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    My exercise step is two 4x4 pieces of wood fastened together.
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    gym workout was all upper body

    stats for the day:

    Arm ski machine- 15min, 56aw, 117ahr, 136mhr, 2471meters= 109c
    Apple Watch- 117c
    Rope pull- 15min, 4-5resist out of 7, 124ahr, 141mhr, 1552ft= 124c
    Apple Watch- 111c
    Arm spin machine- 15min, 28.6aw, 33arpm, 117ahr, 151mhr, 2.49mi= 122c
    Apple Watch- 129c
    arm/chin-up machine- 5.08min, 4sets of 10ea w/70# assist, then again w/80#assist, 104ahr, 128mhr= 34c
    Apple Watch- 50c
    walk on rustin w/yogi- 1hr, 41min, 57sec, 5.74mi= 172, has 2b wrong.
    Apple Watch- 517c

    total cal 906.
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    Nice out today, cloudy with just a little rain. I was able to take horse poop down to the compost and filled up the cart with downed branches to bring back and dump in the fire pit. I have done mostly paperwork this morning, getting things together for taxes. This is going to be difficult this year with DH's death. Makes things more complicated but have a firm that does it just have to get them the papers.

    DD and I keep our house on the cool side, 68 during the day and 62 at night. We both have blankets in our recliners for when we are watching TV or reading. I have an electric mattress pad on my bed.

    Welcome to Kathy from OR.

    everyone take care, Sue in WA
  • okiewoman510okiewoman510 Member, Premium Posts: 1,108 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,108 Member
    Thermostats - We keep ours at 65 during the day and 62 at night.

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