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    You're all very kind....and my son will be fine - it's all character-building.

    However, I think using food as a reward or as a consolation just sets up a life-long *kitten* relationship with food....so, that really is contrary to my own values and I'll have to curtail that for the future!

    My fast went super-fine yesterday. Back to low-calories for the next few days, which I can totally handle.
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    KellySue - sorry about your cat. Pet's short life span is a tough trade off for their love and devotion.

    Sam - hope your ear clears up soon, that must screw with your balance as well. Do you wear ear plugs when you swim?

    Today is a Mommy and me day with my oldest, lol, she's 21 and still calls it that. Getting a mani-pedi and dress shopping for a gala dinner next weekend. I'm so excited! I haven't gone shopping for a couple months and I know my body has changed since then.

    It's snowed a crap load overnight and still coming down so I told my guy that I was going to take care of it this morning and will get in some short form of cardio today as well. I have been consistent in my eating and exercise this week so I hope to see at least a half pound gone in my weekly weigh in tomorrow morning to be on track with my goal.

    Enjoy your Sunday!
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    It was a good day today with some cleaning, some walking and a nice finding on the web. The Mayo Clinic recipes page :happy: For tonight, we will have some curried pork tenderloin in apple cider.

  • Just joined 46 and want to lost 50 pounds in the next year. Looking for any kind of support! Looking for a calorie counter for food any suggestions. Great to be here and get started. Cheers! :)
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    Missou, that sounds soo good! Yum!

    White103, welcome! This same site, MFP, is a great calorie counter.

    Whatabroad, did you find your dress? I wanna see it!!!

    Beeps, I have never done a fasting day. I have done IF 16/8 but 24 hrs. Yikes!!! Not so sure I could hang.

    I am watching the Golden Globes and practicing a couple of songs for my Zumba class tomorrow night. LOL I just cant sit around watching TV for too long. Have a great evening!!
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    was a great day with my daughter... I tried on about 20 dresses at 4 different stores and didn't commit to anything, lol. I don't want to spend too much as I'm still shrinking. I will definitely share a picture though!

    missou - sounds yummy! I made pork tenderloin as well but mine was a spicy thai flavoring.

    Going to settle down with a cup of tea and put my feet up with my Fitness RX magazine.

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    Happy Monday all! Today is my one year anniversary logging on MFP. Who knew I would make it this far?! I have no intentions of stopping now!

    My weekend was ok. I really enjoyed spending time with Jacob. He's so stinkin' cute! Ran some errands with the hubby and home for the rest of the day. Yesterday I decided to get outside as it was fairly dry and I went for a walk. It was a bit chilly and some light snow was falling here and there, but it was good.

    Had a good work out at the gym today. Arms, shoulders and back along with some cardio as well. Tomorrow I have to be in to work an hour and half early so it will be a short workout in the am.

    Alf- Glad to hear that your granddaughter is feeling better.

    Everyone have a great day!
  • Beeps2011
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    Congrats on 1-year-anniversary, KellySue! BOOM!

    WhataBroad - how fun to dress shop!

    alf - I've never done a 24-hour fast, myself....I usually break my fasts at about 20 hours. It's not much of a stretch since I do 16-hours on an everyday basis, frankly. It's trying to keep my calories LOW after that 20 hour fast, and not BINGE at all. THAT has been a different "mental space" for me.

    I'll start posting more to the newbies if they end up sticking around - otherwise it just feels like I'm wasting my breath!

    In the meantime - today, I lift!
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    KellySue - Happy anniversary! One year, way to go!!

    WhataBroad - How fun to have a day with your daughter! We'll be waiting for pictures!

    I do wear ear plugs when I swim. I slept a lot this weekend and took a decongestant so I'm feeling better. I'm still going in to see the ear doctor. I've had the tendency of letting things go in the past, and then it comes back to bite me in the rear later!

    We should have a mild week weather wise. Temperatures around 50 degrees F.

    Enjoy the start to the week! :flowerforyou:
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    Kelleysue congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drinker: :drinker: I'm telling you, this site is addictive!! :laugh:

    Samuel, I hope you have a productive visit with your doctor. It can be frustrating to see a doctor and come out with no answers. :noway:

    Beeps, I want to get back to IF but need to do more research. I just struggle not knowing if I am eating enough for my goals and when to eat. I don't always work out at the same times so it becomes an issue. When I was doing it I got used to stopping to eat at 7 or 8pm and not eating breakfast until 10 or 11am but it was an issue when I had to workout in the morning due to schedule conflicts. I felt so lean when I was doing it though, sometimes too lean.

