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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you all had a nice weekend. We had a wonderful weekend but it was super hot! On Friday we met our friends at the Blue Ridge Marina restaurant and on Saturday we met them in Copperhill, TN at a local brewery. DH and I only drank water because we don't drink beer and that is all they sell at that place! Thankfully, the owner is very flexible and allows people to bring drinks and food into the place. DH and I crossed the border into GA and went to a seafood restaurant by the Toccoa River in McCaysville, GA for dinner. So we had a lovely weekend.
    This morning I had an endoscopy and a polyp was found inside my stomach. It was removed and it's being biopsied. I was told those things are usually benign. I was also told to take it easy today as a result.

    My foot is a lot better pain wise. I can now massage it which I couldn't do last week because it hurt so bad. I am still limping. I was hoping the pred would help with this but it didn't. The pred has helped with the stiffness on the rest of my body and I feel good. The tip of my elbows was swollen and very painful and today they are pretty close to normal.

    Looks like we're going to have a much cooler week this week. It didn't get hot till the afternoon. We had a very cool breeze all morning.

    Tami, great job with those workouts! Glad Katy didn't make you feel awkward!
    Thanks so much for the kudos on my perseverance when it comes to workouts. I hope to find a good doctor soon too!

    Laurel, amazing workouts!! Great job!
    I've yet to get my lab result but as soon as I get them I will send them to my previous doctor.
    I don't even know what I did to have triggered the PF flareup. It was the most painful yet though.
    Sounds like you're going to get the temps we had here last week. We will get some rain toward the middle of the week. Pretty soon you'll be wishing you were in Alaska with the heat you'll experience in AL!

    Erika, I am so sorry about your friend. I didn't know that about cardinals! My aunt would say it was your friend Denise saying goodbye.
    So sweet of you to help out with the dog, birds, and garden!

    Glad your shower doors have been ordered. It's amazing how quickly people respond when you threaten them!
    I am happy we're having cooler temps here this week! I was hoping the pred would help my foot too! BUMMER!

    Laurie, I hope you had a wonderful vacation!!

    Good night ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! I can’t believe it is 4th of July week! Where is time going? We had a nice weekend. Everybody around us is complaining about the heat, but DH and I are finding it pretty pleasant. :o I think if I were standing on concrete all the time, I would be saying something different. But on a golf course or in our yard, it is actually very nice. We golfed a wild course on Saturday in a popular vacation spot just about 30 minutes south of us. It was so hilly that some of the drives were over cliffs! It was tough but also incredibly beautiful. We will definitely be playing there again. But in the middle of the round, despite being slathered in bug spray, I got bit or stung by something. It was really painful at first but after several minutes went away. But Sunday morning.... :o . I was bit in my neck, and from my ear all through my shoulder it felt like I had been given the worst shot ever. Of course we turned to the internet (the worst place possible) to figure out what might have happened. I am thinking it might have been a spider, but definitely NOT poisonous. The bite area never swelled and, thankfully, after some Tylenol, the pain went down. Yesterday I felt it just a little and nothing so far today. But that was weird!

    Anyhow, workouts the past several days were: Saturday-Jessica Smith Feel Good Cardio Fusion Flow; Sunday-LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body followed by LITE Metabolic Blast Warm Up and Calorie Crush into Cathe Live Move It; Monday-LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body followed by Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio into Cathe Live Mixed Impact HiiT and Core; Today-Cathe Live Give Me More Legs and Core followed by Strong and Sweaty Cycle Sweat.

    Thelma, so glad you had a nice weekend. Sounds like a nice time exploring your area up there. But yikes on the endoscopy. Those are NO fun. Hopefully you get the results of the biopsy soon. Could this have been the cause of some of your stomach issues? I hope your foot continues to heal. The worst thing about PF is how long it takes to feel better.

    Erika, great to see you! Good job with the rotation despite the busy schedule and wanting some ‘down’ time. Glad to hear things are moving right along with your house, though I am sorry you had to threaten them to see action. We are still in a holding pattern with ours. :| Pretty frustrating still, to be honest. I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor. Sounds like a wonderful lady. I have never heard that about cardinals, but I do believe in ‘signs’. I have no doubt from here on out, every time you see a cardinal, you will think of your friend. And that is a sign of a life well be remembered through something as beautiful as a cardinal. Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

    Until tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I did yoga today but went downhill after that. My left wrist and my right knee are swollen and tender. I can't wait till Monday to see the rheumatologist.

