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  • bstanford510bstanford510 Posts: 67Member Member Posts: 67Member Member
    Size 2 jeans! When I started in August, I was a size 14 in the same brand 🤯🤯🤯

    Looks like they even are a bit big for you! Is it a size 2 in US or UK sizes?

    Definitely US sizes 😅
    edited February 12
  • theleadmaretheleadmare Posts: 345Member Member Posts: 345Member Member
    Apparently due to my pregnancy, I am completely turned off by sweets. I find myself curling my lip in disgust at things I used to pine for. I simply don't want them nor have any interest in them. Even took a bite of my favorite chocolate the other day, spit it back out, and nearly dry heaved.
    Thank you, baby! Lmao

    This made me slightly jealous @brittanystebbins95

    Or you could have a fructose problem like I do. Eat more than a few bites of ice cream or one homemade cookie, and you'll get a massive hangover and feel rotten. I don't miss the caramel sauces and gooey cakes as much as I miss pears and strawberries and honey.

  • GummiMundiGummiMundi Posts: 120Member Member Posts: 120Member Member
    I was so inspired catching up on this thread yesterday that I went out and walked for 30 minutes.

    That's the spirit! :smiley:
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