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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,658Member Member Posts: 2,658Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Hooked on Cycling followed by Jessica Smith Yoga Tone. Very good stuff! This is my second week in this trial of a spin/yoga day, and I am really enjoying it. I hope it continues! :)

    Tami, yikes on the weather change! It’s like flipping the switch on the seasons when it does that. Great workouts! I am glad you like the sound of the rotation. I am hoping that after this long rotation focused on strength that I can find a better balance between strength and endurance-type workouts (like the circuit/metabolic/etc workouts we did quite a bit of the summer) which I enjoy as well. But, like you, I feel like I have ignored my strength workouts for too long, and I am ready to get back to them for sure. I understand your concern about the rate hike at the gym. It would be that feeling of needing to go that would drive me crazy, to be honest. Hopefully the punch ticket system is a viable alternative.

    Thelma, so glad to hear your party went well! Sounds like a good time was had by all, for sure. I am sorry to hear about the neck and back pain. Hope you get some relief soon. My sinuses have been pretty bad all week with a pretty bad headache all day on Sunday. DH is still suffering and he talked to a co-worker who is experiencing the same. So we aren’t alone. But his co-worker took solace in the fact everything will be dead soon. :o I am not sure that is much of a comfort for me. :D

    Laurie, send those storms our way please! :) Sorry you missed your walk with Rocket, though. Sounds like another good workout. When it comes to projects like landscaping and such, I almost always defer to DH. I may offer some little ideas, but he really is a great craftsman and has a good eye for things. Just wish that translated to stuff inside better! :D

    Off to start packing for this trip. We are 3 days away, and I am beginning to think this vacation might actually happen. :p Of course, DH is across the country right now, so I will believe it more fully when he gets home tomorrow. :) Weird things always happen when he is away. Yesterday it was a poor bird flying into our dining room window (and not surviving :'( ). Last night, it was a loud bang in the middle of the night which woke me up. Our Christmas tree box had fallen over in the attic. :o So while I am more optimistic about this trip, I am still cautiously optimistic! :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    HI Ladies ~ I headed to BootCamp last night and I really enjoyed it! She had put more thought into the class than the last couple times. I think because the attendance was higher as well. I have learned this helps with Katy. LOL At any rate it was strength with 3 sets of HiiT mixed in throughout each. She also added in some abwork. Today’s workout will be at home this evening... Forsure a Tuesday Tabata ride on the Peloton. :) I have really looked forward to those.

    Thelma: Your weekend sounds amazing! I am so glad it was a huge success. It sounds absolutely perfect for your get together and I am sure the guests loved it. How thoughtful that they brought gifts too. WOW. Very nice. Hopefully you feel you have made some instant friends as well. Sorry to hear about the neck ache however, hopefully today it eases up a bit. Good job heading to the Barre classe despite. One of those things sometimes you think “will this feel better if I go?” or worse. I know, poor little Bern. He is just my pal especially during this time while DH is gone. He stays pretty attentive to DH when he is home … as DH always puts it “you’re a sure thing, he can ignore you more when I am home” LOL Thank you for the reminder in TIMING in life. It is so true, and I should probably start turning things over to prayer a little more and trust it. Funny you mention thinking about the benefits of the social aspect. I was thinking that last night as I left that I miss my peeps there and I should just try to make it 3 nights a week. I could do BootCamp, Insanity (maybe – depending on her format) OR Strong on Thurs and Friday Night Spin. Especially in the winter it forces me to not feel the BLAHS of coming to work in the dark, being in a cubicle all day and driving home in the dark and then dinner/TV/bed. Ugh. I can see my friends at the gym and then head home for R&R. IT is truly part of why I started going was because of just that reason. I definitely have more than enough to do at home for workouts, but mixing it up is good. {priceless is right} thank you.

    Laurie: Good job getting in the walk despite the thunder storms ….. hopefully tonight is better. Sounds like you had a nice KCM combo this a.m. Thank you for the kudos on my workouts. I bet Rocket will turn into a love bug as well …. We thought Bernie was going to be Mr. Wound Up forever and it is amazing how different he is now. Actually loves being petted and brushed.

