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  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,526Member Member Posts: 2,526Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had another cool morning, sure do love them. My workout today was Jessica Smith Youtube Kickboxing Cardio Abs (first time doing this one and it is awesome) / 15-Minute Short & Sweet Stretch. Check out Cathe's August rotation, it looks really good. I would sub some of the step workouts, but overall a good combo.

    Laurel, Love those 4DS workouts, they are on my radar for a future week. Hope the hair works after some time, I will have to ask my dd about that process. I have to do the same thing, I fall of the wagon on the stretching. After doing that one, it is now apparent that I need some more stretching just to make it not look like I'm getting older than I am after getting up from my chair at work. After these stretching sessions, I sure am able to move better. Today's stretch was and experiment to see if even the short stretches give me the same feeling.

    Tami, Great job on the workouts! Glad to hear that you set a record, but I'm sure that the pace of the office is crazy right now. We have had the same type of temps as you are, so take advantage of that sunshine. Funny how that LiTe Upper doesn't seem hard, but the next day you feel it. Yep I'm going to be taking advantage of these cool summer mornings, can't wait for tomorrow.

    Thelma, I'm so glad to see that you are feeling so much better, getting all those workouts done in one day sounds like what we went through during the Cathe RT. I didn't think I could handle all those workouts in one day, but I surprised myself. PiYo sounds nice, but you are right not on a Sunday. Nice that you found the class at church to be so good, and of course you are a pro. ;) Nice that you are so busy in your new area, I bet now that you are feeling better, you are enjoying the retirement. Thanks for the info on the fryer, I will check it out this weekend. It sounds like your acid re-flux is doing better also.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,733Member Member Posts: 2,733Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with 4DS Upper Body Weights. Boy, I love this workout! I don’t do it more often because of the length (67 minutes without warm-up and cool down), but I should. I finished it nearly two hours ago and my arms are still feeling it. I followed it with Cathe Live 2014 Road Trip Step Class which is, in essence, just like F/S Shred Cardio but with a longer, more choreographed warm-up and cold down. Tough stuff! I think if our Road Trip had included a workout this hard last spring, I would have spent a couple of classes in the bar! :D But it felt good today.

    Tami, good luck on your ride tomorrow! The weather sounds warm, but, hopefully, it will be dry and not too warm. Great workouts! Thank you for understanding this bizarre ‘unsettled’ or ‘off center’ feeling I have had this year. I think doing this long rotation is helping me understand that, really, I AM settled and can relax into a routine. But I just can’t quite shake it completely. I am thinking (today.....this may change tomorrow B) ) that instead of Bootcamp workouts in that BC week, I may do Total Body workouts instead. I am in the process of mentally creating a long rotation to get me through the winter (and, again, make me feel more settled), and want to revisit some of those workouts to see where they might fit in. I’ll keep you posted if I change.....just so I don’t confuse you (even though we are a week apart right now on the rotation). I have loved this summer’s rotation because it has been fun and flexible (which is what I was going for). But, no doubt, the next rotation will focus more on strength training than this one. My body really does still respond way better to that type of working out.

    Thelma, wow on all the activity!! Great job!! And I love that your instructor recognized the pro in you. :) I am so glad to hear you sounding better. I did not have a Brazilian Blowout (my stylist really doesn’t like those because of the chemicals). I did a Keratin treatment. It has been pretty humid here the past couple of days since we have had some pretty heavy rains....and I will say this—my hair isn’t getting any fluffier. And that’s a good thing! We let it dry naturally after the appointment, so this should be about as bad as it gets and it is very tolerable. Today I will try blow drying and see how that goes. My aim is to stop using a flat iron since that is so hard on the hair. You make me hungry with all the Air Fryer food suggestions! Everything sounds SO good.

    Laurie, sounds like another good workout. I will be interested to hear if you feel the benefits from the 15 minute stretch. I have mixed results in how I feel shorter (10-15 minute) stretches. Of course, it would help if I had some consistency in my stretching to really be able to assess it though! I looked at that August Rotation. What a terrific blend of workouts! I am going to book mark that one, even if I only do a week or two of it in between rotations. Love the variety.

    Erika, hope you had a good week!

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Happy Friday Ladies ~

    Quick check in since the day is almost over. Went for our bike ride last night and it was very warm but beautiful. I told Ashley that it is fine to ride on ahead of me at mock speed tomorrow if she wants ….. if she decides to do the race mode. She said she will see how she feels but either way wait for me at the rest stops if we aren’t together. {Yikes} Somehow that causes me more stress! :# I just want to enjoy it and take it for what it is. ;) Thank you all for the well wishes! I will let you know on Monday how it goes.

    Have a great weekend!!!

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    Morning Ladies,

    More landscaping this weekend, and now I just need to get the last of the plants into the ground. Had my hair appointment on Sunday. Was really nice just to relax. This morning I did Kelly's Step Boxing 2 Combined workouts.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts. LOL about that tough Cathe road trip workout, I would be with you at the bar. I don't know if I could have done a step class. :D I'm glad that the combo felt good. I will have to say the 15 min. really didn't do to much for the body, so I may have to increase the weight. I thought the August rotation had that aspect to it also. It had a nice blend of old and new. Or maybe it was old and new ones that I actually enjoy. Of course I will have to see if I'm wanting to do MIC.

