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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,658Member Member Posts: 2,658Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Definitely feeling yesterday’s workout today! :o I had planned a couple of workouts and switched them out at the last minute for some that sounded better mentally. The premise was the same (upper body and step), just slightly different workouts, especially with the step. I wanted less jumping! So I did Cathe Live Upper Body Bootcamp followed by Party Rockin’ Step 1. Felt good.

    Laurie, glad you enjoyed that workout more this time. Anymore, step tests me mentally just as much as physically, especially choreography. Sometimes my feet just don’t want to move the right way. :p And then sometimes my mind just.....wanders off. :) When those combine is when I am a real mess. :D Anyhow, glad you found a work around for the DVD player which also encouraged your DH to replace yours. :) Talk about a win-win. Yay for doing a West End theatre!! I hope you love it. London is such a vibrant city and remarkably easy to get around. Well, at least it was eons ago when we were last there, but I can’t imagine much has changed. And I say it is easy to get around, but that does not include driving. :o :o :o We drove into central London once.......we really learned a lot about the tube and trains after that! :D

    Enjoy the long weekend!

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    Have a great weekend ladies! :) I will check in with you all on Monday.

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. We had a nice and quiet weekend.
    On Friday I did the morning Restorative Yoga class and in the evening DH and I did the Restorative Thai Bodywork class. It was really good and by the end of the class, we felt like wet noodles. There were only 6 people in the class so that the instructor could work on each one of us. We first did restorative stretching, where we held a twist or stretch for a long time. During the second half of the class, the instructor did Thai bodywork on each one of us. She had asked us to write down for her areas where we needed work and what level of pressure we wanted.
    On Saturday, we went to the track with our friend to do a 2-mile walk.
    Today I did gentle yoga and Barre.

    Laurie, glad you guys finally got your facility running. Great job with your workouts. How nice of your DH to get you a new DVD player!
    August really flew by! It's always so hard to adjust to the fall temps! I just read that the week of the 16 we will have temps in the low 100's and high 90's!
    I hope Rocket will enjoy his stay at the Doggy Daycare. When do you leave for London?

    Laurel, great job digging out those older workouts. So glad you enjoyed them! Good job for listening to your body and switching to different workouts!

    I am so happy you are finally going to Hawaii! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Hi Tami and Erika!
    Have a great week ladies!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This three day weekend I didn't workout at all. On Saturday we did some more landscaping, and I only have a little more to go. On Sunday I did nothing, but did go shopping with my oldest. Yesterday I was sewing and finishing up a crochet tablecloth. So I got a lot of little projects off my list. This morning I did Kelly's Plateau Buster Harder Mix One Premix.

    Laurel, I hope that you had a really nice weekend. Great job on all the workouts, and getting in the step workout too. I have been really thinking about the step, and I think that I will start out with a 4 inch platform, and if it gets to difficult for me, change it to the floor. I tripped a couple of times on the 6 inch. :/ We will not be doing a lot of driving while in England. Our SIL will drive us to the train station in Southampton, and then we will be using the buses, train or tube from that point when we are in London. Now I have to start sorting out what I will be bringing. I don't want to over pack.

    Tami, Hope your weekend was a good one too!

    Thelma, Your weekend sounds really nice and relaxing. ;) Those are some really high temps. We will be leaving on the 20th, so it will be here before we no it. September is really going to be gone in a flash for me.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. We had a great weekend of sunshine and golf. Managed to golf all three days, including two rounds on Saturday. :o Definitely feeling that in my hands and forearms right now, but it felt so good to be outside for much of the weekend. Like Thelma mentioned above, we are not done with summer yet. The highs over the next couple of weeks may be as hot as anything we have had this summer. But the good news about that is the humidity has come down quite a bit. I don’t mind a last blast of summer at all right now. B)

    For workouts, I have decided that I am going to use the next two weeks to test out my new rotation format that I described to Tami last week. I am adding more spin and yoga and decreasing some of my non-spin cardio times and such. So Saturday I did Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior. Sunday was Cathe Live Oh My Glutes followed by Cathe Live Hearts on Fire. Yesterday was LIHI Back, Shoulders and Biceps followed by Cathe Live Cardio Core Blast. And today was Pedal Power followed by Jessica Smith Flow Yo from YouTube. So far so good with the format. It was really nice today to know that at the end of my spin workout today, I as going to get some yoga. :)

    Thelma, glad you enjoyed the weekend. Sounds like you got some great workouts in as well. Like you, we are definitely heating up again. But the nights are still cooling down, which makes it very bearable. But we certainly could use some rain. :|

    Laurie, sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Glad you got a chance to work on some projects and spend some time with your oldest DD. My step height is definitely coming down more consistently. I am still okay on 6” for most things and even 8” for some. But my 10” step days....which I was never really comfortable with....are over (unless it is just for strength moves). And I pull out my 4” step when doing things like Shred Cardio. I would much rather be safe and have a slightly less intense workout than injure myself.....without question. Over packing is really easy for me to do. :) Especially for long trips to unknown places like where you are going. I seem to think I need a pair of shoes for every possible occasion. :D Hope you are better at limiting things than me!!

    Hi Tami and Erika!!!

    See you tomorrow.

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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,362Member Member Posts: 1,362Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Barre and a 2-mile walk.

    Laurie, we know landscaping qualifies as a workout, so you did workout! :) Great job with the KCM workout!
    Be careful with that step! Go with the 4-inch platform.

