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    @teklawa1 I'm so sorry about your sister.

    @janetr7476 I'm so sorry for all you are going through. Great that you went to the wedding I think. And definitely awesome that you have logged in 1500 days. <3<3<3

    @ginnytez I find that lovely about the gifts from your DH.

    @LuciBThinner Hi!

    @Maritill good luck on going to the health and wellness center. I aim to go to the gym 3x a week, but it's less pricey I suppose. no pool, just machines and classes.

    @cityjaneLondon you are so on top of it changing decorations already on Jan 1. I find WIx is pretty user friendly and easy. It has many models where you just past and cut. Some prefer wordpress too. I pay the x euros/dollars/pounds per year to not have wix advertising on it. apparently wordpress is another good one. When I first made my webpage I just had my name and one picture. It can be very light to start and you can build up little by little. I used to do it when I had early morning insomnia.

    @Snowflake1968 you too for the decorations!

    @pipcd34 woohoo for the countdown!

    @bwcetc I'm with you on the 15 min decluttering (or cleaning for me) and also conquering file cabinets, I do meditation rather than devotional/prayer, but it's for the spirit.

    @spygirl2014 Welcome or welcome back. I can relate about being too comfortable with progress and then going off.

    @kevrit your New Years list looks abundant like mine. (I didn't post it all).

    @Katla49 nice that your goals work for you. I like number 3. I could do with more fun. Do you not drink alcohol at all or only occasionally? Is that about calories or feeling from drinking? I saw HALT with instructions, never let yourself get too hungry angry lonely or tired. It's kind of similar. not letting it go too far.

    @coastalgosgal it sounds like you are really on top of the finances. congrats on SV and BP!

    @exermom this site seems to have free delivery but 50 euro annual fee. What is IP? 1253 is very specific. That makes sense about the intensity. I'm with you for approximate replacements in MFP. That seems funny to buy yourself your gift to give him. I'm sure my mom must have done that. That seems like a mom thing to do: always thinking about others, but others not always thinking about them.

    @drkatiebug awesome for decreasing whining. and for losing 11.3. that is progress.

    @Poerava14 congrats on the decluttering!

    @Machka9 congratulations on the bike ride! yikes for the fire. thanks for the tips! I uses filing cabinet for smallish, and boxes or thin filing shelves or drawers for bigger chunks. In France they are big on binders but I find them much more time consuming to use. After reading you guys I just put a shredder on online purchase list. A solid multi-page scanner can surely be bought for a few hundred. They have photocopy places that can scan large documents in big number but again they are to treat afterwards (or before), a long process. I may do that at some point in the future. Maybe before my next move. In 2022 my landlady may take back her apartment. It seems like each page or group of pages still needs to be recorded and double or triple saved. So though that most certainly saves space and possibly saves time in the future, the original filing seems more time consuming than just filing the paper. It seems like the papers need to be organised before they can be scanned. I can't just scan a mishmash of papers. Also, here, it is really not paper free yet. if I go to the doctor they usually want a paper version of my previous medical results. etc, etc. it varies. many places require digital only but some require paper still.

    @machka9 interesting about wordpress group. I don't know if we have that here.

    @skuehn48 are you a substitute water exercise teacher from time to time?

    the whole family went out for a walk on the trail got exercise and gabbed at the same time.
    sounds perfect!

