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  • WolfgerWolfger Member Posts: 350 Member Member Posts: 350 Member
    Day 2 of B,G, & A on top of Day 62 of a regular yoga practice.
  • mkculs13mkculs13 Member Posts: 367 Member Member Posts: 367 Member
    Exercise. I came home from work and got in a nice jog--600 or so calories added to my remaining amount after breakfast and lunch. I'll eat back at least 300 of those. And I had forgotten how that would happen, so when I entered the exercise and saw the new number I had to play with for dinner, I was psyched.
  • NewLIFEstyle4MENewLIFEstyle4ME Member Posts: 4,447 Member Member Posts: 4,447 Member
    mkculs13 wrote: »
    Taking advantage of the longer period of daylight to squeeze in a second outdoor walk after class.

    I am excited for time change on March 8. My dogs will get a better evening walk once the sun is up a bit longer.

    BOOM! I love your reply and way of thinking--YAY YOU and YAY time change/spring time :love:
  • mkculs13mkculs13 Member Posts: 367 Member Member Posts: 367 Member
    LoriAnna62 wrote: »
    I was grouchy, so I took a nap instead of eating. :D

    I love that. What a great alternative--and probably more effective.
  • caseydimplescaseydimples Member, Premium Posts: 111 Member Member, Premium Posts: 111 Member
    I love this thread as there are lots of good ideas and suggestions. Mine was pre-logging and having food prepped. That is key for me as I'm especially exhausted once I get home from work and am trying to take care of family and all the things.
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