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  • chelisaclifton31
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    Happy to find a group of 40+ with an emphasis on exercise. That is where I need the most change right now. Looking forward to seeing your posts!
  • alf1163
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    Hello!!!! Beeps, Ms. Tiny Waist!!!! :drinker: :drinker:

    I did a quick challenge this morning and I teach Zumba tonight! I am loving my playlist now!!! I just wish some of my students were as excited as I am. LOL :laugh: :grumble: :noway:

    Have a wonderful day!! :flowerforyou:
  • Beeps2011
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  • alf1163
    alf1163 Posts: 3,143 Member
    Oh yes!!! Thanks for sharing Beeps!!! That is one of the many reasons I lift!!! :drinker: :drinker:
  • KellySue67
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    Beeps- Thanks for the link- good to know and am glad I started lifting! Almost done at work for the day. Then off to my own rehearsal and class.
  • ruby70
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    Amazing on your waist Beeps!!! You will succeed :smile: You can see the finish line

    I hope your rehearsal went good today Kelly sue, keep up the good work.
  • Beeps2011
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    My Tuesday "koo-koo cleanse" meant that I didn't ingest many calories on tuesday - good planning because I ingested PLENTY O' calories at date night last night, lol! Today, I am fasting (again!) in preparation for our (much-delayed and *re-do*) Xmas supper on Saturday. I will be glad when this whole week is behind me! My sleep is awful (too many late nights ~ and at least 2 more VERY late nights, tonight and tomorrow, on my radar screen....can't be helped!), my calories are high, then low, then high, then low ~ NOTHING like what I prefer. I will be happy to return to my boring ol' "same ol'/same ol'" by Sunday or Monday. NO EXCUSES.
  • KellySue67
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    Good morining all! Got to come into work a little late this morning since I had an early day on Tuesday. Hung with Jake! Yeah for Grammy time!!

    Did some aerobics this morning. Got the blood flowing for sure!! Will be at the gym to lift tomorrow!

    Off to get ready for a meeting. Have a good day all!
  • WhataBroad
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    Happy Thursday!

    Beeps - great article, thanks for sharing. I too plan to have a low cal day, push breaking my fast as long as I can.

    I leave this afternoon for my Vancouver trip. WOOT! I have packed protein powder, Quest bars and my running shoes! I am looking forward to getting away for a couple days, even though I am stuck in meetings all day Friday.

    I killed my leg day yesterday after work - increased my squats and dead lifts by 10lbs for 2x6 reps - woot! I had an awesome sleep, I was so wiped, lol, didn't get up for cardio this morning! So today will be a rest day instead of tomorrow. My 'new' plan is to NOT consume so much wine and rye tonight that I can't get a quick run in in the morning before sitting on my *kitten* all day. Now the challenge is to execute that plan!!

    Have an awesome day and, since I will be on my phone app and can't get into the message boards, have an awesome weekend as well!!
  • alf1163
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    HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! :drinker: :drinker: It is Bikram day for me!!! I am also planning on completing my workout challenges later on today. Crossing my fingers! If not double duty tomorrow. Yikes!! :noway:

    Whatabroad, have fun in Vancouver!!! I recently heard it is a beautiful city.

    HAVE AN AWESOME DAY AND WEEKEND!!! :flowerforyou:
  • KellySue67
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    Hooray for Friday! It was a gym day for me. Legs and abs and some walking. Good workout! No big plans for me this weekend. A workout tomorrow, groceries, laundry and an oil change for the jeep!! Boring, but all important stuff.

    A small loss for me this week- .2lbs. It's all good though. A loss is a loss no matter how small!

    Have a great day!
  • Beeps2011
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    I'm supposed to lift, at lunch, but I am VERY over-tired from 2 nights of very bad sleep. However, seeing "PINK" last night TOTALLY motivated me to get stronger and stronger 'cause I want to flip myself around (acrobatically) like she does!! She has a HOT HOT BODY! (And a great voice....it really was a very, very entertaining show!)
  • 1968samuel
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    Happy Friday gang!

    WhataBroad - Hope your trip went well!

    Beeps - Thanks so much for the link on lifting!

    My hearing has improved since my surgery (hooray) and I'm clear to head back into the pool again! Had a nice run yesterday.

    Looking forward to some much needed rest this weekend!
  • RM10003
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    Happy Friday!

    Thanks for link, Beeps!

    So I tried P90X at my office gym today.... hmmm, not so sure I'm up for it. Higher impact than I'm used to, plus by Friday I'm already pretty sore (my burpees were a mess today with my jello legs!). But I think I'll try to give it another chance next week.
  • princessofredrock
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    Hello Cool Kids!

    Love the waist Beeps!

    Have fun WB!

    I am still fighting this tummy bug! Just grrrr. lol

    Life is crazy right now!

    My 11 yr old and 5 others in his class are testing for their Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do tomorrow morning!
    They video the test, send it to S. Korea where 20 Grand Masters review the video and decide if they pass or not!
    Tough! My son knows what he needs to know but he tends to get nervous, so fingers crossed!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Beeps2011
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    Our Xmas supper RE-DO, last night, was SUPERB! Fully-catered turkey + trimmings, surrounded by people that I love (who love me!)....no family, other than my own, simply the friends-who-have-become-family.

    I ate too much, so an "X" went into my Saturday "NO EXCUSES" challenge, but it didn't matter....I met my WEEKLY calorie obligations and my WEEKLY exercise obligations. (I did have to fast twice this week, in order to make sure I had banked some calories for this FEAST!).

    I'm REALLY gonna give it my all for the remainder of January, take my month-end photos, do my month-end measurements and then move into a 200- to 250-calorie deficit (daily) until I meet my goals, likely by summer, 2014.

  • KellySue67
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    Monday again! Didn't make it to the gym this Saturday. When I got up it was snowing like crazy and since I have to go into town to go, I opted out at the roads had not been plowed very well and I had some shoveling of my own to do. I did work out at home- besides shoveling- and was able to get out and get my errands done later in the day when the snow stopped.

    I did make it to the gym today and had a good workout. Cardio and arms, shoulders and back. Increased weights on tricep pulldowns and lateral pulldowns!

    Have a good day all!
  • alf1163
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    Good morning everyone!! Well, the scale is back up, just as suspected. :grumble: :noway: Oh well... I just have to keep it up. I am taking care of my granddaughter today because my daughter started a new job today. I plan to workout though.

    Beeps, the Xmas supper sounds delicious! You have some really good planning skills. :happy:

    Have an awesome Monday!! :flowerforyou:
  • Beeps2011
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    KellySue - I'm glad to read you went up in some of your weights! That always feels SO good!

    alf - I'm not stepping on the scale, for sure...it wouldn't be GOOD news! I'll wait until my Friday weigh-in and hope for the best!

    Today, at lunch, I LIFT! Gotta keep those curtsey lunges IN my rotation....they were there on Friday (after maybe a 4- or 5- week absence!) and I was SUPER-sore this weekend, lol!
  • WhataBroad
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    Morning everyone!

    KellySue - excellent workout this morning! Was probably a very wise choice not to go driving when you didn't have to and don't forget that you can do all sorts of bodyweight exercises at home too!!

    Beeps - your redo dinner sounds wonderful... so glad you had a fabulous time and I am sure it was well worth the X! =)

    alf - enjoy your day with your granddaughter!

    My weekend away was fantastic! of course too much of drinking but I did get in a workout and lots of walking. I found a fabulous dress as well and will put up a pic soon! It was such an amazing feeling to walk into any store I wanted to and not worry if anything would fit. I was so tired that I was in bed and out cold by 8:30 last night!! I didn't get up with my alarm this morning and have chest/arms and treadmill interval after work today. I am also fasting... got my BCAAs with me to sip on and I am going to try to hold out until later this afternoon. Haven't bothered a weigh in either... I can just feel the extra water retension!

    Have a fantastic Monday peeps!