What worked for you today?



  • mkculs13
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    Hope is working for me right now. I slipped a little yesterday--not a big deal b/c I was still in a deficit, but it alarmed me. This is only day 8 of my re-start. BUT, I thought about how I am *always* low on protein, and recalled I haven't even tried the TVP I bought. I looked up the nutrition info--I haven't used it in at least 2 decades--and realized that it can make a huge difference for me. So, this week, I'm adding it into my meal planning, and I will give it at least one week to see if it helps. I felt awfully hungry a lot and didn't react until yesterday--when I was out a lot, tons of fresh air, and just really hungry. So I may be over-restricting. I'm willing to see how it goes with the TVP and if that's still not enough to keep me from getting unreasonably hungry, I'll change my settings to 1.5 lbs/week and then 1 if I need it. I'm not worried about going fast, so much as I feel like I need a "quick start," some early success to get down to a weight I'm more physically comfortable at. But I'm not going to risk the whole plan for sure. As has oft been said, better to lose slowly than not at all.
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    @mkculs13 what's the TVP?