I think I'm in love.



  • Shreddingit84
    Poor her your clearly a Scumbag...:laugh:
  • Howdoyoufeeltoday
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    Just gaze into her eyes and feed her another twilight quote! and don't forget to sparkle in the sun...chicks dig that!!

  • djeffreys10
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    Aside from this being roll bread, I gave you valid advice. You describe a oneitis.

    1. oneitis

    Often confused with love, this is the feeling that a particular woman is actually special. This is just an illusion; she is the same as the other three or so billion. "Go **** ten other women" is the most commonly prescribed treatment for this "disease" (hence the "itis"), as it tends to show quite quickly how very alike people are.

    In other words, get over yourself and your obsession with that girl, because it's just an illusion. And when you get rejected, don't be depressed. Because there's really not much to worry about.
  • b3st
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    Now this is where you lose faith in humanity..
  • Jenni129
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    Put on a couple squirts of cologne, then be brave and ask her face-to-face. Good luck!
  • journey_man
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    Lol. Wow, you guys can be awful. Bro has a massive crush. Isn't that what happens when you're a teenager? Why the hate?
  • KrazyDaizy
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    Buy that b1tch some nail polish. B1tches love nail polish.
    No, No, No...that's wrong. Women only should be called 1 "b" word....Beautiful. B1tches LOVE being called beautiful.
  • nutellabrah
    Why are all the girls trolling?

    No disrespect but the first rule us guys have is to teach young men that women don't know what they want and its reasonable (psychologically/scientifically backed) that most of the women wouldn't be able to give sound advice i.e.. the "be yourself" comment is one example.

    He is just asking for advice and instead all the girls are trolling like its a joke.

    To you its a joke, to him its his whole universe. No disrespect, but have some respect.

    Stay classy ladies...
  • mnardi123
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    As a mother of two 15 year old teenage girls, please don't take advise from this forum seriously and DO NOT QUOTE FROM TWILIGHT! Both my daughters (one of which read the books) rolled their eyes when I read them your quote. As my eldest twin said "grow a pair, start a conversation and see if she's interested. At least if she says 'no', you can get over it." Good luck.
  • delicious_cocktail
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    Just gaze into her eyes and feed her another twilight quote! and don't forget to sparkle in the sun...chicks dig that!!


    Well that's not remotely creepy.
  • leah_motz
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    Wow, people can be *kitten*.

    My advice: Just ask. You'll never know how it might have worked out if you don't go for it. If you talk already, most girls will say yes if you ask them out. Just be straightforward. Confidence is sexy no matter how old. If you don't have it - fake it. Ask that girl and let us know what she says!

    And ignore all the jerks on the boards. People are just jealous and need to find someone to bash on to make them feel better about their own sad lives.
  • elleloch
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    My husband doesn't have any triceps. Now I have the jealousy.
  • Billy323
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    Now this is where you lose faith in humanity..

    Das It mane
  • missyj1115
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    Well my 2 cents is exactly what Nutella said basically BE YOURSELF if you are not how are you going
    to know if she likes you for you or someone you are trying to be. If she doesn't like you for you then move
    on she is not worth your time!

    I know how nerves can eat up a person but I think the most flattering way would be in person.
    I don't think texting is completely out of the question, just more personal face to face! Who knows it could
    go amazingly wonderful or horribly wrong but you miss 100% of the chances you fail to take!! Go for it!!! Good Luck!
  • LauraMacNCheese
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    I like how most of the women are being sarcastic. Yet in the end of the day they are the ones crying while watching The Notebook. I'm still young and have a lot to learn I know. But you older women should know better, unless your trolling reflects on the lonely lives you all live because deep down you all want what I do...someone to love them.