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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,646Member Member Posts: 2,646Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. It was warm here but not unbearable. But it finally feels like summer in Alabama. Of course while everybody decided to stay inside, DH and I headed to the golf course both days. It was very quiet playing in the afternoons and we both absolutely loved it. I think, for some reason, we were meant for warm temperatures. B) Anyhow, for workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith 40 Minute Mega Walk from her Walk On series, as well as her standing abs from the same series. I finished it with Jessica’s Post Workout Stretch on YouTube. Yesterday I did Body Max 2 Scrambled Eggs premix. And today was Maximum Intensity Strength (which has my biceps still screaming) followed by Cathe Live Cardio Mish Mosh.

    Laurie, great workouts this morning. Sounds like a fun weekend, though I am sorry your humidity has returned. I don’t know about you, but, for some reason, I kind of have a feeling these next several days are going to be summer’s last big blast before turning a bit. I know we can expect 80s through October, but I just feel summer is waning. Hope it doesn’t get too bad up there though. I will enjoy sharing the pains from the Muscle Meltdowns with you next week! :D Hope your tooth implant goes well. Sounds so painful. :# I hope it isn’t too bad!

    Good news on the bathroom! They came and put our baseboard in this morning and all that is left is for a guy to come seal it and paint. He is supposed to be here on Thursday. So, all things going well, this little project that was supposed to take eight days should be coming to an end one day shy of 15 weeks. :o :)

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, glad you had a nice weekend. We had a nice weekend too.
    On Saturday we went to an open house/anniversary party and it was a lot of fun. DH liked the restorative class on Friday and in the late afternoon, we meet our friends for drinks and dinner. I forgot to mention that I went to a yoga class at 8:30 on Saturday to satisfy one of my challenges. I actually liked it.
    I don't drink a lot of alcohol and especially now that I'm on meds, but on Saturday a lady had made sangria which I love. I had to try it and I had like 4 ounces of it. I so enjoyed that!

    Sunday we went out for brunch and tried a new recipe. OMG, this was exploding with flavor! This was from the Air Fryer cookbook. It was called Spicy Fried Chicken sandwiches. I marinated chicken breast cutlets in buttermilk with some kosher salt and pepper for about 2 hours. Then I mixed panko crumbs with a little kosher salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper and air fried them. I also had to make some kind of pickled cabbage which I loved but not DH. The cabbage had diced, seeded jalapeno, diced red onion, and whatever spices and condiments. The chicken was served on a toasted Brioche burger gun with lite mayo. I added tomato slices to mine. I can't wait to make this again. Next time I'll skip the bun and will pair it with a salad. I would've never thought about marinating the chicken in buttermilk but it works.

    I woke up with a dull headache and in the afternoon it got bad. Took a nap hoping it would help but it didn't. I was trying to avoid taking an Aleve but had to do it in the afternoon. I don't know if it's a sinus thing.

    Going to Barre class at the church tomorrow with some of our friends and DH is going to join us. He's never done anything like this before. I hope I don't start laughing! LOL. I did give him some pointers about doing a proper squat and how the instructor uses the gliding discs.

    Laurie, great workouts! Way to go!
    I'm sure you will need more plants next year! It always works that way! LOL
    Thanks for those kudos to my DH. He is so good!
    How did you do with the tooth implant? I hope it wasn't uncomfortable!

    Frozen fries are the way to go with the air fryer! I was afraid to try the spiced ones cause they all had sea salt and I've had them before and didn't like them.

    Laurel, so glad you had a good weekend. We too are experiencing the southern heat finally. Yikes! At least it doesn't feel too humid. It doesn't feel like you could cut the air with a knife-like it felt in MA when it was humid.
    I feel that I am getting back on the swing of things. The fatigue gets me by the end of the week though.
    It really is nice to have DH support me with this challenge.
    I learned today that if you overcrowd things in the air fryer they don't get crispy. The frozen sweet potato fries I got we didn't spray because they already have some oil. Also, you may need to cook them longer in the air fryer. Try the frozen ones for sure Laurel.

    So glad the bathroom guys finally showed up at your house! I can't believe it's taken so long to get this project done. I think this is their busy time of the year.
    Great job with your workouts as always!

