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    Morning Ladies,

    This first week back at work has been really slow, kind of waiting for the shoe to drop when everyone gets back to work here. :D This morning was KCM RAW Just Step & Jillian's Yoga Meltdown Level 1.

    Laurel, Sounds like a really fun workout, and getting to add on that blizzard blast. It is so easy to fall into the habit of lifting the same weight as Cathe, I found that I just couldn't do that in some cases recently. That lady can really lift a lot for her shoulders. I know what you are talking about though. I will be increasing the weight in small increments. I have the upper body workouts all set in my calendar, but so far have not decided on the lower body workouts. I think that I want to incorporate the leg workout from Walk Strong 3 into this. Would that one be best in Meso 1 do you think? I really do enjoy that one a lot, and have not done it in a while so it would be a good second lower body workout.

    Tami, Great job with the workout and your class. Dang on that flu, it can be very hard to avoid when it is moving around your area like it appears to be. Nice that you will have that workout option when you head to Hawaii! I love that your friend is all into working out with you also. That barre class sounds like it would probably be a good one, just another way to work that lower body.

    Thelma, Great job on getting in your workout. I can't even imagine what you are going through at work now that you have officially resigned. I'm sure that there are people trying to pick your brain. They guys I work with say that they will need to download all my contacts before I retire. :D I'm sure you will do fine with driving a truck, it is just a matter of getting used to it. You both will be moving this along fast, but once you don't have to go to work anymore it will get better.

    Have a great weekend!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a pretty tough one. I did one of Cathe’s earliest Live workouts, which was a 70 minute workout called All About Legs. And Cathe threw everything but the kitchen sink into this workout. So there were plyo moves, weighted moves, moves with a fire walker band, gliding tool moves, barre moves and stability ball moves, :o In other words, it was pretty thorough. :p It had two saving graces, though. First, since this was one of her first Live workouts, they hadn’t quite figured out about having all the equipment ready, so there were some longer breaks to get equipment. The second.....the weight used was light. But it was tough. I took a break before cardio, trying to figure out what to do and settled in Cathe Live HiiT It, Strike It and Crunch It. It felt pretty tough today, to be honest.

    Tami, yikes on the flu! I hope you are able to avoid it. Sounds like a great plan for working out in Hawaii!! If you don’t mind sharing.....where are you going in Hawaii? I am just curious. Like I said before, DH and I are hoping to use our airline tickets from our cancelled Hawaii trip last autumn to go there next autumn. But we have only been to Oahu, and have been planning to go back because of a familiarity/cost thing. So I am curious where you are going and your impression. No matter where you will LOVE it! The air is so soft...... B) . Cathe posted quite a few videos of the new workouts a couple of weeks ago. You can probably find them in YouTube searching for Cathe and LITE series or something like that. They look pretty good. They definitely look less intense than some of her other workouts, but that can be deceptive when just watching a video clip. I am definitely looking forward to trying them though.

    Laurie, hope next week at work doesn’t go too crazy! :o But at least you have a good new boss, so that must help. Great workouts. I think the Walk Strong 3 Lower Body workout would be perfect for this first month. Actually.....thank you for reminding me about it! I want to do it again, and I think this will be a great opportunity. I am with you on Cathe and her shoulders. Like I have said before, I can only do 20lbs overhead presses if the reps are slow and few. Cathe definitely has me beat there.....and in most areas actually! :D Booked my room for the Road Trip last night so one step closer!!

