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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,674Member Member Posts: 2,674Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I attempted to do Cathe’s live workout with her today, which was Double HiiT Cardio Compound. I say ‘attempted’ because for a short workout.....I was interrupted three times doing it! And, of course, since it was live, no pause button. So I did as much as I could, and then added on the Blizzard Blast from ICE Metabolic Total Body, just for good measure. I finished it with LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body.

    Erika, Happy Anniversary!! Glad you were able to enjoy an evening out. Winter is coming on fast, though we can only really tell right now due to the shorter daylight hours and leaves falling. I don’t blame you for wanting the snow to hold off a long as possible. My DH is back in Alaska for a few days, where it is snowing. I am thinking I am quite happy to be sitting on my deck every evening right now. :D

    Thelma, I am sorry to hear about the painful workout. No doubt you are frustrated because it has been non-stop pain for you for months. It does take awhile for the blood to thicken up after the hot, humid summer for sure. But it does! I agree with you, though, because the 65 degrees we had the other day felt pretty chilly to me.

    Laurie, great workout. Yay for the physical results. I hope your mom is okay from her surgery. I am sure she appreciates you going up there. I don’t know what it is about age and crankiness. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to happen to everybody. My mom, for instance, was much happier in her 70s than in her 40s. But I had a grandmother who was just not a happy person (as much as I hate to say that) but would tell stories about her carefree youth (which is the only time I saw her laugh). I know want to be like my mom.

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,377Member Member Posts: 1,377Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today I did Yin/Yang and Barre classes. The Barre class was perfect for my back because it was mostly standing work.

    OMG! I almost forgot to tell you! A lady at the yoga studio got locked up in the bathroom right after I used it. Somehow the lock broke and the knob wouldn't turn. It was as if it was locked still. The owner's husband had to break the door in order to get the lady out. She was a good sport and we were all laughing at the end. I could've been the one locked up in there!

    I will miss my Barre class on Monday because I have an appointment with my rheumatologist. It's a follow-up appointment.
    On Tuesday I'm going to see an ENT about my ears. My Eustachian tubes are bothering me for the first time ever. I read that it was called Eustachian tube dysfunction. It sounds like I have crinkly paper inside my ear. At first, I thought I had a bug in there but it didn't hurt. I would just hear this sound whenever I moved my head. The sound went away in one ear and it started on the other. No pain thankfully but I feel something isn't right with my ear. Better safe than sorry! I'm a mess! It really sucks to be me these days.

    Much cooler today and no rain. The International Space Station went over BR tonight again and we had the perfect view from our deck. Cool stuff!

    Did you get Cathe's email today? She is working on a step series called Step Boss. 2 out of the 3 workouts sound really nice but the choreographed one is not for me.

    Going for a haircut tomorrow with a new hairstylist. I've lost a lot of hair and my once thick, curly hair is now very fine. I just don't even know what can be done for my hair at this point.

    We are meeting our friends tomorrow as we do every Friday at a local restaurant. No other plans for the weekend so far but we may go to a farm to see a 370 lb pumpkin called Chuck! LOL
    My BIL is coming for a long weekend next Thursday so we will be busy that weekend. It should be fun!

    Laurie, great workout today and congrats on the good physical exam!
    So glad you live near your mom so you can go help her this weekend. I hope you don't get a lot of snow at your parents' though. It is tough getting old, some people become crabby and others become children like.

    Yesterday's workout was taxing on my lower back. Today's was really good. I have to be very careful of floor work for sure.

    Laurel, great job with those workouts! Did you have internet problems? I had a couple of hickups today.
    I am really frustrated with all the non-stop health issues. The most frustrating part is the pain issues for sure.
    It doesn't feel like our blood is going to thicken up any time soon! LOL. I'm telling you, temps in the 60's feel like temps in the teens!

