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    Machka - I was a model a couple of times for our youngest daughter. I was as nervous for her as she was herself. It’s a great way for them to learn.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    I enjoyed it and could see myself doing it again. Like maybe if there's a colouring day or something. I do my own right now, but it might be nice to get it done.

    Makeup - I just got rid of a lot of my makeup because it was O-L-D. Even some of my "new" makeup is out of date already. I wear foundation, with maybe a little powder sometimes, and that is about it. At most, I'll add a touch of mascara and coloured lip gloss. Most of the women I work with do the same thing and it would actually feel weird to go all out.

    Earthquake - Victoria, Australia was hit with an earthquake this morning. The epicentre is near where I used to live and they have counted 7 earthquakes there in the last few hours - the big one and a bunch of aftershocks.

    M in Oz
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    Rori - Great to hear from you. <3 I had been thinking of you. :) I'm so happy you have been finding some new friends and reconnecting with old ones. My female friends are one of the mainstays of my life and so dear to me. I hope to find a local one, but the family here fill that space at the moment. I must say, we are very socially busy right now, but nothing is the same as a close intimate friend. Luckily technology comes to our rescue these days. :D I feel I am closer to my old friends than ever before!

    Makeup - I wear makeup for my social face, but not at home, and not for very local shopping, jogging etc. But I do look tired and even sick without it. :( I have a very, very, pale, sallow, skin, with no cheek colour and my eyes disappear and look very 'old lady'. Even when I was young, people used to ask if I was sick when I appeared without makeup! It definitely cheers me up, gives me confidence, and I feel it is polite to present the social me instead of 'scaring the horses'. :p Plus it's nice to see myself looking healthy and happy! <3 I do have friends who look lovely without makeup, but it makes a huge difference to me. I would even take blusher to a desert island!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    I get people asking if I'm OK for a brief time in late winter.

    I tan quickly and easily, and keep my tans for a long time. I don't usually go really dark, but most of the year I've got a golden brown hue about me ... until the last month or two of winter when I go pale and people start wondering if I'm ill.

    It's mid-September here. We're only 3 weeks into spring and I've started to regain my golden brown hue.

    If I want a touch of extra colour in my cheeks, I just use a dot of slightly darker foundation on each cheek, and blend it in.

    M in Oz
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    SO here's question from Julie -

    ( FUTURE?)

    Do you sometimes, always never wear make up? What about "dressing up" (which means different things for different people.)

    I dress up a little bit for work most days. Skirts, dresses, dress slacks etc.

    I dress up a lot more when we go to the Symphony, and may lean slightly toward the dramatic. Long dresses, sparkly stuff, hats, etc.

    When I graduated, I dressed up in a very classic style - structured black, subdued jewellery.

    M in Oz
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    I think we dress according to the 'tribe' we identify with. Brighton and Hove is a young, healthy, privileged city, and the dress code is similar. Hair is important to me and I am extremely attached to my 'young' style. I can slob about in private, but my public face likes to keep up with the 'beautiful people'. I like to feel I can present myself anywhere and feel appropriate. :p:D:) Most of the time, like everyone else here, I am in fitness workout gear, but I can 'scrub up' when needed.
    Yesterday, for picking up the kids, I was in leggings and a sparkly, sequinned, T shirt. :p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Young people here tend to be in one of 2 camps.
    Little or no make-up and long hair natural or maybe with a bit of blonde or pink.
    Heavily made up with an emphasis on black. Black hair. Black eye make-up. Sometimes black lipstick and nails. Usually huge black eyebrows drawn on.
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: BP, dogs to powerline
    Bonus: 40 mins vacuuming, 10 mins scrubbing guest bath, 4 boxes packed for donation, one load laundry, practiced Pure Movies/Wine Beer Whiskey (start with right diagonal step touch).
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, call pc guy to schedule tuneup, farmers’ market, dog group, USE those torture bands/do that BB&B video, call S, fire district: research NFPA, grant NIMS requirements, input 2019 call sheets into NFIRS, work with chief on equipment letter, substance abuse policy, NFIRS mutual aid and other missing details, likewise Lee skills/tasks, ask for boots donator contact info, appreciation letter or certificate to boots donator, index mutual aid files; watch STAS Day 20, declutter sideboard, learn new dances (Tequila Little Time, Homesick, Nothing but You, A Little Less Broken, Blame it on my beating heart, Do Your Thing, GrandDaddy Long Legs; practice dances: Silver Linings, Dance Monkey, All Night, TGIF, I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat) One Margarita, I’m so used to being broke,,); finish mulching flowerbed, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant the last of the naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove, ask Te about GB’s FD firetruck tax levy – contacts, media, advocate???, Reward: inventory seeds, plan this fall’s garden, wishlist replenishments (Milena F1 orange peppers and beit alpha cukes next year).
    22: Take your time. Make space to just breathe and be still. Maybe in the hot tub ;)