    Thelma, huge hugs my friend!! I so empathize with what you are going through. You have invested so much of yourself into your job that, no doubt, you feel like you are losing a part of yourself in leaving. Add the stress of a move.....and a move alone....on top of that and that is just so much to take in. I will tell you that with every matter how excited I might be for it.....there is always some doubt and some concern because it is jumping into an unknown. So don’t worry that your excitement for the new house isn’t there right now. That you had it in the first place means it is real. It has just been washed over right now with other stuff like leaving your job and the details of your move. We have, unfortunately all too often, moved on short notice like you are, and it leaves little time to process what is happening and to weigh everything with some sense of proportion or perspective. No doubt you will find yourself in Georgia more than once saying ‘what the heck just happened?’. But once the dust settles, I have no doubt you will look around your new home, enjoy the new peace in your life and say ‘This is right’. It will be a journey to get there though, but so worth it. Okay....anyhow.....just a thought on the driving the truck and such in one day. Can I ask what kind of truck? The only reason is because, as you know, we did the whole two trips with u-Hauls across the country thing when we moved from CO to FL. And the size trucks my DH drove (26’ and 20’) were too slow and too uncomfortable to drive 1000 miles in a day. Stopping for gas alone added hours to our trip. And there is no way on this earth I could have driven either of those trucks down the driveway much less on the highway. Hopefully you will be renting something smaller, but I just wanted to throw that out there as a caution for you. And, Thelma, if you need help with anything or just a break from being alone, I know we have never met in person, but I can be (and would be if you wanted) there in just a few hours. And I am serious about that.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. We had a nice one and did some packing. Getting ready for a cold day tomorrow!
    On Friday I did BB Bulk Shoulders and a little cardio. On Saturday I did one of Jessica's fusion workouts and today, BB Bulk Legs and lite cardio.

    I am feeling a lot better about the move to GA. I hope this good feeling continues. I am feeling like I can do it. I'm also feeling OK about work. My boss apparently agreed to pay for a lunch party for me. Not sure when it will be yet though.

    Laurie, I hope you enjoyed the slow time at work last week! Great job with your workouts!

    Thankfully, I am in a much better place mentally when it comes to work and the move. I am trying to document things so people know what to do at work. I don't even know if DH will let me drive the truck but I will certainly offer to help.

    Laurel, wow that All About Legs workout sounds amazing! Hard but amazingly good! Great workout combo!! Glad you booked your hotel room for the Road Trip!!

    I definitely felt like I was losing a part of myself when I resigned. As the stress has lifted off my shoulders though I'm starting to feel calm about it which is good.
    I hope the excitement about the move will return once I'm in Blue Ridge and find my way around. The fear of the unknown is definitely what I'm dealing with but seem to be OK for now. I know that as the time of the move gets closer I'll start freaking out. The good news is that DH will stay a week with me to make sure I'll be OK. Now I have him worrying about me.
    I think that once I get used to being there alone at night, and I can sleep through the night I will be better.

    DH will be renting a much smaller truck than you guys had. He said he'll rent a 17' u-Hall truck.

    You are the sweetest for offering to come to my place if I needed you to. You just made me cry! Thanks so much for offering.

    Tami, I hope you and your DH are OK.

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    We had a very nice weekend. On Saturday I didn't workout. I had a party for the Altar Guild that I'm in charge of, and that was really great to just chat. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. On Sunday I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred Level 1 & Body Design Light Dumbbell Cardio Sculpting & Stronger/Leaner Lower. This morning was Jillian's 30 Day Shred L1 & Body Design Weighted Kickboxing & Upper Body Strength.

    Laurel, Sounds like a really tough workout, and glad to hear that you got through it. There is a reason that I have a new boss, he is finding out that the previous one had to many pots not finished that should have been. The mess is pretty severe, but this guy knows how to delegate. This may mean that I have additional job responsibilities, but at least then it is my process that I live and die by. ;) Everyone in the office is happy, well except maybe one guy. He may be moving onto something else also. :| I still have to book my room, probably should do that soon.

    Thelma, Great job with the workouts! I'm glad to hear that they are going to have a lunch party for you. I'm also very glad to hear that you are starting to feel better about your job and move. I'm sure that your DH will be driving all the way, but offering is very nice.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. We had a beautiful weekend here with blue skies and temps near 60. Made for such a nice change from all the rain we have been having. DH and I took the opportunity to explore some of the paths and trails near our home. We can easily walk for miles from our front door, and I love that! I was also happy to get DH out and doing something active. Hopefully we can make this a habit.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith Relax and Restore. Yesterday was Bulk Chest followed by To The Max Extreme. And today was Bulk Back followed by a fun cardio combo of Cathe Live Move It into Cathe Live Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Barre. Since the first workout was a HiiT-type workout, it made for a good trifecta of different workout styles which, thankfully, makes the time go faster for me. :)

    Thelma, so glad to hear you are doing better with the move. I am glad you are going to be celebrated by your co-workers before you go. You deserve it! Great job with the workouts as well. And just know the offer to come help you or just alleviate the loneliness is sincere.