    Tami, I hope that your bike ride went well. So how fast is her race mode?

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,733Member Member Posts: 2,733Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. We got some chores done and two rounds of that was good! I am noticing it getting darker and darker in the mornings and evenings, so days spent in the sun are very welcome right now. For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica’s Cardio Ball Ballet followed by Kari Anderson’s Reach. Yesterday was Lean Legs and Abs, including the Barre section, followed by the X53 premix from Cathe’s X10 workout. Today was CTX Upper Body premix followed by S&S Cardio Slam. Love that upper body workout! I am still feeling it a few hours after. Of course, though, I was feeling that 4DS upper body workout I did on Friday all weekend, so that could have something to do with it. :D

    Tami, hope the race went well and you were able to relax and enjoy it. I will be anxious to hear how it went!

    Laurie, sounds like another good weekend in the garden though I bet the break for your hair appointment felt good. I am liking this keratin treatment I got last week more and more. Yesterday after golf, I washed my hair and then DH and I sat on the porch to watch a wicked storm. So hair drying naturally in 100% humidity was a real test :) and I didn’t want to pull my hair out at the end of it! So there really is quite an improvement, which is nice. I am sorry you didn’t feel much difference in that 15 minute workout. Cathe’s MIC still remains one of her toughest workouts for me. It starts off pretty easy, but by the end.... :o . I always have to work up my motivation for that one, no doubt.

    Thelma and Erika, hope you are both well.

    Until tomorrow.


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    Hi Ladies, I had a bit of a setback this weekend but doing better. Both my Achilles' tendons were very painful and swollen. I was practically walking on my heels because my feet wouldn't flex due to the stiff Achilles tendon. I'm still walking funny but better. Also, my left index finger swelled up and it was painful. I took an Aleve last night and it helped. I got a haircut on Sunday and also colored my hair; which was needed badly. I love that this place is open on Sundays. I was the first one there. Within 1/2 hour I drove to the salon, got my haircut and returned home! How convenient!

    I was very fatigued during the weekend, probably because of all the workouts I did last week. No workouts for me during the weekend.
    On Friday I did Restorative Healing yoga and Jessica Smith 4 miles from 6 Mile Mix.

    The yoga studio has a challenge for the month of August. The grand prize is a one-year membership. There are 30 challenges and only one a day can be achieved. There's a lot of social media involved but someone competitive has emerged from me! It definitely is a game of strategy. Today I spent the entire afternoon strategizing. I achieve a challenge pretty much every day in August. I still have 3 spots that I don't know how I'll do. One of the challenges is to sign up for a workshop and you get a bonus point if you bring a friend to the workshop. The ladies I know didn't want to do it, there isn't a "rent a friend" service here but I was able to convince DH to do the workshop with me! I found me a friend! LOL
    We are going to do a 2 hour Thai Restorative workshop on 8/30. I'm really excited about this challenge. I'm going to have to go take a yoga class on Saturday at 8:30 for another challenge point. In two weeks I think I'll have to go take a 5:30PM class because one of the challenges is to take classes with 5 instructors. I only take classes with 3 of them. This 5:30 instructor only teaches one class but it's a yin/yang. Easy!

    My challenge for today was to take an early class. The first class today was at 8:15. I did 3 classes today. I know it sounds like a lot but the first 2 were kinds of restorative classes so easy.
    Today's workouts were Ying/Yang, Beginner Gentle Yoga, and Barre.

    I'll be doing Barre at the church tomorrow.

    DH has yet to start his new job. He's still working for Tufts full-time but believes he'll be starting his new job next month. Not thrilled about this because it means traveling. He thinks he'll be traveling 2 weeks out of every month.

    Laurie, doing great with your workouts! Sounds like it was a haircut week! I bet your landscaping looks great! Are you adding to what you did last year?

    Isn't funny how you think you can't do all those back-to-back workouts but once there you do it. I think it's pure adrenaline at that point.
    There's no way I'd drive to another town to do a PiYo class on a Sunday. I can't believe how busy I am here! It's a happy 'busy' though. I am really enjoying life here and the yoga challenge is spicing things up more. I have DH enlisted to help me. He is my photographer and my workshop friend! LOL
    We went out to dinner to a neighboring town and I had to get a picture taken out of town with the studio's yoga gear. I had a t-shirt and DH took my picture. I have to have a picture taken practicing yoga outside the studio and another one doing an inversion pose. It has to be standing on your head with legs up. This can be done against a wall.
    My acid reflux is very controlled. I'm not sure if the steroids are helping or if it's the fruit/veggie infused water I drink. I read that certain fruits and vegetables help with acidity so I'm doing that.

    Laurel, fantastic workouts! Glad you had a nice weekend, were able to play golf, and that the Keratin treatment is working! Did the Keratin treatment take 5 hours or did that time also include a haircut and styling?
    I hope this Keratin treatment will help you eliminate the usage of a flat iron. How often do you have to repeat the treatment?
    Days are definitely getting shorter.

    You have no idea how happy I am about having been able to increase my activity level so much. Not doing big weights yet because my hands can't handle it yet. I'm working on my balance because yoga poses that I could easily do before are very wobbly now. I'm also working on my planks.

    We are loving our air fryer. Yesterday we made this one

    Hi Tami, how was your race?

    Hi Erika!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies and Happy Tuesday! So I am happy to report that I made it through the 48 mile bike ride on Saturday, despite the heat and road construction for a couple miles of the ride. LOL It was so bad they had a couple guys shuttling us through it so we didn’t have to ride through THICK gravel. Thank goodness. We finished by noon which is what my friend set as a goal so that was good. I was proud of us for doing it and finishing strong. Sunday I decided upper body would be perfect so I did XT Chest/Back/Shoulders which felt great. Yesterday I had all intentions of going to BootCamp after work but forgot my gym bag that was all packed … dang it. So I came home and got in a Peloton Tabata ride instead. Today will be weights again when I get home.

    Laurie: Sounds like a very productive weekend in your yard, way to go. Excellent job with your KCM Step Boxing 2 workout! Her race mode would be average of 15 mph; we ended up riding it in 12.7 (yes she had kept track) So she didn’t go as fast as I thought she might and I kept telling her she could, my bike isn’t quite as fast as hers; bigger tires, etc. But she wanted to do it together and was happy with our pace she said.

    Laurel: Great weekend for you it sounds like as well! Nicely done with the golf. WOWSA on the workout combos you have done as well. “X53” alone is a tough one, way to go!!! The bike race went well as I mentioned ….. was happy we rode together despite her probably wanting to go faster because there are stretches of miles and miles of an old highway road that feels like you are pedaling in place. Having someone to visit with was nice. The last time I did the ride I rode those by myself and it was not as fun. Still tough with the head wind we had but not smoke thank goodness. Smoke is here this week along with high temps (today will be 97, tomorrow 94) luckily not as smoky as past years but not the greatest. Darn it.

    Thelma: So good to hear you are being able to push yourself and take more classes, etc. That is so great. The Achilles' tendons pain does not sound like it was fun, so good that you are getting through it and enjoying your yoga. YAY Love that you are busy and enjoying your life there, despite some physical setbacks your life sounds absolutely amazing in your new home/town. Great to hear about your hair appt and being open on Sundays, that is super convenient!

    Have a great day ladies! Talk to you tomorrow :)
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with LIS Lower Body Trisets and the core work from LIS Slide and Glide. So good! For cardio, I did spinning with Cathe’s Pedal Power DVD. I admit to waking up very cranky today (our bathroom issue is really bothering me as we approach three months post-destruction and nothing but excuses from the builder on why they can’t complete the job), but that spin workout was the perfect treatment! I feel much better now.

    Thelma, love the sound of that challenge! I am sorry about your set back this weekend, but it sounds like you are in a better place both mentally and physically than you were for several weeks despite that. You are one tough cookie! I am sorry your DH is going to be traveling so much. But if you ever need a ‘rent a friend’, I volunteer! :) The keratin treatment, the color, cut and style took all that time. Plus lots of chatting with my stylist. :D We have become good friends (despite the fact I am her mother’s age....literally) with our common bond of living in Alaska and moving from Alaska to here at the same time. I will need to get this done every three months, but if I get healthier hair out of it be cutting down on the use of a blow dryer or flat iron, it will be worth it. And I am also toying with letting my gray grow in. :o I am not quite there yet, but I am really close to doing it.

    Tami, congratulations on the race!! That is an incredible achievement (again), and I am glad you and your friend were able to ride it together. Great workout on Sunday. I think after that ride I would have opted for a day under a tree with a book. :) I am sorry you are getting smoke again, though. Hopefully the season will start changing soon and you get some cooler, wet weather.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies!!

    Just puttering along over here! Workouts as I have time, but enjoying much more patio time as the temps are finally not so hot and humid! We got our puppy neutered last week, so had several days of trying to keep him calm, which is a challenge!

    Laurel, your visit to Memphis sounds wonderful. What a fun weekend of golf, and sounds like you tolerated the hot temps well! I have to say, we still do not have our bathroom completed yet. We had the 4th round of shower doors delivered last Friday and they are still the wrong size. I have no idea when we'll get the right size, but I'm glad we can still use our shower in the process!

    Laurie, your landscaping project sounds like a big one! I've had a lot of weed pulling to do here with all the hot/humid temps just feeding them! Spent several hours over the weekend and the last few days getting the rest of the weeds up. Didn't feel like it was a lot of work, but with the humidity I was a puddle by the time I was done. Finally getting some low humidity and nice weather here.

    Tami, your vacation sounds amazing! I bet your sister and nephews had a blast, sounds like a fun time for sure! Nice work on the ride, I bet you're tired! Still thinking of you everytime I see a Peloton commercial :)

    Thelma, I'm happy to hear you're feeling better and the setbacks are less than they were previously. Keep up with whatever makes you feel probably changes day to day. What airfryer do you have? We have looked at many, but never bought one. Hearing your recipes makes me want one!

    I'm hoping to be on here more regularly, if work stays manageable. Heading to northern MN for a quick lunch meeting tomorrow, but will be gone for 7-8 hours, so makes for a long day! Glad we have nothing planned for the rest of the week/weekend!

