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    "Todo"s and "done"
    Done Monday: call about tire swap, Post Office, Coffee/stroll with Barb, invest 10 mins cleaning MasterBth, Shadow to groomer for nails, and mini-pet Mart to post dog group fliers, leaving soon to see Dr. Dolitel with Carol.
    Bonus: 1 load laundry, 15 mins vac laundry/kitchen,
    ToDo: tire swap, chiropractor, call about turnout drying racks, invest 10 mins cleaning LR, carryover 10 mins cleaning Office, veg prep, bake bran muffins, board meeting minutes, dust bookshelves, call Carolyn, line dance class, fast for Wednesday’s blood work and tests.

    Lanette, coach Ken calls them our “A” and “B” sides, recommends doubling up whichever exercise on the B side ‘til the strength equalizes with A. Then he confesses there are days when we have two “B” sides ;) 25 steps each side sounds like a lot at one time… are you holding for 3 seconds each step up?
    Welcome Kathy in OR!

    Time to leave for the movies.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    January: get up and go outside 10 mins EVERY day, even in the rain!
    daily: steps=4604 so far, vits 18 log=20 CI<CO=17 CI<250<CO=7 Tumble 5/10=11 mfp=20
    wkly: BBBorTC x3=7, rx=3 dance=4.2 pack walk=2.5
    mnthly: board mtg=1 grant= outside=10
    Bonus AF=12 dog group email list= sew= play=

    Barbara - thank you for the info about the "A" and "B" sides! Before I resume I'll pull out the BB&B DVD and review their info on stepping. <3 I wasn't impressed with the gals in the video - see if you can talk Ken into producing one or at least putting something on YouTube for those of us way out in the boonies. :)

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    Wish I knew where my college journals went to, I was a prolific writer on legal pads! I also can't find all my taped private violin lessons, oh the stories that would remind me of. I've moved too many times to know where they all are! Good luck Heather and remember to love the the teenage Heather.

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    Good Morning! Machka - list people love their lists & logs, but as a girl I poured my heart out into diaries such as the ones Heather is about to open. Who I was mad at, hurt by, or in love with; secrets about smoking, sex, alcohol, marijuana; lyrics with symbolic or special meaning; hurts and gloats and plans and possibilities. I haven't seen them in decades & wonder if I threw them away. My mother would never have thrown them away if she discovered them, but there were periods of my life when I steeled myself to throw stuff away & overdid it. I'm fascinated by Heather's task today.


    The talk about squats reminded me that Mary @fanncy0626 is an expert on squats & kettle bells as well as IF and KETO. She drops in from time to time, so maybe she'll pop in & share some knowledge on safe squatting.


    Pip that gorgeous golden dog photo you last posted. Remind me of that pup's name. So beautiful.


    I'm thinking I need to read Atomic Habits.


    Lilliana is coming for the whole day today!!! So exciting.


    Karen in Virginia

    Rocky, the one sitting on the chair, he was my first. He won countless best trick awards, was on tv about therapy dogs, won some titles, he was my love, we used to go to schools, libraries, hospitals. He was the bat. 4 years later we got Bullwinkle, 4 years after that we got Floyd, then we skipped a year and 5 years later we got yogi
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    147.4 this morning so going down. Spent yesterday starting my exhausting closet clean. Think my issue with it is too much since been awhile since I’ve gone through it...A pregnancy wardrobe to many sets of fat /postpartum/Csection clothes to skinny days gone by clothes to my now clothes. Even clothes from my youth that never make it to Daughters closet for some reason or a goodwill bag.

    Toilet seat arrived my UPS yesterday so removed/cleaned with bleach/ installed new toilet seat. Now let’s hope JR doesn’t rip this one off it’s hinges again. Darn plastic parts on everything now doesn’t hold up.I miss toilets with metal parts to hold the lid on y screw it in. Oh well cleanest it will ever be y 💯 % fixed! I just tossed the old one,put extra parts from old one in my tool box (I own 3 tool boxes like hubby wear handy Andy’s) , y cleaned everything up.

    Meal made yesterday a large batch of vegetable soup (90cal can of vegetable chicken noodle soup GV Walmart brand,spinach leaves,can of less/no salt peas y green beans,extra bullion cube,dash of pepper)

    A large batch of macaroni cheese in the box (3) used 1 to make macaroni muffins (cheesy quiche like),spaghetti pasta version 1,regular cheese macaroni

    So JR,Hubby,y me are set. Found a 45 recipes for Mac y cheese chose what I had. Used egg whites to unsweetened almond milk skipped some ingredients for lower calorie or healthier options. Olive oil used it to real cheese.

    Amber Tx
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    Kylia-I get whole milk plain Greek yogurt and flavor it with a little bit of honey and fresh fruit; usually berries. I have also used monkfruit sweetener, which is fine if you let it sit and dissolve before eating it. I like honey better.