    Laurie, great workouts. Glad you got to enjoy some time with good people on Saturday. I am glad your new boss is cleaning some things up. It’s sad he has to do that, but at least he is the kind of person who can. Hopefully in the long run everybody is better off for it.

    Tami, hope you had a good weekend and DH is improving.

    See you tomorrow.


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    Hi Ladies ~ Sorry I missed you all on Friday. Weekend was very quiet but that was ok. DH is feeling slightly better. Yes only slightly. He did admit yesterday “at least it is better”. But he tried to leave the house for a little bit this a.m. and had to go back. Just too weak and tired. Poor guy. I think he will get there. Just taking time. The sore throat and cough are still full on, which is miserable. :/

    Workouts were good! So Friday was Spinning after work with a great “newer” instructor because Katy is still sick. Then Saturday I did a Total Body workout called: Tracie Long Stronger|Longer Vol #1, which was a nice lower impact workout with great warm-up and stretch. Gives a lot of core moves and opening up your hips style of stretches; light weights with cardio bursts throughout. I had bought this on a “Black Friday Special” to try. I used to enjoy her workouts when she did THE FIRM. (OY! Dating myself aren’t I? … lol) Yesterday was BULK Chest & BULK Back. Today will be BootCamp after work.

    Thelma: I am glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better after the weekend. Moving and a life change can always be scary. So many unknowns, but I know it is going to all come together and work out beautifully for you both. Wanting to be in one place and having to stay in another is very stressful. Once you are finished with work that layer of worry and anxiety will fall off. Think of driving that truck as an adventure! Great job with you workouts throughout this time, despite the lack of motivation. I think for me it was just pushing through and doing workouts that made me feel good or not doing one on a certain day. Giving myself the time it needed vs ignoring how I was feeling. Luckily that “good’ feeling has come back for the workouts and Sagi has helped too. LOL

    Laurie: Way to go with your workouts and getting back into the work schedule too! This a.m. I was thinking ……. Ugh a FULL week of work ahead, so spoiled after the last couple short weeks I had. Sounds like you have a nice plan in place for the upcoming rotation! I need to plug in my plan as well at least for those first couple of weeks and then join back up when I return from Hawaii! It’s fun that my friend has been wanting to go to Spinning together again. A long time ago we went several Saturdays together. She had to cxl on my last Saturday but maybe this week. I am going to try that Barre class this Thursday. The lady teaching it is not my favorite but I did hear it was good, so maybe this is more her niche.

    Laurel: That LEG workout sounds crazy!! I bet it was tough but I am sure you felt very accomplished when you were done. So far so good with me avoiding the sickies despite DH and every other person at work being sick. WOWSA. Knocking on wood {again} as I say that to you. LOL So we are going to Maui and I believe it is the Westin we are staying at. A 2 bdrm condo with our friends. I seriously CANNOT wait! I have heard that about HAWAII. There is nothing to not like and my BFF said the smells are amazing, plus your skin feels amazing from the air and moisture. Sounds perfect to me!!! I will give you a full report! Oahu I heard is absolutely amazing too. A little more quiet than Maui maybe? I did get an e-mail today saying my DVD’s are being shipped on Thursday! WOOHOO. The clips were listed too. Thank you for answering me about that. I will have to check them out.

    Have a great evening ladies! Talk to you tomorrow.
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    Hi Ladies, I didn't workout tonight. Long day at work, and DH has a cold that he has shared with me. I feel something brewing in my chest and my throat hurts.
    I also received an email from Cathe's team that my DVD's will be shipped on the 10th! So exciting!!!!

    Laurie, glad you had a nice weekend and fun at the Altar Guild party. Great workouts!

    It is really nice that I will have a little lunch party from my co-workers. I am also relieved that I'm feeling better about the move. The fact that DH will be with us the first week in GA helps me a lot. Thank God DH decided to do the trip in two days instead of one.

    Laurel, so glad you had an enjoyable weekend with beautiful temps! How nice that you were able to explore the nearby trails with your DH! I hope to be able to do that with DH some day too!

    You really did some really good workouts!!!
    I am glad about the little lunch party too. Things are happening at work that are making me realize that I couldn't have picked a better time to leave that job.
    Thank you so very much for your kind offer to come help me alleviate my loneliness. You are just too kind!

    Tami, so glad you didn't get sick!! So sorry your DH isn't feeling well yet though.

