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Why do people keep defending sugar?



  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 5,521Member Member Posts: 5,521Member Member
    Well, yes, usual disclaimer - unless you have a medical reason to avoid it.

    Nobody is suggesting diabetics are fine eating bars of candy.

    Just like, say, bread - nothing wrong with eating bread.

    Obviously not including people with coeliac disease.
  • ritzvinritzvin Posts: 2,490Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,490Member, Premium Member
    On the negative side: I would guess that for a lot of people, sugar is probably [1] not very satiating for the calories, and [2] doesn't provide much added benefit other than energy (ie not energy + a minimum required macro or micro).. so probably something to at least somewhat limit if you have particularly limited calories to work with.

    on the positive side: For those that are active, [1] some calorie dense options are a good thing (there may be a lot of exercise calories to make up), and [2] quick, easily digestible fuel (ie sugar) can be pretty important for those doing long intense cardio. Sugar becomes pretty d*mn important then.

    I normally use splenda to sweeten my morning oatmeal (to avoid the extra sugar calories), but yet have top tube bags on all of my bikes whose sole purpose is to hold pouches of fruit snacks (basically gelatinized sugar). Also worth noting that those fruit snack pouches I carry on rides, runs, and hikes have come in handy on multiple occasions for someone in the group who felt their sugar levels crashing (diabetics in a few of the cases).
  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 29,880Member Member Posts: 29,880Member Member
    Hey, @purplebobkat - you okay? Last we heard you were self-isolating and having shortness of breath on the 15th...
  • gothchiqgothchiq Posts: 4,533Member Member Posts: 4,533Member Member
    A bit of sugar doesn't hurt most people. Now if you have the beetus... avoid it like the plague.
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