    Funny how getting something accomplished makes me feel better able to accomplish more. Inactivity is self-perpetuating.

    Super pooped so just skimmin’
    Machka so hard that your dh doesn’t understand the severity of his brain injury. ((hugs)) You are a blessing to him and a model to us.
    Michele could you just paint fool-the-eye shells over the tips? ;)
    Beth congrats on your decision. Imho the absolutely right one.
    Vicki that’s a scary reaction your DH had. Has his eye recovered?
    Pip :love: your luxury hotel, especially the bedroom fireplace.
    Tracey “…unless there was blood or a fire…” when Joe substitute taught high school shop he counted any day good that ended with no blood on the floor :}
    Rori :love:
    Julie, never quite got the hang of makeup, always looked like war paint. Happiest when my fine straight/wavyish hair is long. Dress up for church, otherwise aim for clean and covered. Wore skirt suits, button blouses, hose and heels to work for 30 years and happy to say good bye. ;)

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    September: leaner/stronger/kinder than August.
    daily: sit with Joe:22, weigh/wii: 10/0/0; steps>7222=7466 vits=19.5, log=21, CI<CO=19, CI<250<CO=12, Tumble=17, Shadow=18, mfp=18, outside=22, up hill=19, clean 10=13.
    wkly: Sun: Mon: Tue:LD=1.5, Wed:TC=1, PW=1, Thurs: TC=5mins, Fri:TC=1.33, Sat:PW=2, rX x4=3.
    wt=1/31:141.3 2/28:142.4 3/31:145.3 4/30:141.5 5/31:142.4 6/30:141.5 7/31:140.2 8/31:140.0 9/5:140.2 9/12:139.8 9/19:142.2 9/26: 9/30:
    mnthly: board mtg=1, grant=, plan=, waist=42.0
    bonus: AF=11, play= sew=
    2021: choose to be leaner/stronger/kinder NOW
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    So interesting to read about make up appearance. Machka and Heather you say that at work or around the folks dress or make up like this or like that, so it's a bit off to do much more (or much less). Spot on I think.

    In teaching so many teachers wear zero makeup and I think it looks nice. Some were some or even a lot of eye makeup. I'm not really keen on heavy eye make ups.

    In high school I used to do my hair and make up for 15 min every morning before leaving at about 7:15 to be at school for 8 am. Motivation. I think many people did. My mom said then that I spent a long time to look quite NATURAL which was a good thing. With a CURLING IRONI feathered the front bits of my hair back in a very common style back then in the 70s. One teacher said that most or half or all (I don't remember) of the girls back then looked like one of Charlie's angels. He was not all wrong hair-wise. So many people had that "feathered" hair. (layered and curling back from face in a certain way). :D I'd wear light eyeliner, mascara, curl eyelashes, sheer blush, light brown/gold eyeshadow (I have brown eyes). no foundation I think, and sometimes undereye concealer I have deep set eyes which can give darkish circles. No lipstick - maybe lipgloss? not sure. I contoured too very subtly.
    I have always tanned very easily. Day 2 or 3 in spring and I m a bit hued, and kept a slight hue till late in fall.