    Laurel: Sounds like an absolutely perfect combo today! YAY. I am glad in your “test run” before your trip you are liking it. I do hope to make it work for me as well. Like you said yesterday you realize you have more time, etc. So just trying to pencil in what my plan will be and really try to dedicate myself to it. Also, toying with the gym classes again too or not???! {sigh} DEFINITELY a must on getting the strength back in as I said yesterday. I bet you are so excited for your trip! It is so true when you say that things seem to happen while your DH is gone. Mine was gone one day – “ONE” and the apple tree in the front yard split in two places with huge branches literally dangling onto the front yard. Not exactly something you just pull off. My neighbor luckily came over and helped with his tall reaching trimmer. Then hauled the whole mess to the dump for me. I told him I owe him cookies and he said I don’t need cookies So Salmon it is! Yikes is right on the temperature change. Turned out nice today, but only in the 60’s. I will take it however. Anytime the sky is bright. Poor bird, I bet that was sad to see. I hate it when things like that happen.

    Have a great afternoon ladies ~ I will talk to you all tomorrow! Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,362Member Member Posts: 1,362Member Member
    Hi Ladies, my back was pretty much back to normal today. My workouts were Barre and a 2 ml walk.
    It was hot here today! We had some thunder this afternoon and rain for about 10 minutes. Tonight we had a lightning storm. It was quite a show!

    Laurie, great workout combo! I hope you and Rocket were able to work after work! You're so right about Kelly's stretching not being very good!

    There was only one vegetarian and 2 guys are diabetics but they were eating the desserts some of the ladies brought. I won't worry too much about dietary needs next time but I'll make sure to have something vegetarian.
    I hope you find a yoga workout that you like. Actually, you do have that yoga program you like. It was a DVD program and I liked it too. I just can't remember its name.

    A few months ago I saw a few recipes in the Skinnytaste FB group that sounded good. I got lucky and was able to find the post. These ladies like to drink! LOL! I found all these ideas in one post!

    One bottle of red wine( such as two buck chuck Merlot from Trader Joe’s)
    1/4 cup vodka
    1-liter club soda
    2 cups sliced mixed fruit- apple, orange, strawberries, etc
    1/8 tsp liquid stevia, or more to taste

    Combine in a large pitcher and serve over ice.
    It usually comes to between 100- 120 calories. And 2Gm carbs
    Per a one-cup serving- and makes about 8 servings

    White Sangria

    about a half can of Fresca (or Squirt, or Sparkling ice grapefruit), 3oz of tequila and a splash of lime.

    Skinny Margarita
    2 oz tequila, juice of 1 lime, 1/2 oz agave, and a splash of OJ. I top with a salted rim and grand manier splasher

    The quantities below will fill one large yellow water cooler. Adjust the quantities if you want to make less.
    • 1-gallon red wine such as Carlo Rossi brand.
    • 1 64oz bottle Sunny Delight OJ
    • 1-liter bottle of Fresca
    • Bacardi Limon Rum (use about 1/2 liter or less depending on how strong you want it to be.
    • Sugar - approx 2 cups
    • Apples & Oranges cut into bite-size pieces.
    • Ice
    Place the fruit in the cooler. Add all the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Taste to make sure it’s too your liking. Add as much ice as you like. Salud!
    NOTE: I always make it the day before so that the liquid absorbs the natural fruit juices. Add some ice and then the next day, add more ice about 1 hour before serving so that it’s nice and cold. Save the wine, juice, or Fresca bottles to store any leftover Sangria.

    A lady suggested this mix too:
    I also love either Diet Squirt or Fresca with vodka and a splash of cranberry juice.

    Skinny Mojito
    Fresca, Lime, Mint, and Rum

    Laurel, your workout sounds like a very nice combo! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Thankfully the Aleve I took last night helped me with my back. I totally lucked out!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one having these sinus issues! I hope our bodies get used to whatever new pollens we're getting exposed to! I don't find any comfort in the fact that plants will be dead soon either!

    How exciting that your trip is just a few days away. I really hope you two have a wonderful time!

    Tami, glad you enjoyed your BC class! Sounds like another killer Katy class! Great job!

    Our weekend was really good! I think people brought gifts because I called our party an open house. They had never been to our house so we opened it for them! We didn't expect gifts but it was so sweet of them. Now I have to work on the Thank You cards!
    My back is better. Thanks for asking! The Barre class didn't make my back feel better but I had already signed up for the class so I felt committed to go. It's a small class with a maximum of 10 members.
    How funny about Bernie being your pal only when your DH isn't home!
    One of our cats is DH's little girl but when he was still in MA, she had no choice but to become attached to me. I totally understand what you're going through with Bernie!
    Good idea to pray about your job Tami! You definitely have to think about the benefits of going to the gym. Good luck with that decision!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,465Member Member Posts: 2,465Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Got home way to late last night to give Rocket a walk. DH was home before I was, so I was way past my usual time. :D This morning I did Kelly's Sculpting Rx1, and I used a good heavy weight.

    Laurel, Nice workouts! I enjoyed my ab/stretch day also, and I was okay with it being just that way also. I'm starting to organize my packing too. I'm wanting to bring my crochet onto the plane, and I have a lot of information. Planning on bringing the yarn for my granny square car coat, since those are small squares. I have investigated the type of scissors, and have some blunt ended ones that will work. I'm also going to take some nail clippers and a plastic needle, just in case. I can always buy things in England if necessary. Now I just have to start thinking about what to pack for clothing. :D

    Tami, Glad to hear that the class was a good one. I'm sure that having a full class is more motivation for Katy. Hope that you had another good ride on your Peloton. My oldest has a golden, and all he wants to do is chase the ball. ;) I don't think that he sits for a minute. As Rocket gets older, I see better changes in him. He still has those moments when a laundry basket is not in a place that he likes. My DH thinks that something fell on him when he was a puppy, so boxes and baskets seem to make him wary and skittish.

    Thelma, Great job on the barre work and walk. As you can see I didn't get in a walk, but that will happen after work tonight. I don't have anywhere that I need to stop, well except for getting gas in my car. He did get walked this morning, but I think that he can have another one since I didn't take him to daycare on Monday. Since he will be there for 12 days, I thought we could save a bit of money this month. His stay will be expensive. Thanks for all the recipes, I will have to look them over. I'm going to be doing that yoga program Yoga Warrior 365, they are about 45-55 min. each, so just enough time for my morning. One of the benefits of doing yoga is the core work too.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,658Member Member Posts: 2,658Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Gym Style Back, Shoulders and Biceps followed by Cathe Live HiiT It, Strike It, Crunch It. Fun stuff today. I managed to get most of my packing done yesterday though I feel it may have been easier just to take the whole house. :o I would think going to a warm, beach environment for a week would have me packing shorts, swimsuits and sandals in a small bag and calling it good. But then I started thinking about what we will do for dinner, and we may golf, and me may take a trip to another island, and we may.....I have moved across oceans with less stuff!!! :D :D But at least it is mostly done now.

    Tami, that sounds like a great Bootcamp workout! I love those style of workouts. I completely understand wanting and needing that social aspect of the gym, especially during the winter. Just being out and about may be worth every penny during those short dark days this winter. Yikes on the apple tree! That is absolutely crazy!! I am so glad your neighbor was able to help you with it. Sounds like a good exchange for some fresh salmon. On Monday, when DH left, he had just pulled out of the driveway and closed the garage door when the power went out. And just a couple of minutes later is when I heard the smash into the window and looked outside and saw that poor bird. All I could think was ‘it must be Monday!’ :) We have had plenty of birds fly into the house before, but this is our first fatality. Made me sad.

    Thelma, so glad you are feeling better! Reading your post made me very thirsty. :p :) Thanks for posting all those recipes.

    Laurie, sounds like a long day yesterday. But great workout this morning! You mentioning taking crochet on the plane reminded me of the wonderful ‘wool’ shops in England. At least they still had proper wool/yarn shops when we were living there. Maybe you can find one. :) I think it is a great idea to take a project on the plane. If I wasn’t sure I would end up tying myself in knots with yarn, I would try to do the same. But even alone in a big room, I have a tendency to ‘expand my personal space’ when crocheting. :) B) So I stick to books, movies and sleep on planes. Hope your packing goes lighter than mine! :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies :). Later check in for me. I was actually really busy again today at work which felt so good. My supervisor is having me type up all the reports we are doing for the County and another State Highway project; two different clients. She has put a push for all the Title Officers to get these done sooner than later ..... therefore it came in like a flood today. I loved it though. So last night I ended up doing one of the new KCM One on One workouts w/ weighted vest. I did Low Impact + Lower Body, it was definitely a different workout with my Cathe vest on. I am looking forward to trying more of the workouts. I followed it up with a Peloton ride ..... 30 min intervals. So it was a perfect combo. No workout today, but I did take Bernie for a short walk when I got home. We had beautiful weather today. So I am looking forward to tomorrow’s workout - definitely a weight workout.

