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    Rebecca - I got out that she or someone went to the doctor in the next to last paragraph. It's too blurry for me to see if she mentioned why. Something about a bladder pill? and going to the bathroom. :smiley:
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    The last paragraph might say something about a small construction project to improve security, perhaps?

    ... March I will start getting ...
    ... security. It's going to be ...
    ... get my Bell ... and that ...
    ... he'll/we'll get/got a timeline ...

    The middle paragraph talks about someone called Bonnie.
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    Michele- Yikes 😬 Yup ate chips,Gatorade zero, lemonade pickles,y cheese wow my sodium was over! Still like it as a change a few on the side of a meal. I’ll probably get bored on them soon enough . Teriyaki I just bought also salty. I need to watch my salt I take don’t need my blood pressure spiking like it did during y after pregnancy for awhile especially since after JR seems to still be hanging on. Didn’t finish my calories today so under. Yesterday over around the same amount I’m under today! Feel so full tho. Big heaping bowl of chili y cheese sandwich 🥪. Pickles to spinach dip with tortilla chips. Well most Sunday hubby yells order JR pizza we didn’t do that this time so maybe that’s a good thing cause I’d be over for sure! Or wanting a Diet Coke (my IBSD/Colitis nemesis)

    Amber Tx

    Hubby bought me a 5lb bag of apples 🍎 (I ask for a few apples I get 5lbs. Lol so guess what’s on the menu! Need to eat that 50lb or more bag of rice he bought when I asked for a tiny little bag of jasmine rice 🍚! Teriyaki sauce y meat will help that go down a little with some veggies! Problem is Jasmine Rice if you don’t know grows in the pot unlike regular rice that stays pretty small. So a cup of Jasmine Rice can fill a giant kitchen pot for a family of 10! So picture 50lb+ bag if it! Got enough to feed a 3rd world country. I’ll be 90 sacking it up trying to force grandkids to take some!
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    Michele: I agree with your advice to Amber about pickles. I love dill pickles but they are really salty. If I eat too many they can cause me to have water retention & swelling. In my case the swelling is usually in my hands. :ohwell:

    Amber: Five pounds of apples can be eaten whole or made into pies, but 50 pounds of rice is a lot of rice. Did your husband come from a really big family? That might explain the amount of rice he brought you. I doubt it will go bad if you keep it in dry containers with lids that seal. Bugs can’t get in to a sealed container and the rice stays in good condition. We treat our flour the same way. We’ve never had insect or critter damage in our rice or our flour. Good luck. :smiley:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

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    Karen - I agree. :#:|

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    "Todo"s and "done"
    Done Saturday: rx, dog group. Sunday: invest 10 mins cleaning Kitchen/Laundry, engagement training Tumble and Shadow 5 mins, Freddie’s, start income tax folder, annual Church meeting.
    Bonus: Saturday 1 load laundry, cleaned stove top and front, reserved Eugene hotel, plotted route, reconciled checking account. Sunday another load laundry, ate no cookies at annual congregational meeting, took Shadow and Tumble down to the lane.
    ToDo: invest 10 mins cleaning MasterBth, call about turnout drying racks, call about tire swap, Post Office, Coffee/stroll with Barb, Dr. Dolittle with Carol, carryover 10 mins cleaning Office, veg prep, bake bran muffins, board meeting minutes, dust bookshelves, call Carolyn. Tuesday tire swap, chiropractor, take Shadow to groomer for nails, and mini-pet Mart to post dog group fliers, line dance class, fast for Wednesday’s blood work and test.

    Beth think you can substitute almond flour for wheat flour in most recipes, maybe cutting back a bit on the fat. Makes great shortbread… oh no!
    Welcome Samand303!
    KJ insurance cost tripling? that’s outrageous, but sadly not uncommon nowadays. IMHO our system needs less “industry” and more health CARE.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    January: get up and go outside 10 mins EVERY day, even in the rain!
    daily: steps=3153 Saturday, 3884 Sunday, vits 17 log=19 CI<CO=16 CI<250<CO=7 Tumble 5/10=11 mfp=19
    wkly: BBBorTC x3=7, rx=3 dance=4.2 pack walk=2.5
    mnthly: board mtg=1 grant= outside=9
    Bonus AF=10 dog group email list= sew= play=
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    Out all day today. Have read posts but no time to comment.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Happy Monday Ladies!

    Busy here, so skipped through a bit.

    Karen in VA, Like that puzzle Bailey sent you! ;) And thanks for sharing those MLKing quotes. So glad there's a holiday in his honor, it's well-deserved.