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    Hi Ladies, I felt pretty tired today but I still went to the church for the Barre class. I got up early and was at the supermarket by 8 am, came back home for breakfast and then went to Barre class.
    I decided to get a little rest and then got up to do a little house cleaning. Today I decided to do what an old friend does. One room a day. I did a little more than that. 1.5 bathrooms and vacuumed our main floor. This will be easier for me. I just don't have the energy to clean the entire house in one day. Easy does it!

    Today's challenge was "Be Proactive" by sharing on social media a post from the yoga studio. Done!

    The temp here on our deck felt like a very cool 70 to me. I was actually cold on the deck. Difference story in downtown BR, 5 minutes from here. We are lucky to get shade most of the day because it keeps us cool. In the afternoon the sun was very strong and I didn't feel hot but more like I was getting fried. This is a result of the meds I take. There is no way I can be in the sun without sunblock, sun shirt, and a sun umbrella and possibly a hat too. Not fun!

    My Achilles tendons are better. The left one was the first one to get swollen and it's healing first. The right side is better but has a couple of days to go I think.

    Tami, so glad you did so well on your race! Congratulations! Both of you should be very proud of yourself! We are proud of you!
    Great workouts too!

    The Achilles' tendons pain is definitely different than plantar fasciitis. I just can't believe how busy I am here, all in a good way. Life is really good for us here. A lot of convenient businesses around here. The only inconvenience is not having easy access to the specialists I need! Oh well, we can't have everything we want.

    Laurel, really good and challenging combo today! OMG, I didn't realize you were still dealing with the bathroom issues. I'm so sorry about that. No wonder you were cranky today!

    The challenge is a lot of fun. I really am in a much better place mentally and physically than I was a few weeks ago.
    AWWWW! Thanks for volunteering for the 'rent a friend' position! LOL
    A lady who just moved here from FL with her husband, always asks me to go to lunch with her and I always go with her. So I was hoping she'd do the workshop with me. At least she'll go to lunch with me at this restaurant where I'm supposed to order a "Buddha Bowl" as one o my challenges. Not sure I will like this vegan salad. It has greens, cukes, chickpeas, tofu, onions and Greek dressing. Seems to me it needs some feta cheese! On Friday this lady will come to the yoga studio to take a class and she will be helping with another challenge. Next time there is a good workshop I'll let you know to see if you want to do it, Laurel. You can stay with us! It will be fun to have DH do this workshop with me.

    I'm glad the 5 hours at the hair salon were not just for the Keratin treatment! How nice that you've become good friends with the hairstylist and that she just moved here from Alaska! Small world! I really hope the Keratin will help your hair recover from the damage it may have from the flat iron and blow dryer.
    OMG, going gray! I've toyed with that idea too but I am not ready yet. I keep thinking about a friend who decided to go gray and she looked so much older! Some women just have the right skin color to go gray and they look gorgeous. I just don't think it will work for me. I think I would have to really wear makeup to make the look work for me. Of course, since I moved here I rarely wear makeup so that won't work! I think we should order gray wigs, try them on in the comfort of our bathroom and then decide about going gray. I really want to do this and then send the wig back! LOL

    Hi Erika! So good to hear from you. I bet it is a huge challenge to keep the puppy calm!

    Now that the meds seem to finally be kicking in, the setbacks are less than previously for sure. I just have to listen to my body and do as much as it lets me do.
    The air fryer we have is the Cosoti Stainless Steel 5.8qt. Wow! It's on sale too! You can get it for $100 with after applying the $30 off coupon!

    They have a black one which has more presets. That is the older model but apparently, the difference is the stainless steel part. I was able to fit a 5lb chicken in there!

    Last year we bought a Cuisinart air fryer/convection/toaster combo one. Now it's just taking up space in the pantry. We use the Cosori at least 2 times a week now.
    If you get one make sure to buy perforated air fryer liners that fit your air fryer. Helps with the cleanup. The most amazing part is that the house doesn't get hot or food smells. Of course, faster cooking time is awesome.
    I haven't bought any of the accessories they sell but I'm thinking about it. I must admit that DH is the one who deals with the air fryer. I prepare the food and he warms up the AF and then brings the basket to me so we can put the food in it. I want to try baking in it.

    Hi Laurie!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I wasn't on yesterday, was dealing with the added problems of getting my new iphone for work. I had to set everything up by myself, and it took way longer than it should. No workout yesterday, just didn't feel very good after our night of thunderstorms. I woke up with a headache. This morning was way better, and put in CTX Leaner Legs and sweated buckets. That workout really is a killer.