    Thelma: Great combo today! Glad your back was feeling better. Thank you for sharing the drink recipes, they look delicious!

    Laurie: Nicely done on the KCM RX workout and hopefully you were able to get your walk with Rocket. Bernie has to do very short walks (sadly) he is just too stiff and struggles. Poor guy, I am getting him going on more supplements and going to try for his short walks as much as we can. Hoping it will help. I think he just sleeps all day and gets stiff & sore. He does get really excited to go so I will keep at it. :'( <3 I wonder what Rocket did have that scares him of laundry baskets/boxes, poor sweets. I bet over time it will become normal for him. Thank you for kudos on my workouts, I appreciate it.

    Laurel: What a combo you had today! Sounds perfect. Yay on getting all packed for your trip. Isn’t it funny as women how we pack for “every and any” situation we may be in. Prepared ... I have been cold when I thought I would be in a warm environment too many times, so I always over pack. I’ve learned that I don’t need shoes for everything though. That helps! LOL. OMG, I bet you thought you were being aired on Candid Camera when that all happened within minutes. YIKES. I would have been so sad as well with bird. Poor little guy.

    I will talk to you ladies tomorrow! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were: Fundamentals and Flow Yoga, Beginner Gentle Yoga, and Sculpted-Movement Fusion. I was tired after taking 3 back-to-back classes this morning! I almost had to crawl out of the yoga studio!
    I did do something to my left shoulder blade last night. It does feel like a pull, and thankfully it got a little better as the day went on.

    Tomorrow is my first shooting lesson. I'm nervous but it's good to get training from a police officer.

    Laurie, a great workout and good for you for choosing a heavier weight!

    I hope you had good weather after work to go for a walk with Rocket. I don't blame you for not taking him to doggy daycare before your vacation. I hope they send you pictures of him and updates while you're away.
    Yoga Warrior 365! I couldn't remember the name at all! I am finding another benefit with yoga other than core, and that is inner thighs! Doing the warrior posses right, really target the inner thighs! I love that!

    Laurel, fabulous workout combo today! Great job! Too funny about your packing! Glad you're almost done with your packing. I bet your DH is only going to take a small bag!

    I am really tempted to try some of those drink recipes, but I'm afraid to like them too much! LOL. I do like mojitos though.

    Tami, so glad you're busy at work again! Great workout combo! I bet Bernie loved the walk!

    The drink recipes sound really good! I might have to get some of that Fresca soda! LOL

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    No walk after work, it was pouring and I mean a LOT! As I was headed home I saw our neighbor heading out with her dog, and by the time I parked the car and got in the house the sky opened up. I saw our neighbor running for their house as fast as she could. After that it was thunderstorms and on and off rain. It had been cloudy and looking like it would rain all day, these pop up showers where fierce. So this morning was Kelly's Strong & Lean Workout 2 Kickboxing, I used weighted gloves. Tomorrow I will be trying the strong part of this workout, and it looks interesting. For each muscle group, she does an exercise with a barbell, then dumbbells and then tubing. Should be a good way to fatigue the muscle.

    Laurel, Great job on the GS workout, and the live. Just love the titles on those live workouts. LOL about the clothes, my youngest has been looking at the weather for England. She claims that my capri's should be fine for the first couple of days, and then we will need to have warmer clothing. :D The two girls have been chatting about their wardrobes for over a week. I'm hoping to find a wool shop when we are over there. I'm wondering if they will let me bring my current wool yarn into England. :D Thanks for the reminder on the books, I have to find the ones that I had on our last trip. They seem to have been placed somewhere really good, because I have not been able to find them.

    Tami, Nice workout combo! That vest makes for a different feel. I find it interesting that she uses the same vest, but has it upside down. Will be interest to hear what you think about the other workouts. She has about three of the Overload workouts on RAW, it was a request by one of her subscribers. Our neighbor has an elder golden, and they do the same thing. Walk him to a certain point and then turn around, then they take a longer walk.

    Thelma, Great job on the three classes, I can see why you would have to crawl out of the class. For sure I will have to add those yoga workouts to my schedule, I would love to see some improvement in my legs. Hope that your first shooting lesson went well. I'm just a little worried about Rocket being a DDC for so long, he will probably think we abandoned him. He really does love all the girls, so hopefully it will be okay.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Hi Ladies! Quick workout today as we get ready to head to Atlanta tonight for an early morning flight to Hawaii tomorrow! Hard to believe it is here, to be honest. So, for my workout, I did Lean Legs and Abs with the barre addition, followed by Cathe’s Live workout today, which was Cardio Challenge Express. This was a tidy, tough little workout that was right at 30 minutes long. These workouts were perfect for today because I am thinking of that 12 hours on a plane tomorrow and thinking I really don’t want to be sore! :) I am taking workout clothes on this trip, but my going in plan is to rest, relax, enjoy the time with DH hopefully doing some active, fun things around the island and working out only if and when I want to. Right now I think I need a mental break from working out more than a physical one. Hopefully a little break will result in a return of some more enthusiasm for working out which I have lost a bit of this summer.

    Tami, glad you enjoyed your busy day at work. Also glad you enjoyed the KCM workout. Looking forward to trying some of those Peloton rides when we get back.

    Thelma, wow on all the classes! Great job! Hope your lesson goes well.

    Laurie, yikes on the storm. We had something similar yesterday which was much needed and appreciated. But it just poured!! Great workout this morning! I am glad I am not the only one who puts things in a good place.....and then can never remember where that was! :D I really hope your trip to England is fantastic. Enjoy!!

    See you all in a week or so! Aloha!! B)


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    Hi Ladies, just a quick update. We went to our first shooting lesson. DH was a total natural with a serious aim! I, on the other hand, sucked at it! Oh well! I need a baby gun, what was available was just too big. My hands were shaking too because I was nervous. Of course, the shaking didn't help. We will try again. I need many, many tries!

    We were in 3 states today. We went from home in GA to the range in NC. We then went from NC to TN to a GA restaurant at the border between GA and TN, and then back home to GA. It's amazing how close we are to these two other states.

    No workout for me today. Yoga tomorrow.

    Laurie, great workouts! I hope Rocket won't think you've abandoned him! Can you take to the daycare something with your scent for him to have? A blanket or a worn t-shirt?

    Laurel, great workout! So happy you're finally going to Hawaii! Have a happy and relaxing trip!!

    Goodnight ladies!

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    Morning Ladies,

    I'm only at work today for a half day, we are going to a car show this weekend. So my workout was the Strong and Lean Workout 1, and I really really loved it. It moves quickly, but I had all my equipment ready so it didn't seem that rushed. If you want you can really lift a lot of weight, but it would be a tough one. She does each exercise for a minute. She started some of them out with a slow count, and then about half way went at a slightly faster speed. I do think that it is a better upper body workout than lower, because there is only one segment of legs. She also did an add on which includes abs for an additional 5 min. Had some more storms throughout the day and night, we did have some water in our basement. It was by a window, so I'm sure the well filled up to quickly.

    Laurel, Have a great vacation! Awesome job with your workouts, and I'm sure that you will come back refreshed and ready to go after this break.

    Thelma, I'm sure the next time you go to the range you will do better. We have been to that part of the country. I think in Bristol there is one street that each side is a different state. I will have to sent a sock with Rocket, because he carries them to his bed all the time. :D

    Have a great weekend,
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    Morning Ladies,

    Had a very enjoyable weekend with all the car people. The weather was perfect for a car show that is for sure. So no workouts, because I also had my hair cut and colored yesterday. This morning I did Kelly's RAW Heavy Bag Boxing.

    We are all getting our things packed, but first thing is washing some of the clothes that I want to take.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,269Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,269Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Sorry I missed you the last couple days! Weekend was good, very quiet but good. I did get in a nice Leg workout on Saturday a.m. which was LITE Pyramid Lower Body and I have DOMS galore from the workout! YOUCH. I did a Peloton ride yesterday, hoping to loosen them up a bit. Didn’t hurt, but didn’t help much. Day 2 is today and I may opt for an upper body workout after work instead of BootCamp. We will see.

    I went over to my friend’s house Saturday after my workout for coffee and chatting … this is my friend that has the darling little girl and she also lost her mom this last year. We haven’t seen each other all summer so it was good to catch up.

    Thelma: Way to go on the shooting lesson! I have yet to try that and DH has been wanting me to for years. I know I will be so nervous as well. Way to go. I bet next time you will be more relaxed and do even better.

    Laurie: Sounds like a very nice weekend at the car show! Bonus that the weather cooperated as well. Plus a nice hair appt with color. I am doing that this Wednesday evening … after work. That was the only opening she had from 2 weeks ago. YIKES. I will take it. Way to get in your RAW Boxing workout this a.m. Did you get a chance to try the Strong portion of that KCM Strong & Lean workout?
    I can imagine you are getting so excited for your trip. Try not to worry too much about Rocket, but I understand how you feel. Will your DD be watching him while you are gone?

    Have a great evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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    Hi Ladies!

    My hubby took the laptop on his business trip, so I'm dealing with the extra slow desktop computer...hopefully I make it through the post before tiring out for the night!

    My DS passed his drivers test last Monday and it has been AMAZING having another driver. This means I get my afternoons/evenings back and my hubby gets his mornings back (he drives the boys to school usually). He realized after his test, that he really wasn't ready the first time, which is why he failed.

    I decided not to go on to 21DF Extreme and instead a Cathe rotation. Good decision on my part, I'm enjoying having Cathe back.

    Aside from free time and workouts, I had my first crown last week and it was interesting. I will say I had no idea what to expect and it was a little worse than I thought in some ways and a little better. Hoping this temporary crown stays put for 2 weeks and I can move on from there.

    Thelma, what a fun party, it sounds amazing! I bet you had a blast hosting and spending time with such nice people! Thanks for the drink recipes, they sound great!

    Tami, sounds like you're staying busy at work, which I'm sure is nice! Your weather sounds a lot like what we've been getting. I'm with you on the punch card...might make more sense rather than the membership! Great job on getting on that Peloton regularly!

    Laurel, I hope you have an amazing trip, I'm sorry I missed you before you left! Sounds like you got a lot of work done around the yard and getting ready for some fun travel. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Laurie, you are a yardwork machine! I know how tiring a day in the yard can be, and it feels like it will never get done, but it's so enjoyable too! Hopefully you are getting the nicer weather so you can get outside some more. Sounds like a nice week ahead for MN/WI!

    Well, off to relax for a bit before the boys head home from hockey. I'm like a hawk making them check in when they arrive and check in before they head home, but they are really enjoying the freedom (as am I)!

    Have a great week!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,362Member Member Posts: 1,362Member Member
    Hi Ladies, glad you had a nice weekend! We had a pretty good weekend but I had a flare-up on my legs; which started Saturday afternoon.
    On Friday I did Restorative Healing yoga. We got together with our friends at a local pizza shop as always and that was fun. We invited all them to come back to our house to watch the sunset but most of them had plans. Interestingly only the ones who missed our other party were free and they came to the house. It was great to have them over to watch the sunset.
    I skipped cardio at the church today so I could do a Cathe workout! I did XT Legs. I did the premix without the chair part because I also did the Barre class at the yoga studio.

    This coming Friday DH and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it!

    Laurie, awesome workouts! Glad you had a great weekend at the car show.
    Don't forget to send a sock with Rocket! Sounds like socks are his security blanky.
    How exciting about your trip just being a few days away!!

    I hope I do better next time we go to the range! I love how close we are to two other states. I may actually go to TN to see an ophthalmologist.

    Tami, glad you had a good weekend too and that you got to spend time with your friend! Great workouts! Ouch on the leg DOMS!

    I hope I can relax the next time we go to another shooting lesson or I'll be really embarrassed!

    Erika, so happy your boy got his license! YAAAY! How wonderful that he realized he failed the first test because he wasn't ready! So mature of him.
    You and your DH must be so happy about having a new driver in the family to help out!
    Crowns are not fun at all. I hope your stays put for two weeks.

    The party was amazing! We had a great time hosting and spending time with our friends. So much so, that we invited them a week later to watch the sunset. LOL
    I've also invited my yoga friends on Wednesday for lunch. I won't cook, we will buy lunch at a local sandwich/salad place and will eat at my house. I'm liking this hosting thing way too much! Who would've thought that I'd enjoy this when I used to hate it so much!