    Hi Tami and Erika!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    I have been ordered to not workout for a week. :'( They need the implant to set, so my blood pressure has to stay normal. Oh well, guess that means I'm going to enjoy doing my crochet project and some sewing on the new banners that I need to make. The implant was way easier to deal with after the fact than the extraction was. Of course I have to be careful with the implant so it doesn't fall out.

    Laurel, Love that you both went out in the heat and golfed. I bet it was really nice having the course to yourselves. Great job on the Jessica workouts, and of course mixing in those older Cathe workouts. Love that your biceps where screaming on the MIS workout. I was looking at that one for a future workout. I always loved that one. I will start next week with the ICE Muscle Meltdowns, it will be a great way to get back into the workouts after having this week off. I think that you are right on the summer into fall feeling. We are starting to see signs of it with leaves falling and of course the choke cherry trees are full of fruit. Yippee on the bathroom, they must be monitoring out thread. :D

    Thelma, Your weekend sounds really enjoyable. Great job on all your challenge workouts, and of course your regular ones. I love that your DH is enjoying some of the classes that he is going to. I think that my DH would be in the same boat with the pickled cabbage. He doesn't like spicy food. I have marinated chicken in buttermilk and sour cream, it really makes the chicken tender. Sorry to hear about the sinuses, I can feel for you with that. Glad to hear that you got to enjoy Sangria, even if it was just 4 oz. The implant wasn't difficult at all. I think having a tooth drilled for a cavity is worse. The only time that I really felt anything was when the implant was going in, and that wasn't even that bad.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,646Member Member Posts: 2,646Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with Cathe Live Strong and Long Legs and ended with S&S Cycle Sweat. We are under a heat warning again today and, to be honest, today is the first day I have stepped outside and thought it felt even remotely like Florida hot. It feels good to me, but I am not working in it. I definitely feel for the construction crews in the neighborhood right now.

    Thelma, sounds like some great workouts and I love that your DH is joining you! That chicken recipe sounds fantastic. My DH would love everything about that. I may have to try it sometime. I am sorry to hear about the headache though. I had the same thing yesterday and finally had to take something in the afternoon. I think, for me, it is a combination of allergies and an increase in the humidity. But once I took something and just sat for a minute, I was fine. Hope you are doing better today.

    Laurie, I am glad the implant went well, but I am sorry about the restriction to working out. Your attitude, though, is fantastic! Best to just rest and do other things you enjoy, that’s for sure. The workouts will be there next week. I am still feeling the MIS workout from yesterday in my arms. That workout starts out very manageable and then......yowza!

    Until tomorrow!


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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Barre at the Church and walking 2 miles at the Rec Center's indoor track.
    The friend who told us about the classes asked if I wanted to go walking with him at the track last week, but I didn't have my sneakers with me. I took sneakers with me today and went for a walk. It's great because it's indoors and the floor is nicely padded.

    DH went to the Barre class with me today. He did pretty well. In some cases, his form wasn't the best but he tried. I was happy the instructor hit us with a challenging routine today. Lots of standing glute work and a lot of abs.

    Laurie, I'm glad the implant procedure went well but a what a bummer that you can't workout for a week.

    It really was an enjoyable weekend. The pickled cabbage was even better today. I think I'm going to make more to go with burgers or other meat. The sangria was great and I must get the recipe from that lady!

    Laurel, You put together a nice combo today! The chicken recipe is not on the website. I can share the recipe with you so just let me know.
    I think the headache for me is also allergy and heat-related. I didn't wake up with the headache today but it hit me again in the afternoon.

    Hi Tami and Erika!

    Good night ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,450Member Member Posts: 2,450Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Nothing super exciting in my world. :D We are having a rain day, so nice cool temps.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts! Are you going to be using the To The Mat or Lower Body Blast? I know that I have a much better feel for the later one, and not the mat one. The mat one is good to throw in every once in a while though. LOL about enjoying the humidity, that isn't something that I enjoy. I too feel for those workers that have to be out in that type of heat.

    Thelma, Awesome job on all your workouts. I hope that your DH's lower body is okay today with all that barre work. I'm sure that he will be feeling it. If you do get the Sangria recipe do share, because I love them also.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,646Member Member Posts: 2,646Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Muscle Max followed by Tabatacise. Both felt fantastic today. I had mentally planned a lower impact cardio workout, but, for its own reason, my mind said ‘Tabatacise’, and it doesn’t say that very often :) so I listened. And it was the perfect workout for me today.

