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    @coastalgosgal wow for 30 pages of letters! great to write to family that way. You only speak of the positive and resolved issues? Hmmm. With my sister we email about challenges and that Is also interesting. it is different with one's kids or younger generation though, for sure. I like them to feel uplifted.

    @LisaInAR wow about the keto fail. I've been striving to reduce carbs and it's interesting to read it doesn't necessarily work for everyone. my sister used to eat tons of starch and now she's mostly protein and veggies or else she gets ringworm and some other stuff.

    @sh0tzz99 thanks for the scanning and shredding input. I can take a pic of a file and send it to self, but it's getting to the filing -digital or paper- that takes time I find. that's a longish daily fast. wow to easily stay under 1220. I enjoy grains but aim to keep them to a limit. I am more or less successful according to the day. It would be nice to be with a guy who invested wisely. Awesome that you like your work and can do it from anywhere. I think if I were with a guy who was just so-so financially like me it would also be easier. It depends on the lifestyle of the significant other. I was once with a very frugal guy and we'd always go for walks and cook vegetarian meals and we'd spent peanuts. I was with another who made a good living and always wanted to go out to restaurants, so though even if he was more financially at ease than me I didn't feel like having him pay for all so I'd pay for like one out of three meals and I actually ended up spending much more than if I hadn't been with him. We had some nice times with both of them. No regrets. I used to call one of my sister's (who has mental health issues but is very kind) every 2 weeks or so but I stopped last year. Now another sister and I are emailing a fair bit. it's pleasant at present. I call a friend who I stayed with in October and whose new wife is having major health issues. Time change makes it so it's less easy to call.

    @Katla49 I find, for me, drinking even one glass every day is too much. Latest research seems to not favour the previously recommended daily glass of red wine. I used to live plumb in the midst of top notch wine country for a while and drinking a glass of wine for health never worked for me. At present I probably average 1-2 drinks per week. Did you totally stop or lighten up?

    @cityjaneLondon one day a week vegan sounds very doable! I must do that naturally. I eat meat and fish just from time to time, not much dairy, butter, eggs sometimes. What about chickpeas, lentils, tofu...if your DH doesn't like beans. yeah I'm sure it's not difficult to eat vegan in Brighton. I love a good bedside table. Also new linens. I got one new set a few weeks ago. Did you switch out all or just one set?

    @exermom thanks for the explanation

    @janetr7476 impressive before and after!

    @bwcetc sounds like a yummy dinner

    @Machka9 I'm so sorry about your DH's apparent work perpectives. It has sounded like it might have been going in that direction. Did he ever get long time worker's comp or something? is there super-easy work that he could do and would accept doing even it would be a step down? or would that be still too hard (or possibly a loss of income relative to possible insurance)? Are you able to move back to Canada ? It's good that there is universal health care there. When I think of possibly moving back to the usa the health care question comes into play. And I think health care is becoming much better in many countries where it was not so great previously. Living in rural places can in more expensive countries can be relatively inexpensive (low rent). if in a place where car is not needed all the time even better (in a small town w grocery store, basic medical services...)

    I guess my surprise accomplishment for 2019 if you can call it that is relinking strongly again with one of my sisters. Although it was more an effort on her side, I was down for it, and am there for it.

    Possibly another thing, a bit long to explain is this. For 5 years the harassing director has been excluding 4 or 5 teachers from semestral general teacher's meetings, including me, on some pretexts. I found a published board vote from 2012 that said in no uncertain terms that all teachers were welcome to these meetings. In July me and another excluded colleague went. Among the 40 or so present teachers, the director came over to my colleague and gently, with a smile, told her to leave. After mildly arguing just a bit, she left. I got there about 5 minutes later and we crossed paths and she warned me, as she was leaving. The director sent the vice-director over to ask me to leave. I showed her the paper with the vote. She said this and that (untrue explanations and excuses). I suggested she write me to indicate that there was something different than on the vote. She said that while waiting, she wanted me to leave. I said that while waiting, I thought we should respect the vote of the governing board. She threatened me mildly ("I hope you don't need..." and had to leave me stay after a couple of minutes thus. This was all in whispers and I was very calm and peaceful and she was irritated. the meeting was already going on. Two weeks later we got invited to the September meeting. Of course you might wonder why would one want to get invited to a meeting where some people don't want to go, but we do learn about and participate in new perspectives at the school and it's horrible and professionally problematic to be of the tiny (illegally) uninvited minority for years.