    Laurel, Awesome job on all your workouts! I'm going to do the upper body weight workouts from CTX for the rest of this week, but changing up the cardio with some of Kelly's. I probably could handle the cardio from these workouts if I lower my step, but I'm happier with Kelly. So sorry to hear that you are still dealing with the bathroom contractor. Glad to hear that the hair treatment is working. When I had my hair done, I asked dd about it. They have the information right on the counter, and she said that it is a way better process than doing the straightening one. When I was in the chair processing, a lady came in with her husband and was wondering if someone could cut her hair. Apparently they just moved here from CA, and her husband is in the Coast Guard. She was talking about all the places that she has lived, and it sure sounded very familiar. ;) Guess Ulta is the place to go. :)

    Thelma, I'm impressed that you are doing this challenge, and glad to hear that you heel is doing better. Nice that you found your DH to do some of those challenges, and also your lunch friend. Thank you for the fryer information, I will have to check that out. May not be able to get that right now, I have to get my implant done this month, so that will take a little cash out of my pocket. :( And of course saving up my spending cash for our England trip. :) May have to wait until November at this point. :D I'm changing up a portion of my garden so that it more resembles an English garden, since we have a tudor style home. The place that I chose, is in a shaded area, and had landscaping rocks that I had to deal with. What we did looks really good. Love the recipes that you are trying, it gives me some ideas.

    Tami, Congrats on the race finish. I think that average pace is awesome, I know that I couldn't do that. Sounds like and interesting race with all the obstacles in place also. :D Glad that your friend was happy with the finish, I'm sure if she really wanted to compete, she would have taken off. Nice job on the weight work, and your Peloton ride.

    Erika, Got to love this weather we are currently enjoying. I stay outside until the mosquitoes start to attack. I don't enjoy being outside when that happens. I do get to enjoy seeing the lightening bugs for a little while before hand. I can totally understand the weeding and sweating. I have been doing the same thing, but then add in the dirt flying around and sticking to my skin. I was amazed at the brown water that was coming off me in the shower afterward. :D Hope that the little mister is in better shape after his surgery. My boss just had both of his male cats neutered.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LIS Upper Body Trisets followed by Step Blast. We are having internet issues, so this is the second day I started a Cathe Live workout and had the internet die in the warm up. But, honestly, I am enjoying these older cardio workouts on DVD right now. Today’s step workout was an added mental challenge trying to remember all those moves! But since this one was a long time favorite of mine, I finally figured it out. :) Fun stuff!

    Erika, I was wondering if you were still struggling with your bathroom project as well! Like you, we can at least use the shower. Right now it’s just the principle of the matter that is bothering me....well, and the appearance of our master bath. If DH and I could find the right materials to repair it, we would. Enough is enough! Glad to hear you are enjoying more pleasant weather. We are still pretty sticky down here, but it is pretty manageable most days.

    Thelma, with all you are doing, it is little wonder you are tired! But it sounds like you have found a nice balance of doing what you want to do, taking care of chores, and listening to your body when it needs to rest. That’s a pretty chilly temperature on your deck. Our lows right now are hovering right around 70, so we aren’t getting much cool air, but it is way better than the lows in the 80s we had in Florida (or, worse yet, times I spent in Phoenix with my mom when the low would be about 100! :o ). I love your idea of buying gray wigs! Right now, I am starting the process of making my hair lighter to see how I like that. As my stylist says, if I can’t deal with it being light, I will hate it gray! So.....we’ll see. I am so glad you have friends who are joining you in these activities. Sounds like you really found an ideal place to live.

    Laurie, new phones are a pain. :s I just changed mine out in June, and I am still working on it. But great workout this morning! Love that one for sure. What your daughter said about the keratin treatment is exactly what my stylist said as well. I don’t really mind the wave and curl in my hair, thankfully. The nice thing about getting rid of some of the frizz is I can actually see the curls and not just.....volume. B) Yes, us military spouses have a way of finding somethings from city to city that are Ulta. Unfortunately I didn’t find Ulta until retirement from the AF, but since we haven’t retired from moving, it has been a great find. :)

    Tami, hope you are well.

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,429Member Member Posts: 1,429Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I had a fun and really good day today. I did the Low Impact HIIT class at the church, followed by a sculpting class which was a killer but fun at the same time. The instructor decided to play 80's music (her mom's music that she grew up with). Of course, the entire class grew up with 80's music. While the instructor was killing us with the exercises we all started singing along to songs that were being played. It was so much fun.
    I was also able to up my weights! I could barely lift the 2 lb dumbbells and today I went with 3 lbs. This is huge for me! It will be a while before I can lift my old weights though. I pushed myself really hard today and needless to say, I felt fatigued so I had to take a nap.

    Today's challenge was eating a Buddha Bowl at a local restaurant. This week's bowl was a Mediterranean one and I loved it. I thought I had to have the tofu part but I was able to have mine with grilled chicken. It was really good.

    My feet are doing a much better today. My left fingers are doing better but I can feel now my right index and middle fingers are feeling sore. These are clearly RA symptoms.
    Treating myself to a pedicure tomorrow afternoon!

    Laurie, it really is a pain having to set up a new phone! I'm glad you felt better this morning.
    You're impressed about me doing the challenge! I'm impressed too! LOL! I can't believe how much fun I'm having doing it.
    I think DH is happy to see me doing much better. He's always such a good sport and I really think he will like the Thai Restorative workshop. I warned him that may be the only man in the class and he is OK with that.
    Forget about the air fryer for now. You have better things to save your money for! Think Christmas gift!
    Please post pictures of your new English garden! I bet it will be beautiful! All the air fryer recipes I'm making can be done in a regular oven. I bought frozen sweet potato fries the other day to try in the air fryer. You just put the frozen fries in the preheated air fryer and they were done in 8 minutes! So good!