    I can't believe you did a Tracie Long workout! Some of her workouts are good for sure. The Firm workouts were pretty good. I am dating myself too! LOL. Great workouts!
    OMG! You're going to Hawaii!!! So happy for you! When are you going?

    I am glad I'm feeling less scared. I am starting to feel like I will be OK for a few months by myself. I hope to regain my motivation once I stop working!! Send motivation vibes my way please!!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was RAW Boxing & Drills and Jillian's Killer Cardio Level 1. This is a new RAW workout, and boy was it fun. She did boxing and then cardio on the step. Super simple athletic moves, and got the hr up.

    Laurel, Great job with all the workouts. Nice that your cardio flew by with all the variety in it. I so enjoy workouts that are like that. Have to say that the Boxing & Drills workout is now up on one of my favorites. Like your live workouts they are fun to have, and they are always different. I have that same feeling about the morning walks with my DH, he is getting out and moving. He is on a mission this year to lose some weight, so we will see how it goes.

    Tami, Awesome job on all your workouts, and your TL workout seems to be a nice way to revisit a good instructor. Sometimes we have to pull out these instructors workouts every once in a while. Glad to hear that your DH is feeling slightly better, so hopefully he progresses to full recovery soon. I hear you on the full week of work, this morning felt like it should be Wednesday. :D I hope your friend gets back into the spinning. Crossing my fingers that your barre class is a good one. Like Jillian says in her workouts. You can always use a good ---"lower body" workout in your life. Jillian usually says chest work, but I always adapt that to what I feel my body needs. Awesome that you will be joining in on the rotation after your wonderful vacation. Still one of the places that I would love to go to.

    Thelma, Dang on the possibility of a cold, dang on that sharing thing. That is one type of sharing that isn't fun. I also received my notice. Found it interesting that the shipping notification came out before it actually is shipped on the 10th. So that will mean that I get mine sometime next week, and then the previewing will begin. I'm looking forward to them. The Pyramid type workout looks interesting. She has not done a true pyramid workout for a very long time. To bad that it has those dang step ups in them. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a toughie. I started with Bulk Legs and upped the weights as I have on all the Bulk workouts this week. Then I followed it with a Cathe Live spin class called Pedal to the Metal. This is one tough spin class! I had DH install a ceiling fan in my spin room this weekend and even with that, the windows open and temps in the 50s.....I was drenched! Of course.....I loved it. :)

    Tami, glad to hear your DH is improving, even if it is slowly. Hope he continues to rest and lets himself fully recover. Great job getting your workouts in. I will be curious to hear your impressions of the Barre class. I remember when the first Firm workout came out (with Susan Harris)! I did that one faithfully for years. I suppose I credit The Firm for putting me on the path to Cathe.....because, as much as I hate to admit it, before The Firm, I worked out with Jane Fonda. B) Now that is really dating myself! Oh I think you are so going to love that trip to Maui! I have heard nothing but fantastic things about that island. We have always gone to Oahu (which is actually busier because of Honolulu) because there is a resort on the North Shore that has great military rates.....and we just can’t pass them up. But I so want to go to Maui. I will anxious to hear your impressions. And just FYI, I am toying with this being my last week of Bulk so I can do the new workouts when they come in next week. But I haven’t really decided on that yet because I am still loving them! But just in case I veer off on Sunday.....I just wanted you to know.

    Thelma, I am sorry to hear about the cold! Take care of yourself and hopefully you will feel better soon. I definitely think it is better that you are going to make the trip to Georgia in two days. I think you will both be that much more comfortable with it. The fantastic thing about the trails around here is they are safe. I wondered about it, but we saw plenty of single women on both paths we took, which made me feel good about exploring on my own this spring. I hope you find the same thing around you.

    Laurie, love the sound of that workout. Cathe Live is worth every cent I spend on it for the variety it offers. I have no doubt you feel the same way about RAW. My DH is determined to lose weight this year as well. He refuses to try to do it on his own, so he is back on Nutrisystems. I would prefer he opted for something else, but this is what he feels comfortable with. And if he could lose about 30lbs, I think he would feel so much better. I am trying to encourage him every way I can, so while he is doing his 10 day ‘start up’ plan right now, I am right there with him.....but eating my own food. After just a week, I feel so much better. I am so ready to get off this Alaska/move/holiday ‘fluff’ :) I gained!