    DH and I decided that we wanted to have our new friends over for an 'open house' this coming Saturday. I had invitations printed and we are having about 24 people! I've never entertained more than 4 guests at-a-time! The difference here is that we're buying BBQ so we don't have to worry about the cooking. If we had to do the cooking I'd be seriously stressed out. I am going to make some chicken wings because people here love them. We bought beer and wine and people are bringing side dishes, fruit, and some dessert. I love that they are used to doing potlucks so they all offer to bring something. We are in deep cleaning mode, mostly DH really. He is cleaning windows and power washing the house. He washed the window screens and even the screened porch! I have been buying party platters, cups, plates, plastic ware a giant cooler and more. I will clean up inside the house of course.

    Laurie, the lady who made the great sangria will be here. I asked her to make it and to give me the recipe. She promised to bring me the recipe!

    The weather for next week has changed slightly, and temps will be in the 90's.
    9/20 is our wedding anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Laurel, glad you were able to play golf and enjoy the weather! I hope the weather next week won't be humid. I really can't say that we've had much humidity here at all.
    Fantastic workouts! That new rotation sounds awesome!

    The nights are also on the cooler side here but warmer this week. We could really use some rain around here. I learned today that BR gets about 55 inches of rain a year! I'm not surprised because when it rains it pours!

    Hi Tami and Erika!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LIHI Chest, Shoulders and Triceps followed by Cathe Live Cardio HiiT Plus Core. Definitely had more energy today than yesterday. I think the spin/yoga combo mid-week may be a keeper!

    Thelma, great workouts! Yay on the party!! That is an incredible response from your community. It just make you feel so welcome to know that many people already....and all of them want to spend time with you. Sounds like you have a perfect plan for food. Like you, cooking for that many people would stress me to no end. Sounds like you should have great weather for the weekend as well. Love that you are doing this for your new neighbors! :)

    Had an early hair appointment so now I am off to catch up on my daily chores. See you tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies and Happy September!!! Feels good to start a new month. Weekend was good, I absolutely love having that 3rd day off. Our company that came to stay was there Friday when I got home from work and then left on Sunday around noon or so. It was fun to see them.

    Saturday I was able to sneak in a 45 minute Peloton ride while our house guests went shopping before their wedding they were attending. LOL Sunday after a late breakfast I did laundry and clean-up and no workout. So Monday I did an oldie but fun one ….. Supreme 90 Cardio Challenge followed by a HiiT ride on the Peloton. Despite the weather being absolutely beautiful DH had left for his Fall fishing {yes, already that time and yes it is even earlier than before} but I was in the mood to go through my closet and sweaters, etc. Even re-organized a makeup drawer in the bathroom ! I got rid of a lot of stuff, feels great. Yesterday was a Tabata Ride after work and tonight will be weights when I get home.

    Work is still back to the daily daily routine, I'm glad it is a short week. :/ ;) I try to focus on how grateful I am to be in a much better environment and just be patient with being able to take on more.

    Thelma: Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you and DH. That is so great he is doing the Yoga class with you. How fun. Great that you are continuing to love the Yoga and Barre so much. What an awesome idea and how wonderful you have 24 people to invite to your BBQ. After living in our neighborhood for 23 years I wouldn’t have that many people ever. LOL How fun that will be and what a great way to get to know all your neighbors too.

    Laurie: Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect! Sometimes anything but a workout is what your mind and body needs ….. so good on you. Although yardwork is hard work! Is the KCM Plateau Buster workout from before? Or is that on one of her new ones? I do have Plateau Buster and love it….. OH, and I did order my DVD’S. Still waiting for them. {patiently) LOL We are having some fabulous weather days continue, this Friday we are supposed to get rain and then be nice again. So Fall is coming but I will take any nice days right now before it is dark at 5 pm.

    Laurel: Your weekend sounds fabulous as well!! YAY on all of the golf. I bet it did feel good to be outside ….. kind of like what I told Laurie, the dark at 5 and colder days will be happening before we know it. I can’t believe it’s September for goodness sake! LOL Blasts of goodness are always welcome right now. I had meant to answer you on the new plan for workouts and then I wasn’t on here (obviously) so responding now. I love the idea of emphasis on strength/yoga/spin. Sounds perfect. Now if I can get myself to do yoga … that is the question. LOL In my mind and my pre-plan for the week I always intend to and then feel like I need to do some sort of “make up” workout from something I may have missed during the week. So heres hoping I will try. Even if a short one. Do you have workouts kind of mapped out or what sounds good for strength, etc. ??? Thank you in advance for sharing. Your lineup sounds great that you have done so far this week. WOWSA. So fun that you are going to Maui. IF and that is a big IF I ever talk DH into going back to Hawaii after our rain fest I would love to go to Maui someday. I told my sister it will probably be a trip I have to take with her. As of now, it would take a lot of convincing to go back to Hawaii for him.

    Hi Erika

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Hi Ladies, we had a beautiful day here today. My workouts were a private yoga session with an amazing instructor at the yoga studio and a sculpting fusion class. This yoga instructor is the one who makes sure you only do only what your body can handle. We worked on form, and she was excellent.

    Laurel, wonderful workouts! I love that you've discovered your body needs an easier workout mid-week!