    Laurel, I hope you and your DH are having a wonderful vacation!!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Went shopping with my dd's after work, just needed to make sure I had a good pair of shoes. This morning was Kelly's Slim Sculpting workout 1, just love using the kettlebell.

    Tami, Great workouts, and of course getting in those doms! Glad that you had a chance to visit with your friend, hope that she is doing better after her loss. Having my dd cut my hair makes it really nice, she just puts my appointments into the calendar right away. Got to love that. Both of the girls are going to England with us, so we are boarding Rocket at daycare. He knows all the girls there, so I'm hoping that he does okay. Of course he will be able to play with all the other dogs, so that should help. I know that he will be mad at us when we pick him up. :D

    Erika, Glad that you found Cathe for a change of pace, we all need that when doing our workouts. I'm very glad to hear that your ds passed his test, and giving you and your dh relief from doing all that driving around. I have many crowns in my mouth, so just don't eat popcorn with the temp and you should be fine. ;) Right now I have a titanium screw in my mouth, and I will hopefully be getting the new tooth in a couple of months. You will probably be doing that checking for a while, and then they will "forget" or "their phone died". Those are the times that make you crazy.

    Thelma, Nice job with the workouts, and getting in Cathe. Nice that the couple that wasn't able to attend your party came to visit. Congrats to you and your Dh on your 16th. I don't know if I will be checking in on Friday, since I will probably be busy making sure I have everything that I want to take along packed. I wonder what they would say if I sent one of my stinky socks with him. I will have to wear one of the socks in my "where the heck is the partner" socks around the house, so that he has something.

    Have a great day!
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,362Member Member Posts: 1,362Member Member
    Hi Ladies, keep having little RA flareups. I felt very tired today. DH and I walked at the track and that is all I did workout wise. I felt very tired. Last night I started to hear this crackling sound inside my right ear. I was afraid a bug had gotten in there. I figured that would have to hurt and I'm not in pain so I googled it. It's my eustachian tube! Apparently, allergies can cause inflammation in the tubes. I imagine the sinus issues I've been having have a lot to do with this. I'm going to start taking Sudafed.

    Laurie, nice workout! I don't think the doggy daycare would say anything about your sock! They are probably used to things like that. Take the pair in a ziplock bag in case he needs a replacement sock!
    Thanks so much for the anniversary congrats!
    Write yourself a list of things you want to take on your trip. I hope you and your family have an amazing vacation!

    Erika, two of my yoga instructors use an app called Life360 to track their kids' whereabouts. The app is installed on both the parent and the kid's phone.

    Hi Tami!
    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,465Member Member Posts: 2,465Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Nothing but packing for me last night. This morning was Kelly's RAW Boxing and Drills, which is a great upper body workout.

    Thelma, Sorry to hear about the flare ups and the ear problem. Those allergies can really cause problems, I usually have them with my teeth. I will make sure that tonight I change my socks into ones that I'm planning on getting rid of, and walk around in them for a while. That way if they get lost, it won't be that big of a deal. We have started that list, and crossing off as we go. ;)

    Have a great day!
  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,269Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,269Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Quick check in!

    Workouts last couple days .... (my legs are good today thank goodness), last night I did the S90 Tabata Inferno and the evening before when I was still so sore I did a Peloton ride. Weird how it goes 2 days and then they are fine.

    Tonight I am headed home to do RWH Chest/Shoulders/Tris workout; RWH Back/Bis tomorrow.

    I will check in and read through your posts tomorrow! :) Have a great evening ladies!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,362Member Member Posts: 1,362Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I did sculpting today. My ear is better since I've been taking Sudafed but I've had a bad RA flareup in my hands and right wrist. Very painful and my right-hand fingers are stiff and a little swollen. I stopped taking the prednisone and that is when the flareups started. I really don't want to take that stuff but might have to.

    Laurie, great job finding time for a workout this morning. Glad you have a list going for your trip. Wear those socks for the next two days!
    I read that altitude can also affect the Eustachian tube. We are definitely at a higher altitude here.

    Tami, good to hear from you! Great job with your workouts!

    Goodnight ladies!
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