    On the good news front, I found a hairstylist right here in BR!! One of our friends recommended this lady at Great Clips in BR. I got my hair cut for $9.99 plus tip! This is an African American lady so I figured she would know how to cut curly hair and she did! I had pictures for her to see how I wanted my hair styled and told her I was scared. She said, "don't worry, I got you!"
    I can't remember the last time I paid so little for a haircut! I am happy!

    Laurel, I can't believe it's 4th of July week either! I think time flies when you live in the south!
    OMG, I can't believe you got attacked but those bugs! Make sure you get a really good bug spray and lotion. Get it all over your body and spray your clothes and shoes too. There are some bad bugs in the south! Glad you're OK.
    Glad you went to that beautiful golf course south of you! Sounds beautiful.

    Fabulous workouts! I wanted to do some Jessica Smith cardio today but after yoga, haircut and food shopping I started to feel very tired and slept in the afternoon.
    DH didn't tell me the nurse sent us home with endoscopy pictures! I found them by chance today! Some pretty creepy looking pictures! There was some ugly looking ball which I think was the polyp. Yikes! They have no titles or anything! I've no idea what I'm looking at. I have also wondered if the polyp has been the cause of my stomach issues. I will ask the doctor next time I see him.
    I have been massaging my foot to make sure I loosen up all those tight ligaments there.

    Good night ladies!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,706Member Member Posts: 2,706Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Ramped Up Upper Body Doubled premix, which is a killer! I followed it with one of my faves to loosen up the arms....Cathe Live Jabs and Abs. :)

    Thelma, glad you found a good hair stylist!! And at such a great price. :o That must be a relief. DH has had two endoscopies, and I always get the photos from the doctors. :| Not something I really ever need to see. B) Hope you get some answers from the biopsy soon, just to ease your mind. The funny thing about that bug bite is I had just reapplied the bug spray! But I am not certain that the bug spray works against spiders (if it was a spider). But, believe me, next time I will put on more spray....just in case! DH may start wanting me to ride in another cart though with the smell! :D Glad you got some yoga in yesterday and that you are just one long weekend away from, hopefully, getting some answers from your rheumatologist.

    Happy 4th Ladies! See you next Monday.

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  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,296Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,296Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies! Yes, it's me .... once again, alive and well! I had a busy week at work especially with the 4th breaking it up. Back at work again today but I wanted to check in. Alive and well and had a nice 3rd of July celebration at some friends lake home and then quiet evening at home yesterday since I had to work.

    Laurel: Fabulous lineup of workouts as always! That is scary about the random bug or bee that bit you. OUCH!

    I will back with you all on Monday. This week was just kind of strange hit and miss but I was busy, so that was good! Hope you all enjoyed holiday and are enjoying your weekend!!!

    Talk to you Monday :smile: Tami
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,503Member Member Posts: 2,503Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Quick check in for me, super busy at work. Our vacation was wonderful. I love having car shows indoors. I was able to workout in the very nice hotel gym, and did mostly bodyweight workouts. GHUTV seems to be my choice this month. I will have to go check out everyone's posts when I get the chance. I have been doing a lot of gardening, moving rocks. This morning was GHUTV Super 8!

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,706Member Member Posts: 2,706Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. We had a very nice weekend. The 4th was spent at home. We golfed in the afternoon and were the only people on the course. Loved it! Then Friday we headed toward northeast Tennessee for a little weekend getaway. We stayed in Johnson City and had a great time. Took a long walk through the forest, played golf on an unbelievably impressive golf course and just enjoyed a little time away. Very nice.

    For workouts, Thursday and Friday were LITE Stacked Sets Lower and Upper Body workouts followed by cardio on both days. I took the weekend off (except for the activities we were doing away). Today I woke up with no idea of what I was going to do since this is a bit of a recovery/whatever week in the rotation. So I picked two Cathe Live workouts and called it good. They were Cardio Leg Crush, which is mostly a cardio workout with some light weighted lower body exercises. Then did HiiT and Sculpt which was ten HiiT drills followed by 5# weighted upper body endurance moves followed by lower body floor work and core. This combo more challenging in my heart than the rest of my body which is exactly what I was hoping for.

