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    @margaretturk thank you I do have a system. I have 2 3 drawer filing cabinets. 4 drawers are full and 2 are eating to be. I am just so behind in it. Scanning seems like it would take longer as I'd have to scan everything and have several backups. I've had external hard disks and flash drives go bad many many times. It seems very unsecure to put data on the cloud. maybe I need a faster scanner. I've got thousands of pages so the idea of scanning and filing them all seems enormous. I'm not on top of digital filing either but I usually find stuff by entering it's name or recalling the approximate date...
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    I fell asleep before midnight. usually I would have been woken up with partying at midnight but I think with the transport strikes there are less parties this year.
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    To anyone who wants to answer:
    What is your daily calorie goal?
    Do you aim for an average (weekly)? (how do you plan fluctuation? - occasional splurges- by putting lower goal or by averaging out over week...)
    What is your macro ratio ?

    :) My daily calorie goal is 1200.
    I eat almost exactly the same thing every day and seek to be as active as possible;
    Because I eat almost exactly the same thing every day, I know that I'll have lots of protein with many vegetables, and fairly low sodium. I don't pay attention to the other macros.
    I'd set my calorie goal lower, but MFP won't let me so I work with the system. Because I exercise so much I need more calories than I would if I were sedentary.

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    @Machka9 I took your suggestion and stopped by a small supermarket that is open. got dijon mustard, small red endives (yummy), bubbly water, no-sugar iced tea, and veggie bullion cubes for low cal options. the endives are nice because I had never had or even heard of these mini red endives before. I had a salad with red mini endives red pepper, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 T vinaigrette, chopped garlic, salt pepper, curry powder (in vinaigrette), and then frozen pureed broccoli with 1/2 cube of veggie bouillon to change up the flavour. bouillon cube is meh, and gives it a generic overly salty covering flavour. I prefer my own flavourings. but it's interesting to try. I'll use an itsty bit next time.

    moved my bed and some other stuff around.
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    Yay Olivia! <3:D<3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Pg 2 done. Creating goal list for 2020 right now. Will post when finished.

    Happy New Year ladies!

    RV Rita