August 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • marisap2010
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    I ran 5 and walked 2.5 yesterday. I had some pain in my lower right leg, front, right above the ankle. I decided to stop there and give it some rest. Feels a lot better this morning, but I will probably hold off running for a day or two and so a short walk or just strength training.
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    @Teresa502 Yeah for getting the HM done in those conditions. It was brutal yesterday morning. Love your pictures. Lovely ladies getting it done!

    @katharmonic Yeah for meeting your goals and for taking it a little easy the last couple of days. Rest is important.

    @martaindale I wondered where you have been. Glad you are still running. This thread can be a little overwhelming at times. But, I love all the people here and they are so supportive.

    Congrats to all who met their August goals and to those who struggled, but kept going anyway.
  • Teresa502
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    I got my medal for my Flora-Bama virtual and the swag for my 2020 Liberty Road Challenge.
    Nice swag! Congratulations on all your hard and relentless work on those challenges.
  • skippygirlsmom
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    My progress on the Space Race 400K so far is 79.664 miles (out of 284.5) Arrgh! I thought for sure that I had it at 80 even. This will end my August unless the brutal heat index lets up and I walk at lunch time. See you in September!

    @wandavaughn I'm doing the Space Race too, I'm at 62 miles. If it makes you feel better it's only 248.5 not 284.5 miles :smiley: almost 80 is great for 2 weeks.
  • skippygirlsmom
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    Thank you @polskagirl01
  • quilteryoyo
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    @mbaker566 Sounds like a really nice run in a lovely park. I hope you get to go back.
    mbaker566 wrote: »
    Got 5 miles running and a walk on trails this morning. First 5 miles without a walk break since injury, fingers crossed! Icing my knee just in case.

    Soooooo humid. 81 dewpoint.

    While I was running a falling pecan hit me right in the nose! Ouch! Husband says, “Well it’s not a surprise, if you rolled a die like in d&d or something your nose would have the largest percentage chance devoted to it...” hardy har har. Fortunately I know he likes my big nose.

    Right after we finished I looked like I had just jumped in a swimming pool! This is a quick dry tech shirt!
    Back at the car, covered in salt and bugs. So many bugs. So many. I needed windshield wipers for my sunglasses.

    I read falling pelican the first time😯

    Hahaha Now THAT would be a story! :wink: