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Why do people keep defending sugar?



  • purplebobkatpurplebobkat Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    psychod787 wrote: »
    LoveyChar wrote: »
    In training for my next Marathon assuming it doesn't get cancelled (12 weeks away), I'm going to run 13-14 miles today and then come home and enjoy a huge slab of cake.

    As pp says, "if you don't want to consume sugar, don't." Who's defending it and even if they are, who cares?

    Why do stupid questions get entertained by intelligent people with great responses, especially only to be argued with unintelligent responses. Get a hobby or go exercise.

    I was once much like OP. It took me LEARNING and having these conversations with many long time members here that no macro-nutrient is "evil". It is all a point of view. If someone is sedentary most of the day, I WOULD suggest lowering added sugar intake, but if someone like a body builder is doing strenuous two a days, some Gatorade or Gummy Bears might help him not "gas out". We have to educated each other. If WE don't, most media outlets will continue using press grabbing pseudo science information, We grow and we learn, or we die from ignorance.

    Thank you.

    Currently confined to home (Self isolating) so very much sedentary. Lol
  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 29,880Member Member Posts: 29,880Member Member
    I think the whole world is self-isolating right now, bobkat.

    I'm in Seattle. So. . . yeah.

    I hope you're not sick.
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