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Seeing success is PRICELESS!! If I can do this so can YOU!

From the picture you can see I've lost over 100 lbs. NO GIMMICKS and I also did NOT stop eating junk food. However I have gained life skills so I can now control how much I eat (there are 2 items I rarely eat: EGG NOG and Ice cream! I CAN NOT control the egg nog, if it's here, its gone FAST! Ice cream not so much now, but still!) however all else is still a YUMMY!! How did I do this? I've learned to bring in healthy habits to replace, over time, slowly the bad ones I had. I needed support though! Do you relate? How do we find a way to learn healthy habits without totally dissing the bad ones? We work at them one at a time over time. I joined the 5% Challenge years ago (was on another site, which closed in 2021) we brought the 5% challenge over Myfitnesspal after much looking around. WE ARE THRILLED WE DID TOO!! Now you all get to join us!!

What IS the 2024 Winter 5% Challenge? Plz join and have fun as we lose 5% of our weight, improve our health and make new friends. Race to Fascinating Places for 10 WEEKS! Now you can write your own success story! Have a chat or post questions in the Airport Lounge Discussion. Your friends are welcome too. Start date Saturday January 6th.

We are an interactive team. Once you join the 2024 Winter 5% Challenge please also post under the

Need an invitation for Winter? User: "Ceriusly1"
Need an invitation for Winter? Post ONLY HEREπŸ™ New Members Accepted Throughout The Challenge!

You'll be assigned to one of the 8 teams. ALL the teams are here to help you SUCCEED!! NOT many challenges are interactive as in on our chat feeds we WILL read what you wrote, if you have a question etc. we are here with you!! We'll help you to develope healthy habits (AKA Living The Good Life) --- exercise at your own level (some may be new to exercise and not able to do much, we understand that and it's FINE!! Others may already be exercising at over 2 hours a day(max we can report is 120 mins a day), Welcome also!! Some may wish to lose over 100 lbs (in time) others perhaps only 2 lbs while others are in maintanence! ALL Of you are WELCOME!!! We are here for you!!

Here's the link to JOIN (AFTER you hit the JOIN Button please remember to post under the feed)

Need an invitation for Winter? Post ONLY HEREπŸ™ New Members Accepted Throughout The Challenge!

Also PLEASE HIT the LIKE button it'll help us draw in more members.



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    @Dianedoessmiles1 The LTGL's aka Healthy Habits, that we work on each challenge have helped me through many situations and rough days. Even though many of the LTGL's are repeated challenge after challenge I learn something helpful each time. Also, participating in the 5% challenges motivates me to exercise more to help my team "land the plane" and beat the other teams. The support and encouragement keeps me coming back challenge after challenge.
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    id like to join