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  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,728 Member Member Posts: 17,728 Member
    Sunday - nice little cruise ...

    Distance: 16.59km
    Elevation:  146m
    Moving Time: 1:07:08
    Elapsed Time: 1:09:32 
    Speed: Avg: 14.8km/h | Max: 37.8km/h

    Distance: 3,217m
    Elapsed Time    20:34 
    Speed: Avg:   3:11/500m | Max:   2:46/500m
    Cadence: Avg:    28 | Max:   30
    Power: Avg:    50W | Max:    60W

    Machka in Oz
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 17,728 Member Member Posts: 17,728 Member
    Sunday ...

    Repotted orchid and orchid baby. We'll see ...

    Planted a small quantity of strawberries.

    Put away laundry. It has an amazing ability to pile up.

    Cycled & Rowed, as mentioned earlier.

    Homework. Studying Knowledge Management and in particular "Challenges to Effective Knowledge Dissemination and Knowledge Application" and how the culture of an organisation can help or hinder.

    I really enjoy studying Knowledge Management. It is my second class on it. :)

    One of the challenges my current organisation has is a territorial culture. I'll have to elaborate on that a bit in my paper.

    Machka in Oz
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Member, Premium Posts: 2,113 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,113 Member
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Member Posts: 1,511 Member Member Posts: 1,511 Member
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,299 Member Member Posts: 6,299 Member
    well today is sort of a rest day.. and repacking.. Trudy the queen of travel says less is more so will see what i can pare down..on my second cup of tea.. and still tired...
  • kymaraikymarai Member, Premium Posts: 2,275 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,275 Member
    Good Sunday!

    Barrett-Jackson is awesome. Husband happy that I am sitting in man cave with him, even to the point of limiting his cigar smoking while I am out there. :) Only a few more hours today. The one in Scottsdale is the big one for us. We buy the catalogs to put the prices in when the cars are sold. Steve enjoys checking them out at his leisure. That is about all the "reading" he does! Okay, I know he is legally blind, but he has never been a reader. I am ready to get back to regular bedtime! These late nights are exhausting!

    Camping- We camped often when I was a child, sometimes only 30 mins from home. There were some pleasant memories. I love being in nature. I love the campfire at night. I don't like the bugs, cold, or wet. I started to say my last experience was with my daughters and Girl Scouts. Tried 2 times with GS and they both were miserable times for us adults and the girls. Then I remembered my friend's wedding. I couldn't afford a hotel, so my oldest daughter and I drove to AL and camped on friend's property. It was cold and wet.....I see a theme here when I go camping ;) My husband has never been camping in a tent. His family had campers. I think I could do that, but would need to get over my fear of driving and parking large vehicles in tight spaces.

    Orchids- Patience is definitely a necessity with them. I currently have 3 plants that I have had about 5 years. They seem to bloom about every 2-3 years. I need to re pot them as they are shooting roots out everywhere right now, but 2 of them have buds on them. I put all my house plants outside as soon as the weather permits, then pull inside for winter. This year both my Christmas cactus (cacti?) started blooming just before Thanksgiving. One of them is still blooming. Last year they only bloomed for about a week. Negligence is sometimes the best thing.

    Yeast- So I am doing lots of reading on the subject. I have done so before when I had a nasty breakout. I KNOW a lot of this information, but am still learning more. Part of the issue is I get complacent in my eating. I think that is the right word. It isn't lazy, just not being aware. The other part is that the Candida studies are relatively new. It is amazing how many issues can go back directly to yeast "blooms". I have said for years that processed and fast food has lead to a lot of the health issues that are rampant these days. FYI- overgrown yeast can be trigger for migraines, weight gain, joint stiffness, stomach issues, and rashes. Too many chemicals, too little food value. I am thinking that yeast might be causing some of my husband's health issues as well. So all I can do is give him the information, give him a probiotic every day, and offer healthy choices in foods. With being diagnosed as pre-diabetic (diabetes runs in his family) he has done better with the sweets. He is eating a lot less of them. He has cut back on the alcohol, but I don't see him stopping that. He is a meat and potatoes guy. He does eat most foods I cook, but sometimes will say that I don't need to remake it. LOL! For now, I have been diligent on my food choices. If I want something sweet, I chose yogurt with granola. Last night I was so tired that I had to really try and figure out what I was before I started cruising in the kitchen. I had calories left, but was over sugar allowance. Water was great. I know I was tired so had popcorn and a cup of hot decaf tea. That kept me from cruising until bed. I do believe the meds and diet are working. My ribs really feel bruised, yet I haven't fallen or anything. I think it is the medicine killing the bad stuffs.

    Gratitude journals- I suck at writing regularly ( really, like y'all didn't notice-hehe), but I do make it a point to be thankful for at least one thing everyday and put it down in planner. Some days it is something major. Other days, it is as simple as having shoes for my feet. What I am really grateful for varies based on what is going on around me. If I see the homeless, I am really thankful for my home. If I see someone struggling with severe health issues, I am thankful that I really am healthy. Positive thoughts- I also try to look at every day with positive attitude- not always easy! Customers grumpy, husband a PIA, me out of get the picture. On some of those days, my most positive thought could have been that everyone survived the day!

    Yesterday it was 50 degrees and raining. Last night the winds just howled! This morning it is 17 degrees with snow flurries. Gotta love Mother Nature!

    Just chilling for today. Making the best choices I can today.

    Hugs to all in need.
    Healthy thoughts to all those battling issues.
    Safe travels to those traveling
    The best choices you can make for yourself today!

    Kylia in Ohio where Winter is coming in like a lion.
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,162 Member Member Posts: 8,162 Member
    Last night was our coldest night so far. Heavy frost. :s
    That meant today was a beautiful day, cloudless sky, blue, blue, flat as a pancake sea and very little wind. That meant the whole of Hove was out for a walk along the promenade. B) I went out running and found that the council had made a start on clearing the pebbles, though there were parts where I had to weave around them. Icecream queue outside Pink Floyd's new house. :p Paddleboarders, barbecues!!!!
    DH left me on the way home to pick up some shopping. Sea bream tonight, that I bought yesterday from the harbour. He bought broccoli and I'm going to make butter bean, garlic and parsley mash. Also need to make yoghurt tonight as he bought whole milk. We have fresh mango for dessert.

    Thrush - haven't had it in ages, but I always get it if I have to take antibiotics. I use over the counter meds, but now I am over 65 they won't sell them to me without a doctor's prescription. Grrrrrr! Fortunately Amazon will send them, no questions, so I have a combi packet in reserve. No problems though for a couple of years. :D

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,275 Member Member Posts: 2,275 Member
    JR started something a few weeks ago seems to be permanent.He needs his hand held while we eat at the table sometimes Daddy has to hold one me the other he lets go takes a bite grabs again lol. We’re getting great at 1 handed eating hubby y me.

    Guess we shouldn’t be surprised he been for a year stops looks up I need a hug runs over you have to hug him until he’s done. My sentimental kid.

    Lunch cheese sandwich (wheat bread toasted with 1 slice of 72cal cheese ) a tab of margarine on top. On the side my new find MtOlive hamburger pickles 0cal can have All I want!! Woohoo.

    Noodles- As soon as JRs not a fight with the stove again will go back to squash noodles. Until then will just find ways to cut ingredients add healthy as can be. The palm ones I found you got to soak in milk (unsweetened almond milk) for a long time to get the taste y smell okay for consumption it said. Still looking for new finds. Every new find is a new avenue since I’m getting tired of the same ol’ same ol’. No wonder Moses people complaining in the desert because they ran out of ideas for Mana. Lol that’s me right now. Found another flavor of Gatorade Zero online lime so thinking of buying a pack as a change too. I drink it in the evening with whatever I’m snacking on or water.

    Amber Tx

    149 cw
    147 lowest
    148.2 yesterday
    Sw 195 (during pregnancy higher than that!)

    Amber Tx

    Found out Peter Pan creamy whipped peanut butter is 150cal seems to be lowest you can go that I see other than powdered peanut butter to put in stuff or trying other types with different ingredients like almond butter.
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 7,531 Member Member Posts: 7,531 Member
  • kevritkevrit Member, Premium Posts: 1,944 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,944 Member
    Slow start today. DH was up all night sick.

    Thanks Machka! I’ll check out REI! Amazon is where I got the first pair. They were on a deal of the day.

    RV Rita
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,000 Member Member Posts: 4,000 Member
    Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in our guts along with the bad. I only take them if I absolutely have to. (Last resort) Since I have been drinking Kombucha daily I notice fewer colds and when I do get one it is shorter is duration. Yogurt without the sugar is also a good sources for probiotics Now after taking an antibiotic I make sure I eat or drink something with probiotics in it.
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,162 Member Member Posts: 8,162 Member
    Agree Margaret, antibiotics kill the natural bacteria that we need. Trillions of them. :o They keep us healthy and slim. A healthy gut biome is the key to health. :D Mine must be in heaven! All those beans and veggies. :D Plus yoghurt.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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