    From college on make up has been rare or optional. Sometimes yes if I feel like it but it's never a must. I had reddish brown hair and dark brows and long dark lashes in my youth. (now more darkish brown hair with slight red tint just barely visible and some natural lighter highlights - not so much white gray so far. we are lucky in hair color in my family- in the sense of going gray/white very very late in life). I think with dark lashes and brows, one can get away without eye makeup more easily. My younger very blond sister always wore mascara for many years. Now my lashes are shorter and thinner and lighter but if I wear mascara even waterproof etc etc. It ALWAYS seems to get rubbed off on my skin. I don't know why. Maybe I touch my eyes more. So I avoid it after many tries of different types. I occasionally wear very light, unnoticeable eyeliner, black or brown, under eye just barely, if I feel like it...sometimes. I still wear lipstick sometimes, could not wear it for months then wear it most days for months. It's very fast to put on! I've only found ONE color that suits me. The rest looks really weird and not good on me in my opinion. I hadn't worn it for months but after my friend's annoying reflexions I wore it again when I went to the café today, for fun. (don't tell S!)

    So I have : 2 lipsticks one I like and one I don't that last forever (many years) because I use them so little. a few black and brown eyeliners that also last a long long time for the same reason. I might have some lipliner that I used to wear in my 30s and 40s sometimes- but that I haven't worn in ages.

    I might have heavy some cover up make up for sometime some years ago when I had some thing to hide on my face. I don't even remember what but I must have had something . I think that's about it.

    I find foundation and concealer just accentuate lines. and always looks caked on to me. I could surely wear shear foundation - maybe I will as I inevitably will get paler and paler as I constantly avoid the sun on my face from now on. Blush seems to be much less trendy.

    in teens wash and dry daily and curling iron. sheesh!

    in 30s I had a few perms - pretty but after 3 or 4 really not nice on my hair! so that was that. apparently almost no-one gets permanents these days according to my hairdresser. she says its very old fashioned and considers a bit crazy to have the strong products in the hair and near the scalp like that!
    I've had very very short and very long hair - short- long many times. waist length in mid 40s as last hurrah !

    Now that my hair is slightly wavy. I sometimes dry it at night sleeping on it which makes it wavier. I never comb or brush, only finger comb - which helps - I found out a few years ago- keep the quite mild waves - if I comb or brush, my hair becomes straight and i'm not crazy about that! sometimes I put aloe vera on it before drying over a diffuser on low heat. This was taught to me by a hairdresser a few years ago and moved my hair from straight to slightly wavy. The hairdresser was a real pain in the neck - a true prima donna, but I was happy to learn a new way to get natural non-straight hair, by accentuating slight movement in hair. Here is a diffuser and how he used it. curling the hairs around the knobs on the diffuser.

    And now above my shoulders, now thick angled slightly layered bob - below chin in front and quite short in back. It's one of the cuts I've been most comfortable and happy with.
    No maintenance and it looks rather styled and I can go many months between cuts. With my straighter hair it was almost impossible to get a good cut (other than keeping long) that would look good and styled after a few weeks. I have never been a bangs fan though I've had light feathered bangs on occasion and it worked okay.

    Before cutting shorter again post 1st confinement my hair was snarling very easily. ARRGGGH ! As a young child my hair was fine and I had to have it cut once cause my mom couldn't get the snarls out. dramatic at the time I remember! (with 5 kids she didn't have time to spend 15 min per day on hair of one!) These past years I tended to get snarls a lot again. I guess my hair is again finer (though thick) and more fragile or something. If I hiked all day 3 or 4 years ago and it was windy with long hair I pretty much HAD to braid my hair (which is not at all my style!)- or else I end the day with a major snarl and many long minutes unsnarling every long tiring day. I wash only about 2x a week (1-2x a week recommended here!) and have to use conditionner.

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    in my field it is pretty casual. Jeans is okay, normal. T shirt is a bit too informal, long sleep t shirt may be okay if in good shape cut.

    At one point when teaching adult ed (and I looked on the young side) I found if I wore a suit jacket students wouldn't get on my case much ! LOL. gave some air of authority.