    Laurel, great workouts. Internet issues seem to be a thing in the south! Thank God for all those DVD's!

    I am doing a lot and it's all good stuff. I am telling you, it really feels cold here in the morning some days. On Tuesday I wore a hoodie to the supermarket and I was chilly in the parking lot.
    Some leaves are already turning red around here. Have you seen any leaves turning yet?
    We had such a beautiful day here today. There was no humidity and it wasn't super hot at all. It was warm and comfortable.
    I'll take 70's and 80's over 100 any day!
    I really think I'm going to order some gray or salt/pepper wigs one of these days. I like what your hairstylist suggested about going lighter. I think I will look washed out with gray hair.

    Hi Tami and Erika!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,526Member Member Posts: 2,526Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    We had thunderstorms last night, but a relief from the humidity this morning. It was so nice to wake up without having to deal with a headache. My workout was Kelly's Amped Up Cardio Workout 1 and CTX Chest.

    Laurel, Great job on all the workouts, to bad about the internet issues though. Glad you are having a good time with the oldies, it has been forever since I did Step Blast. I always forget how really good these CTX workouts are, I was really struggling with the push ups this morning after the weight work. I think Ulta should use that for their marketing. Give the military and their wives a discount too. ;) I put highlights in my hair, and being outside made my hair naturally get lighter. I was okay with it, so I think that gray will be okay. Now if I would get the white hair like my grandmother had, I would be really happy. On of my Aunts on my Dad's side has that beautiful white hair, and I resemble her a lot.

    Thelma, Great job on the two classes, they really do sound good. Your body has been through a lot, so using the 3lbs is an accomplishment. Glad to hear that you didn't have to eat the tofu, I'm not a fan of that at all. I have tried to like it, but just can't. Enjoy your pedicure today. I will make sure that the fryer is on my wish list for Christmas. If I tell DH we can have really good sweat potato fries from it, I will probably get one. :D He enjoys those fries, and they never turn out very good when you bake them. I will post once I get the plants in the ground. We have had such hot temps after work, that even thinking about going out there makes me cringe. Today is so much better, that I'm planning on getting the rest of the plants in.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,733Member Member Posts: 2,733Member Member
    Hi Ladies! We have our internet back to normal today (so far) so I decided at the last minute to make it a Cathe Live day (for the most part). So I started with her Live class this morning, which was Cardio Core Plateau Buster. This one wasn’t like her other Cardio Core workouts. It was eight rounds of three moves—one HiiT, one compound upper/lower, and one core focused. It kept the heart rate up throughout and felt much more like a true circuit workout than her other Cardio Core circuit workouts because of the use of weights in those compound moves. I really enjoyed it. But since it was a little shorter workout, I added on the Calorie Crush from LITE Body Weight and Bands workout. And since that uses a firewalker band throughout, it led perfectly into my second workout which was Cathe Live 2019 Road Trip Leg Day. This workout was four rounds of three exercises, each repeated once. And at the end of each round, we put on the firewalker loops for some firewalker work! Good stuff!

    Thelma, sounds like a great class! Glad to hear you enjoyed it and are feeling stronger and stronger. Great job! The only time I have had tofu was, in all places, Beijing China. We had just landed and went to lunch, and the soup was Tofu soup. :o Thankfully the pieces of tofu were small and the broth was good, so I ate it all. My problem with tofu is really a consistency/texture issue. Just does not appeal at all. So were those sweet potato fries in you Air Fryer crispy? We tried to make our own sweet potato fries, and they ended up tasty.....but very soggy. :/ I am wondering if I might have better luck with frozen. Anyhow, we have some trees around us that have turned, but I think they have turned because of the heat, not fall. I haven’t seen any signs of leaves turning in what I consider to be a fall-like fashion yet. I think you are probably sitting at 1000 feel higher than us (our little mountain is a little under 1500 feel high), so, no doubt, you will see autumn before us. I bet it is going to be beautiful there!

    Laurie, glad to hear you were headache free this morning. Like you, we had a pretty wicked storm last night, but the moisture is much appreciated right now. Great workout this morning. Those push-ups :o . That first set especially is tough because she holds those staggered positions for so long. Love the CTX weight work. I never really clicked with the cardio in the series, but I wouldn’t part with the series for the weight work alone. One of the reasons I am toying with letting the gray come in is I noticed this time that my roots were actually a very pretty white. So I asked my stylist how much gray she thought I had (she said about 50%) but as she was looking at it, she commented as well that it is a very pretty white color. So I am a little more encouraged that maybe when I do let it go, it might actually be a decent color. But I also wonder if I am ready to have white hair at 54. :o:o I definitely take after my dad in this. My mom never went completely gray. But my dad was gray in his 40s.

    Tami and Erika, hope you are well!

    Until tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Sorry I missed you yesterday. I am very happy to report I have been filling in for our Title Recorder as of yesterday for remainder of this week and all next week. So YAY!!!! On learning and doing something new {finally!} It’s not hectic or stressful just a new thing to be doing so yesterday kind of got away from me. :)

    Workouts: yesterday I did BURN Sets Ch/Back/Shoulders + a HiiT Peloton ride in the evening. This a.m. was BURN Sets Bis/Tris and going out to dinner tonight with my BFF. She is pretty booked on weekends these days so we scheduled a “week day” visit.

