🌟❄️ January Daily Log-in and Weigh-in Challenge ❄️🌟



  • alphapak
    alphapak Posts: 1 Member
    Thank you for this!
    Starting # 180
    Goal # 140
    Goals- move more
    Eat better
    exercise more
    More and better sleep
    Drink more water

    I’m giving myself until my birthday in June. I figure that’s roughly 1.5# per week. 🤞🤞
  • Cindy01Louisiana
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    edited January 2022
    Happy New Year Everyone! Glad this is continuing. Even though it's just a little thing, I find it's another layer of accountability that I appreciate.

    Last heaviest: 180 on October 5, 2021
    Started commitment to log every day and lose weight on October 13, 2021
    Primary Goal: Get back into my pre-gain clothing by June
    December: Met 3.8 loss goal
    January Goals: 1. Lose 3.6 pounds and get to 158.8; and 2. To not go over daily calorie budget more than three times for entire month.

    January 2: 162.4
    January 3: 161.8
  • HollyStormCloud
    HollyStormCloud Posts: 2,347 Member
    January goals: minimize processed food and lose 1 pound a week. I weighed in at 1.6 pounds over yesterday's weight, but I'm pretty sure it's water weight from too much salty popcorn last night.

    Highest weight: 185
    Current weight: 155
    January weight lost so far:

    January 01: 156.0
    January 02: 155.6
    January 03: 155.6
  • Kurtize
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    Hi, I'm Joyce (Kurtize). I gained quite a bit the last 21/2 months when we moved and wasn't quite settled. Our place will be done in 2 months, so decided it is time to get back on track

    🌟Lose 6 oz a week
    🌟Exercise 3 times a week
    🌟Log foods and water
    🌟Take me time (meditate and do daily devotionals)

    Jan. 1st: GO!! 187.8
    Jan. 2nd:
    Jan 3rd:
    Jan. 4th:
    Jan. 5th:
    Jan. 6th:
    Jan. 7th:
    Jan. 8th:
    Jan. 9th:
    Jan 10th:
    Jan. 11th:
    Jan. 12th:
    Jan. 13th:
    Jan. 14th:
    Jan. 15th:
    Jan. 16th:
    Jan. 17th:
    Jan. 18th:
    Jan. 19th:
    Jan. 20th:
    Jan. 21st:
    Jan. 22nd:
    Jan. 23rd:
    Jan. 24th:
    Jan. 25th:
    Jan: 26th:
    Jan: 27th:
    Jan. 28th:
    Jan. 29th:
    Jan. 30th:
    Jan. 31st: