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  • KellySue67
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    Happy Tuesday Cool Kids!

    Whatabroad~ Cute dress! I love shopping, but just can't go as often as I would like.

    I did a 30 minute aerobic workout this morning. Had to be in to work by 8am, so had to be short and sweet. The bummer of the whole deal is that I didn't get to see Jake this morning. :sad: I am going to try to stop at home and see him on my lunch break then he will look like this...:smooched: !

    Have a good day all!
  • As of Sunday, I qualify to be part of this cool club. Happy Tuesday everyone. All are welcome to add me.
  • sue_stef
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    Happy 1 year Kellysue!!

    I've been pretty good keeping my walking to at least 10,000 steps all week
    today I'll be walking a lot more I have to head to the school 2 times(it is a mile away and I walk because we don't have a car at the moment)
    once to drop off something for my son
    and the second time to meet a friend this evening to walk the track
    I'm so excited to have a real life exercise buddy I just might do my hair !
  • WhataBroad
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    Hello newcomers*waves*... make sure you visit 'My Topics' so you will easily find your way back! =)

    Canookie - thanks! It's been 2 years, almost to the day, since I started my lifestyle overhaul. I get a little bit closer to where I want to be everyday.

    KellySue - cardio is always a great way to start the day IMO! =) I am sure Jake's face is going to look like that too! lol

    Got in my cardio this morning as well... I just always feel so good after a good run first thing. I did hill intervals on my treadmill, had my HR up to 171 at the end of it. After work is heavy day for chest & arms... looking forward to a PR for bench today!!

    Enjoy your Tuesday peeps!
  • Beeps2011
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    No lifting. No cardio. Yes piano lesson!
  • 1968samuel
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    WhataBroad - Cute dress! You're looking great! Hard work pays off! :flowerforyou:

    KellySue - Way to get your cardio in!

    Doug - Welcome to the club! 40 somethings rock!

    Beeps - Piano lesson sounds fun. I know you'll be missing your lifting though!

    Short cardio session today for me followed by lifting. It's snowing and cold here, not sure where the nice weather went! :cry:
  • princessofredrock
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    WOW! A new year and a roll! So much I have missed here! You all look fabulous!

    I have been doing more school work with my boys, Working on their grammar (wish my mom lived closer than NC! lol she is the grammar Queen!) Starting my older 2 on book reports and all on geography! My hubby picks up the math and science!

    I have maintained my weight but having tummy issues as I try to add different things back into my diet. I kinda went cheese crazy after new year's eve and finally stopped eating it (again lol) because it was just tearing me up! That was last week and still not happy tummy! So I will do a few raw milk days (seems to always fix my insides) and see if that fixes me up!

    I have still been alternating BBL and You are you own gym. Though not at my usual pace because of my tummy and after not exercising for almost 2 months, it really takes a lot to get back into that rhythm!

    Hubby and I are going for a hike today, have not gone in a while so it will feel great to hit the hills!

    I got a new camera for xmas. The pic is one my 11 yr old took of me, taking one of him, while we were on the roof "helping" hubby put a new heat pump in! ; )

    Have a great week and upcoming weekend COOL KIDS! xoxo

  • Cre8veLifeR
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    What an inspirational group! I want to be cool too :-) KellySue happy 1 year! :drinker: You made a LOT of progress too! Congratulations! WhataBroad that dress is CUTE! Love the boots too! :heart:

    I am Cheryl -- I live in Tempe AZ and I am cold because it's below 70 lol. TRUE! I am a business owner (graphic designer) and I am studying to get my fitness certification - currently studying nutrition, which oddly enough contains a LOT of molecular biology...makes me wish I had paid more attention in science - but I am sure I would have forgotten is anyway lol. It's really fascinating to me to think about the effect of everything I eat on my body at a cellular level... I LOVE being in my 40's! I will be 43 in May and I swear I still feel as good as I did in my 20's - minus the perfect body I had before I had kids and let myself get fat after I had my son lol. But I am back on track -- nearing my goal slowly but surely :smile:
  • Beeps2011
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    1968samuel - nah, not missing anything....I don't lift on Tues/thurs/Sat/Sun anyway....lol.

    I AM HUNGRY today....this "cleanse" business is for the birds.
  • Alisontheice
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    I've posted here sporadically but I just want to say...

    I'm 40 and I have a skinned knee! WTF who does that at 40??? Slipped on our deck I was clearing of ice, the ice was already off it but I slipped pushing it off. Oh well at least no one was around so no damage to my pride. :)
  • Heeh! Laughign with you not at you. I did that Thanksgiving week--slipped in mud and landed on my knee. Skinned it good!
    Heal quick!!!

  • smacman7
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    Ok, I'll one up you. I am 42 and split my head open stage diving at a hard rock concert. WTF is what my wife said... Stone cold sober as well. I guess I thought I was 16 for a brief moment in time. Reality hits when the medical bills start showing up.:-)
  • ruby70
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    Hello everyone...
    kelly sue - good job on your one yr anniversary mon MFP and your incredible weight loss this year. You are an inspiration!
    Sue - glad to hear you are getting in 10,000 steps + per day. Way to turn your no car situation into a positive & use it ad a way to be more active.
    Sam - I hope your ears feel better soon, I love swimming! As the snow is blowing here today I am looking forward to summer here when I can use my outside pool again!!
    Whatabroad - I love the dress but I like your idea of shopping for it in Vancouver instead. How cool is that and to actually have fun shopping. I look forward to when shopping becomes fun for me also.
    alf- good luck with your fasting! I love your determination.

    After my first week of getting serious I lost 3 lbs and I am really proud. That was my first goal and got me down to 169. Out of the 170's and not going back into them. My son has his 13th birthday today and I am having b-day cake with him tonight! Life has to be a balance for me & I can never get this moment back. I promise I won't slack on the workout:sad: I will push myself extra hard today.
    welcome to the group Doug!
  • WhataBroad
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    LOL @ smacman!! that's awesome!!

    Alison - ya, skinned up knees at our age are usually from something else!! :tongue:

    I fell and smucked my forehead a couple weeks before Christmas and had a neanderthal forehead/ black eye combo for this years family pics! and I was stone cold sober as well! lol

    Ruby - congrats on the fabulous start and enjoy that cake!
  • Alisontheice
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    Ha ha true. My son fell on the ice after school and scraped his face and chin. It just wasn't our day I guess.

    Ruby--enjoy your cake. Yuuummmm
  • Chieflrg
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    Nap time...
  • alf1163
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    Ruby, I am proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: and happy birthday to your son!!!

    Wow, lots of cool kids with ouchies LOL :laugh: :laugh: and while sober?? :noway:

    I did my workout challenges early this morning before work. We were celebrating the Jan birthdays today and there were two cakes. I had NONE!!!! I felt really proud of myself!! It really helps to be on some kind of restriction/challenge and be honest about it. If not I would have had at least one slice of each!!! :noway: The only thing I have been eating "lots" of but still logging in and staying under my calories are honey toasted or cinnamon roasted nuts. OMG!!! Those things can be addictive!!!!

    Whatabroad, I know I might be making IF harder than it should be but I think if I don't follow the guidelines might as well not do it at all. I might try it loosely next month and see how it goes. Like I said I don't mind doing it at all, as a matter of fact I really enjoyed it. I liked the fact I didn't have to worry about breakfast in the morning. I did have to better plan my meals and pack them overnight to be sure I had enough food while at work. I didn't enjoy having to eat so much for dinner because I didn't eat enough. What works best for you? BTW, nice dress, looks great on you!!! I love shopping, well, mostly window shop. I am so frugal!! LOL

    Have a great evening!!! :flowerforyou:
  • Ruby, You ROCK! Keep up the great work!!
  • KellySue67
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    Happy Hump Day! Took today as a rest day. We are taking our African dance/drumming performance to a local school today, so I am sure that will get my heart rate up some. should be a fun time!

    Ruby~ great job on the loss!

    Back at it tomorrow. Have a good day Cool Kids!
  • Beeps2011
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    Waist is back down to 26.5", so that koo-koo cleanse obviously did THAT. I'll take it! I'm trying to push my waist down to 26.0", which will be a LONG HAUL, but I'm in it to win it!