    See you tomorrow.


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    Hi Ladies ~ BootCamp was a good class last night (as usual). Katy was back and participated but stopped a few times just due to fatigue from having the flu. We did 1 minute rounds of HEAVY weights followed by a minute of cardio. So back-to-back exercises 4 X then onto a new type of exercise. Squats, lunges, burpees, box jumps, shoulder snatches, upright rows, abs, etc. It was tiring but a great workout. This a.m. was BULK Legs. DH had a good afternoon yesterday, I think the corner was rounded that he felt better. Thank goodness. :)

    Thelma: I am sorry you caught your DH’s cold. Darn it. I hope you heal up quickly. Good that you opted out of the workout and let your body get some rest. Glad you are feeling better about the move and a lunch party is much deserved!! YAY that they are doing that. Yes, HAWAII here we come. We are going with the couple we went to Mexico with a couple years ago …. They have a timeshare and invited us to go with them to Maui. We leave on Jan 31st!

    Laurie: Way to go with the RAW Boxing & Drills along with Killer Cardio Level 1. I am glad you enjoyed the RAW Boxing and Drills so much …. Always love when a workout is fun and one of your favorites. That’s great that your DH is on a mission this year to be healthier and lose some weight. I know through my DH being so sick and the year he had I said to him “maybe this year should be your year to just be healthier” it’s not saying to go on a diet or workout or anything, just choose to be healthier so it is left up to him to choose how that happens. He agreed and I know the wheels are spinning, he just wants to feel good again. Thank you for the kudos on my workouts. Did I see “step ups” in your sentence to Thelma! I am that crazy woman that enjoys those. LOL Bulgarian Split Squats, not so much … step ups – yes!

    Laurel: When you say a TOUGHIE I already feel tired. LOL I bet that leg workout was amazing and then right into Pedal to the Metal, Yaas! Way to work. Nice that you have a ceiling fan. I remember years ago when we had my treadmill and it was in the spare bdrm that is tiny. Well the windows would fog up in like 10 minutes. A ceiling fan would have been way better. I am excited to try that class Thursday. Thank you for the FYI on our BULK rotation and that is a great idea to be able to sample out the new ones.

    Have a great afternoon/evening ladies ~ Tami
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    Hi Ladies, I felt a little better today so I did a low impact Leslie Sansone workout. DH seems better too which is great. Thankfully we don't have the flu.
    DH and I did pack two more boxes tonight and strategize about how we would move the heavy things between the two of us. We have these big, heavy bookcases we use in the basement for storage which we will take with us. I suggested we move them into our shed in the next few weekends so we don't have to do that the day we have to pack the truck. This way they'll be right next to where the truck will be parked. He booked the truck tonight.
    8 work days left! As emotional as I was about giving my notice, I firmly believe it was one the best decisions I've ever made. I think this is the reason why I'm feeling better/braver about the move to GA.

    Laurie, that boxing & drills workout sounds fun. Is it one of the paid ones? Great job!!
    I noticed too that the shipment notices went out before the actual shipment date. I hope we get them next week. Step ups or Jump-ups? I will not do jump ups/down. Those are scary. I can deal with step ups. I'll have to check the previews.

    Laurel, fabulous workouts! I can't wait to be able to do my workouts with the doors open! I'll be able to do that given that the lower deck is all screened in.
    Thanks for sharing your moving experience with trucks. As soon as I shared what you said with DH he changed his mind about doing it one day. Thank you!
    You are so fortunate about those trails being safe. A couple of co-workers told me about an app and website called where you can meet people in your area with similar interests. I am going to check it out for sure.

    Tami, glad you enjoyed your BC class and that your DH is doing so much better! We take meds as soon as we feel sick. I think this is the reason why we are both feeling better today.
    I am thrilled or you and your DH going to Hawaii with your friends.
    DH used to have a timeshare. We did get a few awesome vacations out of it before he got rid of it.
    Will Bernie stay with the grandparents?

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Jillian's 30 Day Shred L1 and Build & Burn Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion. I guess I'm in the kickboxing mood this week. :D I'm also moving on to Level 2 of 30DS tomorrow, don't know why I like that workout so much.

    Laurel, Your workouts sound awesome, and of course always good when you are sweating buckets. You are right I'm very happy that I purchased the Kelly RAW, it gives me such variety. The workouts are what she does in her classes. The only reason that she doesn't do the live class like Cathe, is she doesn't want to change the music she uses for those. All these things revolve around the music thing. :| While on our walk this morning I asked DH how he was doing, and he said okay. I asked him if what we where doing as far as eating was helping, and he informed me that he has lost 4lbs. It sometimes makes me upset that guys can lose weight faster than we can, but then again he has a lot more weight to lose than I do. Crossing my fingers that this is going to continue. ;) I hear you on the fluff, I was feeling that way too.

    Tami, Nice that you enjoyed the class, and getting in your leg workout. That flu must be bad if Katy had to take a few breaks. Glad to hear that your DH is improving day by day, that is good. I like the way you encouraged your DH to make this year a healthy year, and then he can figure things out from there. I'm sure he will be in a better frame of mind, if he is feeling healthy. If I remember correctly I saw step ups in the pyramid or the lower body workout, so they are in the workouts. I'm not a big fan of those, but I do know that they are good for the legs. I hope that the user guide incorporates the Lite and ICE series.

    Thelma, Glad to hear that the flu didn't hit your house. Great job getting in a workout. How wonderful that your heart is really getting into your move to GA. Only 8 days, and I'm sure that the closer those days get the more you will be getting excited. Packing up probably has a lot to do with that feeling also. You are packing for a reason now. I don't think that there will be jump ups, since this is a low impact series. I don't do jump ups all that often anymore. I will do some jump ups, but then I step down. Never never do both.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with Bulk Shoulders. For cardio, I did Cathe Live Low Impact HiiT Cardio into Cathe Live 200. That latter workout remains one of my favorite Cathe workouts ever and is so tough! I love how it just flies by. I guess the sunshine this week has had me in the mood for some intensity. B) :)

    Tami, I am so happy to hear your DH is feeling better. Like Laurie said, I love the way you encouraged him to focus on health. When my DH was talking over the holidays about going back on Nutrisystems, he said something like ‘Don’t you want me to look better?’ And I told him quite honestly that I don’t care how he looks, I just want him to be healthy. Great workouts! Glad Katy was able to be back instructing and glad she didn’t push herself too hard through the workout.

    Thelma, I can’t believe you are down to eight days of work! :o Glad you are feeling better and making some progress on the move. I am happy my thoughts on the drive helped! Be careful with that big furniture. I so wish we could help you because we are, after all, kind of professional movers. :# But just FYI, you can hire some movers for even just an hour from u-Haul if you need some assistance. We did that on our first move to Florida to help get the washer and dryer upstairs. It cost a little bit, but there was no way DH and I could do it alone.

    Laurie, I almost did kickboxing again this morning and remember I had just done it on Monday. So I must be in a kickboxing mood too! Great workouts. Glad you are enjoying 30DS so much. Always makes working out easier. Glad to hear your DH is getting healthier. My DH can seemingly drop 10lbs just by saying the word ‘diet’. :# Last night he proudly proclaimed that in just one week he is already down a belt size. Sigh. I can’t say the same. But as you said, my DH has more to lose. But, honestly, I am happy for him. This is the biggest he has ever been, and it has really impacted his stamina in doing things like yard work. I think that is what finally convinced him he needs a change in his lifestyle because, in his heart, he loves being active.

    Until tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ Quick check in .... I was in a class all a.m. and then had a quick appt. this afternoon. All is good though, DH is still doing better. WooHoo. I am headed to Spinning tonight and then catching up on my BULK workouts tomorrow a.m.

    Great workouts ladies, I will check in normal tomorrow. :)

    Have a great evening! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, tonight was yet another short workout due to a long day at work. I did HasFit Back & Biceps.
    7 work days left! All those sad emotions I had about work last week have quickly vanished thanks to some co-workers. :)

    Laurie, great job with your workouts today, and congrats for graduating to level 2!

    It is definitely a huge relief that my heart is getting into the move to GA because that is making it less scary. I am definitely packing for a reason now!
    I am excited about finally getting to my last day at work.
    Excellent point on the jump-ups! I'd forgotten this new series was a low impact one! Perfect for me!