    The people we invited are the friends we've met through someone I met back in April when I participated in the Parade of Homes event. This friend is awesome. We love him, and it's obvious he loves us too. This group of friends gets together every Friday at a bar or a restaurant for a couple of hours. They have welcomed us with open arms.
    We lived in our MA neighborhood for about 12 years and we hardly knew our next-door neighbor! In a matter of a couple of months, we have all these friends here in BR. I also have my pals from the yoga studio too!
    There's no way I would ever think of cooking for so many people. The good thing is that they seem to be used potluck meals when they get together. Next time I'll have people bring a dish to share.
    So far the weather looks perfect for Saturday.

    Hi Tami! Happy September to you too! 3 day weekends are the best!
    Glad you had a good time with your guests.

    Great workouts! I don't think I'd ever heard of that Supreme 90 Cardio Challenge workout before!
    I can't believe your DH started his fishing season already! Good for you for going through your closet and getting rid of things.
    I feel like I have to donate most of my dressy/work clothes. The dress code here is very casual. Early on a lady told me that all I'd needed here were jeans and t-shirts. I think she was right.
    I sometimes wear dresses when we meet with our friends on Fridays, but feel strange because I am the only one wearing a dress!

    At least I know that when I'm ready to donate my clothes they will go to people in need.

    You are doing the right thing by focusing on being grateful to have a good work environment. Be patient, and you will get a better job in due time.

    I was really happy DH went to the restorative yoga class with me. There is one this month too but he wasn't thrilled about going. He said he knows I liked it, and that he would go for me. I let it go this time because the class is on our anniversary. Next time there is a workshop I'll make him go with me. LOL

    Our friends live in neighboring towns. We really only have one neighbor at the entrance of our road which only has 3 houses. The third house is a vacation rental property. Our only neighbor is not very sociable but we've made it a point to talk to him whenever we see him. He is better with us now. You and your DH should think about retiring here! There is plenty of fishing here. BR is the trout capital of Atlanta if not the country.

    A friend told us today to prepare ourselves for the day to get dark at 6 PM. Of course, we're used to the day getting dark at around 4 PM! We'll take a day getting dark at 6 pm any day! LOL

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I wasn't on yesterday, but I was getting error messages during my posting time slot that I give myself. Once I get busy at work I get pretty focused. So yesterday I did 30MTF Total Body Kickbox Interval Challenge Premix and this morning was Lean Body Circuits W1. Temp this morning was low 50's. :o

    Laurel, Awesome job with all the workouts, and I love your inserting the yoga midweek. Really really do want to do more yoga, so I may be incorporating your thought process in the future. Got to love that Bob Harper yoga workout, that is one of the best. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that is taking the step down, just don't really have the desire to trip and hurt myself. Of course I don't do a lot of step anymore, so that is a factor in my clumsiness also. :D The shoe situation will be a tough one, because I know that we will probably deal with rain, so that means that my feet will be wet at some point. ;) Guess I could invest in some English shoes if I need to. I know that we are going to go shopping at Harrods. DH says that he "needs" a tie from there. :D

    Thelma, Love the sound of your party, and can't wait to get that Sangria recipe. ;) Parties are a lot of work, so taking the stress out by ordering in BBQ is a great idea. Everyone usually is agreeable to that. It sounds like you both have gathered some great friends around you. Love your yoga sessions, it really does make me want to get out my yoga workouts. I remember when I was doing them all the time during my knee issues. My arms really got more defined. We had to put Rockets reflective vest on this morning, because it is starting to get dark when we walk. The sun is just coming up in the mornings, and it really is pretty. We will be dealing with walking in the moonlight soon enough I guess.

    Tami, Great job on all your workouts! What a blast from the past with the S90 workouts. They are good ones, and I always loved that they started out with the ab work. You and I are on the same wave length with doing some de-cluttering. I went to the dollar store and used some of their things to organize my drawers in the bathroom. They have an office organizer that works really well for my make-up drawer. I was actually looking for something to put the feet for my sewing machine into. I found that and more. :D Love that store for all the basket/bins that they have. I have to go back, because when I was walking out the door I saw a scarf that had really cut jack-o-lanterns on them. The Plateau Buster is the one that you have. She has two premixes that she terms harder mix. I found them harder than the workouts themselves with the additions that she inserted. Hope that you are able to get those new DVD's soon.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! I decided to workout with Cathe live again today, and, boy, was it a tough one. It was called Legs for Days, and it was one of her longer live workouts at a little over an hour. She did some of her standard moves but added a 4” step to many of them for additional range of motion. She kept it at a slower pace to make it easier to get deeper. I am going to be feeling this one tomorrow. :o Already looking forward to doing it again. :) I followed it with a shorter cardio—In The Ring, and a random core section from another Live workout.

    Tami, glad you enjoyed the weekend and the visit from your houseguests. Great job with the workouts!! Glad you like the sound of the new rotation. As far as workouts planned......this is a rough draft, to be honest. But here is generally what I am planning, which I hope to start the week of September 22. The daily workouts for me will look something like this:

    Sunday-lower body and cardio
    Monday-upper body split (for example, a chest/shoulder/triceps workout) and cardio
    Tuesday-spin and yoga
    Wednesday-upper body split (the other upper body parts not done on Monday) and cardio
    Thursday-lower body and cardio
    Friday-upper body (all parts) and spin

    My goal is to keep all of my cardio under an hour and, preferably, in the 30-45 minute range with the two spin classes, a lower impact, and at least one HiiT workout in the mix. As far as programs, right now I am focusing on four programs for the first eight weeks. I think I will start with LIS Trisets for the first two weeks; XTrain Discs 1&2 for weeks 3-4; STS Meso 1 (probably discs 1-6) for weeks 5-6; and 4DS (the upper body split premixes and the lower body premix) for week 4-8. 4DS isn’t exactly an endurance workout, which is why I put it last. But it has elements of endurance but also muscle building in it, which I think will be a nice lead in to the next section of ‘muscle building ’. I also thought starting with LIS, though also not strict endurance, is good because of the excellent all over body work it uses, including balance.