    Diaries - I had one in middle school, I think. It was the locking kind, like Heather's. I have no idea where it is, but I do know my innermost thoughts were included. I moved halfway across the country when I was 20 and left it and a few other mementos at my mother's house. She did a full on cleanout ten or so years after that and then she moved out completely and chucked a bunch of stuff so she could sell the house about 5 years ago. I suspect it got tossed, and I am totally OK with that. I am sure if she or my sisters found it, it was read cover to cover and they all laughed with me not knowing they were doing it. My mom did ship me my baby books though and my elementary school yearbooks. Those are kind of funny to read.

    Tina in CA
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    Heather: I was a cowboy fan from early years onward. Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger & Tonto were my heroes. :bigsmile: I may have a diary somewhere. I’ll look. I doubt it would be very interesting. I was a private person and my mom & dad were helicopter parents. I did not want them to read my private thoughts. :ohwell: On another subject, are you still making sourdough bread? :huh:

    Machka: Your views are beautiful!!! It seems that you live on an Island Paradise. :flowerforyou:

    Karen in VA: Enjoy every moment with Lilliana. :heart:

    Karen & Janet: I’ve been missing Mary, too. The last post I read from her was quite a while ago. I think she had an RV in Minnesota and another in AZ. She was driving back and forth between them the last I heard, summers in Wisconsin and winters in AZ. :star:

    I have been having fun with sourdough starters. I have three crocks going at the moment. My original Oregon Trail sourdough starter was passed along to me by a friend more than 40 years ago. She got it from an elderly neighbor whose family actually brought it to Oregon on one of the last wagon trains to come to Oregon along the Applegate Trail to Lane County. I keep it fed with unbleached white (wheat) flour and canned milk. I have shared the original wheat starter with my adult children and friends who ask. Because of DH’s food sensitivities, we can’t actually eat pancakes or waffles made with the original starter anymore. He can’t digest wheat. We created a crock of white rice sourdough starter and have used it for a couple of years. The flavor is okay but not wonderful. The sugar load is too high & the texture is unpleasantly gritty. It lacks the sweetness that wheat flour gives to the sourdough. Our new experiment is a crock of sourdough starter made with brown rice flour. (Thank heavens for Bob’s Redmill!) We had some yesterday. It is very close to the taste and texture of the original wheat version. We both love it. :heart: I will continue to keep the original starter along with the new brown rice version. The white rice version will be discarded asap.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Debby ~ So very sorry you had such a bad experience while trying to write in your diary. I have never had a diary and I am not very good at writing.

    Thermostat ~ We keep ours on 70 or 72 during the day and 68 at night.

    Carol in GA
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    Carol-thank you.I loved writing.English was my best/favorite subject in school.I would read every chance I got .When writing assignments were given,I would judge on it and strive to do my very best.
    Thermostat-Hubby likes it cold,but keeps it on 68.I am still cold,so keeping the wood stove packed keeps me warm and splitting wood for kindling helps me burn calories.😊
    Debby in Va
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    Busy yesterday and today so may take a while to get caught up.

    My exercise step is the bottom stair. 😂 8” high.
    Page 60

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    Since JRs older we don’t need floor mats anymore he can play with items he couldn’t before revamping rooms. The children’s living room looks all spiffy with his teepee.

    Diary 📔- Never had one. My Mom kept journals tho but why don’t know ..her family was like Debby’s! My Cousin diary experience same as Debby also she was from Moms side of the family.I hid my Moms journals in a spot no one looked in case her nosey case workers stopped by wanted to dig up dirt blow it out of proportion! Kids write down stuff like Mom yelled at me hurt my feelings. Case Workers read it as Abuse !! Remove the child or make a fuss lots of unnecessary classes. Hid moms diary from them too. I only drew still life nothing from imagination since that could also be misconstrued as apples far from the tree y sky is dark she must not feel like apart of the family tree nonsense. Mom on the spectrum with schizophrenia to cancer got to safe guard her y yourself more. Even a bruise from falling off your bike was a long process of questioning by social workers. They assume everyone lies since they deal with folks lying about taking meds (noncompliance ) to their mental health regularly (hiding the fact the meds aren’t working). Daughter had one but she added her imaginary friends in it to crazy words so folks would dismiss it she wrote in codes. Smart girl ! She drew a lot. She mainly played music to get her feelings out.

    Amber Tx
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    Toilet seat arrived my UPS yesterday so removed/cleaned with bleach/ installed new toilet seat. Now let’s hope JR doesn’t rip this one off it’s hinges again. Darn plastic parts on everything now doesn’t hold up.I miss toilets with metal parts to hold the lid on y screw it in. Oh well cleanest it will ever be y 💯 % fixed! I just tossed the old one,put extra parts from old one in my tool box (I own 3 tool boxes like hubby wear handy Andy’s) , y cleaned everything up.

    Amber Tx

    You can still buy toilet seats with metal attachments, but they are much harder to find. If he tears this one up too, it might be worth looking for.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country