    Erika: Sounds like a very busy summer with your boys, puppy, etc. as always. But it sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for the kudos on my bike race. It was definitely tiring but I was amazed at how much my legs did not feel like Jell-O when I was done. Even the next day …… the PELOTON is paying off forsure! I love that you think of me when you see the commercials. I swear I could sell those bikes for them.

    Thelma: Way to go with your Barre class! Sounds like you are continuing to truly enjoy those, which is so great. Love the “one-a-day” room cleaning. Great method! Love that you are so busy in your new life. But it is definitely a different kind of busy I am sure from when you were working.

    Laurie: Sorry to hear about your headache and thunderstorms. We have had some amazing heat and now a thunderstorm is supposed to hit us tomorrow. Fingers crossed no more fires erupt around us. Excellent job getting in CTX Leander Legs. That is a sweatfest from what I remember.

    Laurel: Amazing combinations of workouts!!!! WHOASA. That Cardio Core Plateau Buster sounds so good. All of that PLUS Leg Day. Way to go. I am happy for you that your internet is working better …. Always a bummer when that goes on the fritz. Especially since you use it for so many of your workouts. Like Thelma said, Thank God you have your DVD’s just in case.

    I will talk to you ladies tomorrow! ;) Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,429Member Member Posts: 1,429Member Member
    Hi Ladies, my Barre class is at 11 am, so I decided to do cardio before class. I did one of Jessica's Legs, abs and buns walking workouts and I followed it with a Leslie Sansone walking workout. By the time I got to Barre, I had already fried my legs! It was good though. My Achilles' tendons are still tender and they get a little tight when I workout. My right index finger is still going through the flareup. It will hopefully be OK in a couple of days.

    The 'friend' who was going to help me with the "bring a friend" challenge chickened out. I guess it's expected when it's someone who doesn't workout. Guess who volunteered! DH! he said that if it will help me earn a point he'd go with me! I love this man!
    The class is a restorative class so it's super gentle stretches. He doesn't own sweatpants or shorts at all. We had to go to TJMaxx tonight to buy him something to wear! LOL

    Today's challenge was taking a picture with a friend at the studio which can be used any day. I also did a 30-sec full plank challenge, but it was a 1-minute plank! While I'm downtown with DH tomorrow I'll have him take my picture wearing the studio's logo t-shirt to be used some other day.

    The pedicure was good but I had to wait for about 30 minutes. They were busy. Tomorrow night we will go out to spend some time with our friends. On Saturday morning I have a yoga class at 8:30 (all in the name of the challenge!) and in the afternoon we've been invited to an anniversary party. It should be fun.

    Laurie, so glad you didn't wake up with a headache! That Amped Up Cardio is a great one! Good job!

    The classes are really good, especially the Barre one at the yoga studio. The instructor is a dancer and she is always coming up with new ways to challenge us (I would say ways to hurt us! LOL). I have a vegetarian friend who can cook tofu in a way I can eat it. I wasn't about to find out what it was like on the Buddha bowl so I was thrilled when I was given the choice to get grilled chicken.
    French or sweet potato fries - If you hand cut them yourself you have to make sure they are all the same size. The skinnytaste lady has a recipe where you soak the cut fries in salted water. Not sure if she does this for sweet potatoes too.

    Gina has this recipe too:

    Laurel, wow! What an amazing combo you put together today! Great job!

    The Barre classes at the studio are a lot of fun. The instructor kills every time!
    The frozen sweet potatoes were crispy but if they're thick I would think they might not be. Do you spray yours with oil?
    I found out the other day that the frozen fries already have oil so we didn't spray or mist ours with oil

    A lady on the Skinnytaste Facebook group told me that when air frying frozen foods the cooking time is cut in half. For example, for raw fries you have to cook them for about 25 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through. To shake the basket you have to pull it out, this will also allow you to see check the potatoes. I wonder if your fries were soggy because the temp wasn't high enough? Do you have a fries setting? Did you preheat the air fryer?
    Our air fryer has 1700 watts and we cooked the frozen sweet potato fries at 380 F for 8 minutes. DH did preheat the air fryer.
    I don't think I could get into tofu as part of my regular diet but when cooked right I can eat it.
    Frozen fries are cheap, get a bag next time you go food shopping and give them a try.
    I think you're right about us being here at a higher elevation. We will see some amazing colors I'm sure. We are surrounded by trees.

    Tami, congratulations on the opportunity to fill in for your Title Recorder! Awesome workouts!
    I do have a lot of fun at the yoga studio. The ladies there are great and some are really funny. It is a different kind of busy. I'm busy doing what I want to do and what makes me happy.

    Hi Erika!

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,526Member Member Posts: 2,526Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    What a great morning, it was in the 50's. Got in my plants, now I just need to put mulch down. I think that I might need some more plants next year. :D We will see how much some of these plants grow and spread before I do that. My workout this morning was Kelly's Circuit Burn Cardio & Legs Premix and CTX Back & Abs. Really having a great time with these one body part and changing up the cardio. I didn't realize how many boxing type workouts that Kelly has, and that is what I love for cardio. I was tempted to change the one body part next week, but I might stick with the CTX workouts for a while.

