the good news photo! :heart: :star::heart:

    Carol in GA: I think COMPASSION is an excellent word. :bigsmile:

    I watched the Rose Parade on RFD-TV this morning. NO commercials! WAHOO! I plan to watch the Rose Bowl with DH this afternoon. We are both U of O graduates and Oregon Ducks fans. We’ll be cheering for our team.

    My goals are unchanged because they work for me.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    January 2020 Resolutions

    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on strength and stamina.
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day.
    5. Monitor sleep. Average 7 or more hours nightly.
    6. Avoid alcohol.

    Halt Stress :

    1. Am I hungry?
    2. Am I angry?
    3. Am I lonely?
    4: Am I tired?

    For any yes answer, you have a practical way to help yourself. If I am hungry, I eat. If I am angry I can find a way to address the problem that caused anger. If I’m lonely, I can chat with this wonderful group, or DH, or call a friend. If I’m tired I can rest or sleep. It doesn’t make life perfect, but it sure helps smooth out some bumps.

    Bummer that your poocher doesn’t like the car ride too well. Yogi is happy as long as he gets to come with
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    No exercise for today. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Body Pump DVD

    Denise called yesterday. She was talking about how they were going to have PJ’s birthday party either the last weekend in April or the first in May. I do hope they have it the first weekend in May since Denise has an extra day off from work so we can spend an extra day with her. It all depends on Pete’s work, if he can get that Saturday off. Then she was talking about the baptism. Personally, I think it would be nice to have it Labor Day weekend. For one thing, we’d have an extra day with her and for another thing people will have the next day off. She said “well, people go down the shore”. I know that she’s going to do what she wants to do. I’m just not sure of a good gift for PJ from his grandparents. Any ideas?

    Bananas – I usually track every day, but I haven’t with the holidays. I’m trying and I know that I’ll get back to it after Jess leaves. I very seldom buy food online because there is such a high minimum. Not unless I’m buying a lot of frozen food (usually fish). I don’t make resolutions, they usually get broken anyway. I would much rather receive a gift that I want rather than something someone THINKS I want that I usually don’t

    We called Denise and Jess last night. Denise said they just stayed home. I felt so so bad for Jess, she was driving to the airport because she didn’t have any place to stay. She was going to stay in the airport. I felt so bad that she didn’t have a place to stay. She said she stayed last night at Chris’ (old BF) parent’s house. If it had been me, I would have asked the person where they were staying the next night and when they said they don’t have any plans I would have told them that they were staying at my house. Anyway, later that night she called to say that she was staying at a hotel since she wanted to take a shower. I do hope she did and didn’t just say that to make us feel good. I hope Vince talked her out of staying in the airport. They really don’t like someone sleeping there.

    I slept in the room with Shadow (Jess’ cat) last night. I know that made Jess feel better. She said that she was going to sleep when she got back here (totally understandable) so she’ll be up when Ken & Lynette come here. I know that she likes Ken and he wants to see her. I think Lynette does, too. I know Jess wouldn’t mind if Lynette weren’t here, but she’ll be cordial.

    Carol – I could afford to buy a Roomba, but I waited for my IP (all good things are worth waiting for), and since this is something that I don’t HAVE to have, I will wait. I don’t mind using the vacuum, I’ve done it for years, I can do it for a little more. I just want to give people ideas of things they can get me. It’s happened before that I haven’t and then I get things that are really dust collectors. Oh, good, I’m glad to see you’re going to have ham today. I got concerned when I saw that you had chicken wings last night !

    Welcome everyone new and all those coming back

    Terri – 54 years!!!! WOW!!! I didn’t realize you had been married that long. What a great tribute

    Allie – your trip sounds so wonderful!!!!

    bananas – my daily calorie goal is about 1253. Changing up the intensity and duration of my workouts seems to help somewhat with weight. Need to keep the body guessing what’s coming next!!! I don’t log my exercise calories, but know that if I go over I have a bit of a buffer. I really don’t count macros, I just try to eat healthy (lots of different veges and fruits, little meat). Also, when I’m logging many times I don’t bother to be real precise. Like tonight my recipe says that a pork chop is 180 calories. There was an entry in the database of a pork chop that was 188 calories. Close enough. I do try to watch my sodium

    Picked Jess up. Her flight got in ½ hr early but they had to wait at the gate until the previous airplane got out of the gate so she could come in. But she did get here. Early morning is the time to fly, there isn’t much traffic at the airport and flights haven’t had a chance to get delayed. We’re home now, she’s sleeping and I think I’ll lay down in the livingroom

    Barbie – many times I buy my own gifts and give them to Vince to give to me. But he still likes giving me a gift that he got. So I might as well get something that I want. Now I did buy myself a bathing suit and gave it to him to give me. This way I know I like it and that it fits.

    Katla – every year we were down in FL with the inlaws at this time of year and every year we’d watch the Rose bowl on TV (I think that was the one). Brings back good memories

    Pip – so happy to read everything that’s going on in your life. How wonderful that you can give Lenny’s things to his mother

    Janetr – so glad you went to the wedding and that your daughter was found. What happened with the dogs?

    Yippee Olivia!

    Rita – you said you were going to call your mother once/week. One thing I found was that my father used to call his mother once/week usually on the same day at the same time. One time he couldn’t call her that day and time. She got VERY upset that he hadn’t called her. When I would call my father once/week, I always tried to make it on a different day at a different time.

    Michele NC
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    Debby ~ Lovely tree! :)
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    Thank you,Peachy!The gifts are put away.
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    stats for the day:

    Apple Watch only
    other- work on the car, cleaning, etc= 1hr, 21min, 25sec= 255c
    walking/slow jog playing kickball w/yogi- 30.19min, 14min mi, 2.16mi= 210c

    total cal 465
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    Barbie: Thank you for getting us reunited for a fresh month of sharing and caring.

    Debby: Happy birthday. Hope your DH gets an attitude adjustment and finds room in his heart to celebrate you.

    Janetr: Any chance you will come to Colorado to help your daughter transition to OK? 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

    Pip: I love it when you write about your life! Do you still have Bootz?

    Allie: I'm thrilled to hear you have adventures planned and paid for! I'll be enjoying vicariously.

    Katla: Go Ducks. DH and I are watching, too.

    All your comments about decluttering really motivated me. I had been procrastinating clearing out the master bath cabinets and DH's side of the closet. I also wanted to get a couple drawers of my guest room cleaned out in advance of the arrival of boxes my brother will be getting from his ex-GF. DONE! I have a couple things to take to the garage and other items to donate to Goodwill. Two big black trash bags were purged.

    Stay well and happy.

    Appreciating how I feel NOW
    in Colorado Foothills

    yup, boots is still hanging out.. she likes to be low key