    good things this past year:
    -got a lease, (after 18+ years of paying under the table - though rent is very low)
    -changed and have a much better lawyer,
    -was more frugal,
    -met some nice people,
    -rekindled very nice connection with one sister,
    -and some old classmates/friends,
    -Old friend E. got married and I'm happy for him.
    -and interesting trip,
    -nice simple summer vacation,
    -love many of my students and
    - was able to be key in helping some of them,
    -and general very good atmospheres in my classes,
    - was voted onto international commission in one school (not interesting actually but it was nice to be voted on),
    - enjoyed participating in some of the protests, had 1st experience going on strike (2 days) for national strike for worker's rights. (some people have been on strike for about a month).
    - we were invited to teachers meetings at one school for 1st time after 5 years of (illegally) having been excluded, due to passive resistance the previous meeting.
    - reconnect somewhat with some union members with whom relations are tricky, apparently for political reasons, which are not interesting to me.
    - went reasonably often to the gym
    - got some of paperwork sorted
    - sent off files for several legal things
    - helped several colleagues
    - started to move around different spaces at home
    - enjoy going to cafés
    - 2 ok paintings
    - many little sketches
    - S's Thesis (happy for her)
    - solid, long term friendship with D.
    - developed friendship with R.
    - developed friendship with G.
    - work friendship with D., V., C., D.
    - on same page at work with most of colleagues in our department at one of the schools, mostly quite in solidarity with one another
    - some relatively efficient elected officials (in all groups including the board) supporting us at one school
    - started moving office stuff out of sight of bedroom area. (I have a 2 rm apartment with just a dividing wall but no door between the 2 rooms.)
    - connected to some people and contacts from old college
    - managed rental apartments fine, with no big problems
    - very good tenants
    - some good work collaborations
    - good knee doctor
    - health care coverage
    - meditate some
    - 100 pages on thesis (not happy with, but got pages out, allowing last year to finish)

    What am I looking forward to this year?
    The ones in bold are not easy for me so far. well most are more really goals and not only things I'm looking forward to, but if they are done it feels good.
    Getting home clean again
    Getting papers in order
    Staying in budget
    Done with Phd- last possible year to finish it
    Continuing to go to gym and get exercise 6x a week
    Tracking all food
    Tracking all expenses and incomes

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    Contemplating life in 10 years is daunting.
    I'll be 1 year from retirement.
    It seems probable I'll have more joint issues since that doesn't seem to improve with age.
    I'll probably (hopefully) less be stressed about workers rights etc, since I'll be at the end of my official career. (Here most employees have to retire at 67 at the latest).
    I will very probably have moved.
    Probably I'll have lost some people dear to me, like possibly my dad's cousin (90 years old).
    And probably I'll have grown closer to some friends and family members and more distant from others.
    And other than that, who knows.

    The political situation in the world does not seem good at all, from where I stand.
    But there have been countless cycles of positive and negative movements. When the current brouhaha (to put it mildly) arose, I was looking up and posting daily quotes from every president from #1 to the last in relation to the present situation and often googling them a bit. There were a few doozies of presidents and situations in the past, and sways to depairing to positive situations and back again. It feels like we are going into a political dark ages to me, with rise of extreme rights and dictatorships (think Brazil, Philippines, for extreme examples), and fake news and post-truth. But that was also considered the case by many in the 60s and early 70s in the usa (very numerous assassinations, rampant mafia corruption, political lies, and so on).

    France is known for cultivating a pessimistic people, unfortunately and I have certainly been influenced by that. Here if you are too upbeat people treat you like a naive dummy. So you have to always and forever dial it down when you see a glimmer of something positive--particularly in the workplace.

    anyway, I moment in the gym etc, should help a bit.
    I think I'll buy some st John's wart. I haven't bought any in ages.

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    Good morning all! Happy Thursday! Yesterday was my final day of vacation and it was a relaxing one. I did almost nothing. I got in two walks (the sun was out, so it was a pleasure to be outside). It was windy, though, so the outdoor lights will stay up a bit longer. I also did some touch up painting on my walls and a couple of window sills where the kids have dinged them with toys and taken paint off. So, for now, my house looks shiny and new! lol We will see how long that lasts.
    I will only have four kids here today and tomorrow, then they will all be back with me next week. So...we will just continue with a kind of lazy, hanging out, nothing special going on atmosphere this week. Next week we begin our Polar Adventure and we will spend some time learning about the colder regions of our world. You can bet I will fit a bit about Svalbard in there. I am sure the Seed Bank will intrigue their little minds. Next week we also begin Potty Boot Camp. Yea! IF successful, I will have two kids out of diapers!
    I think my word of the year will be DETERMINATION. I have a lot that I am determined to accomplish this year. Continued healthy lifestyle (including weight loss), a successful segue into running a group childcare home, continuing my education with a few classes on child development.
    Barbie- thank you for bringing us into 2020!
    Pip- Wow! That's a lot of words! I am happy for you for being able to plan for Lenny's truck, and for Yogi settling into life as a single dog. How long are you thinking about letting your hair grow out? What is it with men and our hair. Tim would love it if I let mine grow out. I am at a point where I would like to go shorter (already chin length).
    Karen VA- Olivia looks much better! <3
    JanetR- Oh my word! What a trying month you have had! Sending lots of hugs your way <3 and I am positive there is no way you looked like a 100 year old hag at the wedding! (You must have felt that way, so thought you looked so; being tired and stressed can make us feel that way)
    Lisa- Thanks for the link to the Svalbard article!
    Heather- Thank you for sharing your pics of your time with the family! Your beach town sounds very similar to my own. A very eclectic group of people, doing their own thing.

    I think another thing I am determined to do this month is shake this cold! Ugh! It just hangs on and hangs on and hangs on! It isn't getting worse, but the gunk and having to continually clear my throat or blow my nose is annoying. It is also making work outs harder. BUT IT WILL GO AWAY!

    I better get busy. Kids arriving soon. Hugs to all and welcome to the newbies! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Good morning beautiful ladies 💐💐!!!
    Luci and all-Hubby calmed down,but it doesn’t erase the hurtful things he said.Ive Never been the wife that holds a grudge or never lets things go,live and let live.I have 10 pounds to make it to my goal, but want to shoot for 5 more just for the heck of it.
    Caloric intake is 1200,I rarely make that.Log everything every day.I don’t pay any mind to macros.I used to workout 7 days a week,but now it’s 5/6days.My word for 2020?I don’t know yet.
    Debby in Va
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    I retired when I married DH, when I was 55. :D
    Of course, writers never retire, but my paid jobs are a long way in the past, thank goodness, although there were aspects of them I loved. Really loved. But I have no regrets at all. I am so lucky to have my writing to fill my life with meaning, which is what people often gain from a job. It also gives me discipline and a routine.
    It is also very hard to do. :o
    I have just finished today's session. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    January 2

    Distance: 50.90km
    Elevation: 334m
    Moving Time: 2:49:36
    Elapsed Time: 3:07:26
    Speed: Avg: 18.0km/h } Max: 45.7km/h

    This is the first 50 km bicycle ride we have done since before my husband's accident! It was a bit of a challenge because of 28 km/h to 40 km/h wind. My legs weren't happy on the way out!

    A vegetation fire started up about when we left and the road we used on the way back was closed for a bit. But when we got back to that point, they'd got it under control and had opened the road. Those things move fast!

    Machka in Oz


    I've been wondering if you are getting smoke from the mainland, and wondering how dry Tasmania is -

    I can't believe you are back on your bikes and doing such a challenging ride. Kudos! So excited for you, as I know this is what fulfills you. <3

    Karen in Virginia
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    Machka - I married at 20 and bought a share of a house when I was 21. I spent many years totally renovating that flat and our next house. It was extremely difficult for lots of years. I had severe depression both times. I never want to go through that hell again, but it meant that I ended up with a substantial share of the London house market and could sell up. I haven't had a mortgage since 1996. If we had a mortgage or rent to pay we simply could not do it. We have a tiny income.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    I've never purchased a house or any real estate ... never had the money to do it. I was dirt poor with my first husband and I chose travel and education when I have had a bit of money.

    My second and current husband's accident threw our plans out the window. So ... unless we come into some money somehow we or I may be looking at options in Asia eventually. :neutral:

    M in Oz
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    Luci thanks! I really love the Kettlebell! Happy New Year!