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  • aerochic42aerochic42 Member Posts: 765 Member Member Posts: 765 Member
    While reffing hockey last night, one of the guys asked me "How much weight have you lost?!". Not "Have you lost weight" plus I was wearing my ref gear so it's harder to notice. The difference in question feels important but also, this is the first comment I've had after starting back on my journey back in November!

    @Mewlingstork. That is extra impressive given the ref gear. Way to go.
  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,470 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,470 Member
    Pulled a 565 lb rackpull yesterday, but screwed up the video. I do have video of the 545 lb pull. Both were PRs!

    JUST WOW! This is incredible!
  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,470 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,470 Member
    I got back on the mfp wagon at the end of October. I was compelled to do this after an appointment with my gyn. She gave me two options: either work on my weight and, see her in 4 months or, she was sending me for a blood draw right then. I am terrified of needles so, getting back to mfp it was! Well, my follow up appt is tomorrow morning and, I hit my 1st goal of 10% loss last weekend. I emailed my gyn and, asked if I could cancel my appt with her as, it was basically a weight check in. I told her the goals I'd made when I walked out of her office. I told her what I'd done to succeed in obtaining my first goal. I hit send and, expected her to say she still wanted to see me. She replied with this and, while I was proud of myself for what I'd done, I've never had a Dr. be proud of my weight loss:
    You are a ROCKSTAR! This is amazing. I wish everyone could do what you are doing. Thanks for reaching out. 100% you do NOT need the appointment. I will cancel it for you. Keep up the excellent work 🙂 I am so impressed with your diligence. Nice work!

    So, this was a little kick in the pants.

    Great work AND great Doc!
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