    Laurel, great combo today!
    7 days now Laurel!! We will be careful with the big bookcases. I already told DH we have to take it slow. Thanks for the thought of wishing you could help us with the move. You guys really are professional movers! HD did mention hiring movers to help us pack, but now he's booked through a company other than u-haul. We think the heaviest things we'll have are the 4 storage bookcases, my weights, and my spinning bike. We are going to see if my BIL wants our treadmill. There is no way we can move that thing ourselves.

    Tami, I hope the class wasn't boring. Glad your DH is doing better! Enjoy your spinning class!

    Good night ladies,
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,400Member Member Posts: 2,400Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Only had time for a short workout this morning, I hit that snooze button one to many times. I did 30 Day Shred Level 2.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts. I bet having that sunshine is so different from a winter in Alaska. You thrive on that sun, since it was a good tough workout. ;) Kickboxing has been my favorite from of working out since I started, so I guess that is why I get in these cycles often. I'm not a huge hi/lo person, so it will be interesting to try out that Lite cardio one is like. I'm happy that DH is trying to take the Dad bod down a bit, he has not been happy that he has gained so much weight. I don't mind, but he has been getting teased by his little brother. He said it didn't bother him, but I don't think he was telling me the truth. I'm going to use a bad word, but his brother can be a *kitten* sometimes when it comes to DH and my oldest. :/ I have no idea why he teases them.

    Tami, Glad you where able to check in. Hope that your class was good, and of course those Bulk workouts. Nice that your DH keeps improving.

    Thelma, Good job with the HasFit workout, that is a good one. How nice that your co-workers where so awesome to make you feel so great about your decision. Just one more week, and I'm sure that last day will be interesting.
    Loved the Level 2, and it was a nice change of pace. I'm looking forward to these workouts for that same reason. I'm not a high impact junkie.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,589Member Member Posts: 2,589Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Bulk Arms followed by Cross Fire Extreme. I put Body Beast back on the shelf after this workout. Since I ordered the digital downloads of the new Cathe workouts, and they are supposed to be a available tomorrow, I have decided to go all in on the new workouts next week. I am hoping I can try them all next week, but I doubt I can do all the bonuses and all the workouts in one week. But I might try. :) ;) As much as I hate to say goodbye to Sagi again, I am excited to try some new workouts.....and then move on to our rotation!

    Tami, glad to hear your DH is still improving. Hope you enjoyed your spin class!

    Thelma, good workout after a long day. I am so happy to hear your excitement for the move! When we moved ourselves, we bought a furniture mover like this one:

    It made it so easy to get the heavy furniture from the truck to the door......and at times, across the house. It doesn’t do stairs, of course, :) but once we figured out how to get the furniture on it without it rolling away, life was so much better. Don’t know if you have anything like that, but just a thought!

    Laurie, good workout! DH’s former co-workers in Alaska keep posting photos of the weather up there. It got to -40 earlier in the week. Every time I see something or hear about it, I just love where I am at that much more. B) Even the rain and the fog this winter have been welcome in contrast. But a week of sunshine like we have had this January.... has me celebrating. I love Alaska.....but I don’t miss living there for a single second. Your BIL sounds like my sister’s DH. Love him to bits....but he likes to tease just a little too much at times.

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,234Member Member Posts: 2,234Member Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Happy Thursday! Looking forward to Friday. The week has gone by a little slow for me. Our office is always “slower” this time of year and I am still waiting for more training in this position I started in a year ago …. So feeling a little frustrated. Almost caught up 100% on the policies that have been behind all year. Once those are completed then I will wonder what I am supposed to be doing. Weird to be feeling like this. DH said to me, don’t worry about that until it happens. Good advice I suppose (in a nutshell) but it is the first time I have felt like “ummm what’s happening now?” It will all work out I’m sure. So last night’s Spinning class was tough but I found myself mind wandering near the end. LOL It was intervals that were repeated and repeated and repeated … hence the mind wandering. But when I looked at my calorie burn at the end I thought, “OH that was a good one”. This a.m. was BULK Shoulders. I am planning on trying the Bootcamp Barre class tonight. ;)

    Thelma: I am so happy to hear you guys don’t have the flu. After watching DH go through that for the past 10 days it is so awful. I am always glad to hear some of your co-workers made you feel better/braver about your move to GA. It is going to be probably the best time of your life once you get there and are settled into your new home. I’m thrilled for you. That site is one my mom had started looking into to meet some seniors to go walking and dog walks, etc with before she got sick. She had heard it was a great site and very safe; my sister had recommended it. Bernie will have Grandma come stay with him. She finds that easier plus we live in a larger area (compared to her little town nearby) that she enjoys shopping in. So she has her daily outings and time with Bernie. Its like a mini vacation for her without the sunshine and beach. :) Plus she owns the remote for a week and can watch whatever she wants.

