Women 200lb+, Let's Astonish Ourselves This April!!!



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    I am struggling today. I'm just full of doubts about how I'm going to achieve my goal of only consuming 1600mg sodium a day by the end of April. It just feels like everything has sodium! With heart disease in my family and already being overweight I know I am flirting with disaster so while on this journey of being a healthier me I want to also take preventative steps for my heart health too. However, getting the calories I need in while trying to skim off sodium seems to never balance. Either I can get over 1100 calories a day OR be under 1700-1800mg Sodium but I am struggling to find that sweet spot of being under in sodium while still giving my body the calories it needs. Honestly I feel so discouraged.
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    @tahitig Congratulations on getting to Onederland! It's a great achievement!
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    Anyone on the East Coast of the United States have a reliable place for women's business wear that isn't going to cost me $600 for one suit?

    It's been years that I bought a interview suit, I'm a RN, we wear scrub type uniforms. I bought a suit way back then at Burlington Coat Factory. Very tailored. I can't remember the name brand right now but it's in my closet that I talk about going back shopping in. A friend when I told her the brand name said, "Oh my, that is a really known high end suit. My mother always wore them at the bank." That was about 12 years ago but I know I probably didn't pay more than $60-$80 for it. Maybe less. I had to get it tailored a bit and the seamstress said it was very good quality. So maybe a place to try or even TJ Maxx?

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    Okay, not as bad as I thought.🙂

    Age: 35
    Height: 5'5"

    SW: 216 lbs
    CW: 211 lbs
    GW: 145 lbs

    No physical activity (unless toddler stress counts🥴).
    But I have been logging my meals again. All except for the sneaky little Easter chocolates my husband bought.🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🙃 I should probably add those too.😕

    @kenziestabes Yes! I was all excited to buy some nice fitted-top, flowy-bottom dresses for summer and I can't find any. I usually just shop at GAP, but I went to their website a few months ago and all I could find was sweat sets and dresses that look like someone poked holes in a feed sack. I don’t get it.

    @porquenoirl I just did the same thing! So rewriting this... I’m glad I’m not the only one that gains weight when I’m sick. And thanks, that's a good healthy way of looking at it.🙂

    @justanotherloser007 Thanks! You guys really do seem like a pretty cool group.🤗

    @CupcakeCrusoe Thanks! You're doing really great at keeping everyone motivated!

    I love the data sheets.❤️ Organized data makes my heart happy. lol
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    Hey gang, I'm popping in a day early to log as I'll be traveling all weekend and I'm lucky enough to be visiting friends and family so I wanted to get this done and keep on track this month.

    I'm back down to what I had lost in Feb, so hopefully, there will be some more progress this month! Had a great night at archery last night, but learning about new ways to use arm muscles to get the bow form right and it was both a lot for my brain and body, but still enjoyable. Just signed myself and OH up to swim half a mile for the end of May, it's a scheme by local gov here and we have 5 training evenings before then. Hoping to see a decent improvement in fitness and my swimming.

    Best to you all, I'll check in again next week when I have more time. Happy weekend all!

    SW (Feb 3rd): 220

    Feb: -6lbs
    March: +3lbs

    4/2: 217
    4/8: 212

    April GW: 212

    🌻 April Goals🌻

    🌻 Keep moving
    🌻 Bring in some strength training
    🌻 Some light fasts
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    Anyone on the East Coast of the United States have a reliable place for women's business wear that isn't going to cost me $600 for one suit?

    Have you thought about Poshmark? I've been buying my clothes form there because a) its cheaper and b) its better for the environment

    J Crew
    Ann Taylor
    Banana Republic

    are all good choices... They are not quite as size inclusive though

    Talbots is but they're higher $

    What size are you now if you dont mind sharing?
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    Well, I knew last week's weigh in was a fluke due to being ill. Not beating myself up over this.

    On the fun positive side, I am currently wearing a really nice sweater I bought myself for when I reach my goal weight. It fits now!

    Age: 39
    Height: 5'7"
    SW: 252 (9/9 ATH)

    Total weight lost: 64.9
    Ultimate goal: 150ish

    April goal: 6 lbs
    April weight loss: +5

    10/1: 241.7
    11/1: 231.4
    12/1: 218.9
    1/1: 210.6
    2/1: 200.9
    3/1: 191.3
    4/1: 186.6
    4/8: 187.1
    4/29: will be out of town
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    @Generic_Excuse 1600 mg is a very low sodium intake. You don't have to tell me, but if you don't have a medical condition just yet, it might be easier to reduce your intake to 2500 first, then 2000, and then see if it's possible for you to reduce it to 1600. I know how hard it is- I'm on blood pressure meds, so I know if I got my sodium under control, I might be able to get off them. But I don't. :tired_face: One thing that really helped me a lot when I was attempting to reduce sodium was the VERY LIBERAL use of Mrs. Dash and things like that, because I missed salt, as well as cooking EVERYTHING myself. It's a pain. :cry:

    I am at least happy to say I do not have a medical condition that is forcing me to reduce my sodium. I do have Dermatographia and have found that lowering my sodium reduces the amount it occurs but that's not medically proven.

    Maybe I am going a bit overboard but honestly I'm just scared. I did alot of searching & reading lastnight and did find that there are alot of foods I can eat that counterbalance sodium. Also ways to reduce sodium in little ways. Either way I'm in a more positive mindset this morning. Maybe I won't always get lucky with being as low and some days it may be closer to 2000 mg but it's still a heck of a lot better that what I was consuming before this healthy journey.
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    @kenziestabes I forgot to mention, seamstresses!! We are out here, and many are professional. I once saw a website that was written by a guy talking about gaining/losing weight (because some guys are bulking up with muscle) he swore by finding a good seamstress to take in his blazers and jackets. Same will be true for slacks, if you have some that fit your inner seams, and you like - maybe instead of buying new consider getting them taking in at an alteration/seamstress sort

    @Generic_Excuse Another way to work with the sodium issue is drinking more water. I sometimes have problems not "getting enough" sodium - but sometimes it is because I am a camel with the amount of water I drink. If you drink more water, that is part of the electrolyte balance. If you don't have heart issues, try not to go crazy with deleting sodium from your diet. I passed out a few times doing that! lols you live and learn. You actually need sodium, what you don't need is too much. But from what I learned: in the majority American diet sodium is usually 1.5 times the amount of sodium and sugar is 4-5 times the amount of sugar needed. Sugar drives up the blood pressure as well, a fact I was literally shocked about.
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    @justanotherloser007 thanks so much, I will keep that in mind. I really appreciate this thread so much.
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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions! As for a good seamstress, that is a given for me. I am incredibly broad shouldered, so I typically need to go 2 dress sizes up and get the body tailored in to fit my torso. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to cross my arms.
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    @CupcakeCrusoe woohoo!

    @porquenoirl have fun!