Why all the negativity???Where is the Motivation?

I'm seriously considering staying out of the message board. I read to see how other's may be dealing with certain situations or for some helpful hints with things but I have decided that people are just mean!!! Talk about cyber bullying. Making people feel completely stupid with the stuff they post is form of bullying~:" "indirect bullying", at least in some instances, such as name calling, the silent treatment, arguing others into submission, manipulation, gossip/false gossip, lies, rumors/false rumors, staring, giggling, laughing at the victim, saying certain words that trigger a reaction from a past event, and mocking.". Most of the people on here probably have or have had problems with self esteem and are looking for support and encouragement. They don't need people with their negative arrogant thoughts knocking them in the dirt with every little post. They get enough of that with the society as a whole. I am completely sick at the way people treat other people, especially on a site that is suppose to be for motivational purposes.... Sorry for the total rant... i'm climbing down off my soapbox now and bracing myself for the expected negativity this may draw.:yawn:


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