    Thelma, great workouts. I bet your DH is feeling that barre routine because it hits places people rarely hit in normal workouts. Glad he went with you and, hopefully, enjoyed it. I was better with the headache yesterday as well, but, like you, mine usually hit me about mid-afternoon right now, kind of at peak heat time. Thankfully they are usually not as bad as Monday’s. I would love that chicken recipe. It really does sound like a meal my DH would love. Thank you!

    Laurie, enjoy the rain! We sure could use some. It’s funny you asked about which lower body workout I am going to do next week because I was thinking about that during my workout today. It won’t be To The Mat, :D I will do Lower Body Blast and another Cathe Live lower body/cardio combo to hit my legs at least twice next week. I may also do my favorite lower body Live workout (Oh My Glutes) which is pure strength. I am trying to get these chubby little legs in shape for our trip to Hawaii next month. :) B) They need some work! But we’ll see how that goes once I get into next week.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ I am just checking in with you all {finally}. I have been having such a better week being able to do more and learning another position. The sad part is that of course when the full time person comes back from vacation I will go back to doing “misc” things here and there again, but I have been appreciated and felt like I am contributing so that has felt really good this week!

    Workouts have been great :) Friday evening was a Peloton ride and then on Saturday I did Legs + Peloton, Sunday was RU Upper Body, Monday was BootCamp and yesterday was a Peloton Tabata Ride. Tonight after work I will be doing PHA.

    I am going to read through your posts tonight and check in tomorrow with more. Just wanted you all to know what I am up to. ;) ;) ;) Tami

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,349Member Member Posts: 1,349Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Gentle Yoga and Sculpting Fusion. I'm doing well with my challenge. Today's challenge was called "Be Strong" and we had to have a picture taken with an instructor assisting us with a challenging pose. I got to do a headstand! OMG! It was the coolest thing ever, and I was so happy and proud of myself.
    One of the students wanted to do a headstand for her challenging pose. The instructor told us she could make almost anyone do a headstand. Once the other lady did her stand the instructor looked at me and said: "you know you want to do this too!" I, of course, said I doooo!!! LOL

    I am NOT leaning against the wall, and somehow I managed to get my legs up on my own.


    We had really crazy thunderstorms last night and a lot of rain. Temps were cooler today. In the afternoon we got pretty strong winds.

    I had to deal with another bad headache this afternoon. I still have it. I've been refusing to take sinus meds given all the other meds I'm taking. I have decided that I will take some sinus meds tonight. Enough suffering!

    DH has decided to go to tomorrow's Barre class at the church tomorrow! I am not going because I have a Barre class at the yoga studio. I asked him if he had glute DOMS and he said he did!! LOL

    Laurie, I hope you're not feeling any discomfort from the tooth implant.

    Funny about DH having glute DOMS! LOL. I will share the sangria recipe when I get it. The lady is part of our Friday group. I'm hopeful I'll see her this Friday.

    Laurel, great workouts! Tabatacise! WOW!
    DH is feeling the barre routine but he said it wasn't bad. I think he got to see why I keep going to the classes. It really is fun. I wish I could go with him tomorrow but I love my other Barre class too.
    I hadn't thought about the headaches hitting me also about mid-afternoon. I would've never thought about associating the headache with the afternoon's peak heat time! I hope you two enjoy the recipe!

    Tami, I'm so glad you've been given another opportunity to learn a different position at work. Pretty soon you'll be the most valuable employee there because you know everybody's jobs! Awesome workouts!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Another really really nice morning. That's about all that I can say, my implant seems to be doing well.

    Laurel, Love the workouts, since it included MM. That one is so good. I don't think my mind would ever say Tabatasize, unless it was one section. :D Sounds like a good plan for next week, I'm only going to be doing the blast workout, and then doing Leaner Legs again. Yes I need to torture myself. :D

    Tami, Good to hear from you. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the new experience at work. Great job on the workouts.

    Thelma, Congrats on the head stand, that is awesome. I love all the challenges that you have done. Hope that your headache goes away, those winds are probably throwing something around. Sounds to me like your DH likes the barre work. ;)

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,646Member Member Posts: 2,646Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a fun cardio combo. I started with LITE Rev’d Up Rumble and then went right into Cathe Live Boxing with Leg Drills. It felt good on my tired body. I am feeling Muscle Max today for sure! :o Well, they came and sealed our new baseboard this morning and should be back in a couple of hours to paint. So one step closer to our master bath being complete again!