    Rebecca - where does your loopy writer live - is she in the USA? I like Kelly's idea of putting a piece of paper under each sentence to better focus and not go into loop overload, lol. Now that song "Little Latin Lupe Loo" is running through my brain. Earworm of the day. :D

    Lisa - wonderful photos of Levi, Corey, and you! Glad you made the trip, didn't get "snaked" and are back home. Earthquake...did anything in your house get rattled?

    Janetr - sending hugs and prayers for your daughter. At one point in my life, reading an Al Anon 12-Step book was insightful and healing. I see there are many out there now, I picked mine up at a 12-Step Center decades ago and have since given it away.

    Barbara AHMOD - I picked up a stepper and am beginning just simple slow stepping, 25 steps per foot at the 4" height. Feeling it a little in my knees. Wow, right away I can tell the left foot/leg is weaker than the right, something that also showed up quickly when I began the SWSY. I think building confidence with my left foot will help overall balance. Does your BB&B instructor mention anything about that?

    My Fitbit ONE is on its last legs, doesn't want to recharge. After five years of faithful service, I am satisfied I got my money's worth.

    Ordered an "Inspire" that arrived yesterday and discovered it won't sync with my PC since I'm not on Windows 10, nor will it sync with my Fire tablet (there are Fitbits that will). :( The reason I got the Inspire is that it can be attached to a clip - I have super thin wrists and allergies to many plastics and rubber so clipping a stepper to my bra or pants is the only way I'll go.

    Sending it back to Amazon. Will probably pick up a cheapo (Under $15) I can clip on and write down my steps at the end of the day. Back to the stone age, lol.

    I'm learning more about how our bodies process sugar and fat (The Obesity Code by Jason Fung). So just getting out and walking up and down my road after eating a meal is doing a lot of good.

    I have another book on order from the library, "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles" by Bruce Lipton. It was recommended in an Fasting article I read. I see it has a lot of good reviews on Amazon. Has anyone read it?

    Make it a good week, ladies. Sending hugs to all. <3

    SW WA State where it reached 60 degrees yesterday and I took my afternoon walk in my shorts! B)
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    Luci ~ Your grands are so sweet and very, very good looking.

    Carol in GA
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    Katla- He came from a giant family being the middle child he was the last to get a plate always (lots of crumbs by his turn) y a Dad who was weight obsessed who didn’t want fat kids so no 2nds! He has a unhealthy relationship with food like anyone from that. Sometimes they didn’t have much food other times tons but it was sparse on his plate since he was last of family to friends stopped by they also got served before him he would get even less. People were over a lot! Also why he likes a house without uninvited guests y rarely we have anyone (ok with me I was a pastor’s Daughter so anytime my Dad tried to celebrate my birthday to watch a movie with me or help with homework he got called away or a knock at the door regularly I hate the stress of making sure their kids aren’t breaking stuff to sticky fingers walking around ).

    Amber Tx

    Not sure what to eat. Thinking soup 🍜 y salad 🥗 . Don’t know yet still got cheese to use up from the holidays also.
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    Lanette ~ Is a stepper about the same as walking on a tread mill?

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    1948Peachy wrote: »
    Lanette ~ Is a stepper about the same as walking on a tread mill?

    Carol - the stepper I'm using is also known as a stepping platform, height can be raised to 6 inches. Something like this:


    The Better Bones and Balance uses them and you see them in many gyms. Low tech B) The only moving parts are my feet. <3

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    Karen in VA: Thank you for the Martin Luthor King quotations. He was a brilliant & good man. :heart:

    Machka: We live in a small town near a bigger city and are happy with things as they are. The bigger city is Portland, OR. It has too much traffic for my comfort, but it also has excellent medical facilities and cultural opportunities. If you pay attention and avoid rush hours, the traffic is not too bad, either. :star:

    Lisa: Sending good thoughts for your son. :flowerforyou:

    LuciBThinner: The photo of your grandchildren is wonderful. :smiley:

    Amber in TX: (((Hugs))) for your DH. I’m sorry he had a tough childhood. :star:

    I’m looking forward to yoga this morning. It is one of the unexpected blessings in my life. My fellow students are good people and include a very high proportion of 50+ individuals. Younger folks attend an evening yoga class after work.

    I just looked at the 30 days of gratitude “calendar” on my desk. Today’s question is “Who in your life are you grateful for?” My list is long and all of you are on it. So are my DH, my adult children & grandchildren, extended family, yoga friends & horseback riding friends. I feel blessed.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon