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If a calorie is a calorie, why do we see this?



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    tony56pr wrote: »
    All the comments about that they should have lost more weight need to realize everyone's metabolism is NOT the same. Age, activity level, muscle mass, etc. make this study very difficult to authenticate let alone compare to you or whoever's journey.

    If BF group had a history of training or physically demanding jobs and had more muscle than the other group this could account for difference as well. Even if height and weight is the same chances of finding 2 men or women with same physical makeup would be hard let alone 30 or 60. If you had more woman with higher muscle mass (higher metabolism=greater calorie burn and more weight loss) in BF group then this would make group average weight loss higher.

    So according to this logic, there shouldn't be studies of any kind because its impossible to create a group with exactly identical stats? As Ann pointed out above, even accounting for changes in metabolism or muscle mass, there is not a dramatic difference in calories, and the formula for weight loss is the same for everyone. Yes, it is possible for one person to have a metabolic advantage over another, but with a large enough group size, the average of the group is more than adequate to weed out those outliers.
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