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    @auntiebk timer sessions should help. it is sometimes easier to do others' work than one's own. glad to hear you feel somewhat better.

    @Machka9 I think contemplating life 10 years in the future is more fun when 10, 20, 30, maybe 40... Yeah who knows what tech will be in 10 years.

    @ginnytez you are right of course about just doing it.

    @TerriRichardson112 yes it really depends some on if we eat exercise calories back. I put my base really low but eat my exercise calories back.

    @machka9 I know, some people retire in Asia or South America... I've gotten so much more tired these past few years, aside from the legal latest retirement age of 67 for the vast number of jobs here, I don't feel I should count on being up to it for more than 11 more years. if I could I'd retire now I think, or at least semi-retire and focus on art stuff. but that has always been my wish/preference.
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    I went to the gym and for a walk and picked up some groceries and I feel WIPED OUT. I felt like I was light headed or something like that at the grocery store. I don't know why. I did about 25 min on stationary with a few bursts up to maximum target and then long lazy cool down. maybe I was just hungry. I took @Machka9 's suggestion and have been poking around grocery stores looking for different options. I found some full dishes not really low cal but organic and about 300-350 cal with 22 protein and meat and veggies. I tried the first one and it tasted a bit of memories of old cafeteria or school food or TV dinners (not great) but w fresh ground pepper and dijon mustard it's not bad at all. the side of potatoes and butternut squash is good.
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    Her shirt says Best Gift Ever!💖
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    Finished off the dismantling of the Christmas decorations. :D Now I have four large bags plus a tree bag waiting to go in the garage loft. DH will do that. It's a ladder job.

    I'm very happy to be starting the new year with the old decade put away. Usually we wait until Twelfth Night to put stuff away, as do most British people, but this year I got angsty. I've got my spring artificial flowers out and will buy early daffodils as soon as I see them.

    My son and DDIL are doing Veganuary. It's most likely her idea. ;) However, I took a leaf out of their book and I'm going to have one day a week vegan. Today I did a vegan chilli. Very nice. :D I have enough for my lunch tomorrow as well.
    DH liked it ok, but beans are not his thing. We don't eat a lot red meat anyway and do eat more fish than most people. I love vegan food, but it does require more thought. Of course, in Brighton and Hove it's all the rage. ;)

    Didn't play with my new website today. I am such a coward. Technophobia. I won't do it in the evening as it will stop me sleeping.

    The pending conflict in this house is the Bargain Hunt video and audition. Haven't broached it again as I know he doesn't want to do it. Will try to get a definitive answer tomorrow. He was having sleepless nights before about it. I may phone my brother.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Did an extreme strength DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to take the water class.

    Well, I must say that Jess REALLY surprised me yesterday. For the longest time she’d been complaining about the pajamas that Lynette bought her for Christmas, she didn’t really care for Lynette. Last night she told Lynette how much she liked the pajamas and was telling Lynette “we need to go shopping, that shirt is too big for you”. I think she likes big clothes because they aren’t restricting. But they can also make you look bigger. Jess complimented Lynette saying that it looks like she’s lost weight. Will wonders never cease? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that they gave her money and they gave her money when she left for college. Guess she’s really maturing

    Marianne WV – I WISH the holidays were over for me. They won’t be over until Sun.

    Bananas – IP is an Instant Pot. A while ago I figured out my calorie needs by using the Harris Benedict formula. That’s how I got so precise

    I asked Jess what she wanted for dinner and all I got was “I’m not even thinking about dinner”. GRRRR…..just like Vince. In the end, I took something out of the freezer for Vince and I and Jess said that she’d fend for herself since we need to leave early for bowling.

    Exercised, stopped at WalMart and should have gotten milk but got veges and oatmeal instead. Then volunteered at the Green Room and went to Food Lion to get milk, came home and made the chocolate dessert, I’ll just put it into the freezer until Sun when I’ll put the whipped cream on top. I don’t know why but I’m sort of pooped-out about Sunday. Normally, I love having company. Maybe it’s because it’s on a Sunday and people have to go to work the next day. Maybe it’s because I made all these plans on Denise’s word that this would be the best day for them, then she tells us that she’s not coming

    My weight is…ehhhh I really haven’t gained much at all during this holiday season, only a pound or two and I think that’ll come off fairly quickly.

    Newcomer bowling tonight. The soup kitchen tomorrow. Vince talked about moving Jess’ things from one storage unit to another smaller one. It’s interesting…when she first went to Iowa, we mentioned that she may want to get a smaller storage unit and save some money. At the time she said “well, the difference in price for the one I have and a smaller one is only a few dollars”. Now she wants to save those few dollars….lol

    Michele NC
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    Heather - I purchased my domain through Go Daddy and they have a website builder. I did just a very quick page with the company name, contact information, and a very quick synopsis of my business. I don't really need a website, but at the time, I thought I may so I did a quick one. It took me about 10 minutes. They will also help walk you through it on the phone (I think for free since they host it).
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    I keep Christmas up til epiphany
    Debby in Va
    drkatiebug wrote: »
    I’m keeping Christmas up until Epiphany as well. .

    I normally keep mine up until 12th Night (6 Jan) but will be busy all day on Monday, so doing it early.
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    Hi ladies I'm thinking of taking down our Christmas decorations tomorrow, or at the weekend. I usually wait until 12th night but want to get "back to normal"

    I'm feeling a lot better thanks, I went out with Heather on a dog walk yesterday and really enjoyed being out in the fresh air (I was well wrapped up) the weather wasn't too bad, cold but sunny and bright. I was glad to get home though I was getting tired.

    On New Year's Eve we'd kept the cats in, poor Leah (the dog) was shaking under Heather's bed when the fireworks started. Thankfully they only lasted about an hour, although there was the odd one just as I was dropping off to sleep Grrr! Why do they have to make them so loud!

    Now I'm feeling better I want to finish painting the kitchen and buy the flooring. I've had to contact the plumber this evening, there's a leak under the kitchen sink, think it's the pipe to the washing machine. I hope he gets in touch soon, not sure how long it's been leaking, but some tea towels I had in a basket were quite wet. I'm still working out where to put things, I keep changing things around. Think I may need to send some cups to the charity shop though, there's only 3 of us and there's a full shelf of cups/mugs. We all had a new mug or cup bought for us at Christmas too. I have different sizes :) a small one for first thing on a morning for a quick cuppa before going on the dog walk. I have a large one for when I need it and quite a few normal sized mugs. I definitely need to let go of some of them. In fact that could be my words for 2020 LET GO! So much I need to let go :/:p

    Well it's getting late so I'd better say goodnight.

    Love to all <3
    Viv UK