    Tami, thanks for checking in. I am so glad you have had a productive summer at work after the long, frustrating winter. But I am sorry it has to end. I will continue to hope that things don’t go back to normal and you can continue to learn and grow. Great job with the workouts, as always!!

    Thelma, wow on the headstand!! That is fantastic! I am so glad you are enjoying the classes and I love that your DH is going back to Barre, even without you! Hope your headache is better today. I think we are both going to have to get accustomed to a whole new set of allergies here in the south. I just wish I knew what was causing it!

    Laurie, hope you enjoyed your quiet morning. Sometimes I love having a valid reason for not working out. B) Of course, other times it frustrates me, but just feels good to take a break knowing it isn’t just me being lazy (if that makes any sense at all). You certainly are looking for a challenge doing Leaner Legs again! Such a good workout.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Ying/Yang Yoga, Sculpted Fusion.
    I woke up with a little rheumatoid arthritis flareup. My right thumb is pretty swollen and it was hurting this afternoon. My right index finger might flareup next.
    Today's challenge was to take a Ying/Yang class. Tomorrow's challenge is a twofer. It will give me one point for taking a Yoga Flow class and it will count towards another challenge that has you taking classes with 5 different instructors.
    The hardest challenge for me is one where I have to paint a rock with the studio's logo and name. I can't draw to save my life! I was born without a creative gene!
    I got to go to lunch with 2 of my yoga buddies because they needed to do the Healthy challenge at a specific restaurant. I had already done it but liked the salad so much that I was thrilled to go with them. We had a lot of fun.

    The Sudafed I took last night helped a lot. I had a slight headache this afternoon but nothing too noticeable. I didn't take Sudafed today.

    Laurie, glad the implant is doing well!
    Thanks so much on the headstand. I still can't believe I was able to do it. The challenges are a lot of fun and it's amazing how many of the ladies are participating and are being competitive. I've not told anyone how much time I spent on my strategy. I'm not just picking challenges here and there out of the scoreboard. I actually have already thought about which challenge I will do each day of the month.
    DH seems to have liked the barre class. He does realize that he needs to work on his form, so I spent a few minutes with him giving him some pointers.

    I am not sure that my sinus thing is an allergic reaction. I am not sneezing, neither my nose or eyes are itchy. It could be acid reflux-related, but even that I'm not sure of because my stomach is doing much better.

    Laurel, I love your workout choices for today! Fun, fun, fun!
    Yaaay on the master bath being one step closer to being done! I hope they painted today too!

    I am really having a lot of fun with the classes at the yoga studio. The instructors are good and some of them are super funny.
    I am so surprised about DH liking the barre class. I think it helps that I went to the class first and told him how much fun it was.
    Also, the fact that a lot of our retired friends from the Friday night group attend the classes helped a lot too. I'm happy he's attending the classes.

    Hi Tami and Erika!

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,646Member Member Posts: 2,646Member Member
    Hi Ladies! It took all of my mental strength to workout today. Sleep this week has been sporadic at best and it is really catching up to me today. But I ended up with a good workout which always makes me feel better. I did two workouts I really enjoy, which helps too. :) I did Cathe Live Lower and Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge followed by Party Rockin’ Step 2.

    Thelma, more great workouts! I am sorry to hear about the RA flare up though. Hopefully these start happening less and less for you. Glad your DH enjoyed his barre class. It is always nice when you have friends attending too. Hope your headache stays away. I will be curious how mine feels through the weekend has the heat and humidity go up again. I didn’t have this in Florida, so I don’t think it is the weather causing it as much as maybe it is the fact the pollen levels go up with the heat. I think the pollen levels may be quite a bit higher here than they were in Florida.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

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    Hi Ladies,

    As usual, I've been meaning to get on here sooner, but things just keep coming up! Lots of impromptu dinners with friends or the hubby, kids activities, etc. Summer is flying by...only a few more weeks until the boys go back, and my oldest is taking his drivers test on his birthday this month (the 30th) so that will be a fun end to the summer. Leo the puppy healed up well, and is back to his normal self. I call him the Tasmanian devil. This must be what people feel like with a grandchild that is in their toddler ages. I'm exhausted trying to keep up with him! He's adorable and knows it!

