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  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,474Member Member Posts: 2,474Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Can't believe that we are leaving tomorrow, the time flew by and I'm sure that our time over there will be just as fast. This morning was Kelly's Your Best Body with Cardio Rests Workout 2. Good workout!

    Tami, Glad that you had such good workouts, and that you have recovered from them. ;)

    Thelma Dang on the RA, but I'm glad to hear that the Sudafed is giving you relief. We have colds going around the office, and I'm hoping that it doesn't catch me. I sure don't want to bring a cold with us, but this morning I had such a headache. Hoping that it was just sinus issues.

    Have a great day, I don't know if I will have time to get on tomorrow before we leave. To tell the truth, I don't know if I will be able to check in at all, but I'm told that my work phone is international. ;)

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    Hi Ladies, I did Barre today. The RA flareup continued today with stiff fingers in the morning. In the afternoon the pain in my bones brought me to tears. I finally gave in and took a prednisone pill and an Aleve. I feel better and I and I will attribute it to the Aleve.

    Tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary. We don't have any plans except to go meet our friends at a local Italian restaurant as we do every Friday. There is a BBQ and Blues festival going on in BR this weekend which started today. Tomorrow's event is pub-crawling at specific pubs. It's pretty much like bar hopping. We don't really drink so won't be doing that. The big BBQ and Blues event is on Saturday. There will be food trucks and Blues. I would love to do the Saturday event. It's in downtown BR which is 8 minutes from our house.

    Laurie, I hope you and your family have a lot of fun in England!

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

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    Hi Ladies! Well, our much anticipated and delayed vacation was worth the wait. :) We had an amazing time in Maui. It was a great combination of relaxation and activity and a little adventure. Absolutely loved it! I highly recommend Maui for a vacation. Unlike Tami’s trip to Kauai in January and all the rain they experienced, we found Maui surprisingly (even shockingly) dry. While that makes it not quite as pretty as Oahu (or I imagine Kauai), it made for predictable vacation weather. The locals are concerned about the dryness though, as well as the heat. It was every bit as hot there as it has been in Alabama, which I did not expect on a tiny island in the ocean. :o But we took full advantage of the good weather and saw all sides of the island, took long walks on the beach every day, went on a couple of hikes in the National Park there and golfed on three of their beautiful courses. Good fun! Now I just have to recover from the jet lag!!

    I did not workout at all on the vacation, but since we were active every day, I didn’t mind it at all. It was a nice mental and physical break. This week, I will ease my way back into it since I know I will be sore all week. That has already started from my workout yesterday. I did LIS Lower Body Trisets and RWH Low Impact HiiT Two. My legs are screaming today! I still wonder how I can get so sore with just one week off! Today was LIS Chest/Shoulders/Triceps premix followed by Cathe Live Get Steppin’.

    Erika, I am so glad your DS got his driver’s license. I am sure that frees up so much of your time! I am glad that not getting it the first time around gave him some help in improving for the second time. Sounds like a great attitude!

    Laurie, I know you are in the U.K. now. I hope you have a great trip!!!

    Thelma, sorry to hear about all the RA flare ups. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!! Sounds like lots of good activities to enjoy over the weekend.

    Tami, I read about your sore legs after the LITE workout last week and, believe me, I feel your pain today. :o I am glad you were feeling better after a couple of days. Hoping for the same here! :) I was thinking about you in Hawaii because we did not see one rain drop. I know you said you would probably never get your DH back, but maybe that knowledge will help?!? I don’t know. But it does seem that the further east the island, the more arid it is. I so wish you had had our experience in January when you so needed a vacation as well. Great workouts, as always!

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, DH and I had a good weekend. I had to take meds to control the flareup pain in order to function. We had a great anniversary and went out to dinner with our friends.
    Saturday was housework and errands day and dinner out. Sunday was great and a totally unplanned outing. Our friends invited us on a tour of TN. We went to a little town called Tellico Plains, TN for lunch and then we went to see some waterfalls. We then went to Buck Bald Mountain. The altitude was about 2500 ft. The view was amazing! You get a 360-degree panoramic view of the NC, GA and TN mountains. It was like being on top of the world. We were gone almost the entire day.

    On Friday I did the restorative yoga class and tried a new class called QiGong. The new class was almost like TaiChi, except that you never move your feet. You only move your upper body.
    Today I did XT Legs and Barre.

    Laurel, welcome back! So glad you and your DH had a great vacation! So happy for both of you!

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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Keeping the Pace spin workout followed by Ellen Barrett Yogini from YouTube. Both of these were firsts for me, and I loved them both! I think the jet lag is finally leaving my body, so my workout today felt much more normal than the last two. I am getting too old to be up for something like 30 hours straight like we were Friday/Saturday! :o

    Thelma, I am glad you enjoyed the weekend. I am sorry you had to take medication for your pain, though. Hopefully these flare ups ease soon. You got me to google Buck Bald Mountain!! Both DH and I are absolutely taken with Tennessee, to be honest. So that is someplace we may explore some day too! The Colorado girl in me still misses the mountains quite a bit, so anyplace with that kind of a mountain view sounds perfect for me. Maybe a great place to see some changing leaves in a few weeks too! :) Great job with the workouts. The QiGong sounds interesting.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Sorry I missed you {again} the last few days. Geez …. Work hasn’t been overly busy, just head down and getting things done lately I guess. My supervisor has been having her "off" days again, acting sort of stange again, super disappointing. Our office manager had a nice talk with me on Friday about her and said to not worry about it, to just keep my head up and he will deal with whatever she is doing. Weekend was quiet but good. I was able to get my hair done on Saturday and that lasted a couple hours + then we went and had lunch together. By then it was 4:00!! What? Where does the time go. My hair is jus a little different … at my shoulders and she put some ashy dark blonde in to “fall” it up. LOL

    Workouts: Saturday I did Tri-Sets Legs followed by a Tabata ride on the Peloton
    Sunday: I was pooped (from all the relaxing on Saturday I guess) LOL No workout.
    Monday: Opted to workout at home so I was able to get in the Tri-Sets Chest/Shoulders/Tris from the new rotation and then a Peloton HiiT Ride.
    Today: Peloton “Tuesday Tabata”

    Laurel: WELCOME BACK! Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing vacation in Maui. I am so glad and happy to hear you enjoyed it and took a nice relaxing “no workout” vacation as well. All the walking/activity made up for it! So glad your weather was not like ours on Kauai …. I knew Maui would be nice though. I have always heard it is amazing weather. YAY. Excellent job stepping right back into it. Doesn’t sound like “easing” into it. Way to work. I’m on target so far with our new set of workouts and building STRENGTH! I did legs on Saturday however and Tri-Sets upper (part 1) yesterday, tomorrow will do the Back/Bi’s section as planned out.

    I hope you don’t feel those DOMS on your legs for too long. Mine was full on for 2 days and then great. As they can be sometimes. This week I didn't have the same effect. Thank you for thinking of me on your trip and the “non-raindrops” LOL I hope someday I can get him to go again. If not, I will make a plan with my sister, we already talked about it since it is on my bucket list to go to a sunny location in Hawaii.

    Thelma: Happy to hear you had a nice weekend and Happy Belated Anniversary! Sorry to hear about the pain flareup … dang it. Although your weekend sounds like you kept up nicely with friends and a little site seeing. YAY. Excellent job continuing to do all the wonderful classes that help your body however. My mom was 110% into QiGong before she was ill, she loved it and one time at my sisters I saw her outside doing it ….. so darling.

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ :) ;)

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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,379Member Member Posts: 1,379Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Barre and walking at the recreation center with DH.

    Laurel, fabulous workouts! I was watching some of Ellen Barrett's workouts and they look great. Her style reminds me a little of KCM's. Glad your body is getting over the jet lag.

    I thought I was over the flareups but maybe they'll come and go with RA. I am doing better thankfully.
    I highly recommend visiting Buck Bald. It's a pretty amazing place. I heard the fall colors won't be good this year due to the lack of rain.

    Tami, sorry your boss is acting up again. I hope things improve soon. Your new hair color sounds nice!
    Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes!
    Great job with those workouts!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,676Member Member Posts: 2,676Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LIS Back/Biceps/Core premix followed by Cathe Live Rock It Sock It Knockout. Felt good!

    Tami, I am sorry to hear about your boss being ‘off’ again. It is nice the Office Manager is aware and providing some top cover, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact you have a a disturbing boss. I really hope things improve for you. Great job with the workouts! I imagine for me if this had been a ‘normal’ week, these upper body workouts might have felt a bit too short/easy. But, for me this week, they have been perfect. But I am looking forward to a longer upper body workout on Friday. Next week will be a repeat of this, but then I know for the next four weeks (doing XT and STS), there will be no short or easy! :) My DOMS is pretty much gone, thankfully. LIS Lower Body Trisets always makes my Glutes and hamstrings a little sore, but this week. :o . About Maui, the one thing that did surprise me is that it reminded me of Los Angeles (without the city :) ). In other words, mostly desert with palm trees and ocean (with some green hills though). I think I understand why Honolulu is on Oahu, since that seems to be the most moderate of the islands. But, unfortunately, Honolulu and all the traffic and such makes Oahu not the greatest island to escape to. Anyhow, I hope you get a chance to revisit Hawaii someday with your sister. And can leave the umbrella home. :)

    Thelma, great workout. I really enjoyed that Ellen Barrett workout. It was challenging yet gentle on the body. I am going to try a couple more from her workouts on YouTube. I like these ‘active’ yoga workouts more than the more static ones for after I spin since my body is warm and I am a little ‘fired up’. On Saturdays, I think I will try to lean more towards relaxing yoga. But even if I end up doing two active ‘yoga’ workouts a week, that’s two more yoga workouts a week than I have been doing since the move! I have been thinking the same thing about the fall colors here. It is so hot and dry, I can hardly believe it will be October next week. The leaves are just falling off the trees right now with no hint of color in them at all. Kinda sad to be honest.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ As planned last night I did my Tuesday Tabata Spinning, which was great and always a sweat fest. LOL Today is Tri-Sets Back/Bis/Core with an “add-on” (haven’t decided what just yet) 😊

    Thelma: Excellent job getting in your Barre workout today and some walking! I hope they improve soon …. Kind of a split personality at times, which I am learning is just her and not my issue but unfortunately we suffer from it when she is in “a mood”. Thank you on the hair color, still getting used to it.

    Laurel: Great combo today! These shorter workouts for me have definitely felt different but kind of nice I have to say, leaves me room to get in a Peloton ride or something else, so that is fun. But I do look forward to our upcoming workout(s) as well to gain some of that good strength back! Can you refer me to the “next four weeks (doing XT and STS)” that you mentioned after next week. (thank you). I am glad your legs are good today as well. I remember in the past you saying those tri-sets Lower always seem to zap you. Must be some of those different leg moves she does in that one.
    Yes, I am also glad (relieved) our office manager is aware. Doesn’t make me feel like I am crazy …. He did say, “I don’t want you to ever feel like you did at your last job” LOL thanks boss, me either. However, him acting on it I guess is a whole other story.

    An update on my gym membership: I did decide to keep it and when DH returns from fishing I will make a mental schedule of what classes I will go to. The "punch card" I was looking into is also going up in price from $60 to $130!!! Yikes. That's for only 16 classes. So a membership will be worth it.

    Have a nice evening ladies! Talk to you tomorrow. :)
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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm not sure how the days get away from me and I'm not able to get on here and check in! Cathe rotation is going well, it's one of her monthly ones with a good mix. I also started running again so have a few good runs under my belt!

    Still enjoying having DS driving, and he's been good about checking in. We have looked at some apps, but with a split household (boys have iPhones, me and hubby have google phones) we've heard certain apps don't work well. I will keep looking, but so far I'm able to get at least one of the boys to check in. They are together 99% of the time, so between the 2 someone checks in!

    Thelma, I love hearing of your hosting events and workouts. It sounds like a nice anniversary celebration too! Those flare-ups need to find somewhere else to go though. It has to be so frustrating not knowing when will come or go! Still thanking you every day for the air fryer recommendation...we use it every single day!

    Laurel, sounds like you had an amazing vacation (I've never been to Hawaii, but would love to go!) and got in lots of walking and sightseeing...sounds perfect to me! Good idea to ease into the workouts, as I'm sure your body will have some DOMS.

    Laurie, I missed you, but hope you are having a great time!

    Tami, I'm glad to hear you're staying busy at work but what a challenge with your supervisor. I'm glad to hear you have someone on your side and hopefully the off time will pass soon. We've been busy at work, but not overly busy...just a nice steady busy, which is perfect!

    I'm not sure I'll be back on this week...I have my permanent crown going in tomorrow morning, and evening activities tomorrow and Friday. I'm hoping the permanent crown placement is uneventful...I've heard it can be challenging for some people and fine for others. I'm hoping I'm the latter!

    Have a great weekend, if I don't talk to you before then!

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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Fundamentals and Flow Yoga, Beginner Gentle, and Sculpted-Movement Fusion. Surprisingly, I wasn't half-dead after the three classes today like I was last week!

    The Barre class at church left me with nice DOMS between my legs and glutes. I feel that this week my legs and upper body have been worked harder than usual which I like.

    Laurel, I really like the XT and LIS workouts. Now that I'm doing all these yoga/Barre workouts I need short Cathe workouts.
    Challenging yet gentle workouts is what my body likes these days. I was watching part of an ab workout Ellen Barrett has. She does some standing ab work which I liked. I think the active yoga workouts will be perfect for you as an add on after cardio.
    The same thing you're experiencing with the leaves just falling off the trees is exactly what is going on here. The house next door has a tree that turned a beautiful red color. That's the most color I've seen around here, and we are surrounded by trees!
    It really is hard to believe that next week will be October! I can't believe I've been in BR for 6 months already!

    Tami, awesome workouts! I'm glad you decided to keep your gym membership. Just plan ahead. I can't believe how much they raised the prices though!.
    I'm really sorry about your boss. Glad you've figured out that it is her issue and not anything you're doing. Thankfully, you exercise because that helps with stress.

    Thanks so much on your comments about my workouts and your wishes for my health to improve soon.

    Erika, glad you're enjoying Cathe's rotation. How wonderful that you've started running again!

    I hope you're able to work a good app to be able to 'follow' your boys around. Did you try Life 360?

    I am really enjoying having our friends over at the house. Our good friend came over today with a friend of his. I knew he wanted his friend to see the house when he said he'd come to get DH to go out with the boys. Too funny! The flareups are a little depressing. I was doing very well and in the afternoon a little flareup kicked in. Thank God it's just my right thumb.
    I am so glad you're using the air fryer so much! What kinds of dishes are you air frying?

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! After telling myself I wasn’t going to do Cathe’s live class today because it didn’t fit my rotation.....I did it anyway. And it was good! It was called Metabolic Meltdown, and it was a decent cardio workout without any ‘cardio’ moves. In other words, no jumping! The cardio factor came from weight, reps and pace. Since today was supposed to be low impact for me, I figured it worked! But I probably worked my muscles more that I needed to as well. We’ll see how that feels tomorrow. :o Anyhow, I followed it with Cathe’s Lower Body Blast and did the 76 minute premix with the barre section. It has been several years since I did this premix, and I loved it today. I think my legs will be screaming tomorrow though! :)

    Tami, great workouts! I started my 14 day trial with the Peloton app today and hope to do my first spin workout tomorrow (if my legs allow!). I previewed one of Ally Love’s this morning and I love her energy!!! Thank you for recommending her. If the one I previewed is any indication, these classes will definitely have a bit more fun factor than Cathe’s spin. I am glad you are settled on your gym membership. That is an outrageous amount for a punch card! And here I was wondering if $20 a month for the Peloton app will be worth it! :o Based on those is. I haven’t really written out the rest of the rotation yet, so here is a stab at it. :D

    For weeks 3-4 (after we finish LIS)
    Sunday...XT Legs (one week) and XT Cardio Leg Blast (one week) and HiiT Cardio
    Monday....XT Disc 1 and steady state cardio
    Tuesday.....Spin and Yoga
    Wednesday.....XT Disc 2 and higher intensity cardio
    Thursday......LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body (one week) and LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body (one week) and low impact cardio
    Friday.....LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body (one week) and LITE Stacked Sets Upper Body (one week) and spin

    For weeks 5-6, the only changes I plan to make will be substituting STS Meso 1 workouts in place of the XT workouts on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. So I will do STS Discs 3 and 6/Legs on Sunday, STS Discs 1 and 4 on Monday and STS Discs 2 and 5 on Wednesday. I am going to try to stick with the LITE workouts for all four weeks because I truly think they are some of Cathe’s best endurance workouts and I think the shorter length will be a nice balance to those longer workouts earlier in the week.

    For weeks 7-8, I will be doing the 4DS Lower Body premix (which is on the KB/BC DVD) on Sunday, the 4DS Chest, Shoulder and Triceps premix on Monday and the 4DS Back and Bicep premix on Wednesday. These last two workouts are on the step DVD from 4DS. These 4DS workouts are shorter again (more like this week) BUT they don’t include warm up or cool down. I usually just do random warm ups and cool downs/stretches from the 4DS workouts. Since these are shorter workouts, I think I will repeat the Thursday/Friday workouts from our current section (Butts and Guts and Lower Body Blast on Thursday’s and Pyramid Upper Body and CTX Upper Body on Friday). But I may also substitute in workouts from Cathe Live for those days. :)

    Hope that makes sense! Let me know what you think!!

    Erika, glad to hear you are enjoying your rotation. Yay for running! That has to feel good. I hope you can find a good app that helps you keep track of your boys. But it sounds like they are being pretty responsible in letting you know where they are, which is fantastic! I hope your crown replacement went well.

    Thelma, great workouts!! That’s a lot for a day. I am glad it felt better than last week. Today I did quite a long workout (about 2 hours total), but I have to admit, my dread factor goes way down when I get that under 90 minutes. So I am hoping to keep my workouts shorter if for no other reason than I enjoy them more. So when I do the longer strength workouts (like today), my goal is to keep the cardio at 30-40 minutes tops! I think my body will appreciate it too. We have hints of some red and yellow in a couple of trees but, mostly, they are just turning brown. It is as hot as it has been all summer right now. I have to admit....I am finally ready for fall. I am ready to open some windows. :)

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Tri Sets Back/Bis/Core last night but no add on. So a short and sweet workout. The neighbor had caught me outside on my way in so I visited with him for a bit. Today is XT Lower Body Blast when I get home, but not the added Barre section like Laurel did. Way to go lady! :)

    Erika: I know how the days can get a way from you. No worries lady! It happens. Happened to me a lot this summer. Way to go on your Cathe rotation and enjoying your running again. Something I have yet to re-visit and enjoy no matter how many times I have thought I might. Such a great form of exercise for most. I forgot to comment the other day on your son driving …. I am glad you are embracing it and it is going well. I know my mom couldn’t wait for me to drive because of the all the sports I was in she didn’t have the time to shuttle me so it was a relief for her when I started driving. LOL Thank you so much for the well wishes on my job and the supervisor situation. It is so strange but I am very thankful to have our main Manager of the whole office looking out. Good luck with your crown ~ have a great weekend!

    Thelma: Way to go on your Yoga & Movement Fusion Classes. Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying them. Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement on my gym membership …. I can’t believe the price hike either. Definitely want people to just be members instead of a punch card I am thinking. WOWSA. It is a relief to understand it is her issue and not mine. Feels slightly better, just a little odd at times which is hard. Just glad to know I have support.

    Laurel: Way to go on the workout combos! That is a looooooooong workout. The LIVE class sounds great. Similar to her LITE Metabolic Meltdown workout maybe? WOOHOO on the Peloton app. I will be waiting to hear how you like it. Ally is absolutely my favorite class. I have yet to have a bad class from her. Just love her style and motivation. I have taken a few others but always go back to her and feel so great. YAY. Her Tabata workouts are fabulous. I agree on the punch card being outrageous …. Like I said to Thelma, I think they are basically saying “just be a member” LOL.
    Thank you for posting this. I thought I had missed it. :( This looks really good. I am going to have to pick a YOGA workout that I can stick with and like. Planning on doing one at least this Saturday to start the “habit” forming of this for myself.

    Have a great evening ladies! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Cathe's XTRAIN Chest Back & Shoulders, Barre Level, and Walking with Leslie Sansone.

    I took a nasty fall this afternoon. I stepped on a small wooden step stool to catch a bug in the porch and somehow fell backward and landed on my butt on the hardwood deck. Needless to say, my tailbone is not happy. I was home alone and thankfully I was able to get myself up. I did the Leslie Sansone workout right after my fall so I wouldn't get stiff. I could pretty much do all the moves except for kickbacks. I took two Aleve and I've been icing. I walk OK but stairs are not good. I can't bend down and if I want to get something off the floor I have to lean forward and lift my right leg behind me. I've also been doing a lot of stretching (in bed) and I have been trying to realign my tailbone because I think it's tilted forward.

    Laurel, thanks for posting the new rotation ideas. What an amazing workout you did today! WOW! Great job!

    Good for you for figuring out that shorter cardio workouts = more enjoyable workouts!
    We had a beautiful day here today and we actually got some rain! YAAY! I think our temps are in the 80's during the day so it's very nice. I'm happy with the lower temps and no humidity.

    Tami, awesome workouts!
    I am really enjoying my classes. Your gym definitely wants people to have a gym membership and not a punch pass.
    I'm glad you have support at work about dealing with your boss. I used to have a nasty boss and developed an ulcer because of her. It is so hard not to take things personally. You know these people can't possibly be happy.

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Pyramid Upper Body followed by my first Peloton ride! I did a 45 minute ‘country’ rise from the instructor Tami recommended, and it was so good. Cathe’s spin classes are good, but, unfortunately, they all follow a pretty similar pattern and, more unfortunately, don’t have very good music. So it was fun to do something completely different with good music!

    Tami, short, sweet workouts are good too! Just FYI, the Lower Body Blast workout I did is the one that isn’t part of a set. It came out with High Reps, STS Total Body, and Intensity back about 8 years ago. Do you remember that one? It really needed dusting off for me! I am not sure why I stopped doing it because it really is a good workout. Anyhow, I loved the Peloton ride!!! It was fun and tough combined. I had no problems with the fact I don’t own a Peloton, which is good. I am definitely going to pay the monthly fee for this app because I want to try so many more rides. Like I said above, all of Cathe’s rides are good but similar. I am ready for a little shake up in my spin routine for sure. About yoga, I know you like more ‘active’ yoga like I do. I did Ellen Barrett’s Yogini which I found on YouTube the other day and really enjoyed it. 2lazy4gym also has a review of it if you want to read a break down. Just a recommendation if you are looking for something different. :)

    Thelma, great workout but yikes on the fall! Hope you are doing okay today. That is scary when you are alone. You are so lucky to have temps in the 80s right now. We broke a heat record at 95 yesterday! :o We are going to play golf in a town about 70 miles west of here tomorrow that has not had one day below 90 the entire month of September. Here in Huntsville, we are expecting to be in the mid to upper 90s for at least 10 more days. Even at night it is staying in the 70s. I know I have spent all summer saying how much I am enjoying the heat, but going into October.....I am ready for it to be a little cooler for sure.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,379Member Member Posts: 1,379Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. DH and I had a nice, quiet weekend. We went to TN for dinner on Saturday.
    My workouts have been limited to Leslie Sansone walking workouts. Stairs are still difficult, especially when they're high steps. Bending down really hurts my tail bone and pretty much the same if I want to lean forward and touch my toes. I discovered that I have a massive bruise on my upper right calf. I guess my calf landed on the edge of the step-stool.

    We finally got some much-needed rain on Friday and Saturday. It wasn't nearly enough but it eas better than nothing. We hadn't had rain since August 28 someone told me. Yikes! We'll have temps in the high 80's during the day and high 60's at night. Hopefully, we'll get some rain.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Anybody else having problems with this site? I don’t know if it is MFP or our internet I am having issues with. Or both. :p Anyhow, we are enduring quite the heatwave here which I think is exhausting the electrical supply. We broke records yesterday and will again today with highs of 97. We may even get the hottest October temperature ever recorded here. Yep, I am ready for Fall! :D Actually, we played golf both days this weekend, and that still felt good in the heat. But once I get back into AC, I am ready for fresh air again.

    Workouts have been good. On Saturday I did a 30 minute Peloton app yoga class, which was really good. Sunday was LIS Lower Body Trisets followed by Cathe Live Cardio HiiT Plus Core. Yesterday was LIS Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Trisets premix followed by Cathe’s Greatest Hits DVD. Today was a 60 minute PowerZone Peloton Ride (which nearly killed me :o :p ) followed by a 10 minute cool down ride followed by Jessica Smith’s Walk Strong 3 Tone and Flow.

    Thelma, I am glad you are recovering and taking it easy on your body while you do. Those kinds of falls are so scary. I am glad you were able to get out for dinner this weekend. I so wish we had the rain you got. It is so very, very dry here. It looks like we will be in the 90s at least through Friday with no rain in sight. I am shocked we haven’t had any major fires yet. On one of the courses we played this weekend, the surrounding fields were almost black they were so dead. One match would take it out in a second. So preying for rain here soon.

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,278Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,278Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Sorry I missed you all the last few days! As it goes sometimes for me lately. At any rate, weekend was VERY COLD but good. We actually had snow – yes SNOW both days. It stuck slightly in the yard but has left. We are only in the 40’s now though. Yikes. Snow is on the mountains around us however. So it went from summer, brief Fall to winter it feels like.
    Workouts: Sat: PHA Training + Peloton Ride, Sun: Lower Body Tri-Sets + Peloton HiiT Ride
    Mon: Metablic Blast + Calorie Crush and today is Tri-Sets Upper Ch/Should/Tris w/ a Peloton ride to follow!

    Laurel: Excellent job with your workouts! I did change it up yesterday/today a little bit but again, loving the combos you have put together. THANK YOU. I am so excited to hear you loved your Peloton ride! Did you do one of Ally’s Country Rides? She plays such good music, I agree. All her classes have a “flow” and plan, never exactly the same unless she is doing a 4-part series of Tabata but it still changes from class-to-class, always different music. Yay. Were you able to follow along just fine despite not having an actual Peloton? I would imagine you could because if you understand resistance and cadence you can pick up what she is saying.

    Yes, that was the Lower Body Blast workout I pulled out and forgot how challenging it was . ..OR “is now” :# anyway for me. WOWSA. I am glad I picked the right one. I actually thought, “I need to ask her if this was the one she meant?” Dusting off forsure, I had to lookup the picture online to find it in my cupboard. :D Thank you so much for that Yoga recommendation …… I really tried to mentally make myself do something the other day and didn’t :( so this gives me something to shoot for! YAY. I do like more active Yoga forsure. If I can find one that doesn’t make my mind wander right into doing something else (until I get myself more disciplined in this practice) it will be great. Thanks again. That is fantastic you are having such great weather.

    Thelma: Sounds like a great weekend with your sweet hubby and dinner out is always fun. I am going to see my DH this weekend for my annual fishing trip. His Birthday is tomorrow. They have been catching some nice fish so I hope I am lucky enough to do so as well! I’m sorry to hear about your fall off the small step stool. That can be so scary. Just the smallest thing …. OUCH. Good you are taking it easy and recovering your poor body. ;)

    Have a great evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! :)
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  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,195Member Member Posts: 1,195Member Member
    Hi Ladies!!t

    I made it on sooner rather than later this time!! Just finishing up my Cathe rotation, and I'm loving this one. Great variety with some shorter and longer workouts, high and low impact. Yesterday was Tabatacise and today STS Total Body. Love both so much!!

    The crown replacement went great, but I was so nervous I don't even remember the visit. I guess when I'm super nervous I forget about that point in time! We found an app for the boys, which ends up being the State Farm good driver discount program. There's a tracker that goes in his car, and I can see where he is, but it also tracks his driving and he gets a discount based on how well he drives. Win-win for both of us!

    Weather here has been so fall weather (in the 50s) and then yesterday was mid 80's. I think now we're back to fall, with lots and lots of rain!

    Thelma, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Funny enough, I've taken that same spill (on my tailbone) several times in my life. I don't know why, but that's where I seem to fall if I'm going down. It's super painful, and takes time to heal. Keep with what you can, and lots of ice and stretching! Still going strong with the airfryer! Mainly fish, seafood and veggies. It's so nice to throw a piece of salmon and some diced sweet potatoes in and it's done in about 10 minutes. Can't beat it!!

    Tami, I heard about the snow, wow that's so early! Glad it wasn't a lot (I heard 44" in Montana over the weekend!) and you're back to fall weather out there. I'm hoping this isn't a sign of the winter to come!!

    Laurel, yay on the Peloton!! I bet you are loving it, I'm still on the fence about getting a spin bike. We'll see if I decide to go for it or not, but you and Tami are slowly convincing me I need one! I heard about your weather crazy it's that hot in the fall!

    Hi Laurie, I hope your trip is going well!

    Have a great evening! Talk to you later this week!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,379Member Member Posts: 1,379Member Member
    Hi Ladies, still doing lite cardio and stretching. I was able to do a slow forward fold and touched my toes, and do a couple of squats without my tail bone hurting. The stairs, though are a different story.

    No rain today and it was hot in the afternoon.

    Laurel, awesome workout combos! Great job! I'm glad you're enjoying the Peloton app!

    I am not having problems with MFP tonight. I did have internet problems. My internet connection kept disconnecting. Weird that it only happened to me at home. DH's connection was fine at that time.
    I can't believe how hot it is there! I hope all of us in the south get some rain soon.
    This back injury really needed rest in order to get better. Definitely a scary thing.

    Tami, I can't believe you had your first snowfall! I'm afraid that temps in the 40's will feel quite cold for us now that we've been in the south for a while. I've been in BR 6 months now! WOW!
    Good job with those workouts!

    DH and I had a great time on Saturday. It's so strange to be at the border of GA and TN. On one block you are in GA and on the next, you're in TN.
    Happy birthday to your DH! So glad you're going to spend this coming weekend with him! I hope you catch some big fish! Speaking of fish! I had grouper for the first time last week and it tastes a lot like salmon. Its color is a light salmon color. I've yet to try trout even though BR is famous for its trout fishing.
    DH's bday is next month.
    The fall was kind of surreal. Almost like a dream. I don't even know if I felt the step stool give out from under me. All I know is that I felt like I was falling in slow motion (the surreal part). I know I was real because of the loud bang my body made when it hit the floor.

    Erika, congrats on finishing up Cathe's September rotation!
    So glad the crown replacement went great!
    That good driver app sounds really good! I'm so glad you found it! Does it alert a driver when going too fast?
    Almost sounds like you're having New England weather! We've been staying in the 80's during the day. Please send some rain our way!

    I can't believe you're landed on your tailbone several times! I did slip on black ice many years ago and landed on the sideway on my butt. That was my first tailbone injury. It does take time to heal. Such a fragile area!
    I'm so happy you're getting so much use out of your air fryer! Talk about saving you lots of time!
    I've actually been using the regular oven more to do some sheet pan recipes the skinnytaste site has. Very good ones. I suppose you could make them in the air fryer too.

    Goodnight ladies!

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