    For the 8 weeks of ‘muscle building’, I am thinking of using Pure Strength, Gym Styles, RWH LIHI, two weeks of Meso 2. But I may also skip Pure Strength and do all four weeks of Meso 2 but split into two week segments so, for example, two weeks done after Gym Styles and then two more weeks done after LIHI. For the last segment of Strength, I am thinking of doing three weeks of each of the following: Burn Sets, Slow and Heavy and Meso 3, but I may do them in an alternating fashion instead of three weeks of one and then moving on to the next.

    Some of these series are upper body only (like Burn Sets), so I kind of plan on doing lower body work from these series for one lower body workout per week when it is available and, when not, doing.....whatever sounds good on the day. I had toyed with adding Body Beast to the last section (Strength), but right now I am leaning away from that.

    I had also toyed with alternating all of the segments like the last (doing each series’ workouts for one week before moving to the next and then repeating the pattern), and can be talked into that still! :)

    I am not sure what my goals are necessarily except to convince myself to do shorter cardio workouts, focus on a variety of strength workouts and not getting lazy by continually doing the same strength workouts over and over. I don’t expect an STS or Body Beast type of result, but I also think my body may love this. Or at least I hope so!

    Anyhow.....there you go. Let me know what you think. If you are interested, I can do a more detailed calendar of workouts and email that to you. Oh, and by the way, I was reading on a Cathe Facebook page about the Pelaton app and have downloaded it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am thinking of giving it a go to add to the variety in my spin workouts (even though I don’t have a Pelaton bike). Looks like they have some great yoga classes on that app as well. :) My question for you is do you think I will be able to do the spin workouts with a different cycle? All feedback and info is welcome!!

    Thelma, sounds like another great class. Amazing how saying yes to that Parade of Homes has resulted in such a community around you. Such a great thing because, like you and Tami, we have lived places and never knew the neighbors names. It is so sad when that happens.

    Laurie, great workouts! That cool morning temp..... :o . I guess autumn is on the way for certain! When I was waiting for my hair appointment yesterday, I wandered into a shoe store to look for some sandals to take to Hawaii......and it was filled with boots!! So, yep, autumn is coming. Regarding yoga, I am just finding I am getting tighter and tighter from workouts and am getting a little concerned if I don’t add some longer stretches that I may end up with another injury. I discarded my FitBit a couple of months ago because my obsession with steps was resulting in me reaching for longer cardio workouts and shorter strength workouts.....and running away from yoga and stretching. :o Not good. It was from realizing that that I kind of came up with this new rotation because, honestly, the best thing for my body seems to be strength workouts followed by stretch/yoga....and then cardio. When I wasn’t doing cardio this winter because of my leg injury but had inserted Pilates and yoga and such....I felt better (less sore) and my body was the same as it is with all the impact. I know I am not ready to get rid of cardio in huge amounts because of what it does for me mentally. But I can try to make it something that doesn’t hurt me too. :D This aging much fun! :# ;)

    See you tomorrow!


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    Hi Ladies ~ As I mentioned yesterday, I went home last night and did Fit Split: Push and tonight I am going to do Pull … if time, I will do a quick Peloton ride as well. We will see. Evenings go by so quickly I do like to enjoy a little relaxation before bed so hence my hesitation on the Peloton ride or not. Plus Bernie time too. Poor guy he lays there by the bike waiting for me. :) <3

    Thelma: Your YOGA class with the private instructor sounds AMAZING. I bet you did love it. Way to go. The Supreme 90 series is a series that I bought at Walmart of all places and I can’t remember but I am pretty sure Laurie had it and had mentioned it and then I saw it there. Many years ago. But it has a whole stack of workouts for strength and cardio. So it was fun to pull it out for that. “Tabata Inferno” is another one I may do soon as well that I always enjoyed. Thank you for the always encouraging words on my job. Fingers crossed that my patience will pay off. ;)

    Laurie: Great job with the Total Body KB Interval Challenge and Lean Body Circuits this a.m., always a good one! That is what I love about her workouts, a good mix of everything packed into a workout. Brrrrr, low 50’s sounds cold right now. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow. How funny on the “de-cluttering: wave length! Good to know on the Dollar Store organizers. I will have to check that out. I will have to check out those pre-mixes! Thanks for the heads up.

    Laurel: That leg workout sounds like it might be a tough one! Love the name. I bet you will be feeling that one tomorrow. Great combo with the other add-ons there too. I do like the sound of this new rotation! Thank you (as always) for sharing. I am going to copy this down and put with my workout calendar so I am ready. Would love to have the details. Awesome that you are planning on including the cycling. Since it has obviously become one of my favorites with the Peloton. You are right, they have so much to offer on their app. I have yet to take advantage of MORE. I have done a few of the post ride stretches and post rides after a hard Tabata or HiiT ride. I think you could definitely do the classes on a bike other than a Peloton. The only difference would be that they often refer to a cadence number or resistance number that appears on the screen. You wouldn’t have that but you would know to increase or decrease on your own bike just by their cues. So YES, I think it would definitely work. The Yoga does look like it would be good as well, again …. I have yet to take advantage of all the benefits. If you do start rides on that app look at Ally Love. She is one of my favorites. I love her style and encouragement ~ plus she is tough with a smile on her face or she has not so tough classes as well. There are so many rides to choose from, I don't think anyone could ever do them all. Such a variety.

    Have a great evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did 30MTF Train Like a Contender Boxing. I used my boxing gloves, and just made me feel tough. :D Good workout for the upper body and abs.

    Laurel, Lots of work went into your thought process on the rotation. It looks awesome, and I will have to re-read later today. Thanks for all that work. Awesome job on your workouts also. Okay I'm going to schedule the yoga into my rotation right now, it needs to be on there. I just can't understand why I tend to ignore it, so I have to just have one day during the week that I have is scheduled. I'm finding that it can't be on a weekend either, because then I have a very good chance of saying it is to nice outside. Of course with the weather changing it will be easier to get the yoga in on a weekend. I still use my FitBit, but I don't think that I ever get the required steps in. I mostly use it for my sleep and just recording my workout. When I do reach the 10K steps, it surprises me. :D

    Tami, Great job on the workouts! I hear you on the dog and waiting for your workout to be over. Mine seems to think that the whole workout floor is for him to lay out on. It makes for some interesting workout space for me. :D With the Lean Body Circuit workout I upped the weight to 20lbs, and boy was I sore this morning. I impressed myself with being able to do that workout with the 20's. Figured that if Kelly was using them I could. She did say that we should up our weights if the workout wasn't tough enough. I have to remember to up the weights on workouts more often. Of course I don't think that 25lbs will be something I lift anytime soon. :D My greatest weakness it the dollar store. :D They have some really nice things, and you really need to go there with an open mind. You never realize what could be used for organizing. I bought a couple of containers that they say are for sugar, but I'm using them for my floss picks. They work great. I will have to take a couple of pics of what I did with my drawer.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Toasted Trisets Upper Body followed by Cathe Live Rhythm Ride. I don’t know what is shaking more right arms or my legs! :D Good stuff.

    So this was my trial week following the rotation format that I outlined yesterday, and I really liked it. I don’t feel like I overworked anything, and I feel pleased that I didn’t omit yoga! Thank you, Tami and Laurie, for your feedback!! I can’t express how much I appreciate having all of you here to bounce ideas off of. I admit that I don’t really think about aging too much, but it has disturbed me a bit recently to look at some workouts and think ‘I am not quite sure I am up for that anymore’. I know I should be celebrating what I can and am doing because it is far more than I was doing 20-30 years ago! :o So I see this next six month rotation as a way of just re-setting my mindset, taking out some impact, adding some yoga and stretch and continuing to be as strong as I can. :) I hope to do up the detailed rotation next week and will post it then. But I may split it into the eight week segments and just do the first segment first to see how it goes.

    Tami, thanks again for the feedback, not only on the rotation but on the Peloton app. I will definitely sign up for that when we get back from Hawaii. They have a 14 day free trial, which is really nice. Thank you for providing an instructor name too! I was amazed at how many choices of workouts there are. :o I appreciate a place to start looking. Great workouts! I don’t blame you for skipping the evening workout and spending time with Bernie now that your DH is gone. Hope his fishing season goes well.

    Laurie, great workout! I love the title. :) Again, thanks for the feedback on the rotation. I have always had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with numbers which is why I don’t weigh myself, measure myself, count calories, wear a heart rate monitor, etc. :# So I am amazed I was able to wear my FitBit for as long as I did! But I think that calf tear followed by trying to get back into shape for the Road Trip probably had me focusing on it a bit too much. I think I wore it long enough (four years I think?) to create some good habits, thankfully. And also thankfully, the bad habits I saw forming (longer cardio, less strength and stretch) haven’t become permanent. :) Regarding yoga, I really think I need to do everything I can to mentally convince myself yoga IS a workout and not just an add-on. Why it is so hard for me to get my mind around that.....I don’t know. So, like you, scheduling it as a workout is a must for me or else it just won’t happen.

    Thelma, hope you have a great time tomorrow night!

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Hi Ladies!

    Not a whole lot new here...workouts have been 21 Day Fix Live (finishing up 21st day today) and probably onto Extreme next. Bought some new running shoes so I can get out and enjoy this beautiful cool fall weather!

    The drivers test didn't go well, unfortunately unfamiliar city and roads led to some confusion for him and he failed. Super sad day (esp failing on his 16th birthday), but he's finally over it and retrying again tomorrow morning. I think he'll nail it this time!

    Thelma, I'm so sorry to hear about the flare ups, but sounds like you've had some good days too. The workouts you've been doing sound wonderful and that massage sounds absolutely amazing! I bet it was so nice to feel to loosened up!

    Tami, so many fun Peloton rides you've described, sounds awesome! I'm still waiting on the bike purchase...not everyone here is totally in, and I want to make sure it will get used if we get it. Waiting to see what kind of cross training my son will need for hockey/lacrosse to see if he'd get use out of it, or if he will have to do training at the high school instead. I hope work gets better, no fun going back to the "old" way when you were enjoying the new stuff!

    Laurel, I love that you are out getting in all the golfing with this great Fall weather! Sounds like you also found some fun workouts, they all sound great! Your rotation sounds amazing! If I had a spin bike, I might join you for that. We're still undetermined on timing for ours.

    Laurie, sounds like you had a productive Labor Day weekend with yard and other projects! That had to feel good to get some of that done! Work sounds like it's been challenging with the outages, hopefully everything is back to normal for you soon (if not already)!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll try to check in this week, although it's another busy one so it may not be until next week that I jump back on here. Having my first crown ever on Thursday and not sure how that will all go!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Had a very nice weekend, and it was cool but nice weather. On Saturday I did some cleaning, and it felt great to just do that. DH was at our oldest dd's house teaching her how to fill the holes in her plaster. Previous owners had mounted a tv on the wall and left holes. Her husband doesn't have any interest in doing things like that, so she asked her father to teach her. I love that she is doing this, because it will be valuable if she decides to go into real estate. On Sunday it was a nice cool day, but cloudy. So I tackled the rest of my landscaping project. Hauling more rocks. I'm almost done with the two projects that I started. I was very sore after that though. This morning I did one of the new Kelly workouts and did Cardio Sculpt Overload. What a absolutely fun workout. The format was cardio/boxing/unweighted lower body/upper body. I used my 12lb weighted vest, 2 lb dumbbells for boxing and I started out with 15lb's for heavy, but went to 12lb toward the end of the workout. The other thing that is different about this one is that she is the only one in the workout. She also did the first portion of the workout in her usual 30 min. segment, and then if you wanted to you could either go to the stretch or continue on. I chose continue on for a solid 53 min. workout.

    Laurel, Great job with the workouts, and Thank You for giving us such great feedback on how you felt about the format of this rotation after trial testing it. I will be scheduling my yoga as a workout after we come back from our vacation. I'm just not thinking about things like that right now. It really is hard to take things down when you previously could fly through a workout without the after effects. I just love that the instructors that we have been using are as old as we are, so know that things need to change with their workouts also. ;) Can totally understand the numbers obsession, so taking away the fitbit is a good choice.

    Erika, Great job on finishing up the 21DF, and moving onto the Extreme workouts. So sorry to hear about our ds not getting his license, but I'm sure that he will do fine on the second try. Yes everything is back to normal or as normal as it can be here are work. Every day is an adventure, and I think that is why I love working in the facilities department. It never is the same old same old.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you had a good weekend. Ours was nice. The weather is warm but dry, though I have my fingers crossed for rain soon. Saturday we spent on the golf course and yesterday we spent working on the yard and garage and doing some early prep for fall/winter. Feels good to have gotten some home projects knocked out as we have been neglecting them a bit in favor of golfing this summer. B) For workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3 Yoga and Pilates Fusion. Yesterday was Gym Style Legs followed by Shock Cardio 30/30 and Double Wave Load Pyramid HiiT. Today was Gym Style Chest and Triceps followed by Cathe Live Steptastic. Good stuff all around!

    Erika, great job with 21DF! I am glad you are enjoying some cooler weather. We are having some of our hottest temps of the season, but because the humidity is down, it feels pretty good still. But I am finally getting to the point where I am ready from a change. Honestly, I can take the day time heat, but I am ready for some cooler nights. I want to have the windows open. :) I am sorry to hear about your DS’s driving test. I have no doubt he will get it this time. I am sure he was pretty disappointed though. Makes for a tough birthday, for sure.

    Laurie, glad you enjoyed your cooler weather as well! Bet it feels good to finish your landscaping project! We are going to try to attack a couple of bigger projects outside next month and my body is already thinking ‘ouch!’ :D But even from the little we did yesterday, I was reminded how much I love that tired feeling at the end of a good day’s outdoor work. I love that your DD wanted to learn how to plaster! I am so thankful for the time my dad spent with me teaching me how to use tools and such. I am still pathetically uninformed in that area, but at least I have some foundation for how things work. Such a valuable tool in life. Love the sound of that new KCM workout! Sounds like a great ‘all over’ workout. Love those. I am with you on being a tad preoccupied with vacation planning right now, so I am having trouble trying to stay focused on putting together the next rotation. So I have decided to just plan out the first two weeks for now and then do the rest post-Hawaii.

    Sunday (again, I am hoping to start with on 22 September, all things going well getting back from Hawaii): LIS Lower Body Trisets and a HiiT workout

    Monday: LIS Upper Body Trisets Chest/Shoulder/Triceps premix followed by steady state cardio.

    Tuesday: Spin and Yoga

    Wednesday: LIS Upper Body Trisets Back/Biceps/Core followed by a HiiT or higher intensity workout

    Thursday: Lower Body Blast (one week) and Butts and Guts (one week) followed by Low Impact Cardio

    Friday: Pyramid Upper Body (one week) and CTX Upper Body (one week) followed by spin

    Saturday: Yoga

    Okay, it is clear this was put together by somebody who doesn’t work!! :D Most especially that is clear in that I put the longer workouts (Thursday and Friday) during the week instead of on the weekend. But I intentionally put those longer upper and lower body workouts in during these first two weeks because the LIS workouts are pretty short. But if the order doesn’t work, I get it!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ I started my message back to you all on Friday and then didn’t finish. Sorry about that. So weekend was very quiet but good. I also came into work yesterday for a few hours to type more policies. My supervisor thinks we are getting behind. We truly are within regulations of having them done it’s jut that there are SO many for August that she thinks we will fall behind I think. At any rate, Bernie joined me which was nice. Nobody but the cleaning people here. LOL Workouts: Friday I did a 60 minute Ride on the Peloton after work, Saturday was Fit|Split Legs and then yesterday I got in a 45 min "Feel Good" Ride before coming into work. I had planned on doing some strength training when I got home but was just not feeling it. Plus, I did some food prepping and that was my afternoon/evening. Today I am headed to BootCamp after work. Our weather took a complete change yesterday. Saturday was sunny and 80 degrees. Yesterday was in the 60's and rain. Now like that all week ...... Night temps down to 48!! WHAT?!? :# :s

    I have a decision to make with my gym membership. I received notice that they are raising our monthly dues AGAIN. So it will be $50+ dollars a month now. Even when I go 3 nights a week that seems high. A punch card might just be a better avenue for me at this point. Just seems like a waste of money. Even if I went 3 nights a week ~ which I would now feel like I “MUST”. I need to check out how much a punch card is.

    Laurie: Way to go with your workout on Friday with the TLC Boxing with gloves! I bet it made you feel tough. That’s funny. Way to go. Also, good job doing the lean body circuits with the 20 #’s. I do anywhere from 20 – 25 depending on the moves. We can often surprise ourselves when we just try a new weight. Yes, Bernie is hilarious on waiting for me. He either lays on the entire mat that I am using or right by the bike. Both are within feet from one another. LOL He has become such a little pal to me and so snuggley …. Which he wasn’t like when he was younger. A little too high spirited in those days. My new KCM workouts arrived!! I am hoping to try them this week.

    Laurel: Your workouts sound fabulous as always! Loved the name of that Trisets workout – “Toasted Trisets” I bet it was a good one. Your weekend workouts sound terrific as well. Wowsa! Nicely done. I would also like to say Thank you and how much I appreciate you ladies to talk about workouts, life, etc. with. Nobody in my daily life talks about working out and how much they enjoy it, etc. So it is so great! Along with what new DVD’s to buy! LOL I absolutely know what you are saying on “not quite up to that anymore” and how that makes you feel. I used to think I needed to do the toughest combo or workout 2 times a day to see results, etc. I have really tried to embrace whatever I have time for is ok or whatever feels good is ok; not forcing myself to do the "scheduled" workout is ok. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the tougher workouts but not quite like I used too. The Yoga mentality is exactly what I was trying to say last week or week before about how I feel like if I didn't do "enough" during the week I need to do something more on Sat/Sun instead of Yoga. Like it isn't a workout. LOL I so get that.

    So this next rotation sounds absolutely perfect for me as well. I know with all the Peloton workouts I am needing more strength forsure so I need to really start discipling myself do those more. I love strength, just haven’t put as much focus on it this summer I guess. So this will be perfect. You’re welcome on the Peloton feedback and Yes, they have a trial period on the app so that will give you a good feel for it. Thanks for the well wishes for DH. So far it has been terrible, but he is also there earlier than normal so he is feeling that may be why. Hopefully this week picks up for him. His “real” trips are starting up soon. Last week was more of some Title Co. customers and getting a feel for the river again.
    Thanks for posting this new rotation! looks great and I will follow along best I can. Love having a plan in place anyway. WooHoo!

    Erika: Way to go on the 21 Day Fix Live! I have the 21Day Fix Xtreme DVD’s and have thoroughly enjoyed them when I use them. That’s a good plan for you to figure out what and “if” everyone will be riding the bike or no.

    Have a great rest of your day/evening ladies! Talk to you tomorrow. :) Tami
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    Hi Ladies, glad y'all (LOL) had a nice weekend. Our party was a huge success! Out of the 27 people we invited 19 came. 6 people were either out of town or working and one couple didn't even bother to RSVP. We had a great time and once the people started to arrive I relaxed!
    My chicken wings were a huge hit and people asked which restaurant we purchased them from! People were in love with our house and our view. We couldn't be happier with how well things went. The party was pretty much out on the deck. Everyone was just enjoying the nice breeze, each other's company, and the view.
    Laurie, sadly I didn't get the sangria recipe but I will ask again to see if I get lucky this time.

    I didn't workout from Thursday through Sunday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning was all about cleaning and getting the house ready for the party. The house was spotless and it looked great. I was in charge of house tours and it was great to hear people admiring the house.
    A few of the ladies who offered to bring something brought a side dish or a dessert, and people even brought gifts! We have 3 beautiful new plants, lovely scented candles, and nice picture frames as well as a Home Depot gift card!

    The men in the group get together on Wednesdays at a bar for a couple of hours. Once they saw our view they told DH that they should have their get-togethers at our house! One even said that he'd pay to come here to see the view! LOL

    Sunday we went to Murphy, NC to a shooting range with one of our retired FL police friends. Since I can't be in the sun he wanted me to go check out the place where we will learn how to shoot a gun. Thankfully the place is covered. It's in the middle of the Nantahala forest. I got my first firearm safety lesson and how to hold a gun. Thankfully our friend has a small enough gun that fit my small hands pretty well. After trying several guns for fit, I had to ask if there were children's size guns. LOL

    I woke up with a bad neck ache and had a bad day. My neck and my upper back were killing me. I went to Barre class but that took superhuman effort. I was dragging all day long. I think my sinuses are bothering me again.

    Laurie, fabulous workouts! I'm sure you can't wait for your trip! It's just around the corner!
    Buying the food took a lot of the stress away, and people loved the BBQ. I had one vegetarian that I didn't know about as she doesn't frequent the group. She someone's wife and a lovely great artist. As soon as she was in front of our kitchen island where the food was, I realized she was a vegetarian! Thankfully I'd made a Mexican dip, someone brought fruit salad and another lady brought deviled eggs!
    We felt so honored that two of the wives who don't like to leave their homes came to our party. Next party will be potluck style as they do here in the south. We want to have them over to watch the sunset but it's going to be raining for the rest of the week and it looks like next week too. We really have gathered a great group of friends.

    I highly recommend doing a yoga session at least once a week. I love it when we do the warrior poses because I always end up with DOMS on my thighs for how hard the legs work to hold the pose. You have to tighten your legs your butt, tummy, point the front knee to the outside just a little, and on top of that, you have to do the Ujjayi or oceanic breath. So much to remember!

    It really is getting dark early now. Great idea to have Rocket wear his reflective vest.

    Laurel, amazing workout combos as usual! Thanks so much for putting that rotation together. I want to give it a try because it looks really good. I may not be able to do everything you recommend because I don't want to give up my classes.
    I hear you about realizing that there are things we can no longer do workout wise.

    Doing the Parade of Homes event really changed our lives. Can you believe we have all these friends? I actually know their first names and have reminded DH several times about them. We actually have more than 27 friends but they don't always attend the Friday gathering so I couldn't give them an invitation. I now realize how sad it is to live somewhere for so long and not have any friends.
    Yoga really IS a workout. Not all the classes I take are workouts but they are good for the body. Some of the restorative classes are not workouts at all but the benefits of holding a stretch for a long time is so good! The beginners' yoga class I take is not much of a workout either because the instructor does a lot of restorative work which I love. The Wednesday morning yoga class IS a workout. I have to see if I dare do another 8:15 class on Friday's but might not if I'm going to do part of the rotation.

    Hi Erika, great job keeping up with your workouts! Sorry, your boy didn't pass the driver's test. I hope he passed today!

    The flareups are not fun but I really am having more good days. I am torn between my yoga studio classes and doing our usual DVD workouts. I want to do both but I don't have that much energy. I am thinking that I need to build that energy up. I hope that is what I need to do anyway. The massage was pretty amazing. I wish I could do them every week but it's not like they're free.

    Tami, great workouts. I'm glad you're enjoying the Peloton so much!
    Poor Bernie waiting next to the Peloton for his 'mommy and me time!"
    That private yoga class was really amazing. This instructor is really good and even better at helping you with form and telling you what you're supposed to feel. I am surprised I've never heard of the Supreme 90 series! I really think your patience will pay off at work at the right time. Remember that things happen on God's time!

    Sounds like you're going to be very busy making sure you don't fall behind with work.
    That is a tough decision about the gym membership! Think about the benefits that you get from your gym membership. Classes you love and what about the social aspect of going there?
    My membership at the yoga studio is $99 a month for unlimited classes. I really think I'm the only person there who takes as many classes as I do. I feel that I get my money's worth with the number of classes I take each week. For me there is also the social aspect I get out of going the studio, that is priceless to me.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Thunder storms this morning so no walk with Rocket. I'm hoping that when I get home it will be better, and I can take him for a good long walk. So my workout this morning was Kelly's RAW HiiT 6/60 Abs and also the Stretch routine. I'm not usually a fan of Kelly's stretching, but this one is very good.

    Laurel, Love the workouts! Those GS workouts are so good. Great job on the rotation, it looks very interesting and will have to see how it will work for me. Nice that all parts of the body are getting attention twice a week. I'm always surprised at how working outdoors really does make me a lot more tired at the end of the day than doing a workout. Of course I'm usually outside a lot longer, so I guess that can be a huge factor. The one thing that my DH didn't want to do was force the girls to learn things from him, because his Dad did that. It rubbed off on my DH, but it sure missed his brother. :D I'm very thankful that he is so handy. Of course some of my ideas get really changed around, because he feels his way is better. :D Right now I'm going with the September rotation from Kelly's Facebook group, and then when we get back focus on heavy weight.

    Tami, Great job on all your workouts, and of course your weekend sounded nice also. Sorry to hear about the increased rates for going to the gym. Hope that the punch card information is more toward what you are looking for. LOL about Bernie being a love bug now that he is getting older. I hope that is the case with Rocket also, he is getting better. My youngest really has brought him out of his shell, so now he gives a lot of kisses. I was wondering about going up to 25lbs on that workout, so it will be a goal to reach that poundage. Hope that you are able to try out the new workouts of Kelly's.

    Thelma, Very glad to hear that the party went so well. There is always that one person that has special dietary needs, and it can be hard to think about those type of things when planning a party. That's okay about the Sangria, it will give you a chance to see all those people again. I think that is the one thing about yoga that is the toughest part, remembering all the ways that your body has to be positioned and breathing. Nice that you where able to go out to the shooting range. Hope that you are feeling better today after the flare up. I'm going to be making a more concerted effort to get in my yoga, I know it is so good for the body.

    Have a awesome day!
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