    Workouts have been good...just doing a mish mosh of whatever sounds good to me!

    Thelma, I'm so happy to hear your DH has been joining you for some workouts, that's wonderful! Bummer on the's hard to have several better days and then a setback, I'm sure! The challenges you've been completing sound so fun, what a great motivator! I ordered the airfryer you recommended today, so excited to try it out!!

    Tami, yay for work being more interesting for you! I have been at jobs where I got bored with the same thing every day, so I understand the excitement to try something new!!

    Laurel, I'm chuckling at your love for the hot weather, as I'm the polar opposite. I love the cooler temps. I think if there was a place I could live that was in the 60's or low 70's most of the week and maybe 1-2 days a week in the 80's, I'd move there! Sounds like you are getting closer to finishing the bathroom. We are trying one more time some new shower doors on Wednesday...fingers crossed!

    Laurie, I can totally relate to you weeding never ending! I bet your landscaping is just beautiful, sounds like you worked hard on it. I hope you are finding things to do with the downtime from the implant...good reason to slow down and work on your other projects!

    Have a great weekend. I'm hopeful I'll be able to get on here later in the week.

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,450Member Member Posts: 2,450Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had another really nice weekend, and I'm finally able to workout! This morning I did ICE Low Impact Sweat Cardio 1 + MM Back. It felt really good to be back into the swing of things. The only thing that I did this weekend was move some very small rocks around and put mulch in my planting beds. Everything is starting to look really good, and then it will be fall and the leaves will be covering everything that we have just done. :D

    Laurel, Great job with all the workouts, and doing the ones on Friday with that feeling. Of course those workouts would make you feel so much better afterward. We will see about the leaner legs now. After the workout this morning my lower body is talking to me. I did have more pep in my step after this week hiatus. I also wanted to do four rounds of the MM, but didn't have enough time. That was okay, because I was feeling it when I got to the third round.

    Thelma, Awesome job on those workouts. After this challenge is over will they be having another type of challenge? It sounds like you are really having a great time with this. Nice that you where able to go to lunch with a couple of your yoga buddies, and enjoy that salad again. Sorry to hear about the RA flare up. Glad to hear that the your headache went away with a does of meds. I'm sure that your DH will be a pro with the barre work if he keeps taking the class.

    Erika, Nice to hear from you. Glad that you are enjoying your summer. That is a really big step in your family to have another driver in the family. I know the first time that my girls when out on their own with the car, I was a nervous wreck until they got home. I hope to get some pics of the garden now that we have the mulch down. Yep those puppies go through the terrible twos in that first year. I remember having to be outside in the freezing cold, because Rocket needed to get some energy out of his system.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! We enjoyed a nice hot weekend on the golf course. :) Actually even though the temps were near 100, the humidity was way down so it ended up being a more comfortable weekend playing than the last couple....and those weren’t bad at all. It felt good to be in the sun, that’s for sure. But now I am hoping for rain. It is getting very dry right now.

    For workouts, on Saturday I started with a 15 Jessica Smith Coordination Cardio workout, which worked perfectly in warming up my body because I followed it with her Yoga for Back Pain workout. So good! Yesterday I did ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast with the Blizzard Blast then went right into Cathe Live Plyo Legs Express Plus Core. I loved the way this combo increased the cardio intensity from beginning to end, but decreased the weights in the legs at the same time. Really enjoyed it. Today was ICE Muscle Meltdown Back 4x premix followed by Cross Fire Extreme premix.

    Erika, great to see you! I love the sound of your summer!! I can’t believe your DS is going to be driving soon, though. My youngest niece just turned 16 last week on got her driver’s license the same day. And my oldest niece is going off to college this week. :o :o It seems just like yesterday they were five and three. :'( I honestly don’t know where this love of heat came from. I hated being hot when I was young and lived in fear of hot summers when we lived in Europe because they are so brutal because of no AC. But ever since we lived in Alaska the first time (2006-2008), I have never really been bothered by the heat. I would say it was because of having AC in our homes, but we didn’t in two of ours since then (California and Colorado.....both pretty warm places at times), so.....I can’t explain it except to say I think those first two winters of ours in Alaska knocked all my love for being cold right out of me. :) Hope your shower gets finished soon. Ours is finally done!!