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,674Member Member Posts: 2,674Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body followed by a 45 minute 80s Rock ride from Peloton. This spin class was SO much fun. My legs were sore from yesterday and I really wondered about spinning.....but all those old 80s tunes made me feel 20 again! :D ;)

    Thelma, I am glad the barre class worked for you. Bet it felt good to feel like you could do a workout like that without modification. I am glad you are going to see both your rheumatologist and an ENT specialist. Inner ear issues like that should be looked at, especially since the ear is so key to balance. Hoping for good, useful news from both appointments. I am with you on the hair loss and fine hair. One of the reasons I am doing these keratin treatments is so I can let my hair dry naturally, which I think will make my hair much healthier. The next step will be to stop coloring it, which will also make it much healthier. But as much as I want to do that.....I also know I am not quite ready for it. B) Yes, I was having internet issues yesterday. That was two of my workout interruptions. I am getting pretty frustrated, but I think I just have to accept it for what it is right now. I am just glad we didn’t opt for streaming TV. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow and highs in the 60s!! I can’t wait.....but I will need a jacket for sure.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,277Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,277Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Happy Fri-YAY!! For some reason my afternoon’s have been really busy and I haven’t been able to check in. Remainder of the week of workouts were:
    Tuesday: XT Legs + Peloton (45 min Tabata)
    Wednesday: XT Ch/Shoulders + Abs
    Thursday: XT Back/Bi’s + Abwork
    Today will be a Peloton ride when I get home.

    Tomorrow will be LITE Pyramid – try to stagger the Upper and the Lower since I missed this a.m. Volleyball starts on Sunday. It feels like forever since I played it should be interesting. LOL

    Laurel: Fabulous job on the workouts! I have done a couple of the 80's rides. They are SO fun. The music just comes right back to you doesn't it?!?! Just love the Peloton workouts. Have you seen any clips or anything yet on the Step Boss workouts? I saw photos of the PHA one and I am excited forsure on that one. Nervous for the others ..... choreography. Fingers crossed they will be doable for me.

    Thelma: I am glad your back was ok with the Barre workout. Our temps have been down to the 20's this week and only heating up to 40's. We even woke up to snow on the ground Wednesday. WHAT?!?

    You ladies have a nice weekend. Next week I am going to plan on checking in the a.m. when I have things going on during my lunch.

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,472Member Member Posts: 2,472Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    We had a really nice weekend with my parents, and my Moms surgery went really well. She is going to be going in on Thursday of this week to have the other eye taken care of. My brother will be taking care of her for that one. We had snow all weekend, but it didn't stick around. On the way home we did have to drive through a snow storm, that was pretty wild. The colors where beautiful also. I didn't workout at all through the weekend, and this morning I did Kelly's RAW Back & Biceps. This workout is a new one, and she did 2 exercises for each muscle group. The back was 5 sets of 10 reps, and the bi's where 5 sets of 8.

    Laurel, Awesome job on all your workouts! Sorry to hear that you had to stop and start that workout, not fun. I'm hoping that I also will be like my Mom when I get older. My Dad was not crabby this weekend, but he really is moving slow. I will have to go take a look at the pictures, I saw one photo where she appears to be using the step riser's for the exercise.

    Thelma, Good job with the barre work. Hope all goes well with the appointment for your ear. That is one big pumpkin. My uncle came by my parents house to give me a very old window pane (using for a project), and he also gave my mom some pumpkins for canning. He said that they where not big, but they had good meat inside. I can't wait to taste some good pumpkin pie made with it. ;)

    Tami, Great workouts! Hope that you had a good time at volleyball. I'm sure that you will do well with the new workouts.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,674Member Member Posts: 2,674Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. DH was supposed to be gone all weekend but actually made it home for Saturday night and yesterday before heading out on another trip today. We are experiencing lovely fall weather so we did get to golf yesterday which was a really nice bonus on a weekend when we thought we weren’t even going to see each other. I had to rake leaves on Saturday and my windows are autumn has arrived! We still need some rain, though.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a 30 yoga session from the Peloton app. I don’t know what it is but I found one instructor who I just ‘click’ with. This was the second class of hers I did. Not difficult but also feels good on the body and I love her music. Truly have enjoyed these two classes of hers I have done for sure. Yesterday was XT Cardio Leg Blast into Fit/Split Shred Cardio (cardio only), which made for a tough workout. Today was XT Chest/Back/Shoulders and Core 1 followed by Cathe Live Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Barre.

    Tami, great workouts!! I don’t know about you, but I am loving these XT workouts right now. I was thinking this morning about moving on to STS next week and thinking ‘I don’t want to!’.....but I will. These XT workouts just fly by for me for some reason. I haven’t seen any clips of the new workouts yet....just photos. I know she posted the approximate times for the three workouts and two (PHA and choreography) were surprisingly close to an hour (over 50 minutes that is). She hasn’t done too many workouts that long in a little while. The IMAX one is closer to 45 minutes I believe. She did say the 20 minute ‘bonus’ step section of less choreography on the choreography workout DVD may be the hidden gem of the series, so I am curious about that. It’s hard to tell from photos, but they do look good from what I’ve seen so far.

    Laurie, I am glad your weekend went well and your mom is doing okay. I am also glad you didn’t have too many issues with the snow. Sounds like a great workout today. I too saw that Cathe is using risers for the core workouts. I am going to be curious about that as I only have two risers (for the long step) since my long step is actually a Reebok step where everything fastens in. I have these two risers for the step I use when we move, which is shorter (and fits in the car better. :) ). But maybe my tall step risers will work even if they are bigger. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough!!

    See you tomorrow!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,377Member Member Posts: 1,377Member Member
    Hi Ladies, DH and I had a good weekend. We went to a country fair which was a lot of fun. It was at a huge park so we walked around their walking trails and that was our workout. No workout on Sunday. On Friday I did the restorative yoga class and today I did a Jessica Smith cardio workout.
    The temperature this morning was 46!!!

    I saw my rheumatologist today. My labs showed numbers were high which means the diseases are not controlled yet. This explains why I keep having flareups. I thought I was doing myself a good thing by suffering through the flareups without taking pain meds. Turns out every flareup is damaging my bones. So today the doctor offered multiple treatment choices. One involved injecting myself which I don't think I can do. Another one is getting infusions at the hospital, and the other choices were increasing the chemo or taking a pill. I chose to take the new pill. I don't even know if our insurance will approve it because it's seriously expensive. If this med works, we may be able to stop the chemo.
    I see the ENT tomorrow.

    Laurel, awesome workouts! Those Peloton workouts sound great!
    It really felt good to be able to do the barre workout. Thanks so much for those good wishes for my medical appointments.
    I understand what you're saying about getting my ears checked.

    Internet issues seem to be a way of life in this area, unfortunately.

    Tami, great workouts! I can't believe you started your Volleyball season already!
    Your temps are definitely cold. Snow already! Wow!
    The Step Boss PHA workout does look good. I don't care for the choreographed ones. I may buy individual workouts but not an entire series.

    Laurie, so glad you had a nice weekend and that your mom's surgery went well! I'm sure she'll do well next week too.
    I just can't believe you are also getting snow already! I bet the fall colors are gorgeous. We hardly have anything here given the drought we're in. There are a few trees that turned red but it's nothing compared to the sea of green trees. Most leaves are just turning brown and falling off the trees.

    I can't wait to hear what the ENT tells me. I really think this is being caused by acid reflux. Of course today my ear feels fine!
    We never went to see Chuck the pumpkin. I doubt we'll see it next weekend either because my BIL will be here. Maybe next year.
    I bet those pumpkin pies made with fresh pumpkins will be delicious! Someone was selling pumpkin bread at the fair. I got a little sample and you could tell it was made with fresh pumpkin.
    What are you making with the old window pane?

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,472Member Member Posts: 2,472Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was GHUTV Kettlebell/Cardio. I wanted to do a kettlebell workout, and this one really did fit well with my frame of mind.

    Laurel, Sounds like a great combo of workouts, and your leg day really does sound tough. Nice that you have found an instructor that you enjoy for the yoga. I would think the risers that you have would be good for doing those core moves, or you can just use a weight. I do think that the tall step risers are the same size as the regular step, I also have the reebok one, but have the high step. When will the DVD's be shipping out, did that get announced? Since I have not ordered them, I have not been paying attention. :o

    Thelma, Your weekend sounds wonderful, and great job on your workouts. Dang on the results for your RA. I would never be able to inject myself either. Probably comes from people like the lady that I had for my blood work for my physical. I have a huge bruise on my arm. I think my doctor was disappointed that the tech that has a lot of experience wasn't there. Now I know why. :/ Sorry to hear that the leaves are not giving spectacular color, we have had a lot of rain this year, so the colors are beautiful. The window pane is going to be displaying my Mom's doily creations, and I'm gifting it to my niece who is getting married in June. She has the farmhouse theme in her home, and I thought this would be a great way for her to have something special from her Grandmother. The pane has the perfect patina. My Mom was hesitant at first, but once she saw the pane, she was on board with gusto. I asked her to make a few small ones, and by the time we got home and I called her, she had one already made. :D

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,674Member Member Posts: 2,674Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 45 minute Peloton Climb Ride followed by Ruah Mind/Body Movement Release workout. This latter workout was a really nice combo of strength and stretch. Love these Tuesday spin/stretch combos I have been doing.

    Thelma, I am sorry about the news from the rheumatologist, but I am glad you have some answers about the cause behind the flare-ups. Hopefully this new pill fixes the problem. The way you described your leaves is exactly what we are experiencing here. Just not a pretty autumn, that’s for sure. We had quite a bit more color last year, even if it was mostly yellows. But this year.....just brown. We had those temperatures in the morning this weekend! I went to bed Friday night and it was still in the mid-70s. Got up on Saturday and it was 43!! Of course I decided to open the windows because it was the first time in five months the temp outside was cooler than inside. It got chilly in here pretty quickly! :p But the fresh air felt so nice.

    Laurie, great workout!! DH is up in Michigan this week, and he was talking about how pretty the colors are there. Glad you are enjoying a pretty fall. Cathe hasn’t announced a shipping date yet. She is usually a little better about letting people know where they are in the project post-filming than she has been with this series. I wonder if her doing the Daytona Road Trip in a couple of weeks is taking some of her attention from posting updates. But she did say they have started editing, so they are working on them. Since she is also saying the pre-sale ends soon, I would imagine they may be shipped around the first of December or so.

    I will try to post tomorrow, but I am getting another Keratin treatment on my hair and also going to have her straighten it a bit. It sounds like it will be quite a marathon appointment! So if I am not here, I am lost at Ulta!! :D


  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,277Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,277Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ I had a nice weekend. It was productive and good workouts all in one. Saturday I ended up doing the Pyramid Legs workout and then Sunday I did Rockout Knockout prior to leaving for Volleyball. KB workouts are always a good “warm up” before volleyball for my shoulders, legs, whole body. Volleyball was fun, but strange that we have 2 teams playing at the same time. In a couple weeks we play each other …. Our team won 4 out of 6 and I played with all the "young bucks". Let’s just say I am old enough or older than all of their mothers. YIKES, made me feel old. :D But they are great ladies and it was a lot of fun.

    Yesterday I ended up doing LITE Metabolic Blast followed by a 45 min Peloton ride. Today, XT Cardio Leg Blast and hopefully my “Tuesday Tabata” ride after work.

    Laurel: Excellent job on your workouts!!!! I am a little behind you each week and I have been doing my Leg day on Saturday instead of Sunday. Last Saturday I wondered if my legs would be crazy sore ... they were sore but not like the time before when I did that one. I LOVE the workout so much though. Sounds like beautiful weather you are having. Ours has shaped up a little bit for a few days and we are headed into a bunch of rain. But I know moisture is always needed. Which instructor did you do the Peloton Yoga with? I have thought about trying one of those as well? I know Kristin McGee is a Yoga instructor for them and years ago I did a few of her Pilates workouts which I enjoyed. I absolutely agree on how fast those XT workouts go. I love the strength in them as well and how she has put them together. I forget when I haven’t revisited a workout program how good they are. (always what we say, but still true). Thank you for the feedback on what you have read so far for the Step Boss program. I will plan on continuing into STS with you ;) it's been a while and I can use that strength training as well. Yikes on the push-ups!

    Laurie: Nice to hear you had a good weekend! Great job with the workouts as well. Happy your mom is doing good. Thank you for the encouragement on our Volleyball and the new workouts! Really looking forward to the PHA one forsure.

    Thelma: Your weekend sounds very nice! I bet the country fair was a lot of fun. Way to go with your continued push through your yoga, walking and barre workouts despite your flare ups. I am sure that was a bit shocking to hear about pushing through the flare ups …. Prayers for the right answers for you and remedies to help Thelma friend.

    Have a great afternoon/evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! OH, DH comes home this Friday!!!!

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