    Laurie: Great job with your Jillian workouts and the B&B KB Fusion. Funny how our moods change for various workouts. That’s great to hear your DH is happy with how things are going so far in his new healthy decisions. 4 lbs is great! It is beyond frustrating how quickly they can lose weight but yes, they have a lot more than us to lose. My DH due to the sicknesses back to back informed me he has dropped 15 lbs. WHAT!?!?!? I tried to look natural but happy for him. Granted he has been drinking so much water and tea that alot of it is water but even his face and I noticed last night his arms look thinner. Thank you by the way for my diplomatic and encouraging approach for him to get healthier. I guess I am sort of at the point that he really needs some pushing but at the same time doesn’t want to feel pushed into it (if that makes sense) so I decided if I make it like it is his idea maybe he will grab onto it and start at least making better choices. Maybe exercise will follow, we will see. Teasing is constant for him by his brother, his friends and even some other family members when they see him. It breaks my heart because I know that is part of why he brings it up so much. :'( :( I try to just encourage best I can but of course never say a word about the weight gain other than I want him to be healthy.

    Laurel: Fabulous workouts this week! I love the combos you do and enjoy reading about them. Wishing I could also join you in those extras. LOL Way to go. Thank you as well for your comment on what I said to my DH. I felt like it was a positive way of putting it and would have him think on just being healthier. One step at a time. Sunshine during the winter is such a MUST in my book. I really need it. We have been lucky with our very mild winter we have had. On this side of things even if we got hit with something the timeframe will be way shorter than it starting up back in November. So fingers crossed. We have a lot of snow pack up high and have had rain so they say our moisture level is great. YAY. Congrats on finishing up your last workout with Sagi! Always bitter sweet to put him back on the shelf. I cannot wait to hear what you think as you start going through the new series this coming week. I will be trying them out as soon as I get them but I am sure I won’t complete them all nearly as fast. New rotation here we come …. January 20th right?

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,306Member Member Posts: 1,306Member Member
    Hi Ladies, quick check in. I only got a little JS cardio today. Oh well!
    Temps this morning in my town was 34, temps in Blue Ridge also this morning was 24!!! Much colder in BR!

    I found this video of two teenage boys trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone. So funny! The first home we had in El Salvador at my grandmother's house was one of those!

    Ladies great job with your workouts!
    Laurel, thanks for that link!
    Tami, I can't believe your DH lost 15 lbs! The flu can hit you pretty bad so it is possible. Does he get the flu shot?

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,400Member Member Posts: 2,400Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I woke up with a headache and that kink in my neck. Guess I was sleeping funny at some point last night. So I decided to do Jessica Smith's Walk On 40 Minute Mega Walk, and that was perfect for a low motivation day.

    Laurel, Sorry to hear that Sagi is being shelved, but for such an awesome reason. Nice that you are getting to experience those workouts right away, but can understand why you will not be able to do all the bonuses. She is really packing a lot into this series. My shipment is scheduled to be at my house on Monday. :) Great job on your workouts. I love how MFP changed my word for my BIL to kitten, it made me laugh. Oh well I think it still makes my point. Interesting that there is a person in everyone's family that is a teaser, and sometimes not in a good way. I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying this winter.

    Tami, Awesome job on the workout. Hopefully your barre class was good. Dang on the slow down, but I'm sure once the selling season starts up again, you will be super busy. Probably now is a really good time for the training to take place since it is a slow time. OMG on the weight loss that your DH had, that is stunning. Understandable if all he was able to digest was water and tea. Of course having the flu is not on my bucket list of ways to lose weight. :D When DH was in high school his brother and his friends would tease DH, I just found out about this recently. Now I understand a lot of the dynamics between him and his brother. Nice guy, but.....

    Thelma, Looks like we had the same though process on instructors. Great job on getting in something. My parents had a rotary phone for years. The phone company made them change, because the new lines didn't work with a rotary phone. I would say that they gave that phone up about only 20 years ago.

    Have a wonderful weekend,
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