    As I mentioned I was doing a "juice" cleanse for 3 days. Well, I did two. :laugh: After my workout this morning I had some protein with one of my juices. I am off today and so is my husband so I think we are going out to lunch. It will be a healthy lunch because he is also on a diet so I am not too worried. I stepped on the scale, 128 from 131.5 last Monday, but I think that was due to the cleanse not so much body fat loss, maybe a pound. I will see how much I weigh next Monday. But I do feel leaner, lighter, more energetic since Jan 1. I cut back wheat/gluten and dairy for this month. I really don't miss it that much although I am craving some plain greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. That is one of my favorite daily snacks. :ohwell: I teach Zumba tonight as well. :drinker:

    Have an awesome day!!! :flowerforyou:
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    alf - If I recall, you teach zumba, and some other classes, so I have NO idea what that might mean for the sort of "fuel" you want prior to such work-outs. For me, I work-out fasted all the time...in fact, I don't think I have worked out "fed" in about 14 months. I just have empty tummy and as I move through my work-out, I've never felt "hunger", ever. I do drink TONS of water, but that's all the time....not just during work-outs.

    I do know a LOT of women, who are personal trainers and cardio-instructors, though, who do IF (whether that means "intermittent fasting" or "intermittent feeding", I don't really care....) and they move through their teaching classes just fine.
  • This sounds like the group I should be in .. Hi everyone !!
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    KellySue - congrats on your anniversay!! you've accomplished so much in that time and I can't wait to see what you do in the next year!

    Sam - glad the head issue is starting to clear up. Swimming is such an awesome full body workout.

    alf - IF shouldn't interfere with eating for your goals. I always do my morning workouts fasted as well and usually don't break my fast until the 14 hr mark. I will have a protein shake after a heavy workout though but it's not enough cals/carbs to call it a 'meal'. If I am really hungry though, I eat.

    I got the 1/2 pound loss I was looking for! Yay! That has put me back to pre-Christmas weight. I have a 3day business trip (read sitting practically all day and drinking entirely too much alcohol at night!) Thursday - Saturday so I am getting a *kitten* load of cardio in before and am going to get it in down there too, whether at the beautiful fitness facility in the hotel or bodyweight stuff in my room. I am NOT allowing myself ANY EXCUSES.
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    Hi lgrimm, welcome! :drinker:

    Beeps, thank you! I am not really worried about my Zumba classes because I teach them in the evening. I have no problem working out fasted. I prefer to workout on an empty stomach. The problem is not eating immediately after I workout. If I need to workout in the morning because of my work schedule it would be around 5am and if IFing I wouldn't eat until 10 or 11am. I feel that is way too many hrs to work after a workout. What do you think? I normally do 6 days a week of 16:8, on zumba days (x2 a wk) 10am-6pm and non zumba days (x4 a wk) 11am-7pm. On Sundays I eat breakfast when I wake up because my husband likes to cook breakfast for us. I still stop eating at 6 or 7pm. Suggestions? Anyone else here doing Intermittent fasting? Whatabroad?

  • WhataBroad
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    alf, I think you are complicating this! :happy:

    You control your diet, not the other way around. There really is nothing set in stone that says you HAVE to fast between x and y EVERYDAY. If on those days that you work out early in the morning, which isn't going to be everyday I assume, you want to eat something within a couple hours, then just eat. Change your eating window for that day if you feel you need to. A small snack or protein shake with water or almond milk is prefectly alright to see you through until your first meal if you feel the need... intuitive eating should be of the greater importance in my opinion.
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    tried this on today... it's a pretty satin with flocked diamonds and a cute little belt. It's not too formal and I could wear it to other functions as well. The boots kind of throw it off, lol. Why do they put the antitheft tag on the inside hip of dresses??

    I may just wait until I go down to Vancouver and have different boutiques to choose from... oooooo, shopping!!!

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    Hey, I think I like this group too!
  • 40+ and a cool kid!!!! My kind of group!!!! Howdy everybody!
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    Hey everyone! This sounds like a cool group of people.
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    tried this on today... it's a pretty satin with flocked diamonds and a cute little belt. It's not too formal and I could wear it to other functions as well. The boots kind of throw it off, lol. Why do they put the antitheft tag on the inside hip of dresses??

    I may just wait until I go down to Vancouver and have different boutiques to choose from... oooooo, shopping!!!


    Congratulations! great job with your weight loss .. you are an inspiration for all of us :-)