    Tami, great to see you! Glad you had a good holiday. Hope things settle down for you this week and return to some sense of normal.

    Laurie, so glad you had a good trip. Yay for being able to workout! Sounds like you picked the right type of workout for you right now.

    Thelma, hope your doctor’s appointment goes well today and you get some answers. I’m thinking about you!

    Erika, hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies!

    It sounds like you all had a wonderful 4th! We were busy running around visiting family, but we got so much in over a few days, that it made it feel like a week off of work...which was really nice!

    Thelma, I'm happy to hear you had some pain relief, even if it was short lived! I'm hoping your doctor can figure out something to make the pain better. I know I've said it before, but I know the pain has got to be horrible as I have a close friend suffering with rheumatoid arthritis too and it's very up and down for her. But, she finally has found a doctor she likes, and I'd say she has more ups than downs now. I'm so happy to hear about the hairstylist...those are the best finds! I have been going to Fantastic Sams (same idea as Great Clips) for years, and I love that I can get a great cut/color for inexpensive!

    Tami, sounds like a great weekend at the lake! Those are the best!!

    Laurel, you can keep the hot weather! ;) We have been getting a lot of that, with high humidity, and it's not my cup of tea. I do get heat stroke very easy, so that could be why. I'm looking forward to lower humidity and also the evenings here are nice too :) Ouch on the bite, sounds painful!!

    Laurie, sounds like the perfect weekend and awesome to be able to get workouts in on vacation too!!!

    Enjoy the week if I'm not on here later this week!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you all had a nice 4th and a nice weekend. I had a bit of a rough weekend. The top of right foot swelled up on Friday and it lasted all weekend. Today my foot felt really good but by the end of the day my right ankle was throbbing and I could hardly put weight on my foot. I massaged and stretched it, took one aleve and it feels a little better.

    I saw the rheumatologist and I am definitely having a lupus flare-up but I also have rheumatoid arthritis which is new to me. This is kind of depressing.
    I'm back on daily Plaquenil which is for lupus and also methotrexate once a week; which is chemo. I had the doctor prescribe prescription strength folic acid so my hair doesn't fall out with the chemo. My iron levels were low so I have to take an iron supplement. My B12 levels were high so I have to take less of that. The doctor thinks it will take about 4 weeks for the meds to kick in.
    My biopsy results came back and the polyp was benign. The rest of the endoscopy results revealed nothing bad thankfully. I do of course have acid reflux.

    I did a JS low impact power walk and a dance party workouts on the 4th. I couldn't work out the rest of the weekend. Today was gentle yoga.

    Laurel, fabulous workouts!

    You have no idea how happy I feel about not having to go to Atlanta for a haircut!
    DH made a grossed out face when I asked him about the endoscopy pictures! LOL

    Ex-Officio sells these bug away bandanas that may help out on the golf course. I think you need to find a DEET type of bug spray. Too funny about your DH wanting you to travel in a different cart!
    So glad you had a great 4th and a nice weekend exploring TN!

    We actually went to NC for dinner on Saturday. We're about 30 minutes from the border.
    Thank you for thinking of me today!

    Laurie, so glad you had a great vacation! Great job getting your workouts in!

    Tami, glad you're doing well and had a nice 3rd at that lake house!

    Erika, glad you had a nice long weekend too!
    Having RA is my biggest worry. I know what to expect with lupus. I am hoping I will have more ups than downs once the meds kick in.
    The meds I was prescribed help with both lupus and RA. I hope it's a matter of getting the inflammation going on in my body under control. I'm not too crazy about my new doctor but she ran the right blood work and prescribed the right meds so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
    The hairstylist was a tremendous find. DH went there to get his haircut on Friday and the lady did a good job with his hair too.

    Have a great day ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Well I think that I'm all caught up with the posts! Not a lot of exciting things going on in Kansas, but DH's first nationals as chief judge went well. We had all the scores done by 4:30pm which apparently is a record. Who would have thought having three accountants handling tabulation would be a benefit. The gentleman that has been in the tabulation room said that my way of doing things was the best he has seen to date. :) I'm just glad that I was there to help DH. If any of you are in the Wichita area, and you have an interest in space, go to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. My DH loves everything about the Apollo missions, we spent 3-1/2 hours there. They have Apollo 13 there, and of course much more. I even enjoyed the museum, and usually I don't have a lot of patience with this type of thing.

    Laurel, You had a lot of great workouts! How nice that you got in some good golfing also. Dang on the bug bite though, but also glad to hear that it didn't hurt to badly after taking something for the pain. I don't blame you for wanting to spray yourself down with bug spray after that. Sorry to hear about you MIL's second offer not going though. Unfortunately sometimes things happen for a reason, and eventually the right family will put in an offer for the house. I'm sure that she wants everything to happen right away, so that they can move onto the next portion of their adventure.

    Tami, Great job on all your workouts! Very exciting news on your DH getting on the Peloton, and that he continues with it. My DH has lost a total of 40lbs, and he is really looking and feeling so much better. Of course everyone that has not seen him in a while notices the difference. The oldest DD called me while I was on vacation, because she was stressing out about all the closings that they had on the last Friday of June. They where having to bring in closer's from other offices to help. DH and I have always closed on our homes during the week, because we have never had a dead set date that we needed to move out of.

    Erika, Glad to hear that you are still working your way through that rotation. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor, and what a lovely story about the cardinals. I'm sure that she is sending them also. Glad to hear that the situation with the bathroom door is going to be taken care of. To bad that you had to give a threat in order to get results. Don't blame you one bit for enjoying the extra time that you have this summer. So far we have had some great weather. The few days of humidity are bearable when we get this wonderful weather we have had these last few days.

    Thelma, I'm so sorry to hear about all that you have been going though. Glad to hear that you have gotten some answers, just to bad that it has taken so long. How wonderful that you have found a stylist, and at such a great price. Interesting that they sent the pics through the mail, I don't remember them sending us that stuff. Guess I blocked it from my memory if they did. :D I'm glad to hear that you where able to do some workouts, despite the fact that you have been in such pain. I hope that the meds help you start feeling better soon. Thanks for the info on the Big Foot Museum. I don't think that DH and I will be venturing to that one.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Fit Tower Legs, Glutes and Core followed by Cathe Live Pedal to the Metal. Today is supposed to be a hot day here with a heat warning and heat indexes in the 100s. That we made it to the second week in July without heat indexes in the 100s amazes me. :o I think three years in Florida has made me immune to the heat because it isn’t bothering me at all. B) Guess that’s a good thing.

    Erika, glad you enjoyed your weekend despite it being so busy. I used to hate the heat so this not being bothered by heat thing is a little strange for me. Granted if we didn’t have AC, I would be saying something completely different. I remember enduring a couple of heatwaves in Europe (including the one in 2003 that killed thousands :o ), and I have no interest in ever going back to living with temps in the 90s and 100s for weeks without any relief anytime or anywhere. But with everything having AC here, a few hours in the heat doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

    Thelma, I am so glad you finally have some answers for what is happening with you. I am sorry to hear about the RA. I hope, with the right medication, you can keep it manageable. I remember you mentioning before that you had to take chemo medication when you were first diagnosed with lupus. I am so sorry you are back to that. How long will you need to do that? I hope it is not for long. I am glad the tumor was benign and the endoscopy didn’t show anything of concern. You continue to amaze me with getting workouts in where and when you can. You are one tough cookie!

    Laurie, glad everything at the car show was such a success. Glad you enjoyed the Space Museum. Bet your DH would love the Space and Rocket Center here in Huntsville! Huntsville is nicknamed ‘Rocket City’ for a reason. They are doing a huge celebration this month for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. I am not a museum person at all, so, of course, we haven’t been to the museum yet. :p But I definitely want to see what they have done for the moon landing. When we were living in Los Angeles, DH was working at the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center out there and we were fortunate to meet a few astronauts. It takes a special person to step into a rocket and be shot into space, that’s for sure!

    See you tomorrow.

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,503Member Member Posts: 2,503Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was GHUTV 40-30-20 HiiT, really enjoyed that one. We have high humidity today, and I sweat buckets even being in my cool basement.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts. Glad that you are enduring the heat index well, that would be knocking me on my butt. I've been pretty good so far with the heat, but the humidity is not my thing. You are right, having the ac is a blessing that I don't think I could do without. For sure we will have to get to that museum. One of the reasons Rocket has his name is because the engine in Oldsmobiles are referred to as rockets. They even use the rocket image on some of the cars. I think meeting an astronaut would be the highlight of DH's life. Growing up in the age of space exploration, and sitting in front of the tv watching the first man to walk on the moon, has made us interested in that aspect of space. Of course the 50th anniversary is making everything more fascinating with all the new footage that they have been putting out.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,706Member Member Posts: 2,706Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a fun one. I did a combo of Fit Split Low Impact Cardio and Metabolic Conditioning and Cathe Live Low Impact HiiT Circuit with the Circuit workout sandwiched between the cardio and metabolic sections of the Fit Split workout. Really good workout!

    Laurie, I am with you on sweating buckets today! :o It is another hot one. I think we might see some effects from the tropical storm brewing in the Gulf this weekend, so I can only imagine what the humidity is going to be like for the next few days. I think I may finally start being bothered by the weather. :D One of the astronauts we met in Los Angeles was Buzz Aldrin. Truly one of the biggest honors of my life. Hope you get a chance to visit here some time since NASA is really what has made Huntsville into the city it is today. People always think Houston and Kennedy Space Center in Florida when it comes to NASA, but NASA has the Marshall Space Flight Center on the Army post here in the center of Huntsville. Again, we haven’t visited yet but have driven by it a few times. It is huge! It’s a shame our DHs didn’t get a chance to meet at the Road Trip because they would have had a great time talking Space! Maybe next time. :D

    Until tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies, just a quick hello to let you know I'm still alive. Finally tonight I started to feel some relief pain and stiffness wise. I hope to be better tomorrow.

    It's been hot here but since these days I get cold so easily, I spent some time out in the screened part of the deck. I was wearing a fleece-lined hoody!! So I went out there to warm up!

    Good night ladies and stay cool!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,503Member Member Posts: 2,503Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning's workout was GHUTV Kickboxing HiiT. Another fun workout, and I used my weighted gloves.

    Laurel, Your combo sounds really good. Got to love it when you enjoy the workouts. Today was a way better workout for sweating, our humidity went down a lot. I don't mind sweating, but when you are soaked, and it is getting in your eyes. Not fun. I have made a deal with myself not to complain about out heat, because we have had such a long cold spring. Oh my DH would have loved to meet Buzz Aldrin. If the road trip wouldn't have been during the auction, DH would have come with me. They truly would have found a lot to talk about for sure, my DH would stop at every aviation field/museum it I let him. We have an agreement, he can to to look at planes by himself. I don't mind the space stuff, but I'm done with planes. :p

    Thelma, I'm so glad to hear that you are finally feeling some relief from the pain and stiffness. I'm glad that you have the screened deck so you can warm yourself up. Our office is cold, and when I get outside at the end of the day I must seem like a lizard soaking up the sun. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a little weird. I had planned on doing Cathe Live this morning as it aired since it was supposed to be a kickboxing workout. But since it was listed as kickboxing express, I decided to head to my workout room a little early and do a little Rev’d Up Rumble before going into the Live class. Well, the Live class never came on-line. :| This is the second time this has happened this summer and last time Cathe indicated it was an equipment failure. I imagine the same thing happened today. Well, I wasn’t mentally ready to be done when RUR ended, so I ended up adding the Calorie Crush....and Rock’m Sock’m from ICE! No doubt that was more than I intended, but, to be honest, I needed it today! The frustration of our bathroom still not being done (and getting no responses from anybody) and going to pick up new contacts yesterday only to learn they only had them for one eye (!) had me really in the mood for some kickboxing. :D Just minor irritations in life, but still irritations adequately handled by punching something. :p Anyhow, after a break, I followed it up with ICE Chiseled Upper Body which felt perfect today since I was already a little tired.

    Thelma, I am glad to hear you got a little relief from the pain and stiffness. I hope it continues. I was sitting outside yesterday as well. While I am definitely not as chilled as you are right now, I still find a break from the AC very welcome. I love the feel of the warm, soft air, if only for 30 minutes or so. Hope today is a better day.

    Laurie, must be a kickboxing day! Sounds like a good workout. I haven’t been wearing any gloves for kickboxing for the last several weeks because of the heat/humidity. I was finding my hands were getting too sweaty and I was getting a rash from that. Since I have chronic eczema on my hands, I decided the gloves will have to wait until the fall to be used again. :| But that probably explains why I was able to do the workouts I did today and follow it with upper body work. :s You had me laughing about the planes. If I never see another static plane display in my life, I will be happy. :D Too many Air Force Base museums and shows and......everything. B)

    Until tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,296Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,296Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies! It's your old pal Tami :) I’m missing you all so and was finally able to get on here. For some reason the busiest part of my day seems to be happening after lunch and then just snowballs ….. so there you have it. My supervisor basically put me back into my old roll of all the typing of reports, helping all the Title Officers with updates and whatever needed and between the two it has just been steady. Not stressful or anything “new” (sadly) but needed. The other gal, who I trained is working on just doing policies so we don’t get behind. I really like the shift since they aren’t training me because it is busier. Just hope one day she follows through with the learning however. For now as I knew it was going to happen, she and everyone above me is just too busy. I have been wondering how you all are doing and thinking of each of you. :);)

    Workouts for me have been good. Cathe workouts of course. I did the LITE Pyramid Lower Body last Friday I think it was and I had some nice DOMS; but I love that workout forsure. I went to BootCamp on Monday. It was a very small class and kind of odd format (Katy admitted she wasn’t prepared), but glad I went. Of course I have had the Peloton rides and an outside ride last Sunday, (25 miles) which was great. My friend from the gym (Ashley) and I are doing that 45 mile ride in August that I did a couple years ago. So we are trying to get in some rides together. Yesterday was LITE Metabolic Blast, which I always love and tonight after work I will be doing an outside ride.

    I don’t know if I told you guys but my sister and her boys are coming for a visit July 20-27th. We will spend part of the week here and the remainder at Lake Chelan seeing our Uncles. Who I haven’t seen since last year when we were all saying goodbye to mom. :'(<3:'( It is coming up on one year. The visit is truly inspired by my sister just wanting to be with her family and the boys to get to hang out with everyone as well. So I am super excited and at the same time nervous …. I don’t ever have overnight guests to host. Glad it is my sister but I want it to be special for the boys. They are 15 and 11. So trying to figure out what would be the funnest things for them to do while they are here for a few days. My house is pretty small too. DH might take them fishing, they have never been.

    Thelma: I am so sorry to hear that you are continuing to not feel your best and still waiting on answers …. I know it will eventually turn the corner for you and things will be back to normal, its just this in between time. Good job continuing to do what you can do physically. I am sure that helps even if it doesn’t feel like it. I’m glad you found a stylist in your new town. That can sometimes be a challenge.

    Laurie: Way to go with your workouts! Sounds like you had a fun time with DH. Glad to hear your DH’s judging went well. Thank you for sharing in the excitement of DH getting on the Peloton. HE has worked up to 30 min rides all ready and I am super proud of him. I keep telling him that it takes time and any kind of activity is better than zero …. So whatever he has time for. He hasn’t been on this week at all, but that’s ok. He mentioned taking the bike with him this fall when he goes to the Columbia River with our camper/trailer. Ummmmmmm – what?!?! Kidding but at least he is thinking of continuing on the journey.

    Laurel: Excellent workouts (as always)! You are always putting together amazing combos between DVD and LIVE workouts. Way to work! I am sorry about your MIL’s offer falling through again. It can be really discouraging. Fingers crossed things will turn for the better and get an offer that sticks! WOWZA on your temps there. We will be in the mid 80’s today and through the rest of the week, which I think is amazing for summer. Just happy about “no fires” (knocking on wood). LOL I am sorry to hear you are still dealing with the frustration of the "non-bathroom" happening. OY-YOY-YOY! :s Hang in there.

    Hi Erika! :)

    Things are pretty quiet today compared to the last week so I hope to be able to check in again tomorrow!
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I've had a pretty tough couple of days. Today I woke up feeling pretty good and as the morning went on my upper body got all stiff but managed to get a JS low impact workout in. I've not been to the yoga studio at all this week because I'm stiff and I'm afraid I won't be able to get up off the floor. Yesterday I dropped my pill box and the pills went flying all over the dining room and down the stairs. I had to crawl on the floor looking for the pills but I went to get up and I just couldn't. I had to crawl a little more so that I could grab on to one of the dining chairs.