    Laurie, great minds think alike on the MM Back workout! I know, like you, I wanted to do the 4x premix, and since it is the longest, thought I would get it knocked out today. :) I was feeling it at the end, for sure. My arms were still quivering during my cardio. Thank you for putting the one body part idea in my head for this week! :) Glad you are feeling well enough to workout and better for having a break. I keep telling myself a few days off might do me wonders in both how I feel and my motivation. But with this trip coming up in a few weeks, I know I will be taking a week off then (or doing much less if I do anything) so I am pushing on. Glad to hear your garden is looking good. DH and I were sitting outside this weekend and talking about how the ground will be covered in leaves before we know it. :| At least we have the means to mulch our leaves this year which means far less raking for me. :D

    Tami and Thelma, hope you enjoyed the weekend!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,349Member Member Posts: 1,349Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you all had a great weekend. DH and I had a pretty good weekend.
    On Friday night we went out to meet our friends and as always it was a great time. On Saturday we ran some errands. In the afternoon DH went out with one of our friends to a brewery so DH could meet his son and his family. I was invited too but felt very tired and didn't want to go out. I stayed home and did some house cleaning. I was very productive. I cleaned the kitchen, dusted, vacuumed and then ran out of gas. LOL. On Sunday we went out for brunch to a little place we've discovered. In the afternoon I prepared dinner and cleaned 2 bathrooms.

    No workouts for me during the weekend. On Friday I did a restorative yoga class.
    Today was a very good workout day for me. I did the low impact Hiit class at the church and I was a sweaty mess after that class. I then went to the Barre class at the yoga studio and this class is never easy!
    Tomorrow DH and I are going to the Barre class at the church and then I'll go with our friend Jan to the recreation center to walk at the indoor track.

    One of the challenges I had to do this weekend was to paint a rock with the studio's logo and name. I then had to go place somewhere in town. I can't draw to save my life! I had to practice drawing this logo for days! I wanted to draw some flowers and showed DH what I was thinking of doing. His reaction to my drawing was quite comical, he said: "what the heck is that?". The two of us had a great laugh over my drawing skills. Too funny.

    My flareups are definitely less frequent but continue to happen. On Friday the ball of my right foot was swollen and very tender. I kept massaging with my little rubber ball and it seems to have helped. I have reduced the prednisone once again and I'm doing to 5mg a day from 15mg. I can't wait to stop taking this stuff!

    Ladies, I finally found the perfect frozen fries! They are Ore-Ida Zesty Straight Fries. Our air fryer is warmed up first to whatever the default temp is. DH then set the temp to 390 and the timer to 12 minutes. At 6 minutes he shook the basket. After 12 minutes we had perfect, crispy fries! Crispy, not crunchy, just right.
    The sweet potato frozen fries I found are McCain Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries.

    I tried a new air fryer recipe and it was very tasty.
    I served them over riced cauliflower and peas sauteed in sesame oil with Mrs. Dash Asian spices and steamed broccoli and cauliflower on the side.

    Laurie, great job for pushing yourself to workout when you were so tired. Glad you're back to normal with your workouts today. I hope your mouth is OK.
    I'm sure your garden is looking pretty good. I can't believe fall is just around the corner. Some trees have some red leaves here already!
    I don't think there will be another challenge once this one is over. Everyone is having a lot of fun doing the challenge.
    I'm really happy DH is going to the barre classes. He will be really good at it if he keeps going.

    Laurel, glad you two are enjoying all that golf time! OMG, it was hot there! We had some pretty good rain today; which we needed badly. Awesome workouts!

    Erika, so good to hear from you! Glad you're doing well. Summer is really flying by!
    I can't believe your oldest boy is going to take his drivers test!!! How old is your profile picture?
    I'm glad Leo healed up well. Reading about Leo sure sounds like you're talking about a small child! DH always suggests to young couples who want to have kids right away to adopt a dog first. LOL

    I've been wanting to adopt a dog because there are so many abandoned dogs and lots of sad stories here. I had our friend bring his big dog to the house just to see how the cats would react. The cats were in the screened porch and the dog was on the other side of the screen on the deck. One of the cats actually got close to the screen, the other two wanted back inside the house. I don't think having a dog will go well with the cats.