    @auntiebk woohoo for the 10 min cleaning! and laundry and things to come. I'm with you ther.writing a love letter sounds like a lovely thing to do. ha, ha, I know, right, about the cafeteria food. and I never ate that stuff. I was a horrible eater as a kid. I would just drop off my tray barely untouched, after maybe eating the desert and drinking milk or something like that, year after year after year. My older sister taught me how to cut up my food into little pieces so they would think I ate some and wouldn't sent me back to eat it. very helpful advice. LOL!

    I ordered a shredder.

    Dragging these days. Was pretty active on 1st but pretty sluggish like on 2nd! (I did get a good WO at gym but that's about it). Place still a mess.
    Starting to get emails from a few students about next week.
    It was impossible to work on thesis oct-december- my intense bread-winning period. It's SO HARD to get back to it and I'm really on my own with no real help. My thesis director is the pits and other people I've looked to for help haven't been there yet either. Discouraging. I need to keep trying. :#:#:#

    Today: go for walk. clean 15-60 minutes. sort papers 15 minutes. meditate 10 minutes. ideally work on thesis 4h. :#:#:#
    answer students. the walk is often somewhat joyful. I don't mind cleaning so much once I get into it. can enjoy it and definitely enjoy the results. ideally pick up some fresh veggies, and do a load of laundry.

    I've tracked all food for a few days and expenses since Jan 1. :D
    I'm not sure if the zero budget thing can work for me. In January I pay most of year's insurance, about 1000 euros. (home, vehicle, etc), I actually do get a bonus-y thing in January as well. (not a bonus but long to explain). but then I also get about 500 euros charges every trimester- expenses and charges are so variable over the year, I'm not sure the zero month thing is the best for me. I think the advantage IF one can do it is that some months are super-tight and then others, after being so frugal, one can easily save. Well I'll look into it. I used to have Quicken software which I found topnotch for personal accounting but now I have Moneydance and it's not as comfortable for me to have a good overview. I thought that with a new pc I could get quicken deluxe again but found out it's no longer usable in Europe. :/ (looking for an angry or irritated emoji).

    ok here goes the walk with some joy. :smiley:

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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Lisa weaving is something that always appealed to me. Would you share a pic of your baby hand-held loom?
    Barbara - this is the small hand-held, partially completed (I threw the first attempt away and started again. :) It was $6, and had all the small tools that go with it - they had both a circle one and this one - put the baseball hat beside it for perspective, it really is quite small.

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    Hello Ladies! <3

    - I think you wrote the perfect letter to your son, and crossing fingers you get some communication coming back from him. A good dose of Athena pix every couple days is thrilling! Good for you on your IF. Heard any more from middle sister lately?

    Beth - you are an inspiration, your dinner sounded great. Did you start out with a longer eating window then gradually move into the 19:5? So many posters on the DDD (Delay Don't Deny) Facebook group started out with a longer eating window, many said they just weren't hungry until later and gradually moved to 18;6 or 19:5. Some have mentioned Bert Herring's AC Appetite Correction :) My DDD book should arrive today. I don't have many pounds to lose but keeping my brain sharp, appetite correction, reducing inflammation and breaking my sugar habit are my goals and IF, even 16:8, seems very doable. Simple and sustainable.

    Pip - your retirement plans sound great. Time really will go fast, I promise - and so happy you are off the phones!! Yogi is such a happy guy, glad he's settling in with Bootz as his sidekick. :p Speaking of boots - I'm going to miss having you close by to apply your BOOT when you move to CA so I'd better be on track when you head south!

    Heather - that bed table sounds neat! Your crush on the priest reminds me of the BBC series I watched last year about that young CUTE Anglican priest who helped solved mysteries and had lady trouble, lol.

    Tracey - glad Rodger is OK. And I'm so happy for you with your perfect job. <3 Your time to retirement will be speedy as well!