    I was wearing leggings today and by mid-afternoon, my hands were stiff and struggled to pull them down when I went to the bathroom. I knew then I couldn't pull them up. Had to have DH them off and I dag out a pair pj's about 4 sizes too big for me right now. I had to take an Aleve and that helped. On top of things, I woke up with a sore throat. I can't seem to catch a break!

    Great job with your workouts ladies!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,503Member Member Posts: 2,503Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I was a little slow in getting downstairs to workout, so I had to opt for a different workout than I had scheduled. Well Cathe's Basic Step workout caught my eye, so I did that one. :) It is very basic, but she does all kinds of moves in it. Good steady state 30 min. workout, and no difficulty for my feet.

    Laurel, Wow on your workout combo, but getting your frustration out with kickboxing is awesome. Dang on the gloves giving you a rash in heat, but understand not wanting to deal with that just for a workout. Sorry to hear that your bathroom situation is still not resolved. Project completion seems to be a theme lately, hope that you are able to get the contractor to complete it soon.

    Tami, Good to hear from you with your busy work day. Great job on all your workouts, classes and of course getting on the Peloton. LOL about your DH taking it with him when he goes on his fishing trips. That is very nice to have your family with you, and I'm sure that everything will go well and you will have a great time with them. Have your nephew's been fishing before? I used to go with my Grandpa, and have never gone again. I think I enjoyed spending the day with him more than the actual fishing. :D My DH isn't into fishing, but now thinking about it I might have actually enjoyed it more than I remember. One time my Dad was trying to wake up my sister to go fishing, and she didn't want to go. I was awake, and asked if I could go. Maybe I have to go on their Canadian fishing trips with them. :o

    Thelma, Great job on getting in a workout despite that fact that you are so stiff. It has to be very frustrating to be unable to do the things that you are used to doing. I hope your weekend gets so much better for you.

    Have a great weekend!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,706Member Member Posts: 2,706Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with Cathe Live Total Body Barbell and Bands. I have avoided this workout because it is Cathe’s longest live workout at 73 minutes. But, for whatever reason, I felt like a long strength training workout today. Yowza! It was very high rep’d and my arms in particular still feel like jello. Very good workout that went by surprisingly fast. For cardio, I went with something much shorter and lighter which was Cathe Live Get Steppin’. Next week marks the beginning of the second eight weeks of the 16 week summer rotation. I can’t believe it is half over!! Now I have to start contemplating ‘what’s next’. :o:o

    Tami, so good to see you! Sounds like the workouts are going well. I am glad your DH has stuck with the Peloton! I was thinking about that yesterday when my DH came home from work and decided to workout! :o We’ll see if he sticks with it, but it was at least something. How fun that your sister and nephews are coming to visit! I am the last person to give advice on houseguests because they do have a tendency to stress me a bit B) .....except for my sisters. :) I think the idea of fishing with your DH is a great one for your nephews. But at their ages I am kind of at a loss on what else to recommend. No doubt your sister will have some ideas when they get there. Love that Lake Chelan area! And it should be beautiful this year since it is fire-free!! I so understand your sister’s need to be near family right now. We are coming up to the third anniversary of our mom’s passing (end of the month), and this is the first year my sisters and I won’t be together for it. And I am wishing that weren’t the case for sure.

    Thelma, I am so sorry to hear that you are still struggling so badly! I really hope the medication starts helping. Did you contact your previous rheumatologist? Just curious, but I remember you mentioning you might. Hope today is a better day.

    Laurie, great workout! I haven’t done that one in years, but did it a few times when I was recovering from some injury or other. I remember always thinking it would be easy, and it really isn’t! Cathe just doesn’t do easy, but I do remember that it wasn’t too confusing either. Glad it worked for you today. The frustration on the house really comes from the attitude of the builder. When they tore out the tile, they left a nice hole in the wall where the baseboard was. And the attitude is ‘well, it will get done sometime but it’s just cosmetic’. And, while that is true, if we wanted to live in a house with holes in the wall, we wouldn’t have bought a new house! Honestly, I don’t think they have any intention of addressing it until our warranties are getting ready to expire, which is November. And I can’t live with a hole in my bathroom wall for another four months without doing something about it. That just isn’t in either my or my husband’s natures. But if we fix it.....we void the warranty. So.....kickboxing it is!!! :D

    Enjoy the weekend!

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