    I am so excited about your new air fryer!! If you're on Facebook, I highly recommend that you join the Skinnytaste Community: What's Cooking Tonight group. It's a very inspiring group. People post pictures of their Skinnytaste creations and you can ask all kinds of questions. Of course, there is also the Skinnytaste website. I can't wait to hear about your experience with the air fryer. I highly recommend the Buttermilk Air Fryer chicken recipe. That was so tasty! You have to keep the chicken under 5 lbs or it won't fit in the basket.

    It is demoralizing to feel good and all of a sudden get hit with a flareup.
    Good luck with the shower doors!

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,450Member Member Posts: 2,450Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was Chiseled Lower Body Blast + MM Shoulders + Icy Core 2. Had to get going a little earlier to get this one finished in my time frame. I think that this one is the longest that I have this week.

    Laurel, Oh my on that temp, but glad that the humidity was down. Nice that you where able to get in some golfing. Awesome job on those workouts, I know that I wouldn't have been able to do more leg work this morning, so great job. Can't believe how sore my back is also, I need to do these meltdowns more often. :D I think that taking that break really did make my body kick back in yesterday. I probably need my body to feel the DOMS after being off that week. I'm sure that when you are on vacation you will have time to relax and enjoy the time off of heavy exercise. I have one area that I haven't planted anything, so I'm planning on getting spring bulbs put in there. I think it will be pretty to see that in the spring.

    Thelma, Great job on all the workouts that you are doing, those classes at the church sound great. I love that you got all that done even though you where tired. LOL about the rock, but I'm sure that you had fun painting it despite that fact that you can't draw. Thanks for the information on the fries, when I finally get one I will be all set for creating some tasty dishes. We also have some trees that are turning, in fact our walnut is dropping fruit and leaves right now. I have to get out there at some point and pick up some of the fruit before it starts to decompose. Of course those dang squirrels get to them before I do. :p

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,646Member Member Posts: 2,646Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I did a pretty tough workout today, but it felt really good. I started with Cathe Live Fit Legs which is four rounds of three strength moves, each done twice.....and virtually no rest between any of the moves. :o I was breathing and sweating for sure! From there I went right into Muscle Meltdown Triceps x4. Then, after a little break, I hopped on my spin cycle for Cathe Live Hit The Road. The humidity has climbed back up and I am officially soaked through. :# But it felt good to have that energy today. DH was out of town last night and I think that helped me sleep a little better. He is having horrible issues with his allergies which is keeping us both up at nights these days. Poor guy can’t help it so I try not to complain. But the sleep felt good. :)

    Thelma, sounds like a good weekend. I love the description of your drawing challenge! I am with you in having no talent for drawing. It’s horrible. :D Thanks for the fry recommendations. I will definitely look for those. I imagine it would take some time for your cats to get used to a dog if you were to try to get one. It’s sad there are so many abandoned dogs there. One thing I have learned here is that the animal laws and regulations are VERY strict. So I haven’t seen any of those issues, thankfully. That would break my heart.

    Laurie, great workout! I am with you on these Muscle Meltdowns. During the second round of triceps I was mentally wondering how I could ever classify these in my mind as ‘easy’. I love the feeling of exhausting the muscle completely, though. Well, when I can move my arms that is. ;) We have lots of trees turning colors here as well, but I am thinking it is still more heat/dryness related than a sign of autumn. But I may be delusional too. :#

    See you tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,349Member Member Posts: 1,349Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today's Barre class at the church was a killer! The instructor attacked our glutes and thighs. I saw DH stop during that glute moves because he was hurting. You're familiar with that deep in the glute pain after a lot of Barre reps! LOL
    I followed the Barre class with a 2-mile walk at the recreation center with a couple of our friends. My thighs were fried today. Wow! I had to massage my legs because I was hurting.

    Laurie, fabulous combo today!
    The church classes are really great. I love that DH is really trying and he is doing the moves right given the pain he felt today.
    OMG, you have a walnut tree! It's a never-ending job to pick up those walnuts. Those seasoned fries I discovered are definitely restaurant quality.

    Laurel, that was a killer workout! WOW! Are you still not using your AC? It really isn't very humid here but the sun feels pretty hot.
    Allergies really seem to hit people pretty hard in this area. Has he seen an allergist yet?
    I have no artsy skills at all. Here in BR, the arts are a big thing. There are all kinds of craft and pottery workshops as well as art exhibits.
    I wish there were some laws around here to protect animals. There are way too many abandoned and abused animals here. Very sad!

    Goodnight ladies!!
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