What worked for you today?



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    I am genuinely helped by having problems with sugar. Since I was about 13 years old, sugar in large quantities has made me nauseous and given me a headache. It's not that I don't eat candy, but to be worth feeling queasy later, it had better be GOOD candy. And I don't want to eat it just because I'm bored in the checkout, I want to eat the good candy with active enjoyment and full presence in the moment to really get the most out of it. It deserves no less.

    I had a milkshake tonight and went over calories, just to be absolutely transparent with you all. And discovered in the process that my sugar tolerance has shifted downward; I used to be able to eat a small shake with no problem. I think my limit is now half of a small shake. And I probably won't want one again for several months. Ick. Nausea is no fun.

    So, nausea worked for you today? Sorry, I'm joking and I'm sure it's not that funny to you.

    Exercise worked for me today. A long walk in the dog park this morning, then a nice afternoon jog. My exercise calories let me enjoy a treat from the Quarantine stack (we aren't officially quarantined, at least not yet, but that's what I call it). I didn't eat back all thos exercise calories, either. It just felt good to be outside despite the cold (I'm in WI and it's not spring here yet; 22F this morning).

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    Today - as the OP mentioned 3 meals and 2 snacks, honest tracking of foods, plenty of water and 30 mins of exercise.
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    n the spirit of thinking positively and planning ahead, what will work for me today is a nap followed by jog. I did 2 miles walking in the dog park but really want to get back out on my trail for another 3-4 and jogging most of it.
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    coffee! :) in addition, pre-logging really helps me.
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    Leftovers. I had the rest of my lunch for dinner. Hadn't thought about it, but it worked.
  • Logging my food helped today. I have a tooth that will need attention and logging, and being in the habit of it, kept my calories where I want them. Things like pudding and ice cream and peanut butter are nice and soft and very calorie dense, and without logging amounts I would probably have eaten double the calories.