    Laurel, Your workouts sound awesome, and tough. Looks like a lot of us are focusing on that lower body. I'm trying to keep with the theme of the cardio in the CTX workouts. They really do have a lot of step work in them. I just remember that my knees didn't enjoy the cardio, and the only one that I liked was the kickboxing one. I am still feeling the chest work from yesterday, and you are right that first set of slow is torture. Doing the plank work this morning was tough because of that, but I managed to get through it. I'm sure that the going totally gray would be a slow process, it can be quite the change. That is really nice that yours is coming in a pretty white though. My brother that is a year younger than me has more gray than I do, but then my Mom's father was gray in his 50's. There are only three of us that had the dark hair, the others where all blond so I think that has a factor in ours as well.

    Tami, Great job on your weight work, and getting in your cardio too! Glad to hear that you are getting to explore and learn, I'm sure there is some relief in knowing that it is finally happening. So far all of these CTX workouts have been a sweatfest for me. I don't know if it is the cardio before hand, but I'm just dripping during the weight and ab work. While in plank big drops of sweat where falling onto my mat. ;)

    Thelma, Awesome work getting those step workouts done, and then going to your class. Sorry to hear about you friend backing out, but yes you really do have to give that DH of yours kudos for taking the time to help you with this challenge. Kind of reminds me of all the times I helped out my youngest dd during her cosmetology training. I have the short hair to prove it still. :D My youngest dd said that we girls need to go get some pedicures done, and I think she might be right. The feet are really looking pretty beat up. I think that when I try out the sweat potato fries, I will just opt for the frozen. It is so hard to cut those things as it is. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend,
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,733Member Member Posts: 2,733Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with Ramped Up Upper Body, and I did the doubled premix. :o Such a tough workout! To ease my tired arms after, I decided on kickboxing and did Cathe Live Kick Punch Cardio. Just what I needed!

    Tami, so glad you are getting to learn and do something new at work! Bet that makes the day go by faster for sure. Great workouts! I am so glad you are loving your Pelaton so much! I know I never want to part with my spin cycle because it gives me that kind of super tough workout I want at times that my body just can’t really give me anymore through impact moves. Anyhow, just FYI, I am changing the next two weeks of the rotation (I just ended High Reps week today). Next week I am going to do Total Body workouts again, and then the week after (inspired by Laurie), I am going to do one body part workouts (probably using the Muscle Meltdowns but I haven’t decided on that yet). So I won’t be doing Bootcamp or Supersets. Just want to let you know in case my workouts confused you!

    Thelma, great workouts! You really are getting back into the swing of things for sure! How nice that your DH volunteered to go with you! So nice to have that kind of support at home. About our sweet potato fries, we did spray them with oil, and I think that was the problem. We preheated the oven, cooked them hot, etc. In fact, I am certain we used Skinnytaste’s recipe. But they just never got crispy. I have bought a new olive oil mister that might work better. But I also think I will try frozen....just for the ease of it. :)

    Laurie, sounds like a beautiful morning. We clouded over last night, so our temps stayed in the mid-70s. My workout room was quite toasty this morning. :o Great workouts! As I mentioned to Tami above, you doing these one body part workouts this week has inspired me to do a week like that in this last phase of our rotation. Love the focus strength training that way allows. I revisited those CTX cardio workouts a few years ago and while I enjoyed them more than I did when I first got the series, I still find them oddly repetitive (like you said, too much step) and, while challenging, never quite feeling like enough for me. Maybe today I wouldn’t feel that way as my cardio workouts keep getting shorter with each passing year, though! :) Who knows....maybe I will give them another shot some day.

    Hope you all enjoy the weekend! Supposed to be very hot and humid here this weekend, so it sounds like a good weekend for golf. B)

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,526Member Member Posts: 2,526Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had another good weekend, but no workouts. On Saturday I had a meeting at church, and as soon as I got home we headed out to a car show. Such a great day for that. On Sunday I did some more landscaping/weed pulling (seems this never stops). The new garden I made looks really nice, just need to get some mulch for the area. This morning my workouts where RAW Box, Bells & Bands plus CTX Shoulders & Abs. While doing the RAW workout my blue band broke. Now I for sure will be using the new elastic bands that I got for Christmas. I pulled the blue band, because it was right next to me. Oh well.

    Today I am getting my tooth implant, so we will see what or if I'm allowed to workout tomorrow.

    Laurel, Great job on the upper body workout, that really does sound tough. Love that you are able to get in your live workouts again. We are back to the humid temps again today, but the weekend was perfect. I'm with you on the cardio in CTX, but I don't think that I will ever revisit them again. Well maybe I shouldn't say that, because I could do all those workout without the step and do the high impact - low. The weight workouts always surprise me after the fact. I don't feel like I'm lifting that much weight, but that muscle always feels worked really good. I'm looking at those muscle meltdowns after the CTX, so I may be on the same schedule as you. ;)

    Have a great day!
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