    I generally have cotton trousers- not really big on BLUE JEANS (why always blue?) unless I happen to fall upon a beloved pair which I'll then wear a lot. not the case at present. sometimes rather casual skirts or dresses. I often have a cardigan or casual suit jacket at work. or else a button shirt. almost never a t-shirt even long sleeve alone.
    no tank tops at work.

    at one point I seemed to dress up or not for work and I noticed if I dressed up at work I liked to dress down when out, and visa versa - if work is casual it' can be nice to dress up a hair when out. I remember one place I seemed to feel impelled to wear a button down shirt and suit jacket and felt constrained not me, so I'd have a tank top underneath as soon as I got away I'd take off the shirt (and jacket if not too cold) and have the tank top. :D like wonder woman :D

    now I'm working at home so wear an okay shirt and usually cotton trousers and sometimes wear a hair nicer if I have a meeting or go out to meet friends in the evening.
    I have gained about 10 lbs in past 5 years or so so I am not totally at ease with my wardrobe! :/
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    I sometimes wore spike heels on clogs even to work (standing a lot) and school in late high school. It was the trend! some guy said to me once - I bet you can't wait to take your shoes off at night. Before he had said that - I hadn't even thought of that for years.... There were platform shoes back then too! :D
    then I was sneakers for years! and flat shoes. That was really NOT OKAY when I came to France in 90S I got a LOT OF FLACK and DISDAIN for wanting to wear comfy shoes when everyone was wearing little pumps here. I don't mind pumps on occasion, but... they are really not as comfy as very well made flats. Now decades later almost no-one wears heels in the day to day. and sneakers are common. It's not too common for women to wear sneakers in my job at work but it can be seen.

    A few years back I had an impulse to wear heals again and bought some barbie shoes that I wore occasionally for a few years. :D I have one pair of ankle leather lace up brown boots that are very pretty with a short heel (2 inches) but really it's not comfortable to wear 2 inch heels for me. Bleck!
    And the discomfort has impact on well-being (for me! I know some people are comfortable in heels) and thus overall feel and eventually look. And I still have a pair of pumps I think that I surely haven't worn for well over a year with covid and all.

    I used to have cold feet all winter long so for several years I wore wool socks and flat simple pretty leather knee boots - it made even riding in scooter in 30° weather just fine for my feet, but I got tired of leather (felt closed in like my feet weren't really breathing after a few years like that) so I have kept the leather socks or tights all winter long and have ditched the boots. :D
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    The huge eyebrows is a new trend that made me laugh a few years ago. I don't get it ! it seems so gothic! :D
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    Me today ... all dressed up for work. :)


    18 year old me ...


    M in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Woke up around 5 and have been awake since then,im going to pick up groceries between 10-11 and supposedly getting my patio cleaned up if the weather cooperates.
    I got my first SS check deposited this morning
    So will let that pay all the automatic payments that come out of my checking account.
    Rori- so good to hear from you and glad you are moving on and making friends.
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    I needed this walk today!!


    And a walk to the beach with my husband. :)


    Plus my commute walk brings me to 9.1 km of walking today.

    And 36 flights of 20 stairs.

    M in Oz
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    :)Rori, Great to hear from you. What a nice collection of activities and friends for this next chapter of your life.

    :)make-up Haven't worn any for decades

    :)hair--don't color it, last professional cut was in January 2020.

    :)clothing I wear black jeans with a shirt or (several layers in cooler weather). I like shirts with pictures or words that are meaningful to me. My current favorite is "Chop wood and carry water"

    :) We are still not going anywhere other than essentials. Also don't see many people except outdoors in our neighborhood or on Zoom.

    :) Life is good.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Sometimes I will use mascara and lip gloss for a date, and maybe a brow pencil. But mostly it's just me. Foundation makes me break out. So not worth it. In high school I wouldn't leave the house without full war paint, but now even jewelry is only for special occasions.

    Annie in Delaware, who is doing slightly better with calories.
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    Pip- The dress is lovely & the skirt is cute. :bigsmile:

    Rori – I am delighted to see that life is good again and you are finding fun, even though you are still grieving. I love seeing your posts. :heart: :star::heart:

    Machka - Earthquakes are powerful and scary. I hope your home has not been affected. It appears the quakes were in Australia. I hope Tasmaina was safe and stays safe. :star:

    We are currently having cloudy skies, and there seems to be moisture in the air, but no rain so far. I haven’t decided whether or not to go to yoga this morning. Yoga doesn’t start for two and a half hours. I’ll figure it out before 10 am.

    Katla in overcast NW Oregon