    OK ladies, dogs call. Back later unless the power goes out, supposed to be windy here today.

    Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday! <3

    SW WA State

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    Came out of the gym to find someone stole my headlight:0(
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    :)<3Rebecca, I hope you wrote the letter to your son to soothe yourself and not with the expectation that he would do something different. You will feel better as long as you care for yourself with no expectations of anyone else changing.
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    @Machka9 it's great that your DH get worker's comp. no compensation enough for sure, but better to have it than not to have it. I thought I remembered you being limited in travel. might they make a definitive ruling at some point that he's unlikely to work again and thus freeing him from (I assume) being around in cases some theoretically appropriate job arises. it seems weird that the worker's comp is not nation-wide, as Tasmania is part of Aussie but I guess it must be like the states where different states are really dividing lines and not like France where everything is very national. Have you seen some nice places in Tasmania?

    @LisaInAR the recommendation of fat in macro for keto is very high. I'm not sure it would work for me. I did WW online about 10 years ago and if I ate the suggested amount I would gain weight. I had to tweak it way down as many short people did. they adjusted it down the following year. it sounds like it doesn't work for you. we are all different with different needs to feel out. ranting is fine for me. We are here for that (also). It sounds like you didn't like it that much either. It sounds like keto is a trend that works for some and not for others. It'll be interesting to see what people say about it In 10 or 20 years.

    @LuciBThinner thanks, nice thought about being healthier, reading, g-babies and violin. all nice thoughts. I can't understand why not benefit from disability. We pay for that. If we need it, we should benefit from it, as far as I can see (unless already well-off). We are there to help one and other.

    @pipcd34 that stinks about the headlight. sometimes I get my spare helmet stolen. it's easy to break into the trunk of the scooter. I get lowest price ones and calculate that into incidental costs. I had a couple of things stolen from my lawn when I had a country house: not major things: a big oak beam(good value for building or burning), a wheelbarrow (which eventually came back), and a few garden tools. (But no-one every broke in and stole things like fridge, cheap desktop, stove, etc. my wise neighbour said, "they must have needed it". It kind of made it less bad (still not great) to think that maybe someone in dire straights really needed to steal to get by (it happens). I don' get upset much at all when my helmet gets stolen but I do not like to hunker down and plop down an extra 65 euros for a new one (just bought after theft last winter or spring). also for the light you have the work of hooking it back up. sorry about that.

    @kymarai wild in what way?

    I had another one of those organic reasonable protein pre-packaged lunches. today chicken lentils. Again it reminded me of cafeteria food (though since organic I presume the quality is generally better), but I added in plenty of black pepper and curry powder and then it was like quite a nice Indian dish. I poked around looking for new GF foods (some not very high cal).I found a few: a veggie parmesan jar of something, a tofu with almonds and spinach in it... I feel exhausted again. What is it? the espresso with sugar? the little walk ? the ready-made meal? it feels physical.i feel like sleeping again after just a little activity. and it's already LATE in the day. little rest. clean 15. then move forward.

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    Machka - Love the "introvert" graphic. That describes me perfectly.

    Pip - I am still shocked by what people steal. We had some egg shaped hummingbird feeders get stolen once. They must have made the biggest mess on whoever did it. People in our neighborhood have their potted plants stolen often. A friend caught her gardener "stealing" these "prickly dried berry" things off one of her trees at 5am once. I don't know what tree it is or why on earth anyone would want those, but he was out there collecting them. Sorry you had that happen and have to deal with replacement.

    Keto is not something I could embrace. I tried, but I really had a mental stop at the high fat and I like fruit too much.

    10 years - I always hated that "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" question when I was interviewing. It's really a silly question that begs a canned answer and that is what they always got from me.

    Tina in CA
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    I only buy pants at a thrift shop because the price of Women’s thin material pants with no pockets isn’t worth full price!
    Men’s are heavy y lots of pockets so worth it. Boys nope 👎 on sale or thrift they’re too rough y grow too fast. Only worth a few nice ones for school. Girls only when older same reasons plus their made worse like Women’s.

    Amber Tx

    Salad y haven’t weighed myself yet. Just so busy
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