Write just 1 tip which triggered your weight loss.



  • 425Recess
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    Moving frequently - I believe that getting up and taking short walks increases my metabolism and it seems to work. I can do that even in very busy days. But tracking to keep my focus is very important for me too.
  • 4Phoenix
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    edited January 2021
    Lots hard to limit it to just one but these transformed my eating habits.....log and weigh every day to keep myself accountable and aware, reflect on macros/micros and accommodate for any weak areas in nutrition, treating myself as I treat others with kindness, IF 18/6 usually, telling myself that I can eat anything I want, just now I only want what is healthy and when I am hungry. Enjoying and lovingly prepare beautiful whole foods that are tasty and serve me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.
  • charmmeth
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    Finding that the clothes I bought after losing weight a few years ago were becoming too tight - and then watching the post-Easter-egg scale rise to show a weight that I have never been before. (Now I have lost it again the challenge is to keep it off.)